We Are Pearls – LegACy Assumption Velada 2017

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I’m so blessed and proud to be part of the pearls ( even if i didn’t dance )

 For 6 weeks they dedicated 8 hours a week to practice then aside from that did another 2-4 hours remedial classes. More important was the bonding :-) And though many of us were not able to participate, we feel their energy and their strength that binds us together :-)  There’s truly no place we’d rather be ! #h2hacbatch87#h2hacvelada

A month ago 5 of us got together one Sunday morning to do a carpool karaoke for #h2hacbatch87video. We decided to do it last minute so we were not able to memorize and practice – obvious ( haha!)  We took one hour for only a second to come out in the video. :-) Again more than the video we submitted which was pathetic ( haha )  I will forever remember this morning – super fun with @manayesg @lauralimrodrigo@lilliannmgmailcom Clarissa. “As long as you are with me, theres no place I’d rather be” #h2hacvelada #h2hbaboons

Meantime 1 hour before performance – AC batch ‘87 Pearls – in the holding room.  Taking photos, practicing some more, taking photos, taking photos haha!!! – Love them all #h2hacbatch87#h2hacvelada

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