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 So happy to have lunch with Carlo Lorenzana owner of @nikkeiph

Nikkei (6)

 This is his 2nd branch and will open his 3rd in Podium. He also owns @singleoriginph which has 2 branches and soon to open the 3rd in Greenbelt 3 and he has 10 branches of shi lin @shilinphilippines@shilin_ph He is also part owner of @lacabrera_mnl He is the 7th child among 8 and he is the brother of my cousin in law Eugene and my friend @analorenzanadeocampo More power to you Carlo and to the very successful entrepreneurial Lorenzana family. Continue serving us delicious food!!! #nikkeiph#h2hpeopleNikkei (1) Nikkei (26) Nikkei (3) Nikkei (5) Nikkei (4) Nikkei (2) Nikkei (9) Nikkei (8) Nikkei (7)Nikkei (10)Miso Kurobota
Nikkei (21)Wagyu TAMAL
Wagyu A5 beef on crispy polenta topped with chalquita
Nikkei (20)
 SEARED TUNA with UNI Risotto
Nikkei (19)NIGIRI SET (6PCS)
Combination of 2 pieces each chalaquita nigiri sushi, salmon nigiri and maguro nigiri. and MISO KUROBOTA #nikkeiph#japaneseperuvianNikkei (18)EBI FURAI
Frien prawns, avocado, white fish, Ceviche sauce, togarashi
Octopus, fried potato, Avocado, Olives, Mayo
Nikkei (16)
 UniNikkei (14)Nikkei (13) Green CevicheNikkei (12)Nikkei (11)  Suspiro LimeñoNikkei (24)  Tres Leches at @nikkeiph  #nikkeiph #TresLeches#h2hdesserts #h2hdessertfindsNikkei (23)  Homemade ice creamNikkei (22)Nikkei (25)

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