Rustan’s Supermarket’s Weekend Food Caravan rolls into town and makes the holidays more exciting

Rustan’s Supermarket’s Weekend Food Caravan rolls into town and makes the holidays more exciting 

It’s bound to be an exciting and delightful holiday season as the Weekend Food Caravan arrives in town to bring wonderful treats and amazing gifts to Rustan’s Supermarket’s loyal shoppers.Printing FA North xmas 2B 16x30"DTI Xmas Jute bag mech

 From now until December 17, loyalty cardholders (Fresh, Marketplace, or Sapphire) who shop at least P3000 with P300 worth of sponsor products like Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Sanicare, FritoLay, Purefoods Fiesta Ham, Lady’s Choice, and Highlands Corned Beef, can indulge in a delicious and picture-perfect assortment of beautifully-crafted, magical desserts for free. You’ll want to snap these instagrammable food art – from colorful cotton candy art, heavenly coffee art, to special ice cream art – before you dig in.Digital Printing FA CarnivalMech Printing FA Carnival cravings A3

Check out the schedule to avail of the FREE TREAT exclusive to loyalty cardholders here:

While you’re at the store, pick up everything else you’ll need for the coming festivities. Create your Christmas menu with the help of the Traditions Holiday Catalogue 2017, and get great giftables by choosing from the array of lovingly curated Hampers of Joy.

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