Jojoen Part 2

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Trying other things in Jojoen other than just beef – Snow crab, Lobster, prawns, tongue with leeks, all kinds of wagyu we don’t know anymore which is which haha!! #jojoen #h2hsteaks #h2htokyoJojoen (1)Jojoen (12)Jojoen (18)Jojoen (17)Jojoen (16)Jojoen (15)Jojoen (13) Fatty beef ribs – take note – fatty :-) that is why they gave lettuce and sauces :-)Jojoen (14)Jojoen (5) Jojoen (3) Fatty pork with salty sauceJojoen (7) Snow crab with salty sauceJojoen (6) Lobster with salty sauceJojoen (9) Deluxe shrimp with salty sauceJojoen (11) Jojoen (2) Deluxe salted ox gangue with shredded leekJojoen (8)

 Sliced ox tongue with salt based sauceJojoen (19) Jojoen (4) Jojoen (20)

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