High Tea at Hoshinoya Resort

High tea at Hoshinoya Resort  @hoshinoya.official from 3:30-5:30pm ( complimentary) #hoshinoyakaruizawa #karuizawa#h2hkaruizawa #hightea They park a little truck where the high tea items comes from

High Tea at Hoshinoya Resort (1)

Just truly beautiful!  First time for me to have high tea this way!  LOVE IT!!  They put animal skin on the chairs to make it more comfortable because it is very cold :-) You have to come early so you can get the best seat in the house which for me is nearest the river

High Tea at Hoshinoya Resort (2)  Mandarin orange which is heated in the little cooker :-)  and Japanese rice tea High Tea at Hoshinoya Resort (3) We were late so we get the worse seat in the house haha!!.  They provide blankets and hot pack warmers which you can hold or put near your bodyHigh Tea at Hoshinoya Resort (5)  

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