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Cover Girl Simply Ageless 3 in 1 Liquid Foundation

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As we age, so does our skin. Every day we encounter aggressors which eventually dampen the natural, healthy glow of our face. Your favorite beauty brand, Covergirl, is now back with another skincare-infused makeup from its Award-Winning Simply Ageless Collection. This all-new liquid make up doubles up as a skincare regimen to instantly eliminate years while hiding the early signs of aging.Cover GirlIntroducing the all-new Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation, a breakthrough liquid foundation that works wonders on your skin with just a few pumps. As skin care, it is enhanced with the tried and tested formula of Olay. This 3-in-1 liquid foundation succeeds by reducing the early onsets of skin aging delivering that much-needed moisture to keep your skin hydrated at all times. It contains Vitamin E and Glycerin which shields your skin against free radicals while preventing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as Green Tea extracts that builds collagen, restoring that luxurious radiance you truly deserve. As make up, The Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundationis a fusion of primer, concealer and foundation. You can go from sheer to full skin coverage with its buildable formula. The built-in SPF also prevents sun damage, improving overall skin tone for an even looking skin.

It’s never too early to fight against aging so put your best face forward and achieve that lit-from-within glow with the all-new Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation. Trust us, your future self will thank you for this.

Covergirl+ Olay 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation is available at leading department stores nationwide for Php925. Covergirl is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation.  For instant updates, follow @Covergirlph on Instagram and Facebook.

New at Neil’s Kitchen

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 Happy to see again this very handsome, cute, fun, passionate, kind, sweet, hardworking and successful chef – Neil aka Wonderwoman! haha!!  New at Neil's Kitchen (4)  Back in this wonderful place this time with his wife, Michelle aka Batman! :-) together with Karen and Jane.  How time flies it has been 2 years since and definitely one of the few restaurants surviving in the area

 Previous entry:  Neil’s Kitchen March 16, 2015

Lunch at Neil’s Kitchen May 13, 2015New at Neil's Kitchen (2)  So blessed to meet “Batman”  Michelle Balaguer Ramos @michbramos :-)   The woman behind the famous Neil Ramos of @neilskitchen I never met her before but she’s a friend of my sister. I took her photo in Westgate mall with the sign which has a photo of her husband Neil and their daughter Kaela. ( zoom in )  Yesterday she told us how she sold her business ( Andy & Karen 9 stores) so she could be an “obedient wife” and make her husband shine. And what happened? Neil is now so successful, so famous and so talkative ?? from being so quiet before. Who says that you won’t shine even if you are behind the scenes? So blessed to know the people and story behind @neilskitchen More power!  though we know God will take care of you always !!  #neilskitchenph #h2hpeople #H2Hquotes#h2hreligiousNew at Neil's Kitchen (1)

 She told us a story about how she saw this poster of Neil in a sari sari store and she asked if she could buy it!  The owner just gave it to her! :-)  Neil Ramos of Neils kitchen New at Neil's Kitchen (3)  I will never get tired of this dessert! Fried Suman, Mangga and Chocnut
New at Neil's Kitchen (9)  We tried new dishes!!!

Papaitan Pie – an ilocano soup with innards

First time for me to try it and I actually like the taste!  Especially the sauce which I dip with the bread!  or you can put on garlic rice. YUM!  #Papaitan#h2hproudtobepinoy New at Neil's Kitchen (10) Sweet Corn Maja Blanca!!  SUPER YUM!!!  It’s a good thing I got a bite before Karen devoured this! haha!!  New at Neil's Kitchen (11)  Crab cake sorta with Aligui pastacrab cake torta with aligui pasta neils kitchen  And this which I never even took a photo of and saw in Karen’s blog! She must have eaten it too!! haha!! Go here to read her blog on our merienda :-) Maja Blanca neils kitchenNew at Neil's Kitchen (7) It’s really different when the owner is there to explain!  I never knew that this bookstore was an honesty bookstore!New at Neil's Kitchen (12)  With many reminders! haha!!! Quotes from the bible on the shelves! :0)New at Neil's Kitchen (17) New at Neil's Kitchen (18) New at Neil's Kitchen (19)  There is a pack of envelopes where you leave the money for the books that you buyNew at Neil's Kitchen (20) New at Neil's Kitchen (13) New at Neil's Kitchen (16)  And drop the payment hereNew at Neil's Kitchen (15) New at Neil's Kitchen (14)Michelle also took us to their new floor which used to be a rooftop.  They covered it and made it into additional seating area or an area for special events
New at Neil's Kitchen (5) With her special copper chafing dishes which customers always request New at Neil's Kitchen (21)

 And the restroom which has a bike sink :-)New at Neil's Kitchen (8)  On the wall!  From the heart of Neil and Michelle :-)New at Neil's Kitchen (6)

Click below to go to their Facebook page

Neils Kitchen facebook page

Shop for a Cause at FilipinaZ 2017

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Richness prevails when it is cultivated to deepen one’s soul.

Such is the adage worn as an emblem by the women of ZONTA.

For years, this established society of women have gone to such lengths in their philanthropic pursuit of advocating for the welfare of all women, whatever age, background, status, or profession they belong.

This coming July, Zonta Club of Makati and Environs invites everyone to join them in contributing to a higher purpose by coming to the FilipinaZ grand charity fair. “FilipinaZ is a yearly fundraiser we organize for the benefit of womankind,” shares Zonta Club of Makati & Environs President Armita Rufino. “Proceeds from this benefit go to our many programs centered on uplifting women’s lives – from women’s health services, to livelihood generation, and beyond.”Filipinaz Zonta 2017 2 Filipinaz 2017 zonta

Art You Can Wear

To shop at FilipinaZ is to explore homegrown designers’ various takes on fashion that complements a Filipina’s refined beauty. More than just a fair, it’s a platform for discovering handcrafted jewelry presented by local exhibitors known for working precious materials into wearable art.

Designer Amanda Luym and Cacay Moras-Server of All that Glitters is set to showcase handcrafted jewelry meant to transform with the wearer. All that Glitters is known for using gems that are authentically sourced from legendary mines all over Asia, Africa, and South America, even the USA or unexpected European enclaves.

Juliana Santos-Garrett, through her label, Eccentrics Limited, will present one-of-a-kind carabao horn jewelry and other eccentric pieces made from indigenous materials sourced from all over the globe. Assembled by hand, her pieces cater to the bold and the fashion forward.

Frederick and Georgina Ong are set to grace the fundraising exhibit with stylish modular day-to-night jewelry from their brand Alchemista. For FilipinaZ, Alchemista will unveil the much-awaited result of their collaboration with Kyooreo’s Charming Baldemor – hand-carvedminaudières embellished with metals and semi-precious stones.

Fashion accessory designer Carlo Evaristo’s label Otsirav’e will showcase one-of-a-kind handcrafted metal bracelets, neck pieces, and more. . A stunning showcase of Filipino raw materials, Otsirav’e will bring you lavish artisanal statement jewelry that doubles as wearable art.

Doro Barandino’s eponymous clutches and jewelry label D’Oro Barandino is set to exhibit the designer’s signature geometric and architectural-shaped minaudières, soft-leather clutches and gold-plated brass jewelry.

Lastly, award-winning jewelry designer Ann Ong, best known for handcrafted metal bracelets, neck pieces, and evening clutch bags that got her to win 3 Katha awards consecutively, will present pieces from her Definitive Handcrafted Opulence collection.

A New Breed of Artistry

More than a lifestyle fair, FilipinaZ serves as an avenue for people to witness and support the promising artistry of today’s up-and-coming Filipino painters and visual artists.

Established by pedagogy and enriched by time, the works of multi-awarded realist painter Mario Panis is set to be on display for people to see his originality and talent up-close. The breadth of his expertise extends to portraits, landscapes, still life and nudes in oil, watercolor and pastel. In addition, his penchant for realism led him to win prestigious awards. A well-known Filipino critic even described his work as “unnervingly real, locked as it is in the stupendous superiority of his work.”

FilipinaZ will also unravel the artistry of painter Ronna Manansala. Her stunning artworks not only show bold colors and sure brushstrokes, her take on female themes evoke a unique depiction of grace that is distinctly rural and honest.

Ronna’s ability to bring women to life delivers truthful humility and raw strength in equal measure. A painter and a sculptor, Ronna is the granddaughter of Philippine National Artist in Visual Arts Vicente Manansala.

Painter and writer Boysie Villavicencio, on the other hand, will be showcasing a body of work that illustrates scenes of spirited underwater ecosystems bursting to colorful life – a collection of paintings that are both eye-catching and curiously serene.

For Women, By Women

A yearly fundraiser organized by the Zonta Club of Makati & Environs, FilipinaZ advocates for the welfare of women by showcasing timeless jewelry, exquisite art, and sophisticated fashion to raise awareness and proceeds for the club’s women-empowering projects.

These projects include the Psychological Center for Sexually Abused Children, Empowering Women Scholarship Program, No to Early Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy Advocacy, as well as other projects promoting women’s health and livelihood.

A 3-day exhibit slated to grace the Penthouse at 8 Rockwell from the 28thto the 30th of July, FiilipinaZ is inspired by the strength, beauty, and sophistication of a true Filipina, as depicted in most of the works exhibited in the fair.

FilipinaZ will also be unveiling limited edition prints signed by the artists of the featured artwork for authentication. Proceeds from the sale of these prints will go directly to the programs ZONTA supports.

ZONTA member herself Charming Baldemor is set to have her booth exhibit custom-made wooden minaudières as well as fashion accessories, collectible figurines, lamps, and furniture pieces from her shop Kyooreo: Baldemor Carvings & Sculptures. A carving and sculpting company from From Paete, the carving capital of the Philippines, Kyooreo specializes in capturing the essence of Filipino artistry thru decorative and functional handicrafts and high-end sculpture art pieces.Shop for a Cause at FilipinaZ 2017 (5)Charming will also be unveiling the much-awaited result of her collaboration with Alchemista’s Georgina Ong – hand-carved minaudières embellished with metals and semi-precious stones

Ornate, geometric and opulent. Bask in this gold splendor by Kathy and Kathy BespokeShop for a Cause at FilipinaZ 2017 (2)Artist Katrina Pallon paints feminine subjects in a pan-asian backdrop over breathtaking patterns. She is one of the featured artists at the Bruno Art Gallery, a global art house with galleries and offices in Israel, Singapore, Turks & Caicos Islands and USA. For the fundraiser, Bruno Art will exhibit multi-dimensional works by Slava Ilyayev, David Gerstein, and local artists like Katrina Pallon, Jay Ragma, Jeff Dahilan, Michael Pastorizo, and more.Shop for a Cause at FilipinaZ 2017 (4)Doro Barandino’s eponymous clutches and jewelry label is set to exhibit the designer’s signature geometric and architectural-shaped minaudières, as well as soft-leather clutches and gold-plated brass jewelryShop for a Cause at FilipinaZ 2017 (7)A D’Oro Barandino design features an aesthetic that’s never overwrought, and has a certain graphic symmetry and linear clarity to its style.Shop for a Cause at FilipinaZ 2017 (8)The jewelry label by designer Amanda Luym and her partner Cacay Moras-Server, All That Glitters will be selling handcrafted jewelry that can transform with the wearer and small fine leather goods proudly made in the Philippines.Shop for a Cause at FilipinaZ 2017 (3)All that Glitters is known for using gems are authentically sourced from legendary mines all over Asia, Africa, South America, even the USA or unexpected European enclaves.Shop for a Cause at FilipinaZ 2017 (2)

PK’s Grocery Cart

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 Heart2Heart has a grocery cart series at @rustansfresh in the blog but now that I’m doing videos I’m enjoying it more :-)   I like seeing what people are buying to get some tips on what to buy. Find out what PK buys and what kind of products he tries  #rustansfresh #h2hrustanssupermarket#H2HFashion #h2hgrocerycarts#H2HPeoplePos Grocery Cart (1) Pos Grocery Cart (2)  Pet needs!! Wow!  :-)  Pos Grocery Cart (3) Pos Grocery Cart (4) Pos Grocery Cart (5)  Good boy! haha!! The best snacks in the world!  You have good taste :-)Pos Grocery Cart (6)  PK buys products as long as it says PREMIUM haha!!!Pos Grocery Cart (7)TAKE NOTE!  PREMIUM QUALITY RICE! haha!!Pos Grocery Cart (8)  And because PK @pkchuatico is so fashionable even when he’s shopping in the supermarket I included his OOTD!  Love him because he’s so cooperative ( others hide from me haha ) and He’s so funny :-)Pos Grocery Cart (9) Pos Grocery Cart (10) Pos Grocery Cart (11) Pos Grocery Cart (12)


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Congratulations Amy Peng @amypeng8 on the launch of @asharkclub  #asharkclub ASHARK CLUB


With the best in cuisine, entertainment and events, this Chinese club is set to be the best in the metro.

Manila, Philippines–Welcome the city’s newest topnotch dining experience with Ashark Club, a world-class, state-of-the-art restaurant and entertainment club located right at the center of the most luxurious hotel and leisure spots in the city. Located at the 2nd floor of Golden Phoenix Hotel in bustling Manila, Ashark Club combines the best in Chinese-Filipino cuisine

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KTV entertainment, and the finest event facilities in the country.

Ashark Club has employed masters in the world of gastronomy—hailing from China, a pristine pool of chefs have developed the best in Cantonese, Hunan, and Sichuan cuisine, with the menu expanding to cover the most delectable Filipino dishes as well.Ashark (5) Ashark (6) Ashark (1) But there is definitely more to Ashark Club than its extensively satisfying menu—the venue is hub to first-class, state-of-the-art event rooms and facilities that provide an innovatively modern entertainment experience. Ashark Club features four (4) KTV rooms with modern sound systems and larger-than-life screens

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  as well as seven (7) VIP & Conference Rooms with spaces that cover as much as 200 people. With a total land area that amounts to around 1600, Ashark Club is currently top standard among all Chinese clubs in the metro.

Ashark Club takes its name from an actual live shark housed in the venue—a symbolism to fine food and an aggressively modern aesthetic. The club caters to dining enthusiasts, families big and small, companies in need of conference and event venues, wedding organizers or couples in search of a reception hall, and anyone looking to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of friends and a full leisure experience.Ashark (3) Ashark (2)

S’Maison Muses

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Congratulations @smaison_conrad  #DiscoverSMaison#SMaisonConrad
S'Maison Muses (1)  My mom is so low key she hardly wants to be in the spotlight so this is rare for the launch of @smaison_conrad My mom has been there since the beginning of Starbucks Philippines @starbucksph and this year Starbucks celebrates 20 years. Mom was only 50 years old when they started it and she believed in the brand on day 1. She is in charge of looking for sites and constructing all the stores. She visits each one of them and goes to all the store blessings. Today there are 308 successful stores all over the ?? ?Starbucks Reserve @starbucksph
#DiscoverSMaison#SMaisonConrad #H2HPeople#StarbucksPh #H2HStarbucksS'Maison Muses (2) S'Maison Muses (13)  The other S’Maison MusesS'Maison Muses (4) S'Maison Muses (3) S'Maison Muses (5) S'Maison Muses (14) S'Maison Muses (7) S'Maison Muses (6) S'Maison Muses (8) S'Maison Muses (15) S'Maison Muses (10) S'Maison Muses (9) S'Maison Muses (11) S'Maison Muses (12)

Tod’s Sella Bag

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Top models, socials and digital influencers were spotted in Milan wearing their TOD’S SELLA BAG last Milan Women’s Fashion Week.

Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, Krystal Jung, Linda Tol, Liu Wen, Mariacarla Boscono, Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Zhang Ziyi, Layla Monteiro, Faye Tsui, Diipa Khosla, Evangelie Smyrniotaki, Barbara Palvin, Edvig Opshaug, Sara Brajovic, Noor De Groot and Michelle Madsen are only a few of the international personalities seen in their #TodsSellaBag.Tod's Sella Bag (1) Tod's Sella Bag (3) Tod's Sella Bag (4) Tod's Sella Bag (2)From the meticulous construction of the shoes and handbags, TOD’S is the label par excellence for handmade accessories for men and women. The TOD’S warehouses store some of the finest leathers from the best tanneries in the world. Each leather hide is checked by our experts for imperfections. They monitor the colour, thickness and texture, so that they are uniform, and those hides that do not meet our high standards are rejected. Once the shoes are completed, every pair is carefully inspected and those that have the slightest defect are discarded.

Process is involved in the making of the bags: The production techniques are similar to those used by ancient saddle makers. Extreme skill and attention to detail is required for the cutting of the leather and the sewing of each style, as it is meticulously pieced together.Tod's Sella Bag (5)Like the new Sella Bag where Ribbing and stitching are a sort of contemporary metropolitan architecture rooted in a long history of genuine saddle craft.

In the Philippines, Tod’s is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at Greenbelt 4 and Rustan’s Shangri-La, Shangri-La Plaza. Follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.