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Harunire Terrace

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Though everything is very near each other and walking distance, because it is so cold, we took the car! haha!!  Just call the reception and they can pick you up from your villa and take you in the vicinity of Hoshino – only to the places within the map :-)
Harunire Terrace (2)Harunire Terrace (6)Harunire Terrace (9)Harunire Terrace (8)Harunire Terrace (7)  Harunire Terrace is a strip mall :-)  which has quaint restaurants and shops!!  Super love it!!  I wish we stayed more days to try all the restaurants and cafes.Harunire Terrace (1)Harunire Terrace (3) Harunire Terrace (14)  There are so many outdoor seating areas – so nice!!Harunire Terrace (15) Harunire Terrace (16) Harunire Terrace (17) Harunire Terrace (21) Harunire Terrace (20) Harunire Terrace (18) Harunire Terrace (12) Harunire Terrace (11) Harunire Terrace (5) Harunire Terrace (4)

So many people bring their dogs to show them off :-)

dogs harunire karuizawa 9 dogs harunire karuizawa 10 dogs harunire karuizawa 11 dogs harunire terrace 12 dogs harunire karuizawa 1 dogs harunire karuizawa 2 dogs harunire karuizawa 4 dogs harunire karuizawa 5 dogs harunire karuizawa 6 dogs harunire karuizawa 3 dogs harunire karuizawa 7 dogs harunire karuizawa 8

We walked home at night from Harunire and the garden was magical with many christmas lights on the garden!!  The photo does not do justice to how magical it was.  Its as just so cold!

Hoshino garden by harunire terrace hoshino light at night hoshino at night karuizawa

Cafeteria in Hoshino

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 There is like a coffeeshop/cafeteria style place near the hotel and we ate there when we arrived.  It’s all comfort Japanese food :-)Cafeteria in Hoshino (15)  They are known for their locally grown buckwheat -so soba is a local special heresoba hoshinoya hoshino karuizawaCafeteria in Hoshino (1)Cafeteria in Hoshino (7) Cafeteria in Hoshino (6)We just all had set meals – we were very hungry already :-)
Cafeteria in Hoshino (4) Cafeteria in Hoshino (2)Cafeteria in Hoshino (14)Cafeteria in Hoshino (12)Cafeteria in Hoshino (11) Cafeteria in Hoshino (5)Cafeteria in Hoshino (13) Cafeteria in Hoshino (9) Cafeteria in Hoshino (8) Cafeteria in Hoshino (3)

Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa

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A 3 hour drive ( 1 hour by train) from Tokyo –Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (33) Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (34) Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (35)Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (25)

Arrived at our destination – Hoshino, Karuizawa –  Hoshinoya Resort @hoshinoya.official #hoshinokaruizawa#karuizawa #h2htokyo #h2hkaruizawa

Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (36)A gentleman came into the bus to explain about check in etc :-) 
Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (24)About hoshinoya resort karuizawaI hoshinoya resort karuizawa activitiesActivities hoshinoya resort karuizawaHoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (23)seasonal activity hoshinoya resort karuizawaGoing Around Hoshino (4)Going Around Hoshino (3)Going Around Hoshino (2)hoshinoya resort karuizawa about They have a private car to take you anywhere within the Hoshino areaGetting around hoshino karuizawa It’s a cute black car – CUBE
Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (26)Or you can use one of the bikesGoing Around Hoshino (1)Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (27)Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (28)Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (29) Dining room :-)  Love thisHoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (31)IMG_7823IMG_7824There is a library lounge where you can just hang out in – they have drinks and snacks throughout the day!library at Hoshinoya (2)library at Hoshinoya (3)library at Hoshinoya (4)library at Hoshinoya (8) Love these snowman crackers which we discovered from our 6 year old niece Stella.  It is like pacencia crackers but shaped like a snowman!  so cute and yummy :-)library at Hoshinoya (6)library at Hoshinoya (5)So beautiful and peaceful – with just the sound of the waterHoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (30)Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (39)Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (38) Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (41) Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (44) Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (1) Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (18)

 There are different rooms and villas in Hoshinoya Resort @hoshinoya.official

Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (22)

Some with flights of stairs going up so make sure yours is suitable to you.

hoshinoya resort karuizawa villas

Ours is going down (but going up getting out of the villa haha ).hoshinoya resort karuizawa room villahoshinoya resort karuizawa room entrance I like the idea of Japanese homes where they have an area to leave your shoes, then a step before entering their homes – they provide cabinets to put your shoes inside
Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (4) They purposely don’t have TV in the rooms FYI for those who are TV addicts haha!!  Read again here whyAbout hoshinoya resort karuizawahoshinoya resort karuizawa RIVER ROOMhoshinoya resort karuizawa counter barHoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (6)Hoshinoya Resort Karuizawa (7) I was not able to use the bath tub anymore because I went to the onset already everyday twice a day – but Mom said it was so nice – the water is crystal springs waterhoshinoya resort karuizawa BATH TUB2 They have these oranges which I think you put on the tubhoshinoya resort karuizawa bath tubhoshinoya resort karuizawa TOILETRIES Pajamas :-) pajamas hoshinoya resort karuizawa Robes which you can use around the resort.  They are so light yet they keep you warm.  The socks are also so good – it is meant for the wooden slippers that they provide as well hoshinoya resort karuizawa winter robes
Love the river feature #karuizawa #hoshinoyakaruizawa #h2hkaruizawa

hoshinoya resort karuizawa river view roomhoshinoya resort karuizawa terrace slippershoshinoya resort karuizawa terrace Everyday they would put different touches – for the new Year – something for the bath tubIMG_8385 IMG_8386 For your New Year’s resolutionsIMG_8382 I took note of this villa which is right beside the onsen.  If you are an onset person, then this would be perfect :-)  hoshinoya resort karuizawa room near onsenClick below to go to their website

Hoshinoya karuizawa japan website


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Selena Gomez hosted an in-store event at Coach House London, UK on December 4, 2017. Gomez wore the Coach 1941 Embellished Penguin Shirt Dress.

Selena Gomez wears Coach 1941 PreSpring 2018 Look 15 Embellished Penguin...

Selena Gomez poses with Coach’s Executive Creative Director Stuart Vevers at Coach House Regent Street


Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, and Natalia Dyer were all spotted wearing Coach at The Fashion Awards in London, UK last December 4, 2017.

Selena Gomez wore a custom Coach prairie dress, custom Coach lace up Western boots, and a Pre-Spring 2018 Shearling Coat.


Maisie Williams wore a Coach 1941 Spring 2018 Western slip dress (Look 49), an embellished collar t-shirt, ankle strap pumps, and a Mailbox 24 bag with crystal embellishment.


Charlie Heaton wore a Coach 1941 Spring 2018 Coach x Keith Haring souvenir varsity jacket and leather belt (Look 50), whileNatalia Dyer wore a Coach 1941 PreSpring 2018 Long Star print tie neck dress (Look 6), a Rogue 25 bag, and Coach Link sandals..


About Coach

Coach is a leading design house of modern luxury accessories and lifestyle collections, with a long-standing reputation built on quality craftsmanship. Defined by a free-spirited, all-American attitude, the brand approaches design with a modern vision, reimagining luxury for today with an authenticity and innovation that is uniquely Coach. All over the world, the Coach name is synonymous with effortless New York style.

Coach is a Tapestry, Inc. brand.

In the Philippines, COACH is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at Rustan’s Shangri-La and Rustan’s Makati. Follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.