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Visiting Tita Minnie

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Visiting Tita Minnie in her Park Avenue condo. She has several which she invested on many years ago. So smart and so lucky! This is where she entertains :-) Visiting Tita Minnie (10) She told me she lights 25 candles when she has guests over here  #h2hny #h2hnyc2017Visiting Tita Minnie (14) Visiting Tita Minnie (11) Visiting Tita Minnie (12)Visiting Tita Minnie (30)Visiting Tita Minnie (31)  She has many photos around :-)Visiting Tita Minnie (13)  Angela Galang Osmeña married to Paolo is also here in the city for a week. Great to catch up before she leaves! She continues to work with her family business in Manila – piggery business  #H2HPeople#h2hny #h2hnyc2017 #MinnieOsmenaVisiting Tita Minnie (2)So happy to catch pretty mother and daughter – Tita Minnie Osmeña and Stephanie here in New York! We try to see Tita Minnie when we are here even for awhile and this time it’s nice to see Stephanie who has been working in NYC for 6 years. She grew up here but left to work in London for 7 years and now back in NY. #h2hny #h2hnyc2017#MinnieOsmenaVisiting Tita Minnie (1)Visiting Tita Minnie (15) Visiting Tita Minnie (3)   Tita Minnie has many photos around her place and she showed me more from her drawer. Here are some of my favoritesVisiting Tita Minnie (23) Wow!! From Hola magazine :-)Visiting Tita Minnie (16) Visiting Tita Minnie (17) Visiting Tita Minnie (4) Visiting Tita Minnie (5) Visiting Tita Minnie (6) Visiting Tita Minnie (18) Visiting Tita Minnie (7) Visiting Tita Minnie (8) Visiting Tita Minnie (19) Visiting Tita Minnie (9) Visiting Tita Minnie (20) Visiting Tita Minnie (21) Visiting Tita Minnie (22)Visiting Tita Minnie (24) Visiting Tita Minnie (25) Visiting Tita Minnie (26)  Tita Minnie said that this is her most precious photo – her Dad with her son Paolo :-)Visiting Tita Minnie (27) Visiting Tita Minnie (28)Visiting Tita Minnie (29)

Lever House

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 You won’t miss this building and art installion especially at night!  It’s so colorful and bright :-)

Lever House at 390 Park Avenue — The iconic Lever House, designed by the renowned Skidmore Owings & Merrill in 1952, remains a New York City landmark. Its glass-encased lobby became a regular showcase for contemporary art starting in 1998. ( Time out APRIL 1 2010 ) #LeverHouse#ParkAvenueNYC #h2hny #h2hnyc2017#H2HArt

Lever House (2) Lever House (3) Lever House (4) Lever House (5) Lever House (6) Lever House (7) Lever House (8) Lever House (9) Lever House (1)

432 Park Avenue

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As we were walking by to take a photo of @432_park_avenue I heard Pinoys :-)  then suddenly heard one of them calling my name – OMG! Marden Iglesias a former Rustan’s designer who is now based in New York. So happy to bump into him! Our people always remain our friends 432 Park Avenue (2)  432 Park Avenue -THE ICONS OF THE NEW YORK SKYLINE HAVE A NEW COMPANION. DESIGNED BY RAFAEL VIÑOLY AND RISING 1,396 FEET ABOVE PARK AVENUE BETWEEN 56TH AND 57TH STREETS, 432 PARK AVENUE IS THE TALLEST RESIDENTIAL TOWER IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. #432parkavenue #h2hny #h2hnyc2017

432 Park Avenue (1)432 Park Avenue (3)  Love this park of @432_park_avenue So peaceful at night and so clean and bright.  Check out the chairs that are bolted to the ground :-)432 Park Avenue (4) 432 Park Avenue (5)

Starbucks Philippines Supports PETA’s Annual Summer Workshop

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This summer many kids are taking time off from school, and it’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby and hone their talents further. Countless workshops are popping left and right, from cooking to dancing. Kids nowadays can spend some time to pursue their passion and develop their skills. One of the most popular workshops this time of the year are theater workshops which allow kids to discover their unique and creative talents. Not only that, children who enroll in a program like this also get to learn more about our rich culture and artistic heritage.Starbucks Philippines supports PETA's annual Summer Workshop (4)This year, PETA brings its annual Summer Workshop to more Filipinos as part of its celebration of the company’s 50thanniversary. The workshops will be conducted in various satellite venues in the cities of: Makati, Quezon, Angeles and Tacloban. Recognizing the vital role of theater arts in communicating our identity and our highest ideals, Starbucks Philippines supports this program aimed to shape a new generation of artists.Starbucks Philippines supports PETA's annual Summer Workshop (5)“Starbucks believes in supporting organizations that create opportunities and promote positive change. Since 2015, we have partnered with the Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA) as one of the beneficiaries of our planner promotion. We are inspired by their use of theater to raise awareness of important social issues while nurturing the creativity of Filipinos.” said Noey Lopez, president, Starbucks Philippines.

PETA’s Summer Workshop started last April 17 and will run untilMay 28. Courses include Children’s Theater, Integrated Theater Arts for Teens, Theater Arts and Creative Musical Theater. In its classes, PETA uses the Integrated Theater Arts approach, a method that PETA has developed since the 70’s. This method uses group dynamics, drama, creative dance and movement, creative sound and music, visual arts, and creative writing and is the company’s main foundation for all the trainings it provides.Starbucks Philippines supports PETA's annual Summer Workshop (2)Children from ages 6 to 8 and older kids from ages 9 to 12 can enroll in the Children’s Theater courses that aim to enrich the child’s creativity and imagination. Teenagers aged 13 to 16 will benefit from the Integrated Theater Arts for Teens. As they learn to work in a team, they discover their talents and their self-confidence and communication skills are enhanced.Starbucks Philippines supports PETA's annual Summer Workshop (3)For aspiring actors aged 18 and up, the Theater Arts course gives fundamental knowledge of theater history and appreciation and skills in improvisational theater production. Meanwhile, theCreative Musical Theater course gives students the opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals of musical theater. The program provides comprehensive training that is aimed at enhancing the enrollee’s musical theater skills.Starbucks Philippines supports PETA's annual Summer Workshop (1)The highlight of the course is a final recital: an original work created by each class whose participants get to perform on the PETA – Phinma stage.

“For the past 50 years, PETA has provided Filipinos with meaningful entertainment through theater productions, but aside from that we have also provided much needed theater arts education for the youth. This summer workshop is aimed at unleashing and nurturing the creativity of young people and adults through a unique and holistic process which allows them to shine whether on or off stage,” says PETA curriculum director Dr Brenda V. Fajardo.

Starbucks Philippines and PETA have been working together since 2015 to advance the theater community in the country. Starbucks has primarily done this by sharing a part of the proceeds from its planner promotion.

To join the PETA Summer Workshop, visit their website

Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon’s

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Super fun evening at Ramon Padilla’s @ramonatlargehome in Brooklyn :-) Thank you Ramon for hosting and sharing your beautiful home with us – definitely better than eating out #h2hny #h2hnyc2017

Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (5)Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (2) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (3) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (4)Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (28) The bed of Beefsteak and the latest carpet of Ramon @ramonatlarge by Piero Fornasseti :-) #pierofornasetti #h2hny #h2hnyc2017
Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (29)  This place was a garage before and look how Ramon has transformed it!Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (6)Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (27)
Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (8)Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (31)Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (15)  Super cute Coton de Tulear of Ramon @ramonatlarge – Her name is Beefsteak :-)  Ramon told us he had to apply and fill out a 5 page form even before she was born. He brings her everywhere he goes Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (9)Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (16)The photo below are her siblings – zoom in to find out their names  #CotondetulearBeefsteak Cotton de tulear dogDinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (7)  Philippine art!!! Thank you Ramon for promoting our very own in New York!!Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (11) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (12)Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (17)Dinner :-)   Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (10)Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (13) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (14)Ramon is a great cook!!!!  
Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (32)Korean kimchi soup – YUM!!!
Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (18) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (33) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (19) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (20) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (21)  Bossam ( Korean roast pork) – pork butt from a Chelsea butcher brined and roasted for 7 hours by Ramon @ramonatlarge – super yum ! #bossam#H2HPorkDinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (34) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (22) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (23)  Yummy!!! Brooklyn Blackout cake – Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, fudge frosting from Two Little Hens @twolittleredhens  brought by New Yorkers – Marco @iamarcoantonio and Jackie @jaxcantonio #TwoLittleRedHens #h2hny#h2hnyc2017 #h2hchocolate #h2hcakes#h2hdessertfindsDinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (24) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (25) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (35) Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (26)  Portrait of Jerome -birthday gift of Ramon :-)  Dinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (36) So happy to see part of #morokrew @thecrazycook_ph@iamarcoantonio #jpcastiyo@jaxcantonio @james_de_jesus@mannydr and reunite for a home cooked dinner by Ramon @ramonatlarge  #h2hnyc2017 #h2hny #newyorkrewDinner in Brooklyn at Ramon's (1)


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2 years ago ( June 2015 ) Ramon Padilla @ramonatlarge opened Evertrue @evertruesalon that creates the most natural eyebrows through a technique called microblading. It’s located at the Flat Iron building and soon he will be opening in Chicago. Ramon is a Harvard Business School graduate and worked in L’Oreal before starting his own business. He also has 2 other salons – Strip and Browhaus. So happy to meet such a nice guy, young like us :-)  and so accomplished. More power and looking forward to more salons around the USA and all over the world. #evertruesalon #Microblading#H2HPeople

Evertrue (2) Evertrue (1)

Click below to go to the website for more information

Our salon specializes in the most natural-looking semi- permanent makeup  treatments for brow, eyeliner, lip, and lash.

Our salon specializes in the most natural-looking semi- permanent makeup treatments for brow, eyeliner, lip, and lash.


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ohw? is the shared vision of two footwear professionals with many years of experience. Our aim is simple – to bring a fresh approach to men’s footwear with contemporary and functional designs.

Designs are kept simple and uncluttered to allow us to showcase these skills, the standard of our manufacturing and our attention to detail. ohw?’s design process takes place in the UK, beginning each season with numerous ‘field trips’ for creative inspiration.

We collaborate with leading footwear designers to translate our pick of the latest trends and then work closely with our production team to develop these from concept into reality.

Rustan's Press Release on OHW (2)

All the materials we use are of the highest quality, ranging from premium suede and nubuck to full grain leathers. Every pair comes with all leather laces, linings and socks, as well as authentic details such as hand-stitching and size markers along the cut edges of the upper materials (the traditional way that shoemakers indicate the sizes of cut pieces). Rustan's Press Release on OHW (1)Although our designs are trend led, function is also a priority. All our shoes and boots are designed to be ‘optimum fit’ (pretty damn comfortable) and have combination rubber/phylon soles.

Phylon is more usually found in the midsole of sports shoes, which means our footwear is exceptionally easy to wear. From having our own factory to handpicking the people we work with, we believe that everything we do should be a reflection of who we are.
This is the reason we chose the name ohw? and why our first marketing creative features not models, but some of the people who work with us. This commitment extends to every part of our business because we want to emphasise the authenticity of our brand. For this reason, every pair of ohw? shoes is even individually hand-signed by the person in our factory doing the final quality check.

OHW shoes are available at Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza.

Di Fara Pizza

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 We were so lucky to witness this because he is not always there. Super love watching 80 year old Domenico De Marco making pizza one by one at @difarapizza_nyc

For 50 years (1965) he’s been serving yummy pizza in Brooklyn where people wait an hour or two to eat his pizza.  Truly a labor of love.  A business with passion and heart.  A must drive from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It’s worth the wait and experience – there’s only one in the world  #DiFara#DiFaraPizza #h2hpizza #h2hnyc2017#h2hny

Di Fara Pizza (2) Di Fara Pizza (3)Di Fara Pizza (8) Di Fara Pizza (4)  Di Fara t-shirt which says – New York’s HANGRIEST line :-) Di Fara Pizza (5)  Di Fara @difarapizza_nyc is known for the regular cheese pizza but we liked the square pizza too. We ordered a slice and because someone before us ordered one too we immediately got this order. The crust is really good ( different texture) and the tomato and cheese was yum. In fact if they bring out a square pizza it’s smart to order one so you don’t get so hungry waiting for your order. #DiFara#DiFaraPizza #h2hpizza #h2hny#h2hnyc2017Di Fara Pizza (6) Di Fara Pizza (7)He makes the pizza in front of everyone right here in the counter :-)  
Di Fara Pizza (9) Di Fara Pizza (10)  People standing and waiting for their pizzasDi Fara Pizza (11)  A photo of Padre Pio spotted beside his old cash register at the backDi Fara Pizza (12)  Dining area – more people waiting for their pizza :-)Di Fara Pizza (13)  Our pizza at Di Fara Pizza @difarapizza_nyc Half side is regular cheese pizza while half side is mushroom and Italian sausage. I suggest to just get the regular cheese. Yummy :-)  it’s thin crust so you can finish more than you think. My favorite part is the first 3 bites of this pizza  #DiFara#DiFaraPizza #h2hpizza #h2hnyc2017#h2hnyc #h2hny

Di Fara Pizza (1)

Furla’s 90th Anniversary

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Furla’s company history, from the beginning of the Twentieth Century to the dawn of the new millennium is reflected in a handbag with interchangeable flaps that becomes a portable time machine travelling across nine decades.

 Furla building Milano

The FURLA Metropolis, available in five colors: Petal, Magnolia, Gold, Ruby and Onyx will have nine different flaps to narrate the story of the brand that began in 1927 and since then has traveled, in women’s hands for nine decades – keeping them company on their journey of freedom and independence across time and space.

Furla’s journey started in the Roaring Twenties: the age of Charleston and “The Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, where the wild parties in the French Riviera were all the rage in the story. The Twenties of Josephine Baker and Art Déco, gave birth to what we now consider modernity, the decade that consigned the Nineteenth Century to history. This decade was represented by a soft nappa leather flap with a velvet base and stud carrying the number “20” galvanized in light gold.

It continues in the Thirties: the Jazz Age, the decade of glamour, of Marlene Dietrich’s mysterious voice and magnetic eyes. The Thirties flap is made of tortoiseshell PVC with ivory colored mink fur with the inscription “30” laser-etched in white on the black tab.

Whereas during the Forties, the crazed rhythm of Swing, frenzied joy of music and dance, and songs celebrating newfound peace had its flap of the Forties handbag printed with a petal and ruby check. Then the number “40” is printed on leather ruffles and a bow, evocative of that decade’s pin-up girls.

Then the Fifties – the age of rock and roll, Elvis and the “greaser” gangs, and the explosion of colors post-WWII decade illuminated by the omnipresent jukebox lights had its flap in pink, turquoise and onyx with embossed colored parts, while the number “50” in light gold was set on the iridescent tab.

The Sixties are the decade of psychedelia, the Beatles, and the cool dry linear elegance of the Mods. Hence, the flap is patterned like a turntable resting on a desaturated Union Jack flag in gray, black and white instead of the traditional red, white and blue. The onyx black on the printed base has a long stud in place of the volume knob while the number “1960” is smacked in the center, where a vinyl LP’s label would be.

From the Sixties’ turntables to the Seventies disco revolution, this decade of glitter and absolute freedom of a new underground culture takes over the world. The flap is in glitter fabric with sails and mirrors like a Disco Ball hanging from the nightclubs’ ceilings, reflecting the light of a future that seemed stranger and more exciting than science fiction.

The Eighties representing Punk and the new wave presented Fashion as a provocation with brooches pinned to Queen Elizabeth’s nose becoming the epitome of that revolutionary stance. Therefore these are the years, for Furla’s journey, of the heart-shaped flap fastened with safety pins, studs and a denim tongue with a bold, unabashed “Furla 80” printed on the flap.

For the Nineties we travel across the ocean from Great Britain to the United States where the Age of Hip-Hop, rappers, “gangsta” style and “bling-bling” was the luxury of excess. The Nineties flap is made of suede, with an onyx and orange rubberized thermo-adhesive strip with white stitching like the one over the jersey of a Football team. It has a big “90” number smacked in the middle of the flap, embroidered with printed, convex leather.

Furla’s time travel and journey through nine decades of the Metropolis handbag ends in the 2000s, the “Aughts”: the decade of technology and dawn of the new Millennium. The flap is in a silver laminate lined with a folding plate, just like a robot’s complete with screw-shaped rivets and shimmering rhinestones. The 2000’s is a world expanded, flattened and interconnected by technology wherein our digital present was so unthinkable back in the Twenties when the Furla journey began.

In the Philippines, Furla is located at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central, Greenbelt 5, Newport Mall, Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.