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Rama Mahal

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One of the restaurants we like going to while in Subic.  The owner, Ram Sharma, is a very nice guy.  He is always there to greet you then he disappears to the kitchen and starts cooking :-) We like the breads, the hummus, the lamb chops and curry




New Shell Tollway Plaza

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On the way to Subic a month ago,  I was surprised to see this new stop over.  We stopped because there was a Starbucks here and we wanted to have a quick dinner on the way.  



Behind the building is another building with a Filipino restaurant  



September Birthday Celebrants

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This is becoming an annual celebration – all the birthday celebrants of September – Dad Monching (Sept. 4 ) , Gerry ( Sept. 5 ), Margs ( Sept. 1) and Jaime ( Sept. 2 ).  Too bad we missed Gerry who could not make it this time due to a patient call.  

Thanks to Dad and Mom for preparing and hosting  


It’s always nice to celebrate with a mass and of course by our good friends, Fr. Manolo and Fr. Julian who are always part of the family 


thanks-giving-mass0001.jpg septbdays15.jpgseptbdays16.jpgseptbdays17.jpgseptbdays18.jpgseptbdays1.jpgseptbdays4.jpg

Catered by Gaita Fores which is always something to look forward to… menuseptbdayscibo.jpg


Coffee from Starbucks prepared by no other than the First Lady of Starbucks, Krie!  :-)  She is the expert in using the French Press and showing us how to do it the right way 



Dialogues at Starbucks by Illac Diaz

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The Dialogues At Starbucks on Saturday, Oct 4 will be lead by social entrepreneur Illac Diaz. He’s most known for the seafarer’s lodgings which he set up under his MyShelter Foundation but is recently most active in environmentally sustainable/low-cost UN Millenium schools project.  Mostly the talk will explore his relatively new approach to doing business (social enterprise, etc.) and what ‘beyond the classroom’ experiences inspires him to do it…





Louie Tabuena Foundation

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I am so proud of my friends who set up foundations to help others. One of them is Tere del Rosario.    


Thanks Tere for inviting me to your very informative talk on cancer treatment.  It was very enlightening for me and for sure to the many who attended.  It is good to know the options one has whether it be for yourself, for a family member or friend.  

I had the chance to visit Parkway Healthy at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore when I accompanied one of my bestfriends, Rina, and her Dad and Mom.  Rieta and Rina wanted to give their Mom the best treatment and a chance to live when they found out she had liver cancer.  They heard about Dr. K.C. Tan of Parkway Health and brought their Mom to him.  What was interesting was in the reception/waiting area, we noticed the staff to be of many different asian nationalities including a Filipina.  Apparently, many patients from different parts of Asia come all the way to Singapore to seek treatment in this Center.  I think that says a lot about the reputation this place has…



Visit their website for more information:  Parkway Cancer Centre 



Yoh-gurt Froz

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Yogurt is the “IN” thing! I LOVE YOGURT!!!Everytime I see a yogurt place, I get so excited and need to try it!!!  I discovered this at the Urban Bazaar at Rockwell a few weeks ago.   I got to meet the owner, Jane, as she was there making sure everything was going well.  They have two concepts, the usual yogurt with toppings ( TOP IT )  and then the yogurt that is swirled and mixed ( MIX IT ) with the fruit or flavor of your choice. You can also get them for your private parties/events

yohgurt-banner.jpg yogurtbanner2.jpg

  186087354603_0_alb.jpg886087354603_0_alb.jpg  cart_1.JPGyohgurt-orig.JPGyohgurt-white_froyo.JPGjanecallingcardyogurt.jpg


Pink Kitchen 2008

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pinkkitchen2008layout1.jpgpink-kitchen-ad_v.jpg pinkkitchenvendors1.jpgpinkkitchenvendors2.jpg

It is Pink Kitchen this October – the same yummy event you enjoyed so much last year. This time, it is even better, yummier with more new food items to choose from. We have gathered almost 50 chefs and caterers to participate. Aside from that, we have again twisted the arms of “seasonal cooks” whose specialties are served only in their homes, like Wynn Wynn  Ong, Mona Bishier Valdez and Mariko Jacinto to name a few. They are cooking Burmese, Indonesian and Japanese food respectively.  Wynn and Mona are no strangers to Pink Kitchen having sold the most, while Mariko is a new participant and she will delight you with her Japanese creations.

Adding to the excellent food and wine to enjoy are pocket activities scheduled at 2, 4 and 6pm for 2 days on different topics. They are: Kid’s baking with Mel Francisco, author of Witchkins; Coffee Preparations with Robert Francisco of Boyd’s Coffee; Wine Appreciation with Ines Cabarrus of Enderun Colleges; Healthy Cooking with Rob Pengson, TV Host of Chef-on-the-Go; Cake Creations with award-winning Pastry Chef Buddy Trinidad and Look Good, Feel Good Skin Program by Becca cosmetics of Adora.

The organizing committee is headed by Kara Alikpala (Pres. of ICanServe), Bettina Osmena (Chairman, Fund-Raising) Beth Romualdez (Chairman, Pink Kitchen), Libet Virata (Chairman, Marketing and Sponsorship) Via Romualdez-Reyes (Project Manager), Alice Orleans, Executive Director, ICanServe; Ina Vergel de Dios(,Physical Arrangements); Ria Romero, Lian Chua (Finance) and Marge Jorillo.

We have put all our efforts together for a common goal: to raise funds for the benefit of the underserved women with BREAST CANCER. Our thrust, of course, is early detection and that is why ICanServe has launched projects like “Ating Dibdibin” ( the first community-based screening program in Marikina) and Silver Linings which was recently held in Cebu. I am inviting you to log on to ICanServe website – to know more about the projects being done to increase awareness, fight ignorance and fear among women with cancer. 

It is a very worthy cause. I am inviting you once again to enjoy the week-end of Oct. 18 and 19 (Saturday and Sunday) with your family at the Rockwell Tent. This is your chance to savor your favorite foods and seldom- seen- food items, being waited on by the hospitality students of Enderun Colleges inside a beautifully decorated Tent. Be there at the opening at 11am for lunch, followed by a merienda break at 3pm. Walk around a little at the mall then come back for wine and dinner and some entertainment at 7pm till 10pm. All day at 200 pesos for adults and 100 for kids entrance fees.

Please call us for tickets – Beth or Via: 0929 848-2918

With much appreciation, Beth 

Previous Entry:  Pink Kitchen August 12, 2007  


website:  ICanServe 




The Stock Market

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We wanted to take out our friend, Pam, who is here on vacation and we were so happy to discover this new restaurant at Bonifacio High Street.  I heard about it from my sister Krie so i recommended it… It was a good choice.  We liked the ambience, the food and most of all the companystock-market1.jpgstock-market4.jpg


They just opened and are still partially finished.  The private room, the deli, pastry counter, wines, breads, etc are still not yet available.  They will also be selling the meats that come from the Del Monte Farms.


It is owned by Del Monte ( which explains all the pineapples and the plantation interiors ) in partnership with Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) 


Pam lives in the States so we see hardly see her.  


We are happy whenever she comes because it is the only time we have a reunion of our Spain group… Ana, Babylyn, Maricar, Pam and I 


Babylyn, Maricar, Pam and I lived and studied together in Madrid for one year while Ana was in Barcelona.  Ana visited us, so we adopted her as part of our Spain group. Hopefully our next reunion will be in Spain! :-)




  441385874603_0_alb.jpg     stock-market10.jpg   196085874603_0_alb.jpgstock-market5.jpgstock-market13.jpg

Since they are on dry run, they are giving a 20% discount!  :-) So hurry and try it!!! 


We met one of the chefs, Carina Guevara.  She conceptualized the menu for the restaurant.   

stock-market12.jpg dsc_5842.JPGdsc_5835.JPG

Tomato Fondue with Mozzarella and Parmesan Croutons – of course this is my order and loved it!   The tomato fondue is good also to add to any dish as a sauce so we asked for a teaspoon to scoop it out and put it on our plates  


Pan-fried Angel Food Cod Cakes with Corn Chowder Sauce  


Flatbread with Arugula – Goat Cheese, Roasted Garlic, Walnuts, Olives and Olive Oil 


Prime Burger with Grilled Pineapple, Bacon and Caramelized Onions 


Pan Seared Roast Beef with Gratinated Potatoes with Bernaise Sauce – This dish was ordered by Ana and we all liked it.  It is made form their locally grown meat from the Del Monte farms.  The beef was tender and tasty.  It was very good and was more than enough for the 5 of us.  We had two more other main dishes.  It was a good share for only P 995.00.  WORTH IT!


Ravioli of Cream Cheese, Parmesan and Pine Nuts


Creamy Banana Trifle with Billowy Meringue and Hot Fudge Sauce 


Key Lime Pie with Whipped cream 


Telephone #:  856-6301

Ground Floor, Building 3, Fort Bonifacio High Street ( near Starbucks )