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The fashion must-have of Hollywood celebrities

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Loved for its quality, luxurious, and unique hand-made designs from footwear, bags, and apparel, Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo has been a fashion must-have for all stylish women all over. Proving its prominence in the fashion industry for over eight decades, Hollywood celebrities has always been spotted carrying their favorite Ferragamo bags or shoes in any given occasion. Salvatore Ferragamo gives only the finest from versatile and chic carry-all handbag for daytime wear to elegant and unique clutch perfect to accessorize any formal red carpet outfit.A-list celebrities including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eva Mendes, Angie Harmon and Jessica Alba are not only stars from their acting careers but are also icons from their effortless ultra-chic fashion sense.699546937503_0_alb.jpg

  Even with their evident style differences they definitely have a common denominator with the Salvatore Ferragamo Eleonora bag. Spotted out and about the city, Jessica Alba, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Angie Harmon all accessorized their casual daytime outfits with the trendy Ferragamo bag to carry all their essentials. 

324416937503_0_alb.jpg  524416937503_0_alb.jpg

  While Eva Mendes sports it during a shoot of one of her latest movies. Another Hollywood and style star Sarah Jessica Parker always exudes elegance and originality in every outfit that she put on. While filming the much anticipated Sex and the City movie, the style icon has been spotted on the set donning a Ferragamo small feather bag.


  Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is also a fan of this uniquely designed arm-candy sporting it during the Spring Summer 2008 women’s ready-to-wear show in Milan. Showing off her nationalistic nature, Italian actress Valeria Solarino was spotted several times with her top picks of Salvatore Ferragamo creations. From a fashion show event with her Eleonora bag for a more a casual and trendy look. Then spotted twice during the Rome Film Festival, the actress dons the special limited-edition pochette clutch in red for the world premier of Elizabeth and for the premier of Donne Assassine Valeria opted to go metallic also with Ferragamo pochette clutch in silver.  

724416937503_0_alb.jpg   899546937503_0_alb.jpg  


Bring out the style icon in you and be like all the Hollywood celebrities sporting their number one must-have bag – Salvatore Ferragamo.  


Salvatore Ferragamo is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Stores Specialists Inc. and is available at Rustan’s Department Store Makati and Shanrgi-la, Power Plant Mall Rockwell and Greenbelt 4, Ayala Center, Makati.  



The Beginning of the Next 50 Years!

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Happy 51st Anniversary to Tito Oscar and Tita Connie!! And it is only the beginning….


What a beautiful gift from Tita Cedie who worked so hard to fill up and tie each of the 27 photo frames with the photos of the 27 grandchildren hanging on this beautiful silver tree. Not only is it a beautiful gift, it symbolizes the MEANING and VALUE of FAMILY!972226817503_0_alb.jpg  799716817503_0_alb.jpgAside from being a successful couple in the Philippine industry,  Tito Oscar and Tita Connie are successful at raising a wonderful family. Achievements can be measured in many ways but having a family that you love is PRICELESS.  I heard that Tito Oscar would bring the whole family on vacation trips and would even hire a bus to transport all the 27 grandchildren…..WOW!!!  That’s something my Dad would do!  :-) No matter what…the grandchildren are always included.  Success would not mean anything if you did not have a loving family to go home to and share your success with.  Heart2Heart pays tribute to a great and wonderful couple that we admire and look up to.Here’s to the beginning of the next 50 more years of togetherness!   



Thank you very much for inviting our family to celebrate this special celebration at your beautiful Baguio home…. which of course Tito Oscar and Tita Connie made sure would fit the whole family including the 27 grandchildren!

 Just their family alone was a party in itself….plus a few friends and us……   Thank you for the wonderful food ( from Le Souffle )  which you shared with us….  and the GREAT entertainment from the family and guests……..   [email_link]

A National Geographic moment

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Ananyana Resort, Bohol – This entry is dedicated to my Dad who is a nature lover and is a regular viewer of Heart2Heart……Thanks Dad for always showing us the beauty of God’s gift….NATURE!241989175503_0_bg.jpgYvonne was right when she told us about these crabs… definitely a National Geographic moment.  Thank you for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with us.   Javier made sure that we got up early in the morning to witness this so he could catch some of the tiny crabs that come out during low tide. 830239175503_0_bg.jpgIt is quite tricky because when they know you are coming, they hide under the sand and dig holes.151719175503_0_bg.jpgBut in some areas, it is a bit more difficult to dig so it is easier to catch them…..443799175503_0_bg.jpg355210275503_0_bg.jpg729260275503_0_bg.jpg698459175503_0_bg.jpg258931275503_0_bg.jpg of course, after catching them, the kids send them back to the water where they belong……..[email_link] 


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We were able to go in and check out Eskaya which is the newest resort in Bohol.  Designed by Bobby Manosa. 



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Thanks JJ and Minette for the really super yummy oatmeal cookies from Misispi. Later on, I did not follow instructions and did not twist the bag with the wire and I liked the cookies even more because they were “makunat” and soft. Even better!!! :-)


From Misispi’s website:

“Have you tasted a MISISPI?” Is a question I often ask people. If you haven’t, just think of what you are missing! Join the thousands who have tasted these and have thanked the stars they received a bunch. Addicting… Habit forming… But you won’t go to jail for it. They probably are the most wonderful crunchy oatmeal cookies ever!

Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies
The Original Crunchy Bestseller

250gm (single) box – P160
500gm (double) box – P320
half pack (10 pieces) – P80

My husband used to call me Mrs. P. (for Mrs. Pena).. So when I left the corporate life and decided to share this yummy recipe of a cookie, MISISPI was born. People often stare at the name and comment that I misspelled Mississippi. Well, at least I caught their attention, and then they look at the cookies with curiosity. Until they take a bite. That’s when they remember to say MISISPI… Up to now, I am proud to say that it is home made.

Curiosity….. Longing….. Anxiety….. Got to open that box!!!

What’s inside a box of MISISPI is something much more than a cookie. It’s a golden brown disc which when you hold close looks like a harmless disc… Hold it closer and somehow, an inviting aroma gets your attention…

And even closer, the disc now looks too inviting to resist…

And that first crunchy bite puts down all your resistance from this harmless looking disc…

And by the time you regain conciousness, it’s gone… All of them… Gone!!!

MISISPI cookies are meant to be shared. But they are just too good, you might just want to keep them for yourself…


For orders, contact:

Rorie Pena


Best of Heart2Heart 2007

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Heart2Heart would like to thank all its viewers for continously visiting the site.   Please continue to tell your family and friends to be part of the Heart2Heart family.  Heart2Heart is read by people from all over the world-USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Spain, India, Netherlands, Germany, United Arab Emirates, China, Thailand, Belgium, Taiwan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Vietnam.  

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Raisin Bread

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Probably everyone who went to Baguio has bought their raisin bread- the ever popular raisin bread from Baguio Country Club.  My friend, Michele, taught me another way to eat raisin bread.  She says that she slices the bread thinly, spreads some butter and sprinkles sugar on top. Then toast it!  YUMMY!!!!!


I also discovered a different kind of raisin bread made by my friend, Lucille. It is different from the Baguio Country Club raisin bread because her version has fruits in it.  The twisted/braided shape is unique as well.  The problem is she does not sell them and you can only get one if she bakes one for you, good thing I am her friend :-)