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Sango and Coop

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wrote on May 26, ’07

For the past 2 Saturdays we have been going back to Sango because we discovered the Master burger. It is so good. I like the chili sauce like/spaghetti sauce that they put and the chopped onions. They have it also as a Master Cheeseburger then I added bacon! Deadly but yummy! I also liked the ice cream which is a sorbet like ice cream- not as heavy as the creamy ice cream but light and refreshing. Next time I will try the version that comes with cornflakes and blueberry sauce. And COOP is now EVERYTHING P 68.00 and not P 75.00 anymore.


March 1, 2007


Do you get that feeling when you arrive from a trip and you have that craving to look for similar items that you just had in that country? Well, we just arrived from Japan and I had that craving so I went to check out these 2 places which i heard about from friends and family.  We were frustrated that Mos Burger in Japan had only 2 kinds of rice burgers and we did not like any of the choices.  Here in Manila, there is Mc Donald’s and there is Sango.  And  of course who do I bump into, my brother in law Mike, who told us about the place.  It’s one of his favorites. 



Sango also had only 2 kinds of rice burgers but I asked them if i could make my own and they said yes for an additional P 40.00.  So I guess you can order any burger that they have and change it to a rice burger or make your own concoction.  So i ordered a chicken rice burger and french fries. Delicious.  Right beside it is a small grocery store called Coop where they have all kinds of Japanese products.  Everything in the store is P 75.00.  Amazing selection.  They even have frozen products like ice cream flown in 2 times a week from Japan. They have an amazing selection of this boxed curry item which is around P 140+ in supermarkets and it costs only P 75.00 in this store. They only accept cash though.   



The Best Mc Do ever!

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This has got to be the BEST Mc Do I have EVER been to in the whole world. During our trip to Bacolod, we went to Mc Donalds 3 to 4 times a day in the 3 days that we were there. Tito Butch manages this Mc Donald’s and aside from managing it, he has a collection of Happy Meal toys displayed inside. AMAZING! Around 5,000 pcs. coming from all over the world – USA, Japan, HK, Australia, France, UK and other European nations. This Mc Do is around 800 sq. meters and is complete with the playground and has a Mc Cafe in front. The inside is very different from all the other Mc Donalds i have been to as Tito Butch is very involved in everything that happens here. It is so clean. No miss, whenever we visited the store, there is always someone mopping the floor, cleaning the windows, or just cleaning something. It must run in the family because my dad is very picky with cleanliness when it came to running Rustan’s supermarket and now in Starbucks. For all these reasons, no wonder my Tito and this store has had numerous awards from Mc Donalds headquarters. CONGRATS!!!!!


Better For You

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Two yummy and healthy loaves were recently introduced at Starbucks- Reduced Fat Blueberry Walnut loaf and Orange Pineapple loaf. 

These loaves are considered to be better for you because their fat content was reduced and the fat that was used in the recipe contains no transfat. Yet, they taste so good!
Starbucks Moves to Ban Trans Fats cutting trans fats from the doughnuts, muffins and other treats, and plans to eventually drop the artery-clogging fats.
Trans fats, listed on food labels as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, are believed to be harmful because they wreak havoc on cholesterol levels.


Don’t Bite!

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Check out this great Dashing Diva product.  Don’t Bite!  The perfect nail bitting remedy. This bitter, Vitamin E enriched polish not only helps you stop that nasty habit, but reinforces your nail structure allowing normal growth.

I did not know how to solve Javier’s nail biting problem and we discovered this and it really works!!! No need to put eeky tabasco.  It costs only around P200.00 + versus US$ 7.00 in the States. So, it is even cheaper here. Available at Dashing Diva – Beauty Bar in Powerplant or Glorietta.

I Love Cheeseballs!

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Since Planter’ s and Evon’s cheeseballs disappeared in the market – I have not eaten chesseballs! It is so hard to find good cheeseballs.

A few days ago, I stumbled into this brand and I bought it and tried it.  I liked it and thought it was the closest to Evon’s. 


Apparently, when I did my research- looked at the label- went to the website- it is the same company that makes the brand Evon’s.  They probably just changed the packaging.  It is available in Landmark for P 78.40. Evon’s used to cost P 65.00 in Rustan’s.  There was only one can though when i bought.  It was beside a Munch King cheeseballs which is not good. 


Educare Celebrates Valentine’s! A Pink one!

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Educare celebrates Valentine’s Day for the 1st time. It was a PINK celebration with everything in pink. Around 350 children came and joined the festivities of LOVE!
Thanks to our sponsors – Gonuts Donuts from Tina Lagdameo, Comfoods from Tito Tony Huang and Costa Brava by Nadine Liu



Thank you!

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Death is a sad event………..sad because we will miss the person who will be leaving us behind.  But happy because he/she will be starting a new life which is an everlasting life with God. Yes it was unfortunate that two family members passed away on january but God has His plans and I am included in that plan.
God told me that I need to……prepare myself for my next life.  You must live your life now in preparation for your next life.  

Thank you to all of you for your prayers, your words of comfort, your mass cards and joining the funeral and novena masses for Mom.

My Other Mother

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Carmelita Osmeña de Jesus
July 3, 1933 – January 28, 2007

Mom has lived a full and gracious life. She made sure she prepared herself and accepted God’s will for her.
Though we prayed and wished we could still spend more time with her, we also prayed to stop Mom’s pain and not to let her suffer. God has truly blessed Mom.
When I started going out with James in 1986, Mom immediately treated me as part of the family.
Nana took very good care of Jaime and Javier. We all love her very much and we will miss her! But we are happy that she is now in a better place.



Softee For a Cause

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I like sharing about people and things that make me smile…. hope you do not mind.For christmas, one of the gifts I got was a Softee tissue which my cousin in law designed.  I thought it was such a great idea.  The tissue box is nicely designed at the same time, when you buy it, you help others.
Hindy is a designer for Rustan’s.  You probably see her a lot in the broadsheets and magazines.926354773503_0_alb.jpg 

Every purchase of this Limited edition Softee facial tissue designer box by Hindy Weber Tantoco benefits children in select hospital wards.

It is available in supermarkets.