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Homecooked Japanese Dinner by Raj and Kai

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Thank you so much Raj and Kai – super amazing art collection, beautiful view, beautiful home, super yummy home cooked Japanese meal and great company.
dinner-by-raj-and-kai-12  Beautiful view of the city  dinner-by-raj-and-kai-20dinner-by-raj-and-kai-43and beautiful artwork – Jigger Cruz included with the view ? #H2HPhilippineArt #H2HHomes dinner-by-raj-and-kai-9dinner-by-raj-and-kai-34Love intimate dinners. Let’s do it again haha! With Jinggoy @jinggoyll and Fia @sophisticatedid Llije,  Paolo and Trina Yupangco, Charlie and Teresa Rufino  #H2HGroupsdinner-by-raj-and-kai-5  Lovely home cooked Japanese  dinner by Raj @7tri7 and Kai @kaisterprimo in their beautiful dining room with a beautiful art collection #H2HHomeCooking #H2HPhilippineArtdinner-by-raj-and-kai-6 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-17 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-7 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-16 Taking a peek in the kitchen where Kai is cooking our dinner :-)dinner-by-raj-and-kai-18 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-19  Our lovely hosts for dinner last night – Raj @7tri7 and Kai @kaisterprimo

 Thank you and We love youdinner-by-raj-and-kai-38 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-35 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-36 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-37 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-21  Tuna Aburidinner-by-raj-and-kai-22  Super yum Mentaiko pasta with sous vide egg by Kai @kaisterprimo

#H2HHomeCooking #H2HPasta #mentaiko #H2HSousVidedinner-by-raj-and-kai-23  Sous vide lobster by Kai @kaisterprimo  #H2HHomeCooking #H2HSousVide #H2HLobsterdinner-by-raj-and-kai-24  Sea bass Misodinner-by-raj-and-kai-25  Two kinds of beef

Kobe beefdinner-by-raj-and-kai-26 with a special secret sauce!! :-)dinner-by-raj-and-kai-28  special wasabi – everything is special and secret!  haha!!dinner-by-raj-and-kai-27   and Karubi Beef Yakiniku  #H2HSteaks #H2HHomeCookingdinner-by-raj-and-kai-29 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-30 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-11 Yay!! Pablo desserts!!! To complete the Japanese themedinner-by-raj-and-kai-31 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-33  Malted Milk ice cream by Carmen’s Bestdinner-by-raj-and-kai-32 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-42 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-10 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-14 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-39 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-40 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-41 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-2 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-49 Collection of Nudesdinner-by-raj-and-kai-3 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-47  More artwork all over the housedinner-by-raj-and-kai-45 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-46 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-48 dinner-by-raj-and-kai-1

James Doran – Webb

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 James Doran Webb has 10 driftwood sculptures at the Flower Dome at @gardensbythebay We went to check them out.  Don’t forget to look up to see the Raven #GardensByTheBay #H2HSingapore #H2HArt #JamesDoranWebb #driftwoodsculpture

flower-dome-at-gardens-by-the-bay-15flower-dome-at-gardens-by-the-bay-16flower-dome-at-gardens-by-the-bay-20flower-dome-at-gardens-by-the-bay-22flower-dome-at-gardens-by-the-bay-23flower-dome-at-gardens-by-the-bay-24flower-dome-at-gardens-by-the-bay-25flower-dome-at-gardens-by-the-bay-13james-doran-webb-4james-doran-webbjames-doran-webb-1 james-doran-webb-8 james-doran-webb-9 james-doran-webb-6james-doran-webb-5

Click below to go to his website

James Doran Webb - Driftwood Sculptor

Working Title at Art Provenance

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 Congratulations Raul and Joanna @joannapreyslermanila on your latest show “Working Title” at @provenanceartgallery Come on over and view the works of Pete Jimenez @petejimenez and Jonathan Olazo #H2HPhilippineArt #H2HArtist #ProvenanceGallery #JonathanOlazo #PeteJimenezworking-title-at-art-provenance-1 working-title-at-art-provenance-26 working-title-at-art-provenance-5 working-title-at-art-provenance-15 working-title-at-art-provenance-20 working-title-at-art-provenance-2 working-title-at-art-provenance-3 working-title-at-art-provenance-16 working-title-at-art-provenance-25 working-title-at-art-provenance-8 working-title-at-art-provenance-24 working-title-at-art-provenance-18 working-title-at-art-provenance-19 working-title-at-art-provenance-21 working-title-at-art-provenance-22 working-title-at-art-provenance-4 working-title-at-art-provenance-23 working-title-at-art-provenance-17 working-title-at-art-provenance-6 working-title-at-art-provenance-7 working-title-at-art-provenance-9 working-title-at-art-provenance-10 working-title-at-art-provenance-11 working-title-at-art-provenance-12 working-title-at-art-provenance-13 working-title-at-art-provenance-14

Japanese Contemporary Art Show

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Beautiful Japanese works of art at the Japanese Contemporary Art Show
For the benefit of the Jesus M. Pineda Jr. Ateneo Scholarship Fund which is an endowment fund that will help send a student to the Loyola Schools every year.
Featuring artists exhibited by YOD Osaka and Kogure Tokyo Gallery:
Takuro Sugiyama
Michihiro Kawabata
Ryuzo Satake
Atsuo Sakazume @ssilifeph @pattypineda @maritesspineda #H2HArt #JapaneseArt #CentralSquare

JapArtExhibit Michihiro Kawabata Michihiro Kawabata 2 Atsuo Sakazume Ryuzo Satake 1 Ryuzo Satake 2 Ryuzo Satake 3 Takuro Sugiyama 1 Takuro Sugiyama 2 Takuro Sugiyama 3 Congratulations Tito Susing Pineda!!  Japanese Contemporary Show (1)Japanese Contemporary Show (9)Japanese Contemporary Show (2)Japanese Contemporary Show (3)Japanese Contemporary Show (7)Japanese Contemporary Show (8)Japanese Contemporary Show (5)Japanese Contemporary Show (6)Japanese Contemporary Show (4)Japanese Contemporary Show (10)Japanese Contemporary Show (11)Japanese Contemporary Show (12)Japanese Contemporary Show (13)Japanese Contemporary Show (14)Japanese Contemporary Show (15)Japanese Contemporary Show (16)Japanese Contemporary Show (17)Japanese Contemporary Show (18)Japanese Contemporary Show (19)Japanese Contemporary Show (20)Japanese Contemporary Show (21)Japanese Contemporary Show (22)


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After a three-year closure, the newly transformed and expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) opened its doors to the public on May 14, 2016.

Purpose-built to showcase the museum’s celebrated collection over ten breathtaking floors, the new SFMOMA was designed by renowned architecture firm Snøhetta. With nearly three times more gallery space than before, the museum opened with 19 inaugural exhibitions, including a curated selection from the distinguished Doris and Donald Fisher Collection, the first presentation of works promised through the Campaign for Art, nearly a full floor devoted to the Pritzker Center for Photography, cherished favorites from SFMOMA’s permanent collection, and works specially commissioned for the new museum. SFMOMA now includes nearly 45,000 square feet of art-filled free public spaces, and will offer free admission for all visitors 18 and younger in perpetuity.( @sfmoma website) #SFMOMA #H2HSFOSF MOMA (2) SF MOMA (3) SF MOMA (37) SF MOMA (36) SF MOMA (4) SF MOMA (5) SF MOMA (6) SF MOMA (34)  The Fisher Collection at @sfmoma The Doris and Donald Fisher Collection is among the world’s greatest private collections of contemporary art. Founders of San Francisco–based Gap Inc., the couple began collecting prints to enliven the company’s offices in the mid-1970s, and they soon expanded their efforts to include paintings, sculpture, and drawings. They agreed early on that they would never buy a work unless they both liked it, a decision that has ensured that the collection reflects their shared sensibilities. Never interested in working with an advisor or a curator, they developed their knowledge independently by visiting galleries, museums, and artists’ studios around the world, building lifelong friendships with many artists along the way. As the late Don Fisher once put it: “The collection is the result of our looking a lot and then looking some more.”
The Fishers delved into the work of artists they admired over the course of many years, and as a result the collection is distinguished by significant concentrations of works by Alexander Calder, Ellsworth Kelly, William Kentridge, Anselm Kiefer, Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin, Gerhard Richter, Richard Serra, and Andy Warhol, among others. Spanning more than three floors of the museum, the initial installation of the Fisher Collection at SFMOMA honors that strength with numerous monographic galleries and highlights the collection’s notable focus on American abstraction; American Pop, Figurative, and Minimal art after 1960; and German art after 1960.
Although the Fishers lived with many favorite artworks in their home, their belief in the power of art to enrich lives and spur creativity led them to share much of their collection with Gap employees by displaying it throughout the offices and in dedicated gallery spaces at the company’s headquarters. A similar spirit has guided the Fishers’ decades-long relationship with SFMOMA. Since the 1980s they have served on the museum’s Board of Trustees, made exceptional gifts of art, and supported numerous major exhibitions, acquisitions, and education programs. (@sfmoma website) #H2HSFO #SFMOMA #fishercollection #GapIncSF MOMA SF MOMA (7)SF MOMA (38)SF MOMA (8)SF MOMA (39) SF MOMA (40) Sculpture garden and Cafe at the @sfmoma We heard the food is good but it was closed when we went #H2HSFO #SFMOMASF MOMA (41)SF MOMA (9)SF MOMA (10)SF MOMA (6)SF MOMA (42)SF MOMA (43)SF MOMA (11)SF MOMA (12)SF MOMA (13)SF MOMA (14)SF MOMA (15)SF MOMA (16)SF MOMA (44)SF MOMA (5)SF MOMA (45)SF MOMA (1)SF MOMA (47) SF MOMA (48) SF MOMA (49) SF MOMA (50) SF MOMA (46) SF MOMA (51) SF MOMA (52) Super LOVE vertical gardens!!

 “Living Wall” at the @sfmoma #SFMOMA #H2HSFO #H2HVerticalGardenSF MOMA (3)SF MOMA (1)SF MOMA (4)SF MOMA (5)SF MOMA (6)SF MOMA (7)SF MOMA (23)SF MOMA (8)SF MOMA (24)SF MOMA (9)SF MOMA (10)SF MOMA (11)SF MOMA (12)SF MOMA (13)SF MOMA (14)SF MOMA (16)SF MOMA (17)SF MOMA (18)SF MOMA (19)SF MOMA (20)SF MOMA (21) We are so at home in the @sfmoma There are 55 Filipinos working here –  Roberto Cariño and Paul Bayaua @paulbayaua #SFMOMA #H2HSFOSF MOMA (25) At the SF MOMA @sfmoma with Jose @jlm72471 and Tin @tincmoreno – Dedicated to Annie Kabigting @tshaya

 Mark Rothko No.14,1960 –
Mark Rothko was born Marcus Rothkowitz; his family emigrated in 1913 and settled in Portland, Oregon. Rothko attended Yale for two years and moved to New York in 1923.

After a long period of stylistic experimentation, Rothko was prompted toward abstraction by the arrival of European avant-gardists during World War II. His mature works consist of two or three diffuse rectangles of saturated color. Their effect is one of luminosity and floating in an indefinable space. Rothko often worked on a large scale, seeking to envelop the viewer in an experience of intimacy and spiritual transcendence.

In 1964, he began his paintings for the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas. In 1970, after battling depression, alcoholism, and poor health, Rothko committed suicide in his studio. The chapel was completed the following year. #MarkRothko #SFMOMA #H2HSFO


Portraits by Mikko Sison

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Our friend Mikko Sison  is now into portraits!! You can commission him to do your portrait or a portrait of anyone you want – you kids, your spouse or just anyone :-)  It would make a nice gift too  ( Mikko Mobile # 0917 5262600)

Previous entry:  By Mikko Sison May 2012Portraits by Mikko Sison (8) Some of his works Portraits by Mikko Sison (7) Portraits by Mikko Sison (6) Portraits by Mikko Sison (5) Portraits by Mikko Sison (4) Portraits by Mikko Sison (3) Portraits by Mikko Sison (2) Portraits by Mikko Sison (1) Portraits by Mikko Sison (9)

Looks familiar!!  Beautiful Anna Palabyab Rufino! :-)Anna Palabyab Rufino by Mikko SisonLooks familiar too!!!  Bootcamper Nich BautistaInanichi by Mikko SisonThis is the most recent and most precious work of Art :-)  More power to you Miks!Mikko Sison artist

Visit from Plet

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So happy to see Plet Borlongan @pretzels.xo With pink hair!!  She visited us at home with Tomas Daquioag who is cleaning our painting for the upcoming book of Elmer @emongsky  Plet and Tomas represented the Philippines in 2006 in Vermont Studio Center Artist through a residency grant ( all expenses paid ) for 2 months and they exhibited their works.
Plet is working on a book on Elmer’s works. It will be 2 volumes which will contain 250 paintings and 100 drawings. It will be launched on November 2017 at the Metropolitan Museum which will coincide with the exhibit.
It will be a “literary and visual delight” according to Plet.
Book designer – Felix Mago Miguel
Photographer – At Maculangan
Book Editor – Rica Bolipata Santos
And a Team of writers Looking forward to this book! #H2HPhilippineArt #H2Hpeople #ElmerBorlongan #Emongsky #PletBorlonganVisit from Plet (2) Plet also opened a store called Pasilyo which is a country and living store in Zambales!  Hope to visit this place one dayVisit from Plet (3) Plet loves Lady Scott Jones :-)

Visit from Plet (1)

She’s sitting on one and loving it :-)Visit from Plet (4) Wrapping the paintingVisit from Plet (6)

Ebb and Flow

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“Life is the constant ebb and flow of holding on and letting go.”

-Esther EsteyEbb and flow invitation

Ebb and flow is the natural rhythm of life. It is constant flux, a movement of tensions, of complements. EBB and FLOW is the title of the three women art exhibit of Tessa Mendoza, Tina Gonzales, and Tessa Alindogan. Each artist displays a singular ability, a distinct style on her own. But when combined, the works become an even more powerful canvas of colors, movements, and contours. For the first time, these three talented and up-and-coming artists teamed-up in a one night only event.Ebb and Flow Tessa Mendoza TEssa Alindogan Tina gonzales

Coming from her first and highly successful solo exhibit, Gracia, held last November 2014, Tessa Mendoza showcased a collection of her earlier works. These range from sketches to paintings that when viewed collectively presents a visual narrative of the artist she is today. It is in looking back that she is able to continuously evolve as an artist to move forward.Ebb and Flow Tessa Mendoza 3

Ebb and Flow was the first exhibit for Tina Gonzales. As a long time collector and art dealer, Tina has always taken an interest in painting. Two years ago, a couple of life-changing events led to a period of prolific creativity that birthed the artist that was always veiled within. Her works are mostly colorful, contemporary, figurative paintings that depict scenes from everyday life that have impressed themselves upon the artist.Ebb and Flow Tina Gonzales

Tessa Alindogan, distinguished as an interior designer, began painting in 2004. What was borne out of necessity (she needed a big painting for her condo) eventually became a calling as demand for her work grew.Ebb and Flow Tessa Alindogan 12

She held her first solo exhibit in 2011. Her works are abstracts that are both elegant and dramatic. As an interior designer, Tessa believes that she has a natural instinct for what paintings would go well in people’s homes or offices.

Early Beginnings

Tessa Mendoza

Tessa discovered her love for art at a young age. She describes herself as a self-taught artist who began by creating doodles and caricatures on her notebooks in school. As a result, her teachers recommended art classes to her mother.

Tessa Mendoza_ Ebb and FlowIn 1986 Tessa began to paint earnestly. She subsequently participated in a joint exhibit entitled Nuances. A year after her foray into the art scene in the Philippines, Tessa got married and her career as a budding artist took a backseat to her role as wife, and soon enough, mother to four children

Over twenty years later, Tessa’s passion for her craft was reignited. This journey of rediscovering the artist within reached its full expression in her first solo exhibit, Gracia, where Tessa debuted as a full fledged artist in a sold out show in 2014. Ebb and Flow Tessa Mendoza5Tessa Medoza Ebb and Flow (2) Tessa Medoza Ebb and Flow (3) Tessa Medoza Ebb and Flow (1)Tessa’s work is informed by a faith that transcends the everyday: “Mine is but the hand that wields brush to canvas; it is Christ’s abounding grace that inspires, conjures, creates and blesses.” Her works are an invitation to the viewers to experience a non-verbal, personal conversation through tactile abstractions that speak to the soul.

Tina Gonzales

For as long as she can remember, Tina always had a passion for drawing. In school, she would not take notes, but would continuously doodle on her notebooks. While she wanted to pursue her interest in art through formal study, her parents thought it best that she undertake more practical subjects in school. Hence, she majored in Engineering.

Tina Gonzales_Ebb and FLowEbb and Flow Tina Gonzales 1Once, Tina took up a painting course in Ayala Museum given by Stella Roxas. She completed her first painting in 30 minutes. Her teacher was surprised at her output, especially since she did not take up any formal art classes. However, Tina did not pursue painting as she was caught up in day-to-day living. She began collecting art instead. As her collection grew, she also began to deal in art.Ebb and Flow Tina Gonzales 3Tina Gonzales Ebb and Flow (2) Tina Gonzales Ebb and Flow (1)  Two years ago, life-changing events led Tina to take up painting once again. She rediscovered her first love, that is, drawing. She also found an outlet for the outpouring of her ever changing moods, passions, and emotions.

Her paintings are ultimately a deep expression of hope. The bright colors exude life in all its fullness. Even in the depths of crisis, life remains a tapestry of hope, faith, and love.Tina Gonzales Ebb and Flow (3)

Tessa Alindogan

Tessa A. was always artistically inclined. After graduating from college, she took up Architectural Interior Design from the Inchbald School of Design in London, where she graduated with honors.

Tessa Alindogan_Ebb and FlowEbb and Flow Tessa Alindogan 1She has been a practicing interior designer since 1988, with a steady stream of distinguished clientele and projects.

She began painting out of necessity. In 2004, she had just moved into a new condo and found a big empty wall in her living room. She created a painting to fit that wall and subsequently painted two more for the bedroom. While many of her guests would admire these paintings, Tessa did not really think of painting seriously until a friend, Anton Baretto, asked her to consign a painting in his store, Nest. She consigned the painting from her living room and it was sold the next day. The buyer was Rajo Laurel.
Ebb and Flow Tessa Alindogan Rajo Laurel Anton BarretoTessa Alindogan Ebb and Flow (2) Tessa Alindogan Ebb and Flow (3) Tessa Alindogan Ebb and Flow (4) Tessa Alindogan Ebb and Flow (1)Since then Tessa A. began to paint more pieces that would always sell out. Finally, she held a small exhibit in Nest in 2011 where all the pieces displayed was sold.

Tessa A. believes, as John Keats did, that beauty is truth. Her paintings exhibit a straightforward beauty; elegant yet dramatic. Her aesthetic sensibility is consistently seen in her interiors, her art, and her life.Ebb and Flow Tessa Alindogan 2 Ebb and Flow Tessa Alindogan 3 Ebb and Flow Tessa Alindogan 4 Ebb and Flow guests 1 Ebb and Flow guests 2 Ebb and Flow Tessa Alindogan 20 Ebb and Flow Tessa Mendoza1

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Assumption High School Batch 1981 for the benefit of the Assumption Alumnae Association (AAA). The AAA is engaged in various charitable initiatives throughout the country.Ebb and Flow AC Assumption beneficiary

The exhibit is sponsored by Discovery Primea, Volvo and Ralph’s Wines and Spirits.

Ebb and Flow Ferdi Salvador