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Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines

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Thank you @avonph for my True Color Collection ! So excited to try them all ! #AvonPh #AvonPhilippines #AvonTrueColor #H2HBeauty 

Avon true color h2h


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (10)Create your most natural and flawless finish with the Skin Goodness CC Powder. Provides instant color correction designed to eliminate skin discoloration. See improvements in skin tone and overall skin brightness after 8 weeks of use. Contains vitamins A, C and E, white tea extract, green tea extract and licorice.

*Shade/s in package: Light Medium


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (2)A rich, creamy and moisturizing formula enriched with real gold, giving lips a luxurious, glistening color instantly. With Avon’s True Color technology, color stays true from the bullet to your lips.

*Shade/s in package: Ruby in Gold, Carnation


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (3)

Create beautiful eye looks effortlessly with eyeshadow colors that provide rich color payoff with all-day crease proof wear. Get a sheer wash or deep, dramatic color with an easy to apply formula that provides buildable coverage

*Shade/s in package: Romantic Mauve, Glow Teal, Urban Skyline


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (4)Get high gloss shine packed with saturated color. A single swipe provides creamy texture and feels hydrating and weightless on the lips. Formulated with shea butter and artic berry oil high in vitamin E and omega-3, with flexi-glide technology to provide super shine effect.

*Shade/s in package: Mauve Moment, Pink Watermelon


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (5)Avon’s first ever dual powder foundation that targets the 10 skin needs. Provides oil control while covering blemishes and pores to provide a smooth and bright complexion that makes skin look fairer. Protects with SPF 24/PA ++ and against pollution. Non-comedogenic. Clinically tested.

*Shade/s in package: Neutral


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (7)Give your cheeks a pop of color with the True Color Luminous Blush. Just a simple swipe will bring the face to life with a natural, rosy glow.

*Shade/s in package: Rose Lustre

Avon’s first ever dual powder foundation that targets the 10 skin needs. Provides oil control while covering blemishes and pores to provide a smooth and bright complexion that makes skin look fairer. Protects with SPF 24/PA ++ and against pollution. Non-comedogenic. Clinically tested.

*Shade/s in package: Neutral


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (8)Our first 100% matte lipstick that gives lasting comfort and intense color that doesn’t cake or crack. Strike the perfect balance of a perfectly matte finish with wearable comfort in shades of pinks and mauves, corals and reds, and plums and wines.

*Shade/s in package: Wild Cherry, Red Supreme, Pure Pink, Hot Plum


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (1)Get instant hydration while achieving a natural and flawless finish with the Skin Goodness Moisturizing BB Cream. Packed with vitamins A, C and E to help nurture the skin, while moisturize essence boosts its hydration properties, giving you a dewy, healthy glow. Suitable for sensitive skin.

*Shade/s in package: Nude


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (9)Get the benefits of a primer, foundation and moisturizer in one while instantly correcting uneven skin tone and improving appearance of skin texture. Formulated with Avon’s Skin Correcting technology, which contains a fusion of Vitamin C, green and white tea, and licorice, giving 24 hour moisture and hydration.

*Shade/s in package: Light


Happy Season of Hearts from Avon Philippines (6)Pucker up with this lipstick that stays vibrant for hours with a nourishing formula and self-renewing pigments, making lips feel smooth, soft and moisturized. With True Color technology, the lipstick stays true to swatch, giving lips a velvety satin finish.

*Shade/s in package: Red 2000, Hot Pink

Find more amazing offers by contacting your Avon lady or to explore how Avon Color can bring out a more confident, more beautiful you!

About Avon

Avon, the company for women, is a leading global beauty company, with $10 billion in annual revenue. As one of the world’s largest direct sellers, Avon is sold through 6 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives. Avon products are available in over 100 countries, and the product line includes color cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and fashion and home products, featuring such well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, ANEW, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques, and mark. Learn more about Avon and its products at

Murad YouthCam and Invisiblur

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 Make sure to stop by Murad @rustansph @rustansthebeautysource and get your complimentary Youthcam analysis with your #H1?Hcard And also avail of the Buy 2 ala carte treatment and get 1 free only til the end of February. For those with skin imperfections on the face – there is a magic product from Murad called Invisiblur which is amazing!!! A must have to cover freckles, dark spots etc at the same time it protects because it has sunblock, treats wrinkles and fine lines and ofcourse blurs skin imperfections. It serves as a primer as well before make up!! Super love this product  #muradskincare #RustansPh #Invisiblur #H2HRustans #H2HHeartedThings #H1?H
Murad YouthCam (2) Murad YouthCam (3) I have freckles and dark spots on my face – and these two magic products helped lighten them and I am continually using them.  The Essential oil I get from Rustan’s Flower Shop in St. Luke’s hospital where they carry the essential oils.  It really helped lighten the freckles.  The Murad  Invisiblur I use as a temporary fix for the freckles and dark spots :-)  Murad YouthCam (1)

Facial Mists and Cleansers

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During A Decade of Hearts there was a facial mist bar with different brands of facial mists! One of my hearted products nowadays and all under one roof – Rustan’s.  Everyone should have one – not only women but everyone :-)  Just to freshen up or moisturize and hydrate the skin.  Before there was only Evian but now there are many to choose from!  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! :-)   Facial Cleanser (1)A Decade of Hearts (23)Facial Cleanser (1)Facial Cleanser (10)Facial Cleanser (2)Facial Cleanser (3)Facial Cleanser (4)Facial Cleanser (5)Facial Cleanser (11)Facial Cleanser (12)Facial Cleanser (6)Facial Cleanser (7)Facial Cleanser (8)Facial Cleanser (9)facial-cleanser-8facial-cleanser-1facial-cleanser-9 And another facial product is the cleansing water which is an alternative to using water to wash or cleanse your face.  Water can be harsh or the face so I love using these :-) facial-cleansers-2facial-cleansersfacial-cleansers-3facial-cleansers-1facial-cleanser-10facial-cleanser-11facial-cleanser-12facial-cleanser

Laura Mercier

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  Family photo shoot today. I asked my beautiful 20 year old hijada Danni @dltiangco to put make up on me because she’s so amazing!!! Thank you Laura Mercier @lauramercier @rustansthebeautysource for my Master Class Color Essentials Collection 2nd edition ? #RustansPh #rustansbeautysource #rustansbeautyaddict #LauraMercierPh #H2HRustanslaura-mercier-3 Danni tells me that Laura Mercier is one of her favorite brands!laura-mercier-4 Laura Mercier is my new found discovery – I like it that they have all the bases and primers for every part of the face! :-)  laura-mercier-1  Love the lip glosses!!!I have all of these!!! laura-mercier-2

Body Oils

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 I’m serious about being vain. Only because I’m aging :-O

I’m into oils – not only essential oils #H2HEssentialOils but all kinds of oils – for the body, hair and face. Whether hot or cold weather we need to moisturize. I used to think oil is sticky but I like it now. It’s all about choosing the right brands. These are my 3 oils now. Nuxe @nuxeph is a staple – dry oil so you will never feel oily and it smells so good :-) Badger Damascus Rose which is a blend of lavender and chamomile which is always what I need to relax. Badgers is a small company using organic natural ingredients essential oils included. Lift Argan is moisturizing, restoring and anti aging which is definitely what I need :-)   The Argan I use also for the hair. I LOVE oils

 Travelling now and making sure I bring them

All from @rustansthebeautysource #RustansPh #rustansthebeautysource #rustansbeautyaddictbody-oils

Laura Mercier’s 20 Years of Iconic Artistry

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laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-1laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-9 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-2 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-3 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-13 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-12 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-8 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-18 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-23Marking its second decade of iconic makeup artistry in 2016, Laura Mercier proves it is more than just another cosmetic cult favorite. First founded in 1996 with the goal of creating a visually perfect complexion, the label has since furthered its boundaries. Beyond achieving flawless skin with a masterful mix of formulas and textures, Laura Mercier is renowned for appreciating and accentuating natural beauty in its diverse shades and forms, making each woman feel more confident and more beautiful.laura-mercier-20th-anniversary-1Ringing in its 20th year in a manner worth remembering, Rustan’s the Beauty Source launches Laura Mercier’s two-fold Anniversary Collection. The Iconics, the collection’s headliner, is a 12-piece assortment of beauty must-haves. Priced at P10,500, The Iconics includes the label’s Caviar Stick Eye Colour, Longwear Crème Eye Pencil, Full Blown Volume Supreme Lash Building Mascara, Lip Pencil and Velour Lovers Lip Colour in their full sizes, as well as deluxe-sized Face Polish, Foundation Primer Radiance, Translucent Loose Setting Powder, Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour, Matte Radiance Baked Powder, Eye Basics and Lip Glace, all housed in a minimalist chest of drawers. A limited edition stockpile of all Laura Mercier’s best-selling beauty essentials, The Iconics is a timeless collection that tells the story of the brand’s 20-year tenure and a celebration of each person’s own beauty and individuality.laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-4laura-mercier-20th-anniversary-2laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-7Iconic Leading Ladies, a compact lip duo set valued at P2,250, makes up the second half of the collection. Inspired by Laura’s favorite leading ladies and the films they starred in, the set features the Velour Lovers Lip Colour and Lip Glace in three limited shades: Catherine, a pink-tinged nude; Sophia, a dainty rose; and Vivien, an unapologetically bold red. These limited edition collections feature specially curated shades of Velour Lovers Lip Colour, and Lip Glace that can be used alone or mixed & matched to create endless looks. Housed in a collectable, soft-touch box with mirror, these collections are must-have items for any beauty enthusiast.laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-6 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-5 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-11 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-22During the anniversary celebration, The Iconics Collection was introduced to an audience of beauty junkies and brand patrons by Laura’s makeup artist, Mark Kingson Qua. laura-mercier-20th-anniversary-7Qua spoke about his experience with the products and also welcomed two celebrated makeup artists into the Laura Mercier family – Anthea Bueno and Anton Patdu. laura-mercier-20th-anniversary-4laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-15The star-spangled Hollywood-themed evening was filled with glamour, as guests celebrated a night of flawless skin and natural beauty.laura-mercier-20th-anniversary-3laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-14laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-16 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-19 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-20 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-10 page-1 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-17 laura-merciers-20-years-of-iconic-artistry-21

Beauty With No Nasties by Neal’s Yard

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 Love Essential oils #H2HEssentialOils I’m so happy that @rustansph now has Neal’s Yard ( Covent Garden) from the U.K.
beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-2beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-31beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-12beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-13beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-14beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-15beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-16beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-9beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-10beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-8beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-11They have the base for Face and body lotion, bath oil and massage oil.  Choose your own essential oil and add it to the base to make your own body products!!!beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-30 We had a nice session with Bianca King. She shared how she had to switch to organic. “Beauty with no nasties” Feel the LOVE with Neal’s Yard @NYR_Official @rustansthebeautysource We made our own body lotion with our choice of essential oils #rustansthebeautysource #RustansPh #H2HRustans #NYRPh #BiancaKingbeauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-1beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-17 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-3 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-4 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-5 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-6

beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-18 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-19 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-20 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-21 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-22 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-23 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-24 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-25 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-26We made our own body lotion with our choice of essential oils #rustansthebeautysource #RustansPh #H2HRustans #NYRPh #BiancaKingbeauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-27 beauty-with-no-nasties-by-neals-yard-28


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It’s one thing to walk out of a salon with gorgeous, straight hair and another to step out of the house every day with the same salon-gorgeous look. Thanks to TRESemmé Keratin Smooth, you can now #ControlYourFrizz with the same salon results, right in your own home. 


There’s nothing like frizz-free, straight hair as the perfect base for creating various looks that reflect the latest hair trends.

With a keratin-infused formula TRESemmé Keratin Smooth controls frizz for up to 48 hours. It smoothens locks and makes them softer, shinier, and straighter—without weighing it down. Thus, making it easier to create any salon-gorgeous style—from home.tresemme-2Naturally found in the flat cells of the hair strands, keratin is a protein that keeps the hair elastic and is responsible for smoothening, flattening, and strengthening each strand. These proteins diminish on their own, or over time due to physical and chemical factors such as combing, towel-drying, heat treatment, chemical coloring, and the like. It is essential to use hardworking keratin-rich hair maintenance products to prevent frizz and dry locks. Each product in the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth line is made to give you the smooth and straight hair of your dreams—for longer!


Salon expert and newest TRESemmé hair professional Henri Calayag attests to the superiority of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth formula that locks hair into place and fights frizz to keep hair smooth and straight throughout the day. Tried and tested on his most discerning clients, from celebrities to top models, the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth line is his best bet for extending the gorgeous effect of your salon treatment. “From the shampoo and conditioner to the treatment mask and styling products, the Keratin Smooth line’s salon-grade quality lets you wear truly straight hair that looks healthy and smooth for an extended time,” he says. “With this range, you can feel like you’re getting salon treatments right at home!”

“Now with your straight hair, you have the perfect base to try the latest hair trends straight from New York Fashion Week: Smooth, straight hair was the highlight from the Chic Bow at Carolina Herrera, and the Soft Gelled Back Top at Jason Wu, to the classic Smooth Blowout at Oscar dela Renta,” adds Henri.tresemme-3Here are Henri’s expert tips to achieve salon-gorgeous, straight hair:

  • First, use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo, as it thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp, and smoothens out your strands with keratin.
  • Follow with the salon-grade, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner to lock in your smooth, straight hair into place.
  • For even better maintenance, try the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask as your weekly indulgence. The mask intensely replenishes each strand with keratin and makes sure you control your frizz!
  • Seal the deal with the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment, which locks in extra shine for longer, plus provides instant smoothening effects, and works great for both natural and color-treated hair any time of the day.
  • If you’re styling your hair for a special day, use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Spray, which acts as added protection from heat styling tools.



In every woman’s daily battle against frizzy hair, the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth range is the all-around solution. When you control your look, you get to take control of your lifestyle too, as you take charge from day to night with your perfectly straight hair. Resident TRESetter and top fashion and lifestyle blogger Tricia Gosingtian attests to how the haircare range helps her keep in control while prepping for her big day.

“As everyone knows, planning a wedding can be very hectic, as you try to meet with different people and keep up with various deadlines,” she muses. “TRESemmé Keratin Smooth helps me stay on top of things, as it keeps my hair looking salon-gorgeous and frizz-free all day, while I head out to take control of the rest of my day.”

Say goodbye to stick-straight unnatural strands or wiry and coarse hair. With TRESemmé Keratin Smooth, you #ControlYourFrizz for better and for longer.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth range is available nationwide.

Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection

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Women have come a long way in their quest for the best red lipstick—and this is not only true for beauty junkies. Every woman loves this shade so much that it has become a universal weapon to instantly create sultry and memorable looks for different events. It’s associated with strength, passion, confidence, glamour, and motivation; everyone just love the instant dose of va-va-voom it brings to any look!

The dilemma, though, is finding the perfect shade specially made for you.

Luckily, Max Factor, a trusted makeup brand who knows the ins and outs of the color theory, just launched four red lipstick shades for that striking red pout that’ll suit every woman. And what better way to do that than having the most memorable beauty icon of all time, Marilyn Monroe, as its newest glamour ambassador. The actress is testament to the transformational powers a single stick of red lipstick holds.

max-factor-1max-factor-lipstick-marilyn-monroe-red-3In the quest for beauty and their mission to make every woman feel beautiful, Max Factor adapts the #MyMarilyn Movement., which supports the belief that every woman is stunning and has the right to look and feel beautiful with the help of makeup. It aims to boost self-confidence and to help them rise up against adversities With this, the #MyMarilyn Movement demonstrates how a little red lipstick can go a long way.max-factor-2
The shades of the collection—all in vibrant color with moisturizing formula, and enhanced with fresh citrus notes and sensuous vanilla undertones for that extra oomph—are made as an invitation for all women to come out of their shells and be more of the woman they are; more confident, more empowered, more daring, and able to embrace and own their #MyMarilyn moment. Who said you can’t be your own star? Revel in the spotlight and have your favorite red with you all the time for those shining moments—all you need is the right shade.


The stunning shades include the Marilyn Ruby Red, a gorgeous true red shade inspired by Marilyn and her iconic red lip; Marilyn Sunset Red, a beautiful burnt orange, red shade that’s a must-have for those with warm or olive skin tones; Marilyn Berry, which compliments pale skin tones with its blue undertones; and Marilyn Cabernet, a rich, deep red with purple undertones perfect for dark skin tones.


Each shade promises a bold pop of color that’s unique for every woman’s individual skin tones—perfect for a glamourous transformation anytime you need one. The New Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Collection also features a unique blend of oils, butters and new fragrance that help nourishes, protects and smoothen lips.img_0340max-factor-lipstick-marilyn-monroe-red-6

Ready to rock your perfect red and have a #MyMarilyn moment. Grab any shade from Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection.

Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection is now available in Zalora Pop-up Store at Bonifacio High Street Central and will be available in leading department stores nationwide from October 2016, with a suggested retail price of PHP595.

max-factor-lipstick-marilyn-monroe-red-7 max-factor-lipstick-marilyn-monroe-red-gigi-mabanta-zaloramax-factor-lipstick-marilyn-monroe-red-5