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 Love this lovely and super sweet lady – Jane Go @talesfromtheheart .  She’s a blogger too :-) Click on the link to check it out

Tales From the Heart 

Tales from the Heart blog I LOVE  her bag too

Jane Go Tales from the Heart

Thank you for my personalized scent from Korea  @granhand_official as explained by beautiful daughter Jana @janago

“We had to walk from the subway station to this village called Bokchon Hanok to find it and it’s  in this little alley.  And it’s special because it is made in Korea and they have different scents.  This is their bestseller and we personalized it for you.”

Love scents !  #Granhand #h2hbespoke #h2hheartgifts#h2hscents #h2hpasalubongsGranhand (2) Granhand (1)

Compass Rose Main dining room

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Dinner at the Compass Rose ( main dining room )#regentsevenseasexplorer@regentcruises #Regent25#h2hssexplorer2017 #H2HBespoke#h2hchefsCompass Rose Main dining room (9)  Versace dinnerware for almost 400 persons

Compass Rose Main dining room (14)  There are 2 pages of the menu 1 side is their Everyday Dining menu which doesn’t change and it has a “Design Your Entree” portion where you get to choose your main dish and sauces and sides.   The other side of the menu is the part that changes daily. It also has a degustation menu.  Even if it is separated you can order anything and everything on the menu.

DAILY SPECIALS MENU which changes everyday

Compass Rose Main dining room (16) I had 4 appetizers :-)  Take note: they serve small portions and I have companions that share haha :-)

Pan seared foie gras figs & port wine reduction & Pain d’Epice

Compass Rose Main dining room (17)Egg & Truffle – poached egg, black truffle, croutons, asparagus coulisCompass Rose Main dining room (18) Risotto green asparagus, white wine and Parmesan cheeseCompass Rose Main dining room (6)Butter Agnolotti creamy truffle and Parmesan sauce  #regentsevenseasexplorer @regentcruises#Regent25 #h2hssexplorer2017#h2hfoiegras #H2HCheese #h2hrisotto#h2hpasta
Compass Rose Main dining room (19)
 Part of the Degustation Menu

 Caviar profiterolesCompass Rose Main dining room (2)  Roasted Duck Beijing StyleCompass Rose Main dining room (7)
This is the ALWAYS AVAILABLE MENU and the Design your own Entree menu.  This whole trip from Copenhagen in all the restaurants and on the ship – they do not season the food so don’t be upset if there is no taste, just add your own salt and pepper and it will be delicious instantly :-)  
Compass Rose Main dining room (15)  Design your own menu dish Compass Rose Main dining room (21)  Loved the sole!!  very fresh and very goodCompass Rose Main dining room (20)Lobster Tail
Compass Rose Main dining room (8)Ask for any pasta you like :-)Compass Rose Main dining room (4) Caesar salad :-)Compass Rose Main dining room (3)
Compass Rose Main dining room (22) Compass Rose Main dining room (1)
Compass Rose Main dining room (12) Compass Rose Main dining room (11) Compass Rose Main dining room (5) Compass Rose Main dining room (10) Compass Rose Main dining room (13)

Seven Seas Explorer is a luxury all-inclusive cruise ship operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Browse the ship's deck plans, photos and more.

Seven Seas Explorer is a luxury all-inclusive cruise ship operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Browse the ship’s deck plans, photos and more.

Tiffany & Co. Celebrity Dressing Alert

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New York, NY – Jennifer Lawrence was spotted on the streets of New York City wearing an Elsa Peretti®  Mesh scarf necklace last June 21.

A contemporary mesh scarf and necklace in genuine 18k gold, designed by Tiffany & Co. and Italian jewelry designer Elsa Peretti. Peretti was inspired by the movement and fluidity of organic forms when designing this stunning, versatile mesh, which can be elegantly draped around the neck and shoulders.

Tiffany & Co. Celebrity Dressing Alert (1)Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti® Mesh scarf necklace in 18k gold

Tiffany & Co. Celebrity Dressing Alert (2)

 The form is malleable and ergonomic in the way it drapes over the body’s contours. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti.

Tiffany is the internationally renowned jeweler founded in New York in 1837. Through its subsidiaries, Tiffany & Co. manufactures products and operates TIFFANY & CO. retail stores worldwide, and also engages in direct selling through Internet, catalog and business gift operations. For additional information, please visit

TIFFANY & CO., T&CO., TIFFANY and HARDWEAR are trademarks of Tiffany and Company and its affiliates.

Available in Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-La only

Furla’s 90th Anniversary Collection

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Furla’s company history, from the beginning of the Twentieth Century to the dawn of the new millennium is reflected in a handbag with interchangeable flaps that becomes a portable time machine travelling across nine decades.

 Furla building MilanoFurla's 90th Anniversary CollectionThe FURLA Metropolis, available in five colors: Petal, Magnolia, Gold, Ruby and Onyx will have nine different flaps to narrate the story of the brand that began in 1927 and since then has traveled, in women’s hands for nine decades – keeping them company on their journey of freedom and independence across time and space.

Furla’s journey started in the Roaring Twenties: the age of Charleston and “The Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, where the wild parties in the French Riviera were all the rage in the story. The Twenties of Josephine Baker and Art Déco, gave birth to what we now consider modernity, the decade that consigned the Nineteenth Century to history. This decade was represented by a soft nappa leather flap with a velvet base and stud carrying the number “20” galvanized in light gold.

It continues in the Thirties: the Jazz Age, the decade of glamour, of Marlene Dietrich’s mysterious voice and magnetic eyes. The Thirties flap is made of tortoiseshell PVC with ivory colored mink fur with the inscription “30” laser-etched in white on the black tab.

Whereas during the Forties, the crazed rhythm of Swing, frenzied joy of music and dance, and songs celebrating newfound peace had its flap of the Forties handbag printed with a petal and ruby check. Then the number “40” is printed on leather ruffles and a bow, evocative of that decade’s pin-up girls.

Then the Fifties – the age of rock and roll, Elvis and the “greaser” gangs, and the explosion of colors post-WWII decade illuminated by the omnipresent jukebox lights had its flap in pink, turquoise and onyx with embossed colored parts, while the number “50” in light gold was set on the iridescent tab.

The Sixties are the decade of psychedelia, the Beatles, and the cool dry linear elegance of the Mods. Hence, the flap is patterned like a turntable resting on a desaturated Union Jack flag in gray, black and white instead of the traditional red, white and blue. The onyx black on the printed base has a long stud in place of the volume knob while the number “1960” is smacked in the center, where a vinyl LP’s label would be.

From the Sixties’ turntables to the Seventies disco revolution, this decade of glitter and absolute freedom of a new underground culture takes over the world. The flap is in glitter fabric with sails and mirrors like a Disco Ball hanging from the nightclubs’ ceilings, reflecting the light of a future that seemed stranger and more exciting than science fiction.

The Eighties representing Punk and the new wave presented Fashion as a provocation with brooches pinned to Queen Elizabeth’s nose becoming the epitome of that revolutionary stance. Therefore these are the years, for Furla’s journey, of the heart-shaped flap fastened with safety pins, studs and a denim tongue with a bold, unabashed “Furla 80” printed on the flap.

For the Nineties we travel across the ocean from Great Britain to the United States where the Age of Hip-Hop, rappers, “gangsta” style and “bling-bling” was the luxury of excess. The Nineties flap is made of suede, with an onyx and orange rubberized thermo-adhesive strip with white stitching like the one over the jersey of a Football team. It has a big “90” number smacked in the middle of the flap, embroidered with printed, convex leather.

Furla’s time travel and journey through nine decades of the Metropolis handbag ends in the 2000s, the “Aughts”: the decade of technology and dawn of the new Millennium. The flap is in a silver laminate lined with a folding plate, just like a robot’s complete with screw-shaped rivets and shimmering rhinestones. The 2000’s is a world expanded, flattened and interconnected by technology wherein our digital present was so unthinkable back in the Twenties when the Furla journey began.

In the Philippines, Furla is located at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central, Greenbelt 5, Newport Mall, Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Follow@ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.

  Allen Edmonds Spring Styles Collection for 2017

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The New Spring Styles Collection for 2017 highlights a move toward the use of color, textures and different fabrics. This year weaves, suedes and exciting new leather colors are featured throughout the collection.

Allen edmonds

Many of our new styles also further blur the lines between work and play with relaxed casual becoming an ever-more important trend in Allen Edmonds footwear fashion.

About Allen Edmonds Corporation

Founded in 1922, Allen Edmonds Corporation is a privately-held, U.S.-based retailer of premium men’s footwear, apparel, leather goods and accessories with a focus on American manufacturing. Allen Edmonds’ famous Goodyear welted shoes are handcrafted in Port Washington, Wis. using a 212-step production process. Consistent with the company’s heritage, Allen Edmonds remains committed to providing excellent products at exceptional value for style and quality conscious men worldwide. By partnering with like-minded U.S. manufacturers, the company’s offering includes men’s clothing and accessory needs from head to toe. Allen Edmonds products are available at premier stores worldwide, including 70 company-owned Allen Edmonds stores across the United States, and online at