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Taste Company

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Taste.Company opens up a new chapter this 2017

Taste CompanyBistro RJ Taste company

by being the promoter of inspiring stories of goodwill.Taste CompanyTaste.Company Media, the social enterprise and education arm of Taste Company Foundation, will cultivate “a taste for the good” — in every person, community, or local enterprise’s story as shared by its contributors.

Its “Social Responsibility” section will serve to spread the word about the CSR projects of big and small brands found locally.


Taste Company (2)Taste Company (7)Taste Company (3)Taste Company (4)

Other sections like “Taste”, “Travel”, and “Trends” will not just focus on a product/experience at hand, but on the specific visions/causes that enable the featured organization to grow and thrive as an agent of goodwill and change.Taste Company (5)

Stephen Dee Young, publisher of Taste.Company and Taste Company Foundation envisions this for the site:

Taste COmpany Stephen Young

“Our direction is to look for social responsibility on initiatives being done by individuals and also by corporations, that addresses the requirement of the society.

“We’re hoping that as the word goes out it will inspire heartfelt meaningful intentions and initiatives moving forward.”Taste Company 2Taste Company 4

Nina Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Taste.Company shares:

“Ever since Taste.Company started last May 2016, we’ve always given relevance to social responsibility. The idea of making it our core only came when we realized how much individuals, brands and companies out there give back in their own ways. This inspired us to become their partner in spreading awareness, charity and love through the power of writing.”

Nina Yuson Vicki Abary

With a team of contributors that hail from different backgrounds, Taste.Company gives lifestyle a fresh outlook by focusing on “stories with a heart”, although they also dish out mainstream lifestyle articles that will surely keep us updated.’s readers will be in “good, taste-full company”: they get to know the people, brands, and communities who do good and promote good in their own way, while receiving updates on the latest in Taste, Travel, and Trends.

Lifestyle with a heart

Lifestyle with a heart

Taste Company (6)Tastecompany giveaway

EAT Well Live Well by The Gourmand Market by nawwT’ys Kitchen

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When Trish @nawwtysends me an invite for The Gourmand Market by nawwTy’s Kitchen @thegourmandmarket I I think of food so when she sent me an invite for today I didn’t read anymore I just looked at date and time! Apparently it was an electric bike class  at @riderevolution .   I came in a dress from the office.   So while they exercised I ate outside.  But that is how this market will be – there is more than what you will expect since there will be more than just food – there will be yoga, crossfit and rowing. The 11th Gourmand Market by nawwTy’s Kitchen is on its 3rd year with a healthy component for this coming March. See you at the market ! #thegourmandmarketbynawwtyskitchen#thegourmandmarket #H2HHealth#H2HMarket

Tadashi Spring 2017

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“All things change,” Buddha proclaimed at the end of his earthly journey.

Tadashi Spring 2017An array of wild animals surrounded him, from sinuous snakes to fearsome tigers. You recall the story of Noah’s Ark, this time as seen through the eyes of artist Wu Junyong’s fantastical retelling “The Flying Ark.”

Watch as the creatures float upwards as if in a spiritual declaration. The playful imagery captures your dreamlike desires to rise.

Tadashi Spring 2017 (1)

Look Above. Take in the bright blue skies that are as vast as an ocean. The waves of clouds seem within reach. You long to be like the merciful goddess Guanyin. She stands at the ready to lead the fallen. Glorious as the deity, your awakening begins. 

Tadashi Spring 2017 (2)Spring 2017 is an ecstatic vision of rebirth. Animal prints in electric hues make a sensuous armor. Soaring parachute skirts, voluminous and carefree, are harnessed. The heavens descend and adorn the body. In this life, the tangible and ethereal become one.

Tadashi Shoji is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-la Plaza.


Neighborhood by Chef David Lai

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Since we were with the kids, they were the ones choosing the restaurants!  This was our son’s choice since he saw it in his friend’s instagram! :-)  That is how it is nowadays!

This is the landmark street which has a painting on the wall like thisneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-31Walk down a few metersneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-1  Then turn left inside this small streetneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-2What a cozy little place!!!!  Seeing friendly faces through the window!!
neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-3 Neighborhood by Chef David Lai is where chefs – Chef Gaita Fores @margaritafores Chef Carlo @carlo_alvarez neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-28

  – and foodies -handsome and charming :-)  Amado @amadofores – eat

Every month he changes his menu. Make sure to ask about “off the menu” dishes. #NeighborhoodHK #H2HHK #H2HChefs #ChefDavidLai #DavidLai neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-25

 His bartender is Filipino!  Cliff Violenaneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-17 There are a few seats only so we took half of the restaurant with 2 tablesneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-6neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-4neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-5 We did a different seating this time – all boys together and all girls together neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-12We had almost everything in the menu!!
neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-11 neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-13neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-7 Heirloom tomato  terrine, burrata cream in Neighborhood #H2HHK #Neighborhoodhkneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-8Sucrine lettuce salad, crab roeneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-9
neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-14 neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-15 Cotecchino, poached foie gras and white beansneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-16 fried egg, potato cream, truffleneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-18  Buy your truffles and then they can shave it for you on anything you likeneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-10 Butter tagliolini with black trufflesneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-19 Spanner Crab Tagliolinineighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-20 neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-22  Bone marrow risotto- YUM!!!neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-23 with truffles :-)neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-24  Brie de Meaux “donge”  black truffleneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-26  pain perdu, ice cream – YUM!neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-27  Petit foursneighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-29 neighborhood-by-chef-david-lai-30

Pottery Barn Bridal Registry

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Planning a wedding is a large and complicated task for many couples but it’s those special and unforgettable moments along the way that make the whole experience worth while. Pottery Barn’s Bridal Gift Registry aims to make setting up a couple’s dream home easy and stress-free.pottery-barn-bridal-registry-1Choose from Pottery Barn’s collection of classic and sophisticated staples for your first home together. You will find classic lighting fixtures in various shapes and styles top on the brand’s list of registry items. They are guaranteed to make a statement and brighten up even the nooks and corners of any room. Pottery Barn’s living room essentials are beautiful, traditonal and can effortlessly match all types of home trends. For the kitchen, find everything from dinnerware to dining table sets that are always durable and timeless in design. Choose from a selection of bedframes, headboards, side tables and bed linens that are as stylish as they are comfortable to complete your bedroom. Finish your bathroom with Pottery Barn’s lush bath towels, robes and accessories to give it that spa-like feel.pottery-barn-bridal-registry-2Pottery Barn makes designing your home effortless with the assistance of in-house Interior Design Specialists. Get free consultations for furniture choices, decorating tips, and just about anything you may think of design-wise for your home. Pottery Barn also offers 10% off on all remaining items in your registry, even extending the discount to additional items you may want to purchase within a 6-month period after your wedding date.pottery-barn-bridal-registry-3When you start your journey as newlyweds to set up your home, don’t forget to bring Pottery Barn along the ride.

In the Philippines, Pottery Barn is located at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central and Estancia, Capitol Commons. or follow @potterybarnPH and @ssilifephon Instagram for more information.

Filipino’s Artworks Make it to Starbucks Red Holiday cups

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Starbucks red holiday cups are back, with a special twist. This year, for the first time, Starbucks red cups will feature designs created by customers with 13 distinct cups in Starbucks stores around the world – and two of the customers, Anz and Chloe, are Filipinos. Their designs, ‘Ornaments’ and ‘Birch Forest’, respectively, are now printed on this year’s Starbucks red cups.

Anz with her Starbucks red cup design “Ornaments”starbucks-filipinos-artworks-make-it-to-starbucks-red-holiday-cups-3Chloe with her Starbucks red cup design ” Birch Forest”starbucks-filipinos-artworks-make-it-to-starbucks-red-holiday-cups-1Taking a cue from customers who had been using their red holiday cups as a canvas, last December Starbucks invited customers to share their designs on Instagram. In just eight days, Starbucks received more than 1,200 individual submissions from 13 countries.

“We were surprised and inspired by the amount of incredible art submitted by our customers, the designs were beautiful, expressive and engaging,” said Dena Blevins, creative director, Starbucks Global Creative Studio. “We quickly realized that there was potential to use the customer created art for our holiday cups.”

Anz, an interior designer now based in Dubai, made a hobby of doodling Starbucks cups, collecting more than 75 creations. She uses her designs to prove that sometimes, all we need is a change in perspective.

“Every time I draw on my cups, I always imagine myself as another person using the cup I designed. It’s like talking to them through my drawings. I want the other person to feel that whatever situation he/she is in right now, everything’s gonna be okay,” she said. Her winning design, ‘Ornaments,’ shows the joyous holiday season through dream catchers.

Meanwhile, Chloe, a nurse now based in Chicago, created a wintery design which reminds her of her home in the States. “I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with winter since I moved to Illinois. Even though I’ve experienced a blizzard, getting stuck in snow, and extreme winter temperatures, I have come to appreciate the beauty of trees and fields all covered in white snow,” she said.

Chloe also studied multimedia arts and have always been into graphic design. As an avid Starbucks card collector, she shows her creativity by designing envelopes with washi tapes and white pens to surprise fellow collectors she swap with.

The red holiday cup designs, inspired by the stories of Starbucks customers, feature traditional Christmas lights and ornaments, snowflakes and winter landscapes that express the shared spirit of the holidays.

Starbucks 2016 Red Cupsstarbucks-filipinos-artworks-make-it-to-starbucks-red-holiday-cups-2“We loved how the red cups with white designs naturally created a collection. They hang together as one idea but each expression is unique.” said Blevins.

About Starbucks Philippines

December 4, 1997, the Philippines had its first taste of the Starbucks Experiencewith its very first branch at the 6750 Ayala Building in Makati City. Starbucks has since won the hearts of the Filipinos. The opening of the 6750 Ayala store marked an important milestone in our history – the Philippines became the third market to open outside North America. The tradition of warm hospitality, constant need for connection, and love for coffee – these are the qualities that make Starbucks Coffee and the Filipino people a great culture fit.

To share in the experience, please visit us in our stores or online

Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska

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We realised we took the wrong tour so we looked for a booth to accommodate the real Dog sled tour!!!  And you need to take a helicopter to do this!Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (1) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (2)A most beautiful sunny day! They say it’s very rare and we were so lucky. Juneau is the 2nd biggest city in the USA and it’s the capital of Alaska. Aerial view of Downtown Juneau, the cruise ship port, and Douglas Island from the helicopter #Juneau #Alaska #H2HAlaskanCruise2016Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (3) So beautiful from above!!Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (4) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (5)  They call this Alaskan Sand #Alaska #Juneau #H2HAlaskanCruise2016Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (6) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (7)  There are 100,000 glaciers in Alaska #Juneau #Alaska #H2HAlaskanCruise2016 #glaciersDog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (8)  In the Norris glacier, they set camp for the Summer (3 months in the year) where 203 dogs live with their masters /trainers and 4 staff and 3 managers. They are transported by helicopter since there’s no other way.Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (9) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (10) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (11) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (12) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (13) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (14)  Dog sledding with 12 Alaskan Huskies and their master Nathan in the Norris glacier  #dogsledding #AlaskanHuskies #Norrisglacier #Alaska #H2HAlaskanCruise2016Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (15) This is the real dog sledding we were looking for! :-)Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (16) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (17) We have to stop in between for the dogs to restDog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (18) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (20) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (21) Dog Sledding in Junaeu Alaska (22)

Musher’s Camp Juneau Alaska

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Our next port was JuneauJuneau alaskaI asked around from friends and family who have been here and they all recommended the Alaska Sled DogJuneau excursionsMusher's Camp Junaeu Alaska (7) We went to the Sled dog Musher’s Camp.  This is where they train and raise the Siberian huskiesMusher's Camp Junaeu Alaska (6) puppies :-)Musher's Camp Junaeu Alaska (4) Musher's Camp Junaeu Alaska (5) We rode a dog sled with 16 dogs pulling us #Juneau #H2HAlaskanCruise2016 #musherscampalaska #AlaskanHuskiesMusher's Camp Junaeu Alaska (3) Musher's Camp Junaeu Alaska (2) Though the kids enjoyed this and I could see they really loved the dogs, this was not the dog sled excursion my friends were talking about.  So we went back to town and scheduled another tour!  Await in the next entryMusher's Camp Junaeu Alaska (1) Musher's Camp Junaeu Alaska (8)