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Disney Christmas by Tessa

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  I visited The queen of parties Tessa @seaprincess888 at 10am this morning to see what she is preparing for her party this afternoon. Have a peek.

 This year’s theme of Dennis @hkpirate and Tessa is a Disney Christmas ! Everyone was a Disney character! There were 4 Disney movies featured – Lion King, Star Wars, The Little Mermaid and Frozen.  The Children’s Ministry Choir and the Sisters of Mary Choir serenaded the guests and were given stuffed toys, gifts and food to celebrate. It’s always about sharing and giving aside from a fun celebration at Dennis and Tessa’s @seaprincess888 Truly always the Happiest place on earth #h2hxmas #h2hthemeparties #DisneyParty #disneypartytheme #VDisneyHoliday

disney-christmas-by-tessa-20disney-christmas-by-tessa-1 disney-christmas-by-tessa-1 disney-christmas-by-tessa-19disney-christmas-by-tessa-2 disney-christmas-by-tessa-18 disney-christmas-by-tessa-17 disney-christmas-by-tessa-15 disney-christmas-by-tessa-16disney-christmas-by-tessa-1disney-christmas-by-tessa-6disney-christmas-by-tessa-5disney-christmas-by-tessa-4disney-christmas-by-tessa-3 disney-christmas-by-tessa-14disney-christmas-3disney-christmas-2 disney-christmas-by-tessa-14disney-christmas-by-tessa-13disney-christmas-4disney-christmas-1 disney-christmas-by-tessa-12 disney-christmas-by-tessa-11 disney-christmas-by-tessa-10 disney-christmas-by-tessa-9 disney-christmas-by-tessa-8 disney-christmas-by-tessa-7 disney-christmas-by-tessa-6 disney-christmas-by-tessa-5 disney-christmas-by-tessa-13 disney-christmas-by-tessa-4 disney-christmas-by-tessa-12 disney-christmas-by-tessa-11 disney-christmas-by-tessa-10 disney-christmas-by-tessa-9 disney-christmas-by-tessa-8 disney-christmas-by-tessa-3 disney-christmas-by-tessa-2 disney-christmas-by-tessa-1 disney-christmas-by-tessa-7disney-christmas-by-tessa-2

Staff Christmas Party by Chef Javs

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  Every year, Chef Javs #ChefJavs plans a Xmas party for the staff at home and his Lolo & Lola’s staff in our garage. This year he invited the other staff of his tita so it was much more fun. More food and more prizes. His cousins helped him so it was even more meaningful. And this year a Lechon. It’s getting better every year :-)  He usually likes to cook the Food but this year we told him to make the staff enjoy without having to prepare. He just made buko pandan. He conducts the games. We don’t join so they don’t get shy :-)  we just watch via CCTV haha #H2HXmasstaff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-2 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-3lechon-xmas-party-staffxmas-party-food-party-kitchen-staff-party staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-8 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-6 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-7 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-11 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-12 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-4 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-5 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-9chef-javs-games-staff-xmas-partygames-staff-party staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs-1 staff-christmas-party-by-chef-javs

Christmas Get Together at Le Jardin

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We had a wonderful dinner at @lejardinmanila christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-3owned by Forum mate Duke and Irene Ng


Duke is the brother of the Chef! Chef Jonas Ngchristmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-22

It’s too bad it’s closing soon. But next year they will be opening two new places – Le Jardin Cafe in BGC Stopover and James and Daughters in Essensa  christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-5 christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-9 christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-19 christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-18 christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-4  Christmas get together with our new family –  The EO Forum group of my menu :-)
christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-20 christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-25 christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-8christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-10 christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-11 christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-24christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-13christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-12 Cheese platechristmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-14christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-16christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-15christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-17christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-1 The menuchristmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-6christmas-get-together-at-le-jarden-7

Starbucks Christmas and Birthday of Mon for Family Sunday Lunch

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 It was a Starbucks @starbucksph Christmas  and the birthday celebration of Ramon @rdjcampos at home for Sunday Family lunch Crafted by hand and heart!

All the guys got Starbucks planners but the wives stole them. haha!

Happy birthday Mon We love you #H2HXmas #h2hthemeparties #h2hsundayfamilylunch #H2HStarbucksstarbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-1 starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-16 starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-15 Dips and dips and spreads for appetizers!!  Thank you Abuela’s, Nicole Ortega, Jinggoy and Fia and Dulcestarbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-14 starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-13 starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-12 starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-11  It’s easier to just order!!  Manam now has Potluck

 Previous entry:  Manam Pinoy Potluck  Dec. 11, 2016starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-10  Delicious ham from Gourmet Garage

Previous entry:  Gourmet Garage Holiday 2016  November 26, 2016

and crispy and yummy Cochinillo from Monique Roxas!

 Previous entry:  Cochinillo Al Horno by Monique Santos Roxas Dec. 20, 2016starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-9  Chocolate cake!starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-8  Homemade peanut brittle by Carissa!starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-7  Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-6 starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-5  Happy birthday Mon We love you #H2HXmas #h2hthemeparties #h2hsundayfamilylunch #H2HStarbucksstarbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-4 starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-3  All the guys got Starbucks planners but the wives stole them  starbucks-christmas-and-birthday-of-mon-for-family-sunday-lunch-2

Noche Buena with the de Jesuses 2016

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It’s our first Xmas without Dad & Mom :-( Happy that we are keeping the tradition of getting together still for Christmas. It’s our first time to do it early (23rd) Tradition is to have family picture taking for an hour before dinner.  This is how we celebrate ….. though we are missing Dad and Mom de Jesus who were with us in spirit  #H2HXmas noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-4noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-5noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-3noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-11noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-7

 Super love this rare photo! I can’t remember any photo of the 4 of us. I wanted a photo of the twins together and Keena had a great idea for us to join !! Keena and I are lucky to be married to the twins – John & James  #H2HXmastwins-xmas-2016noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-6 noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-8  Lots of food from friends – we had almost everything as gifts!!  THANK YOU!!!noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-9 noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-10noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-2noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-12 noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-13 noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-crabs-pepe rum-cake-by-joyce-1noche-buena-de-jesus-2016-1

AC Batch 87 Christmas Party 2016

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 Assumption ( AC Batch ’87) Christmas party !!   I call this the Hug & Kiss ( and wave haha!!) Batch party.  Everyone was so happy to see each other!

I LOVE  this Batch because we are so united and when we need to join forces everyone is willing to help and support!  We also celebrated Tinette’s Birthday so she was the star!   It was Potluck and we had so much food! Next year we will be at Velada again as pearls  #H2HXmas #H2HACBatch87 #H2HACVelada

ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-1 ac-batch-87-christmas-pary-2016 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-11 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-10 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-9 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-8 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-7 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-6 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-5 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-4 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-3 ac-batch-87-christmas-party-2016-2