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Jaric & Center for Possibilities Visits the Mind Museum

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 This year our foundation ( Jaric Foundation) collaborated with Center for Possibilities of Dolores Cheng and we took 17 “special kids” from Virlanie foundation and Cottolengo Filipino ( home for abandoned special children) on a field trip to the Mind Museum @themindmuseum The kids enjoyed and I enjoyed because the kids were so much fun to be with :-)

I spent 4 hours with them and I saw different personalities and just love them. Now I know why they are called “SPECIAL” because they truly are.  I miss them already. Thank you to the Mind Museum for a great time #TheMindMuseum #JaricFoundationjaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-2

jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-1jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-3 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-4 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-5 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-6 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-7 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-8 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-9 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-2 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-10 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-11 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-12 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-13 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-14 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-15 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-16 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-17 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-18 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-19 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-20 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-22 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-23 jaric-center-for-possibilities-visits-the-mind-museum-24

Birthday Celebration at Educare

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 James and I don’t really celebrate our birthdays but this year we decided to – with the kids from our foundation Educare.  We celebrated a month ago since it was the last day of school so it was an early celebration. The kids probably don’t understand but we hope they enjoyed Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (2)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (3)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (5)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (15)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (6)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (7)

Puppet showBirthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (8)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (9)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (10)

Ice cream and Jollibee french fries – Thank you JollibeeBirthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (11)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (12)

 We receive a lot of giveaways and lootbags (and We love them:-) ) from family, friends, from sponsors and they are all blessings.   So it’s just right to give them back to people who need them the most.  I’m so happy I found these gigantic bags ( around 30 inches tall) from Rustan’s Supermarket and we filled them up with snack goodies from Herr’s & toys donated by my siblings!Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (4)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (14)Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (13)

Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (16)Birthday Celebration at EducareBirthday Celebration at Educare (1)

Dental Mission at Educare by Dan and Kim

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Thank you Dan and Kim Lim for sponsoring the Educare dental mission last Thursday 


Thank you too to the four dentists- Luisa Ledesma, Vivian Gabaldon, Glady’s O’Neil, Grace Monteverde for taking time out to teach the kids how to brush their teeth properly :-)     






Dra. Grace Monteverde ( daughter in law of Mother Lily ) and Dra. Glady’s give the Moms also lessons so they can guide their kids on proper brushing


Each kids got a toothbrush kit with other toiletries!  Thank you Dan and Kim 


Each kid also got a pack of Herr’s Cheese curls :-)  Everyone happy!!! 


Several years back, my sister in law, Dina de Jesus Campos, conducted a similar session with her daughter Ria :-)



Christmas at Educare

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We had our delayed Christmas gift giving at Educare a few weeks ago.  I normally do it early but  last year was just too hectic.  So better late than never :-)  

Thank you to my friends, Maritoni and Triccie for the costumes which we gave to the kids


Thank you to my brother Jun Jun and Margs for the canned goods and instant noodles

Christmas loot! :-)


Coach Pauli Teaches Etiquette at the Educare Day Care Center

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As I was organizing an activity for my foundation, I receive an email from my friend, Pauli!  She offered to hold an etiquette class for the kids and moms at Educare!!  What a blessing!!! God really knows even before I ask!  I got so excited I immediately accepted and coordinated with Pauli because I thought it was such a great idea.  I wish we could give classes to as many people as we can.    I took video clips and put them together here, watch Coach Pauli from Etiquette de Manille


 Teacher Cecile who is our key person to gather the kids


The classroom


Coach Pauli – so prim and proper at all times!  and always smiling :-)  She is an angel!


75 Mommy and kid tandems attended the class


Coach Pauli teaching the Moms how to sit


Table manners


Walking with poise :-)




Celebrating Christmas at the National Orthopedic Center

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 Every year, my friend, Eric, invites me to join his Christmas party.  He has such a kind heart for doing this for the kids every year. Thank you Eric for making many kids happy every Christmas


I was never able to make it till this year.  I have not given much time to my foundation, so I took advantage and joined him in his celebration at the Philippine Orthopedic Center!


The venue of the party


So nice to see other friends of Eric joining in the celebration and sharing their time and their blessings with the kids- Czarina Albaza, Dawn Zulueta, Marita Pe Benito ( sister of Eric ) and Gemma Sumayan


Izza Gonzales Agana


Linggit Tan of ABS CBN


Cynthia Albano, Friend of Eric with many envelopes which she distributed to the kids – how generous!! I should have lined up :-)  


 Linggit Tan, Arleen Ong, Cynthia Albano, Cynthia Manzanares, Eric Pe Benito and Kristine Albano


It was so nice to see Jericho Rosales with his girlfriend Kim!  There were more artists that passed by that day but we were not able to see all of them


The Raqueno family


The kids and their families were so lucky – Eric’s friends brought so many gifts for them!


The kids from the Children’s ward of the National Orthopedic hospital


It was nice to see Dawn interacting with the kids – and of course many wanting to have a photo with her


Marita and Czarina giving away smiley pins!  How nice!  And of course Czarina’s favorite Hello Kitty :-) pins!


Brenda always comes with me to these things :-)  After joining the party in the auditorium, we went inside the ward to go to the kids who could not come out – 


Here they are :-(


We distributed their loot bags


Some of them had their mommies or daddies with them 



Feeding Program by Iya

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Untitled from msplp on Vimeo.

Me ( Iya Consengco)  and my friends ( Kat Aquino, Raphaelle Fernandez and Haydie Castrodes ) wanted to do something special during Chinese New Year last January 23,2012, so we came up with a feeding program for Educare since we all are fond of kids.

When we arrived at the event, it felt great to see 70 kids smiling at us, eager to share to us their talents. The program started off with a prayer and me and my friends introduced ourselves. Ms.Cecille Pamugalinog ( Teacher at Educare ) guided the kids in performing their morning action songs and after that, we were able to distribute food for the kids and have the giveaways given to them. The kids definitely loved the food..

Since we are Communication Arts  as well, we decided to make this AVP for heart-to-heart and Educare to hopefully inspire all of you to volunteer and experience the joy of helping out Educare. The subtitles are in tagalog so that the medium of language could reach multiple demographics.

Special thanks to my parents ( Jing and Brenda Consengco ) who supported this event.

– Iya Consengco


Thank you to Iya Consengco and friends for supporting Educare ( Jaric Foundation Inc )


Sharing Love at Educare

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It was nice day today at Educare and gifts were given to 400 kids for Valentine’s Day! They probably don’t know what Valentine’s Day is yet, but they will hopefully understand the meaning of LOVE through the sharing and giving from many generous friends who made them happy today



Another Halloween Celebration at Educare

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Heart2Heart loves Halloween!!!  Halloween is just like Christmas – kids, sharing, giving and everyone enjoying!

Two years ago, we celebrated Halloween at Educare

Educare Celebrates Halloween October 20, 2008 ) 

This year we had another one for the kids.  I wish every kid in the world could celebrate Halloween and wear a costume! Thank you to all those who helped make this day possible and for sharing your kids costume with the kids.  Most of them did not have any costumes and they tried to come in the best that they could to celebrate the event