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Battle of the Bearcats 2017

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Every year, the whole high school students set aside a day in school where they compete with each other in many activities around the school – sports, games, activities and more.  To start the battle, they have an opening ceremony where everyone gathers and each high school batch year has a cheer which they prepare and also compete amongst each other for the best cheer. It is the Battle of the Bearcats ( BOB) event

Meantime For 3 weeks the Senior moms secretly practiced and during the opening ceremony, we surprised our kids with a flash mob. This is the first time for parents to do such a thing for BOB. So it was really a surprise for everyone in school.

I’m so shy to do things like this but I wanted to show support for my son! We are so blessed to be part of this group of parents who are so active headed by Katty @kattyqua Dory and Lorna. Thank you to my friend Mish @mishmapua for taking the video and capturing this once in a lifetime moment :-) #h2hism

 BOB 2017 (7)BOB 2017 (22)BOB 2017 (3)BOB 2017 (2)BOB 2017 (17)BOB 2017 (16)BOB 2017 (15)BOB 2017 (6)BOB 2017 (5)BOB 2017 (4)BOB 2017 (8)BOB 2017 (1) BOB 2017 (10) BOB 2017 (9) BOB 2017 (12)BOB 2017 (14) BOB 2017 (13)

BOB 2017 (20) BOB 2017 (19) BOB 2017 (18)BOB 2017 (21)

Senior Spirit Event

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 I’m so lucky to be part of Batch 2018 !   The parents are all amazing. Since it’s the last year for our kids, they have lined up several activities for the kids to support them in this very stressful time – applying for college and just going through IB. The first activity for the year was Senior Spirit Event. The parents made packs for the kids which included keychains ( blonde black and brown hair :-) ) and freshly baked cookies by my sister in law Tina. Yum I wish I was there to steal some :-) #h2hism
Senior Spirit Event (2)Senior Spirit Event (9) Senior Spirit Event (3) Senior Spirit Event (7) Senior Spirit Event (8) Senior Spirit Event (4)Senior Spirit Event (6) Senior Spirit Event (5)Senior Spirit Event (1)

Bearcat Welcome

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 Fun morning at Bearcat Welcome event at school #h2hism  It’s designed to help the new parents meet many of the vendors that will make their life in metro Manila better. ?Even if I am not a new mom, i found some things which i never knew about as well.  So it is good for all!!  Entrance is FREE!!? Raffle Tickets were being sold at P100 each and you will get a chance to win some fabulous prizes!??  Bearcat Welcome (5) Bearcat Welcome (8) Bearcat Welcome (33) Bearcat Welcome (32) Bearcat Welcome (44) Bearcat Welcome (36) Bearcat Welcome (37) Bearcat Welcome (30) Bearcat Welcome (21) Bearcat Welcome (12) Bearcat Welcome (39) Bearcat Welcome (51) Bearcat Welcome (50) Bearcat Welcome (1) Bearcat Welcome (28) Bearcat Welcome (29) Bearcat Welcome (22) Bearcat Welcome (24) Bearcat Welcome (23) Bearcat Welcome (14) Bearcat Welcome (15) Bearcat Welcome (16) Bearcat Welcome (17) Bearcat Welcome (18) Bearcat Welcome (19) Bearcat Welcome (20) Bearcat Welcome (6) Bearcat Welcome (7) Bearcat Welcome (9) Bearcat Welcome (10) Bearcat Welcome (11) Bearcat Welcome (38) Bearcat Welcome (41) Bearcat Welcome (42) Bearcat Welcome (43) Bearcat Welcome (45) Bearcat Welcome (46) Bearcat Welcome (47) Bearcat Welcome (49) Bearcat Welcome (48) Bearcat Welcome (40) Bearcat Welcome (13)Bearcat Welcome (2) Bearcat Welcome (27) Bearcat Welcome (26) Bearcat Welcome (25) Bearcat Welcome (34) Bearcat Welcome (35) Bearcat Welcome (3) Bearcat Welcome (4) Bearcat Welcome (31)

Culinary Institute of America

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 We visited the @theculinaryinstituteofamerica in Hyde Park, New York. I want to study here  #culinaryinstituteofamerica #H2HNY#h2hnyc2017 #h2heducationCIA (2) CIA (3) CIA (4) CIA (5) CIA (6) CIA (7)It used to be a church which explains the dining room :-)
CIA (8) CIA (9) CIA (10) CIA (11) CIA (12) CIA (13)  Old Diamondside artwork by John Sendelbach at the @theculinaryinstituteofamerica It’s a 360 pound sturgeon made out of 700 knives, 400 forks and 600 spoons #culinaryinstituteofamerica #H2HArt#JohnSendelbachCIA (14) CIA (15) CIA (16) CIA (17) CIA (18) CIA (19) CIA (20) CIA (21) CIA (22) CIA (23) CIA (24) CIA (25)  The Egg is already the focal point of student life on campus. In addition to the many dining options, it features seven lounge areas with seating for 500, additional outdoor seating for 150 with spectacular views of the Hudson River, a special events stage, large multi-media screens for movie and sports nights, and dozens of charging stations.( CIA website ) CIA (26) CIA (27) CIA (28) CIA (29) CIA (30)CIA (31) CIA (32) CIA (33) CIA (34) CIA (35) CIA (36) CIA (37) CIA (38) CIA (39) CIA (40) CIA (41) CIA (42) CIA (43)  GymCIA (44) CIA (45) CIA (46) CIA (47)  Typical dorm room CIA (48) CIA (49)  Chef Thomas Keller in CIA @theculinaryinstituteofamerica#culinaryinstituteofamerica#ChefThomasKellerCIA (1)


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 Early dinner at estb ( Establishment) at @cornelluniversity

Establishment at Statler is refined casual dining restaurant in The School of Hotel Administration that is staffed and operated each night by the students in the Restaurant Management course.
Establishment opened its doors on September 17, 2012, as the culmination of a multi-semester effort supported by faculty and staff, to launch a student run restaurant.

Positioned as a classroom first and a restaurant second, Establishment serves as a hands-on learning environment for students to synthesize foodservice concepts, business principles, and hospitality management theories and to apply their knowledge in a live restaurant setting. As a restaurant open to the public, our goal is to provide our patrons with a unique and fulfilling dining experience. ( source estb menu) #cornelluniversity#estb #H2HCornell #h2heducation

Estb (2)Estb (7)Estb (6)  Every night they have specials prepared by the team that is scheduled that eveningEstb (4)Matzo Ball Soup
Estb (8) Braised BrisketEstb (13)  Fried Chicken with fresh herbsEstb (14)Estb (3)Yum !  Cheese bread – herbed butter, fontina, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and marinara sauce at estb ( Establishment ) @cornelluniversity  #cornelluniversity#estb #H2HCornell

Estb (9)  Truffle friesEstb (11)  Duck PizzaEstb (12)Estb (10)Estb (1)Estb (5)

Pista sa ISM

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  I hardly attend school events because my sons don’t like me to go :-O  So I just went and found out how much I’ve been missing

 This is ISMs version of Filipino week. Pista sa ISM 2016. This year’s theme is Pahiyas. Super fun with all the moms there volunteering to man the booths and raise funds for charity. It only takes 1 or 2 to man a booth but here there are so many – for moral support haha!! As @kayetinga says “Tindera” for the day :-)

#H2HISM #H2HProudToBePinoy
pista-sa-ism-1 pista-sa-ism-2 pista-sa-ism-3 pista-sa-ism-4 pista-sa-ism-5 pista-sa-ism-6 pista-sa-ism-7 pista-sa-ism-8 pista-sa-ism-9 pista-sa-ism-10 pista-sa-ism-11 pista-sa-ism-12 pista-sa-ism-13 pista-sa-ism-14 pista-sa-ism-15 pista-sa-ism-16 pista-sa-ism-17Congratulations Mandy Qua, President of the Philippine Cultural Club.  So talented and so amazing just like her mom, Katy
pista-sa-ism-19 Chit Booth
Love the chits/money :-)  According to Georg the P 100.00 bill is the photo of their Filipino teacher who they all LOVE!pista-sa-ism-22 pista-sa-ism-20 pista-sa-ism-21
pista-sa-ism-23 pista-sa-ism-24 pista-sa-ism-25 pista-sa-ism-26 pista-sa-ism-27 pista-sa-ism-28 pista-sa-ism-29 pista-sa-ism-30pista-sa-ism-18 pista-sa-ism-31 pista-sa-ism-32 pista-sa-ism-33 pista-sa-ism-34 pista-sa-ism-35 pista-sa-ism-36 pista-sa-ism-37 pista-sa-ism-38 pista-sa-ism-39 pista-sa-ism-40 pista-sa-ism-41 pista-sa-ism-42 pista-sa-ism-43 pista-sa-ism-44 pista-sa-ism-45 pista-sa-ism-46 pista-sa-ism-47 Grade 11 booth!  Thank you to Bonnie and Lorna our PCA heads!pista-sa-ism-48 PANCIT booth for Grade 11pista-sa-ism-49 pista-sa-ism-50 pista-sa-ism-51 pista-sa-ism-52 Photo booth :-)pista-sa-ism-53 pista-sa-ism-54 pista-sa-ism-56 pista-sa-ism-57 pista-sa-ism-58

Dinner with Fr. Bautista

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Dinner with the board members (from Ateneo ) of Sta. Teresita Miarayon headed by Fr. Kit Bautista SJ. He gave us medallions of Mama Mary which they wear during the month of the Holy Rosary. He was ordained and lived in Miarayon bukidnon for 4 years. After which he went to Ateneo Loyola but he always went back and visited 3-4 times a year. 10 years ago, He set up a school for the indigenous people there because it took the kids ( preschool to grade 6) 1 hour to walk to school  #stateresitamiarayon #miarayonbukidnon #H2HGivingBackdinner-with-fr-bautista-6dinner-with-fr-bautista-4 dinner-with-fr-bautista-7 dinner-with-fr-bautista-10 Fr. Kit Bautista with Imelda Nibungco who used to be the HR Director of Ateneo Gradeschool.  She is now retired and works as a consultant for Cardinal Tagle dinner-with-fr-bautista-15 Dr. Ixie Alejo and Suzanne Alvarez who both work at Ateneo as welldinner-with-fr-bautista-1dinner-with-fr-bautista-8dinner-with-fr-bautista-9 dinner-with-fr-bautista-2 dinner-with-fr-bautista-3 dinner-with-fr-bautista-11 dinner-with-fr-bautista-12 dinner-with-fr-bautista-13

Transforming Street Children of the Past into World-class Chefs of the Future

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From Enderun Colleges (1)

Alain Ducasse Education, Enderun Colleges and Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines hosted a charity dinner and auction to benefit the culinary center of Tuloy Foundation last Wednesday, April 20th. The “Chef’s Table” was held at the atrium of Enderun Colleges with the presence of over 150 guests.

Guests were able to experience a 4-course dinner, led by Chef Marc Chalopin, executive chef of Ducasse Institute Philippines, with some of the former Tuloy students as part of the team. Royale of Foie Gras, Creamy Mushroom Velouté and Parmesan Crumble for amuse-bouche;

From Enderun Colleges (4)Poached Salmon with Fresh Herb Sauce for appetizer; Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs, Tomato Fondue, Olive and Anchonvy Sauce, and Summer Vegetables for the main course; and Chocolate Savarin for dessert, were the dishes served during the dinner.

From Enderun Colleges (2)None of this would have been possible without our generous ingredient sponsors— ESV International, EspaFil, Mida Food, Aclan General Merchandise, and Rougie.

Aside from the charity dinner, an auction was held with prizes from our Hotel and Restaurant sponsors—Midas Hotel, Misibis Bay, Hijo Estates Resorts, Privato Hotel, Green Sun Hotel, Makati Shangri-La, Marco Polo Hotel, El Carmen De Montesion, Prego Ristorante, and Acacia Hotel.From Enderun Colleges (3)

Youth with a Future was inspired by the “Women with a Future” initiative led by Alain Ducasse Enterprise wherein underprivileged women from Paris are selected to train for a year in a special culinary program. The program includes an apprenticeship in Alain Ducasse’s restaurants. Similarly, Youth with a Future aims to support and provide educational scholarships to a group of culinary students of Tuloy Foundation. Tuloy is a non-government and non-profit organization that provides residential care and comprehensive educational programs for street children in order to reintegrate them into mainstream society.

Ducasse Institute Philippines will enhance the current curriculum of Tuloy Foundation’s culinary center by patterning it after the existing programs offered in Enderun’s campus. Following an 8-month program in Tuloy’s campus, the students will be exposed to further training at Ducasse Institute Philippines for three months. These beneficiaries will complete their program with internship placements that will last from three to five months in one of Enderun’s 250 industry partners. Some of Enderun’s industry partners have already committed to providing internship opportunities to these former street children.

For those who are still interested to support this initiative, visit or email Alain Ducasse Education

Ducasse Education is dedicated to cultivating excellence in the practice of culinary and pastry arts, service, and hospitality around the world through accessible and internationally-oriented educational programs. Ducasse Education’s mission is to educate the next generation of top international culinary professionals with exceptional global standards, rigor, innovation, and creativity to meet industry needs for market-ready competencies. Students go through rigorous training under the instruction of an exclusive team of world-class chefs, all trained in Alain Ducasse restaurants.

About Ducasse Institute Philippines

Ducasse Institute Philippines, located at Enderun Colleges, is the first Ducasse Institute outside of France and its regional hub in Asia.

Enderun’s partnership with Ducasse Education offers Enderun students the opportunity to undergo rigorous training under the watchful eyes of Ducasse Education culinary team. The combination of Enderun’s existing culinary faculty – already celebrated as one of Asia’s most distinguished – with the Ducasse Education teaching methodologies promises to set new standards for culinary education in Asia. The collaboration also gives Enderun students the opportunity to earn an international certification from Ducasse Education in France.

About Enderun Colleges

Enderun Colleges is a four-year undergraduate college that offers a full range of bachelor’s degree and non-degree courses in the following fields: international hospitality management, business administration, entrepreneurship and information systems.

Enderun is committed to the highest international standards of academic excellence. Students receive professional training from leading figures in the global business and hospitality industries. The faculty that oversees Enderun’s curriculum includes some of the region’s leading academics and industry experts. Even Enderun’s campus facilities, which feature hotel-quality appointments and integrated cutting-edge learning technologies, are in a class of their own.

Enderun is affiliated with the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland, with Ducasse Education in France and Thunderbird School of Global Management in the USA. Enderun works with a network of 254 industry partners in over 24 countries for its internship programs.