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Universal Studios Japan

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After Tokyo, we took the bullet train which took two hours to get to Osaka.  We enjoyed Universal Studios two years ago, so we wanted to go back again :-)    


Taken from their website:  Universal Studios Japan 


 studios-japan-6.jpg studios-japan-7.jpgstudios-japan-8.jpgstudios-japan-9.jpgstudios-japan-10.jpg studios-japan-11.jpgstudios-japan-12.jpg

Since it is holiday for the Japanese as well, it is worth it to buy the FAST PASS tickets so that you don’t wait too long in the lines or else you won’t finish all the rides in one day


One of the BEST! You feel like you are in the comic book itself! 


Dad was eyeing this Spiderman thing in the shop!  OH NO! 

studios-japan-14.jpg studios-japan-16.jpgstudios-japan-17.jpgstudios-japan-18.jpg


Guaranteed to get wet if you sit in front! 


Waterworld…a stunt show!  I wish Kevin Costner was actually there :-) 


We go crazy with all the kinds of hats they have there!!! And it really keeps you warm- not only as decoration for your head!  :-) 



 There are rides and shows for all ages 




The latest ride is their roller coaster  


 Some pages taken from their website, for more information, please visit:  Universal Studios Japan



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 From Malu Gamboa who is part of the Asian Cultural Council ( ACCP ) Foundation Inc. of the Philippinesi_landflyer08_55×85.jpg


What happens when the HULA meets HIP-HOP?

Come to “I Land” and find out.  This is Manila’s first must-see show of the year.  It was a big hit off-Broadway and its run has been very well-received by critics. The CCP and the Asian Cultural Council Foundation Inc. of the Philippines are presenting “I LAND” for a limited run on January 22, Thursday (Gala Night at 8 p.m.) with regular performances on Jan. 23, Friday and Jan. 24, Saturday (8 p.m.) and Jan. 25, Sunday (3 p.m.) at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (The Little Theatre) of the CCP. 

In the New York run, audiences came back to see the show more than once! Get a sneak peak in You Tube and see why! 


The one-man show stars Hawaiian-born actor and dancer Keo Woolford. Keo starred in the London production of “King and I” as the King a few years back!“I-LAND” is Woolford’s semi autobiographical search for the meaning of his Hawaiian heritage in a post-modern world.  In a tale woven from traditional Hawaiian hula and Hip-Hop routines, Woolford chronicles how he first learned to dance from his idol, whom he dubs the “Hula god,” before a fleeting brush with fame as a member of a boy band that almost hits the big time. His subsequent descent into a world of drugs and partying culminates with his rediscovery of the dance that connects him to both his culture and to himself. 


Ticket prices are P3,000. (Gala – Orch. Center), P2,000. (Gala – Orch. Side), P500.00 and P300.00 (Regular shows). 50% discount for students with I.D. and 20% for senior citizens. Call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 or 832-1125 loc. 1409 or call Ticketworld at 891-9999.

            Your support will be much appreciated! Proceeds of this fund raising effort goes entirely to provide grants and further education to the brightest among our Filipino artists through the Asian Cultural Council Philippine Fellowship Program and the Philippine High School for the Arts in Makiling. 





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I took Javier with his cousin, Lucas, today at LazerXtreme.  Javs had a party here and he enjoyed it so much.  The next day, his older brother also went here with his teenage friends.   It seems to be very popular among the kids.  One game lasts for around 20 minutes.  I went inside with them and it does look like fun, even adults will enjoy playing with each other.  Looks like this will be the latest hang out of the kids :-)lazerxtremelogo.jpgp1060162.JPGp1060167.JPGp1060177.JPGp1060174.JPGp1060195.JPGp1060197.JPGp1060179.JPGp1060190.JPGp1060192.JPGp1060210.JPGp1060213.JPGp1060214.JPGp1060215.JPGp1060169.JPGlazerxtreme-website-lazertag-arena-in-manila-20081116.jpg  p1060157.JPG

website:  LazerXtreme  


Laro!….. Child’s Play

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From my friend, Maja Olivares Co


To our valued friends…

In these past years of consistent growth, the Philippine Youth Symphonic Band (PYSB) has been fueled by affirmation from both our audiences and our generous benefactors like yourself.


In response, we have dreamed up new creative ways to keep the joy of Filipino music alive.

We have a dream and a plan to make it happen. With the help of several solo artists we will reintroduce today’s Filipino children to our rich heritage of folksongs. By resetting familiar “play songs” into reggae, jazz, latin, pop and rock arrangements our well loved ditties like Sitsiritsit/Leron-Leron Sinta, Sarungbanggi, Dandansoy and Tongtongtongtong Pakitong/Penpen De Sarapen will be refreshed. They will be fun again. They will reclaim their place in our children’s memory.

Come and hear the PYSB with May Bayot!


LARO!… Child’s Play

October 17, 2008 (Friday), 6:30 P.M.

Rockwell Tent Power Plant Mall, Rockwell CenterMakati City

Ticket Prices: P2,500, P2,000, P1,500, P1,000

For Ticket Information and Children’s/Pet Furniture Auction details please call Marissa: 0927-3910762

Ticket also available at Ticketworld: 891-9999



Previous Entry:  Philippine Youth Symphonic Band Jazz Holiday Concert 2007 



Power Plant Cinema

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Power Plant Cinema is our favorite movie theater!  We already listed down our favorite seats in all the 6 cinemas so that when we buy our tickets in advance, we already know which seats we like.   

We like watching our movies here because it is cozy, friendly, we feel at home, we see familiar faces, we get to drink our favorite drink from Starbucks… 


 we get to eat yummy nachos….. 


or if not nachos, available right there is our favorite Quezo ice cream from Fruits in Ice Cream ( FIC )


Starting today, Heart2Heart has put up a Power Plant Cinema button on the right hand side of the website which you can easily click on and will take you directly to the schedule of movie showtimes in Power Plant.    


 This will make it easier for everyone who visits Heart2Heart to check the latest movies showing in PowerPlant Cinema at Rockwell.  



Hong Kong Disneyland

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Disneyland is truly MAGIC!  When you are in Disneyland, you do not have to worry about anything, it is a place where everything is just about being happy and having fun with family and friends whether you are 1 or 100 years old!  



 HK Disneyland is very small compared to Florida and LA.  Even the rides and attractions are quite limited.  But when in Hong Kong with children, better to go here than to hang out in the city.

Javier and I did not get to see everything still in a day.  But we did have fun! Javs said it was his best day in Hong Kong.









Even Mickey Mouse was riding and having fun! 












And whether you are in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, LA or Florida – you will see all kinds of people from all over the world in Disneyland.  Indeed, It’s A Small World!! ( Soon to open in HK Disneyland )



website:  Hong Kong Disneyland 


An ENCHANTED Christmas!

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Thanks to Mr. Dennis Cruz, VP of Mktg. & Business Devt., We were able to visit Enchanted Kingdom and see what is coming up this Holiday Season.   As always, we enjoyed!  Happy 12th year anniversary to Enchanted Kingdom!! Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to millions of kids ( and adults too ). I have inside information that Enchanted Kingdom will be acquiring four hectares of land to provide bigger and better entertainment for everyone.  WOW!!! Opening hopefully in 2009.  More power to Enchanted Kingdom!


All-New! Enchanted Kingdom’s Wet and Wild Rollicking Christmas

Bring your loved ones and be immersed in true Christmas spirit

This Christmas will be one to remember, as Enchanted Kingdom, the country’s first and only world-class theme park lights up the season with all-new immersive offerings.From December 2, 2007 to January 6, 2008, guests can experience new attractions and entertainment that will bring a never-before-seen radiance to the festive season.  It is going to be a wet, wild and rollicking Christmas at Enchanted

Kingdom to add to the cool breeze of December starting with the debut of the new ridefilm, SpongeBob Squarepants, The Ride!  The 60-ride motion seats of the Rialto Theatre takes guests for a ride down Bikini Bottom with its famous citizen, SpongeBob Squarepants. 



The next level of combat gaming is now here!
After Airsoft and Paintball comes Triassic Tag, a version of Battlefield Live, a new live action combat game using completely safe infra red light technology.
Triassic Tag is the first in the country and is
Enchanted Kingdom’s latest attraction.  The gadgets used in the game are built and developed in

Australia and utilize infra red light technology instead of paint balls and compressed air. 


According to Triassic Tag arena Scottish game operator, Ian Meikle, the infra-red technology makes the game a fun and safe game to play for everybody.  Meikle, a former engineer of the British Army, Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (R.E.M.E.) for over 15 years remarks, “There are NO physical missiles that can hurt players.  Players consistently comment that they had more fun than expected.” “Nothing comes closer to real combat battle than this,” adds Ian, who was also trained in unarmed combat, jungle warfare, winter survival, and winter warfare.   “The weapons fire a high velocity infra red light bullet (pulse) that is detected by sensors worn on the head and on the gun.  When players are hit, the gun makes a loud noise, the sensors flash and indicates that the player loses a “life.”  Each player is given five lives, although the guns can be set for different numbers of lives.  The weapon also displays ammunition left,” says Peter Stevens, Operations Director of Triassic Tag and a former Senior Superintendent of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force for 21 years.   In the game played most commonly called, “Death Match,” once a player has been hit five times, the gun makes a louder noise and turns off, preventing cheating.  The player then needs to go back to the team referee for re-spawning (resetting) of the gun, so that the player can go back and re-join the game.  The team that loses the least number of lives wins. 

“The game guarantees minutes of adrenaline-pumping action that is definitely something new for the park guests, the excitement actually stays with you,” adds Peter.


22.jpg  13.jpg

For guests looking for thrilling entertainment at its most extreme, an exciting and high-octane diving show by Oliver’s Water Show of Switzerland has got it for them!  Witness breathtaking diving stunts from a 25mt. platform, happening daily, starting December 8 to January 6, 2008 on weekdays at 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 6:00 PM and on weekends and holidays at 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 8:00 PM at the Spaceport zone.   

And rounding out Enchanted Kingdom’s slate of thrilling surprises on water, check out Leslie Nielsen’s crew of hapless buccaneers in Pirates 4D now showing at the 4D Discovery Theatre, Portabello zone.  Take an exciting plunge down a 50 ft. flume in the Jungle Log Jam, a leisurely cruise on Swan Lake, bump into a wet and wild adventure on Bump N’ Splash, tame the high seas on Anchors Away and take the whole family on a splashingly wet ride on the country’s biggest attraction, the Rio Grande Rapids. 

Just when you thought you’ve had enough, EnchantedKingdom’s magic bag of pixie dust has a whole lot more in store this holiday season.  EK unveils days and nights of magical, inspiring and rockin’ musical performances by the country’s best artists.  Inspiring Christmas music will fill the air as the Mandaluyong Children’s Choir and the Actors, Actors, Inc. (AAI) render enchanting Christmas carols on December 16, 22, 23, 28 and 30 at the

Brooklyn zone.  Performances are at 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM, and 8:30 PM. 908518895503_0_bg.jpg

On December 23, 25, 26, 28, and January 1, 2008, celebrate the true meaning of the season via a special Trumpets Theatre production, Christmas in the Key of J at the Spaceport zone at 7:00 PM.    Master illusionist and magician, Lou Hilario returns to the Enchanted Kingdom on December 28, 29, and 30 at 7:00 PM at the Bandstand for A Magical Christmas with Lou Hilario.    Just in time for the happiest season of all, The Bloomfields and their brand of “happy music” return to the kingdom! Catch the “Rockin’ New Year with The

Bloomfields” on December 29 at 7:00 PM at Spaceport zone. 264897895503_0_bg.jpg

Attention all Pinoy rock fans!  Mark Rizal Day, December 30 on your calendar as the country’s best OPM rock band, Bamboo gives a high-energy concert at the Spaceport zone on Rizal Day at 7:00 PM.  Bamboo’s New Year Concert  is brought to you by Pepsi, sarap ng may pinagpipilian.  Move and groove to the yuletide cheer as special guest bands perform every weekend at the Bandstand from December 1 to 23, December 25 to 30 and on January 1 at 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 7:00 PM.    Santa’s Enchanted Emporium will bring guests of all ages, and their beloved, closer for a heart warming Christmas season.  17.jpg


Guests of all ages can immerse themselves in.  Colorful decorations and ornaments fill every corner of the shop, and the smell of candy and chocolates fill the air.  The shop welcomes guests with a red carpet, a Christmas tree, stuffed toys, and lots of Christmas goodies.   A Meet-and-Greet Session with Father Christmas, Santa Claus will surely complete your Christmas visit, so have your cameras ready and have your photos taken with Santa Claus.  Santa Claus will be available the whole day for a one-on-one meet and greets to wish each and every guest a very merry Christmas from December 22 to 30 at the Brooklyn Place.


“We hope that every guest who comes to Enchanted Kingdom this holiday season will create memories that will last a lifetime,” said Mario Mamon, chairman and president of EK.

Located in San Lorenzo South,Santa RosaCity, Laguna.  It is open Wednesdays to Fridays from 10AM to 7PM, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10AM to 10PM, with fireworks show at 9PM.  Beginning December 15, Enchanted Kingdom opens daily from Mondays thru Fridays from 10AM to 7PM, Aand on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10AM to 10PM.  From Dec 22, 2007 to Jan 6, 2008,


Kingdom is open from Mondays thru Sundays from 10AM to 12MN.  On December 24 (Christmas Eve) and on December 31 (New Year’s Eve),


Kingdom will be open from 10AM to 7PM only.       

For more news and information, call 830-2111 to 16 or log on to



Working Stiff

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Thanks to Rookie and his band, Working Stiff, for entertaining us with such great music. Working Stiff music can be classified as jazz fusion/smooth jazz. Their repertoire includes songs by bands and artists from the 70’s to the 90’s, i.e., songs by Spyro Gyra, The Rippingtons, The Yellowjackets, The Crusaders, Al Jarreau, Gino Vanelli, Eumir Deodato, David Sanborn, Dave Grusin, Bob James, Seawind, Bobby Caldwell, David Benoit, John Tropea, Larry Carlton, Tower of Power, Carol Welsman, Shakatak, Patti Austin, Patrice Rushen, Boy Katindig, etc., etc.

Their first gig was in Magnet Cafe, Katipunan Avenue in May of 2006.
The name of the group is descriptive of its members who all have day jobs but who share a common love and passion for listening to, watching and playing the genre of music they play. They are all Ateneans (at some point in time or another).
1. Mari Cancio (keyboards) – Unit Manager for PRU Life UK
2. Raul Banzon (saxophone) – Sports Trainer
3. Oggie Benipayo (vocals) – Teacher and guidance counselor
4. John Flores (bass) – Graphic/Multimedia Designer
5. Kedy Sanchez (guitar) – Record Producer, GMA 7
6. Rookie Garcia (drums) – Lawyer, Quiason Makalintal Barot Torres & Ibarra.

Watch out for their future gigs:
1. October 6, Saturday, 10 pm, Strumms, Jupiter Street, Makati, 10 pm (back to back with Toy Symphony)
2. October 12, 2007, 9 pm, Sueno Bar, SM, Bacolod
3. October 13, 2007, 9 pm, Moravia Bar, Bacolod
4. October 25, 2007, 9:30 pm, 19 East Bar & Grill, East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa, along South Superhighway