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My Favorite Person

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Javs arrived last night from his vacation abroad with his Lolo and Lola, he made sure he came back for Father’s Day!  He woke up very early and woke us all up too!


Cooking for Papa!


Voila! :-)  Happy Father’s Day!!



50 Rules for Dads of Daughters

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I got this from Dad’s emails to the family!! Beautiful!! 


I jokingly asked my Dad where my pearls are his reply was

You’re the PEARL and everything wonderful, LOVE !”

and my heart melted…  I remember when we were kids and he used to say ” I love you muchi kuchi kuchi!” :-)




Mr. Gadgets

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This is a tribute to my Dad for Father’s Day! haha!! I am featuring all the gadgets he has because he loves gadgets!  And I love him for being him, for being gadgety, for being UNIQUE, for liking weird things :-)

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Daddy has an electronic toilet which works by these controls 


Take note of the holders for toilet paper, Dad always likes to have a back up for everything and a back up for the back up of the back up! Huh? :-)  Like his aircon has a back up in case one is not enough or one breaks down, same with his generator


Here is the electronic toilet from Japan


 Which he changed when I visited him again.  Dad is an interior designer also, he designs his areas in the house :-)  this is his shrine haha!!


The control panel


gadgets by the shrine


Dad’s work station 


he has three computer monitors so he can multitask and do many things all at once :-)


Oh my, i cannot beginning to take inventory of what is here


this one too – it has watches, batteries, tapes, other small devices


Soap dispensers


Oh my gosh, this looks ancient.  I remember this when we were kids!!


Dad’s bathroom cabinet!


Aircon in the bathroom?


Another aircon looking thing


Exhaust fan or speakers? i do not know




Labelled switches :-)


Plenty of these around his area




Digital scale with a back up again :-)


Collection of hats


DUSTER!  to remove dust on all his gadgets


A very religious dad :-)


More religious articles in the bathroom


More temperature gadgets and a calendar gadget


Electronic switches and an old phone :-)


I told you my dad likes gadgets and creatures!  This came in a few months ago!

Previous entry:  Creatures October 30, 2009 


Oh my gosh, he put it in front of the house beside the buddha, My Mom is going crazy haha!!




Man of the Hour

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This coming Father’s Day, give dad a present that he will surely love with ideal gift items only from Rustan’s. 

On his special day, dad keeps a laid-back style with classic denims and colorful polo shirts paired with canvas sneakers, leather shoes and loafers from Faconnable. Hackett also has their Aston Martin polo shirts, boat shoes and fitted trousers. Topping off every ensemble are a variety of accessories like belts from Nautica and Faconnable, bow ties from Dibi Ties and fedora hats from Hackett.



Dads can even spruce it up with Montblanc’s choice pieces with cufflinks, Flyback steel watch and their messenger bag.




Stylish carry-ons are a must during a relaxing weekend vacation so pack his essentials in Bric’s Life Pilot Trolley. Boat shoes are also a great addition to his wardrobe. They’re easy to wear and versatile enough to go with trousers or shorts. Choose from a variety of styles and colors from Faconnable and Seavees and checkout the light-weight polos from Tommy Bahama to complete his weekend ensemble.


Pieces that liven up their home or work space make for great gifts as well. Rustan’s Discovery Shop houses one-of-a-kind display pieces that reflect dad’s different hobbies. The Discovery Shop’s collection of vintage clocks from Newgate London is a striking pieces for any space. Authentic Models magnifying glasses and globespheres make for interesting conversation-starters, as well as the Prizmic & Brill display plane that is surely a stand out.


For the men that have forever changed our lives, they deserve only the best that their loved ones can give.




For more gift selections for your dad, visit and inquire at all Rustan’s department Store branches: Rustan’s Makati, 813-3739; Rustan’s Shangri-la, 633-4636; Rustan’s Alabang, 850-5532; Rustan’s Gateway, 911-2401


Bringing Tonkatsuya to Dad

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Since we would not fit in Tonkatsuya,

Previous entry:  Tonkatsuya June 18, 2011 

I suggested to my brothers and sisters that we just bring Chef Hosoya to the family.  Thank you again to Mykie to organizing everything for us and making this come to life.  So he came over to Dad and Mom’s house to cook for Father’s Day 


We provided the japanese rice, the pork and all the dining ware.  They brought everything else 


And just to give you an idea of price, we were 16 people.  They charged P 10,000.00 for everything they provided 

Salmon Carpaccio Salad – 3 plates of this


Tonkatsu – we provided the pork but everything else they provided and of course Chef cooked it – we each had one of this so 16 plates of Tonkatsu


Ebi Katsu Curry ( Prawn ) – for Dad since he does not really eat pork 



and there was around 16 pcs. of prawns for whoever wanted


Tori Karaage – really really good!! Also good for all of us


It was all worth it!! Thank you Chef Hosoya and Bella for preparing our special dinner for our Dad

If you would also like to have them cook for you in your home, Pls call Bella the wife at +63-915-921-6754 



Don’t Make the Mistake of Paying Later

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What You Should Never Forget


I remember this day like it was yesterday.

        This happened a couple of years ago.

I went home excited, mentally planning our Father-Son trip to the mall. (Each week, I try to have a date with my boys. Sometimes together. Sometimes separately. That day, I was going to have a date with my eldest boy, Bene.)

       But as I arrived home and stepped down of my car, my phone rang.

       “Bo, are you already at the wedding?” my friend asked me.

       “Huh? What wedding?” I asked.

       “The wedding of Amina…”

       Wham! It was like I was hit by a bat on the head. I totally forgot about the wedding! 

        How can I now tell Bene?

        The little guy was so looking forward to our date.

       When I entered the house, I greeted him and said, “I’ve got a problem about our date …” I told him about the wedding. 

        That was when my wife said, “Son, can you go with Daddy to the wedding? That’ll be your date.” (Thank God for my wise wife.)

        A few minutes later, my son and I were riding the car in our matching barong tagalogs. 

         It turned out that we were early for the wedding, so we walked to a coffee shop beside the church, and talked and laughed together as he ate his favorite cinnamon roll.

       The wedding was superb! 

        It was also a wonderful time for me to give mini-lectures to my little pupil—in whispers at the back pew—on marriage, family, and love. 

       After the wedding, the reception was at the exclusive Polo Club.

       While waiting for the dinner to begin, we had a phenomenal time sitting down on the grass (yes, still in our barongs) under the canopy of stars—and chatted the night away.

       “I don’t want to be a cowboy anymore, Daddy,” he said.

       “No more?” This was a shock to me. It had been his declared dream ever since he was two. In fact, his first word wasn’t “mama”. It was “horse.” (I’m not kidding.)

       He piped up, “I don’t want to be a Cowboy anymore. I just want to ride horses for pleasure.”

       “Okay. What do you want to be?”

       “A businessman.” (Six-year old kids have a way of declaring their dreams as though it’s as sure as the planet is round. I wonder what age we lose that confidence?)

        “That’s great. You can own a ranch. How many horses do you want to own?”

       “About ten,” he grinned.

       “How will you earn to maintain the ranch?” I asked.

       “Kids can ride my horses for P20 each…”

       “Uh…, isn’t that a bit too cheap?”

       “They can also feed my rabbits if they pay something. And I’ll sell my customers snacks and have a restaurant in my ranch.”

       “That’s fantastic.”                     

       “My ranch will also have an imaginary forest.”

       “A what?”

       “An imaginary forest. Parents will be afraid if their kids go to a real forest with real animals. So I’ll make an imaginary forest with robotic animals—even some legendary creatures like dinosaurs, unicorns, mermaids,…”


        “Yes, because there’ll be a lake in my ranch. With a shipwreck. Kids can also visit the shipwreck.”

After planning for his future, we got our plates and stood in front of the buffet table for the entire evening. Because the food was so fabulous, we didn’t bother to sit down. That night, he ate seven sticks of barbecue and I gobbled up 50% of the European cheeses there. 

In other words, my date with Bene was a ball. 

If I didn’t have a weekly date with him, how will I know about his dreams? I would have missed hearing that he didn’t want to be a Cowboy anymore, that he wanted an imaginary forest, robotic animals, a lake and a shipwreck for kids to visit and have fun…

I was even more convinced of my family goals when I read the frightening statistics from David Perdew about “fatherless kids”. According to statistics, children from a fatherless home are:

·        Five times more likely to commit suicide

·        Thirty-two times more likely to run away

·        Twenty times more likely to have behavioral disorders

·        Fourteen times more likely to commit rape (this applies to boys)

·        Nine times more likely to drop out of high school

·        Ten times more likely to abuse chemical substances

·        Nine times more likely to end up in a charitable institution

·        Twenty times more likely to end up in prison for a long period of time

          Fathers—and mothers—your kids need you.

David Perdew says we either pay now or pay later.

And when you pay later, it always costs more.


I suggest you pay now.

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Paying Later…


               Most mornings, I bike with my two boys around our village. 


Actually they bike and I run after them.


Because I don’t have a bike (mine is broken). 


But I don’t mind.


Because that means they win our races. And they have fun laughing at their father who always comes last, my tongue hanging out of my mouth, ready to faint.


This morning, after biking, we also played chess and checkers. Obviously, I beat them in every game. (Sweet Revenge!)


Some days, we play the Wii together. It’s an interactive game console and we have loads of fun doing that. From pingpong to bowling to flying to car racing. (Yes, the old guy looses again.)


       And if I can get off from work a bit early, we’ll go running and biking again in the afternoon.


My point? 


I spend an enormous amount of time with my kids.


Is it difficult?


You bet.


I do a lot of stuff. I run 12 businesses. I lead 9 non-profit organizations. I preach 300 times a year. I write 80 articles a month.


But I’ve made a decision that nothing is more important than my family.




Here’s what I learned about life: You either pay now or you pay later. If you pay later, it’ll cost more.


I don’t want to pay later. It’ll cost me 100 times more!


       Like some parents I know. Sadly, they never spent time with their kids.  In other words, they didn’t pay before.


Today, these parents are paying. They sit restless at night, crying, worrying about their adult children. And they ask these very painful questions:


·        “Why is my son hanging out with the wrong crowd?”

·        “Is my son drinking too much? Is he taking drugs too?”

·        “Why did my daughter choose that bum as her boyfriend?”

·        “Will my son ever grow up and take responsibility?”

·        “What have I done wrong as a parent?”


       I ask you: Don’t pay later. 


It’s more painful that way.


       No matter how difficult, pay now.


       Spend time with your kids.


       Make it faithful. Make it fun. Make it fantastic.



       May your dreams come true,



       Bo Sanchez


The Making of the Rib Cap by Bryan Flannery

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Featuring once again Bryan Flannery’s Rib Cap.   When James heard about the rib cap, this was one of the reasons he brought Bryan Flannery products to the Philippines.  It’s his favorite part of the prime rib/roast beef.  And now you don’t have to buy the whole prime rib to get this valuable part!

Previous Entry:  Bryan Flannery’s Rib Cap July 21, 2010 

I think this will be a perfect gift for Father’s Day for someone who has everything :-)

Bryan showing us how he trims the rib cap from the slab of beef 



Voila!! The rib cap which he gave to us so we could cook it and have some. YUMMY! 

It is now available in two sizes – this is the whole ( approx 3 lbs. ) and then there is also half ( approx 1.5 lbs )


 For orders, please contact:

Weng Atanacio (9am to 5pm Monday-Friday)

email address: sales

 Telephone #:   898-1371 or 76

Mobile #:  0917 544 6875