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Holy Smokes BBQ

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 The brisket loving hubby is on the continuous lookout for good brisket which brings us to Holy Smokes BBQ in PoblacionHoly Smokes BBQ (2) Holy Smokes BBQ (3) Holy Smokes BBQ (4) Holy Smokes BBQ (5)Holy Smokes BBQ (1)

We went to @holysmokesbbqph this afternoon and so lucky to see all handsome ? and hardworking owners there!! Carlo ( Toot Toot) Limjuco, Chef Red Espiritu &
Juano Guitierrez who are the guys behind the food and Paolo Quimson @paoloquimson When they are there you will see them all working including serving the sides, busing the tables and just helping where needed. Holy Smokes BBQ

My tip is to go as soon as it opens at 5pm so you get first dibs of the meats after they come out of the smoker and it’s not crowded for Titas like me :-)  Congrats guys and more power ! #holysmokesbbqph #bbqforthesoul #H2HPeople

Holy Smokes BBQ (6) So happy the owner, Toot Toot, was there when we arrived with his tall son! :-)Holy Smokes BBQ (20) Holy Smokes BBQ (7) Holy Smokes BBQ (8) Holy Smokes BBQ (9) Holy Smokes BBQ (17)Holy Smokes BBQ (10) Holy Smokes BBQ (11)  Literally Holy Smokes at Holy Smokes! @holysmokesbbqph Wagyu Brisket!! Chef Red Espiritu ( who is a teacher also at Chef Gene Gonzales’ Culinary school ) explains. They open at 5pm since they smoke their meats from midnight for 14 hours!! The hubby is obsessed with brisket and he’s so picky and I’m happy this passed his standards.   I like it too!!! Yum!! #HolySmokesBBQPh #H2HBBQ #BBQForTheSoul
Holy Smokes BBQ (12) Holy Smokes BBQ (13) Holy Smokes BBQ (14) Holy Smokes BBQ (15)Holy Smokes BBQ (21) Holy Smokes BBQ (16)Holy Smokes BBQ (18)  The hubby loves fat in his beef ribs. This is only available Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I’m sure many do too. Ask for it at @holysmokesbbqph Yum !!! #HolySmokesBBQPh #BBQForTheSoul #H2HBBQHoly Smokes BBQ (19)Holy Smokes BBQ (22) Holy Smokes BBQ (23) Holy Smokes BBQ (24) Holy Smokes BBQ (25)  Advice from owner Toot Toot Limjuco. ( Toot Toot is the guy that brought in Crocs to the Philippines in 2004!  ) Another yummy Holy Smokes at @holysmokesbbqph is the Chicken. Smoked is healthier than grilled FYI and it tastes so much better and much more tender. Half a chicken for P320.00 and the sauce is so good too. This chicken has 11 spices and smokes for 10 hours #holysmokesbbqph #H2HChickenHoly Smokes BBQ (26) Holy Smokes BBQ (27) Holy Smokes BBQ (28) Holy Smokes BBQ (29)C lick below to go to their Facebook page

Holy Smokes Facebook

Salo Salo at Lanai

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I am so glad we decided to have lunch here!  I have been hearing about this place but have not been
Salo Salo at Lanai (2)  Love it here :)Salo Salo at Lanai (3) Salo Salo at Lanai (4) Salo Salo at Lanai (7) Lunch today for 6 – we have the whole table  at @lanai_manila  #LanaiManilaSalo Salo at Lanai (6)Salo Salo at Lanai (1)Salo Salo at Lanai (5)Salo Salo at Lanai (12) Salo Salo at Lanai (8) Salo Salo at Lanai (9) Salo Salo at Lanai (10)Crispy camote with garlic aioli
Salo Salo at Lanai (13)  Baked PortobelloSalo Salo at Lanai (14) Seared Tuna Nicoise – everyone’s favoriteSalo Salo at Lanai (15) Grilled cheese of the day with onion jamSalo Salo at Lanai (16) Arroz ala CubanaSalo Salo at Lanai (17) Peri Peri chicken and avocado wrapSalo Salo at Lanai (18) Salo Salo at Lanai (19)Salo Salo at Lanai (11)Poached pear with lemon yogurtSalo Salo at Lanai (20)

Pablo Mini now at BGC Highstreet

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 Heart2Heart loves @pablo_cheese_tart_philippines !  Now open in BGC High Street B2 ! It’s such a happy place – everyone is smiling and so excited :-)  More power Bryan @bryanchanlim and Kai Lim @kailim_ Ben Chan @bcbench #PabloPH #PabloMini #PabloCheeseTart #H2HCheese
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Bai’s Boneless Lechon Belly

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 I copied Pepper @pepperteehankee and ordered Bai’s Boneless Lechon belly Bai's Boneless Lechon Belly (4) Bai's Boneless Lechon Belly (3) Bai's Boneless Lechon Belly (2) I fried the leftover the next day – it’s the only way to get the skin crispy.  Someone says an air fryer will do as well so that would be better!  #baisbonelesslechoncebu #H2HLechonBai's Boneless Lechon Belly (1)


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 We finally tried our sons favorite Korean restaurant in Manila. Minsok in Poblacion. It’s been there since 15 years ago even before Poblacion is what it is now.  Minsok (5) Minsok (6) It’s no frills, filled with Koreans, smoky and with the gas tank showing under the table :-)  Minsok (7)Minsok (2) Minsok (8) Minsok (9) Minsok (10) Minsok (11) Minsok (12) Minsok (13)…..but has yummy Chadolbaki. We still have to try the others. Minsok (3) Minsok (14) Minsok (15)Minsok (17)It’s owned by Seo Wook Seok who is friends with the Korean friend of our son – Dachan @dachan_park  Mr. Seok goes around and cooks for everyone – he helps serve and makes sure everything is ok :-)  #Minsok #KoreanBBQMinsok (4) Minsok (16) Minsok (1)


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We finally tried Flame last November.  Again this post got lost.  So this is a very late post.  We went during the all Saints day holidayflame-7 flame-8flame-17 flame-9 Beautiful views all around the restaurant.  This is the best though it is not as private as the other sections of the restaurantflame-26Love the bread basketflame-16 And this infused olive oil containerflame-2 flame-10 flame-11Mozzarelini di buffala Saladflame-3Quezo de bola & Hamonflame-19flame-12Paella Meatballsflame-18 flame-13 Hainanese Chickenflame-4Parmesan Ricotta Ravioliflame-23Take Out Lobster Fried Riceflame-21Flame Signature Burgerflame-22
flame-14Double Smoked baconflame-20flame-15 flame-24 flame-25I forgot the names of the desserts and can’t seem to match them with the description :-(  
flame-27 flame-1 flame-5  White Chocolate Creme Brûlée flame-6

Click below to go to their website

Flame website discovery primea

Bistro Manuel

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This post got lost in my drafts :-(  so this is very late.  We ate here last September when it had just opened.  bistro-manuel-31bistro-manuel-2 bistro-manuel-4bistro-manuel-30  Chef Ariel Manuel back in action and in action.  This time in a Makati location. Opened last Sept 20, Bistro Manuel @bistro_manuel  Heart2Heart is a fan  #BistroManuel #H2HChefsbistro-manuel-35 bistro-manuel-32 bistro-manuel-22
bistro-manuel-7Romaine Caesar saladbistro-manuel-15 Spinach and warm Mushroom saladbistro-manuel-14Shrimp Bisque with hazelnutsbistro-manuel-19bistro-manuel-6Shellfish in Lemon and Olive Oil


Crabsbistro-manuel-18 Baked Brie Cheesebistro-manuel-17All About Duckbistro-manuel-16 Lolo Dad’s Cafe Baked Oyster with Foie Gras Angel hair pasta and Parmesan cheese at Bistro Manuel @bistro_manuel #BistroManuel #ChefArielManuel #H2HFoieGrasbistro-manuel-33bistro-manuel-13bistro-manuel-12 bistro-manuel-9 bistro-manuel-8Grilled pork bacon semi carbonarabistro-manuel-24 Smoke Salmon and arugula grilled pizza at Bistro Manuel @bistro_manuel  #BistroManuel #ChefArielManuel #H2HPizza bistro-manuel-21 bistro-manuel-10Duck leg confitbistro-manuel-25Herb and mustard rub Eye of Rib eye bistro-manuel-26Herb de Provence crusted rack of lamb bistro-manuel-37Buttermilk poached lobster tails
bistro-manuel-23bistro-manuel-36 bistro-manuel-27 Declension of Mango and Mascarpone cheese, Vanilla frozen cream and Dulce de Leche sauce at @bistro_manuel #BistroManuelbistro-manuel-1  Yum! Apple Crostata, Rock salt and olive oil ice cream with Parmesan crisps at @bistro_manuel  by Pastry Chef Mia Ayuyao Manuel #BistroManuel #H2HApplePiesbistro-manuel-38Beignets Vanilla cream

 bistro-manuel-27bistro-manuel-3 bistro-manuel-29

The 2017 Wine Crawl

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 Message from my sister in law Tina Banzhaf de Jesus, Vice President of the Intl Wine & Food Society. wine crawl 2017

This is their annual event that keeps growing every year with last year’s 250 attendees.

“We are currently organizing the 2017 Annual International Wine And Food Society Manila Ladies Branch Wine Crawl which will be on Sat, Feb. 18 at the Green Sun Arts Center on Pasong Tamo extension. Doors open at 3:30pm but you can come in anytime until 8pm. It’s a great way to discover new wines & perhaps learn about different types and styles of wine. We invited 12 merchants & select only 6 wines for them to feature. Wines are all served in tasting portions so it’s always a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon/evening especially with a group of friends. The early bird rate is P1,750 and includes P700 credit (for buying or tasting the wines), pica-pica, souvenirs and a wine guide for all the featured wines. The wines can be purchased at special discounts (20%) for all participants on the day of the event only. Please let me know if you’re interested to join. Text at 0917-830-2005. It’s our 7th year hosting the Wine Crawl and it has surely grown from its humble beginnings” #InternationalWineandFoodSociety #Winecrawl #H2HWinesThe 2017 Wine CrawlIntl wine and food society