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Baguio Country Club’s Pastry Shop

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This has got to be everyone’s favorite spot at the club!!  I was surprised to see it renovated since the last time I was in Baguio!  There is much more space to sit down and eat.  And now you can place your orders in advance especially for the ever popular raisin bread.  The cakes are delicious especially the St. Michael and the Carrot cake.  They have a strawberry shortcake which is also very good but there was none when I visited, probably sold out! Still have to try the others.  The chocolate truffles are new!!!



Baguio Foodie

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We normally just enjoy eating home and going to Starbucks when in Baguio, but this time, Thanks to Tammy, Dina, Ria and Ramon, we got to try quite a number of restaurants in our 4 day stay.  Many of them have been there for a long time and we see them in passing but we have never tried them. Maybe they should come with us everytime we go to Baguio so we get to try another bunch of restos :-) 

Hamada- Japanese Teppanyaki at Baguio Country Club

Cantinetta – Quality and taste is just as good as the Manila branch- ordered our usual favorites – Spaghetti Bolognese, pizzas and the Tartufo pasta.  Location:  Camp John Hay, beside Starbucks

House of Waffles – Former Country Waffles.  The place was full for breakfast!  They now have Korean food to probably cater to the Korean golfers in John Hay.  Located near the entrance of the John Hay Golf Clubouse beside Starbucks.

Mile Hi Diner – Recommended by Heather.  Typical American diner food, nice ambience.  Same owner as Carlo’s Pizza.  Address:  Mile Hi, Camp John Hay

O’ Mai Khan – Recommended by Chris.  Ramon wanted Mongolian BBQ.  They had an extensive menu aside from the Eat all you can Monolian BBQ. Address: 12 Otek, Baguio City  ( near Burnham Park )  Phone: (074)442-5885

The Baguio market is always a haven of fresh items!!!


Li Li

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Dimsum is always more fun when you are in a big group and you can share.  You can order a variety and get to try more kinds of dimsum dishes. At Li Li, they give you a menu card where you check what dimsum dishes you like and the dimsum will be served to your table.  The dessert is buffet style so you need to stand up to choose your dessert.All you can eat dimsum buffet  P 988+++ per person with free flow of iced tea, soft drinks and local beer.  Sharing, leftover and take-out are not allowed.5th Floor Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila  1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. del Pilar, MalateTel: +63 2 245 1234    Fax: +63 2 247 1234Email: 



Dinner by Michele

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Thank you Michele for inviting us to a superb dinner. Finally we got to taste your cooking!!! And what a surprise to see Margaret in the kitchen with you as your sous chef.

It was a lovely dinner with great company.  I just had to include the photo of Michele with Diether, which she said was dedicated to her cousin,Guia!  I am so amused at how down to earth and “game” Michele is.  That’s what makes her unique and special and why I enjoy being her friend.
Michele’s culinary experience is from The Institute of Culinary Education, New York City – Culinary Management Diploma Program and the Career Culinary Arts Program where she graduated in 2003 with highest honors.   She used to cater with Chef Ed Quimson while she was working for her grandfather at the AY foundation. After a year and a half of catering, she branched out into a different segment of the culinary world in response to the demands of a niche market that prefers small, personalized and completely hands-on cooking classes for both adults and children. She creates lesson plans for the basic to the more advanced recipes and techniques including the principles of food safety and sanitation.

In addition to Michele’s culinary talents, she is very particular about food safety and sanitation.  Aside from teaching it, she really practices it and always stresses this to her people.  Her kitchen is very, very clean and follows all the standards of food safety and sanitation.  So be assured that all the food that she makes is prepared with high quality standards.  I am so happy to announce that Michele will finally accept catering services.  She is opening her house for private meals in her own dining room or patio. So do give her a call and start trying her cooking. 
To Michele, our dear friend, we are so proud of you!  Continue to enjoy doing what you love to do and make people happy by serving great food!!


Nihonbashitei Teppanyaki

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Our friend Mykie highly recommended this place and said that it was like Colza ( Japanese restaurant in Japan ). There are around 6 private teppanyaki rooms good for around 6 to 7 people per room.  He told us to order the Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye Steak and to look for Chef Enan to cook for us.  We followed exactly what he told us and it was perfect.  We thought it was a great value for a meal with Wagyu beef – JAPANESE wagyu!  It came with soup, sashimi, salad, tempura, fried rice and vegetables.  The wagyu was really good!!! The kids enjoyed the exhibition by Chef Enan.  You can also order from their japanese restaurant menu ( located below the teppanyaki restaurant ) which is reasonably priced.

Nihonbashitei -Arnaiz Ave. corner Amorsolo, tel #:  482.6596 or 497.8437


New Menu at East Cafe

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Prepared to be enamored by the scrumptious dishes of East Creative Asia prepared by Chef Him Uy de Baron.  He has unveiled a wealth of  South East Asian Culinary Creations including a whole new afternoon tea line featuring Caffe Molinari. The menu has much more food finds that will surely have everyone enjoying the culinary tour to Asia! 

Discover the Orient at East Creative Cuisine and Caffe Molinari

2nd level, Rustan’s Makati  – Contact (632) 812.0233


Persia Grill

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From now on, Mike will be one of my top sources for restaurants to go to…..We are always on the lookout for good Persian restaurants and so far there is our number one favorite, Hossein’s Persian Kebab and a recently discovered one, Sinbad’s (, which was through Mike also.   And now there is Persia Grill to add to the list. 

Raphael (Raph), son of Gloria Diaz, works there and we got to meet him two weeks ago.  Thanks to my eating mate, Brenda, for always accompanying me.  Raph introduced his good friend to me, Kian, who owns the restaurant. I read somewhere that Kian was one of the housemates in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. His father owns Kazemi carpets outside San Lorenzo Village. 
The restaurant was full during lunchtime with office people in big groups. Dinner time would probably be less crowded.

Mike specified to order GBX (ground beef express) and sure enough, it was really good. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER GBX.  We ordered several business meals ( you can’t see what is under the rice )  since it came with rice  already and came with butter on top which melts right when it reaches your table.  The lamb chop was really good too.  The fruit shakes looked really good but we did not get to try them instead we took photos of the shakes of our next door table :-)  You can have it with yogurt or without. For dessert, Raph recommended the leche flan which he says is homemade and really the BEST……IT IS TRUE!!!

The food is really very reasonable and yummy.  TRY IT!!!
Valero Car Park 2, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, in Makati City
telephone #:  818-9090
Open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day

My next Persian stop will be Arya Persian in Promenade which my friend Lilli Ann is recommending.

Lartizan Bakery and Mickey’s Deli

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Another good recommendation by my brother Mike.  We had lunch today at Mickey’s and the place was full.  We met the owner of both Mickey’s and Lartizan.  It is always nice to meet the owners, even if I just have to tell them what a great job they are doing.    Johnlu Koa of Lartizan (French Baker) was even baking himself!  They had this NO CRUST whole wheat bread which is perfect for me because I always remove that part.  This is the first time I saw it being sold that way.  All the breads of the deli are supplied by the bakery.  They also bake the pizza in the bakery with the toppings coming from Mickey’s.The lady owner of Mickey’s did not want me to take her photo because she wanted her partner, Mickey to be in it too plus I forgot to ask her name.  She was busy helping out…….. And it was good to know that she is a loyal shopper of Rustan’s :-)  Most of their deli items are homemade as Mickey, is a German master butcher. I had the Mickey’s Italian Burger and munched on each and everyone’s order.  Everything was excellent!  Mike was right when he said that the pizza crust was really good.  It is made from fresh ciabatta bread by Lartizan.  They had only one dessert and boy they really made sure that was all you should have….yummy!! What a great combination to have a bakery and deli. 

144 Jupiter st. corner Orbit st., Bel-Air 2 Village Tel #:  899-6923