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Every Saturday is lunch with Lola Charing. We normally go to her house but today, Lola treated us at her restaurant, Sousaku. It is managed by Tita Bing Bing Santos who also manages the very popular Mezza Luna at Serendra. We ordered the basic japanese food that we always order and it was EXCELLENT! We missed the other members of the family…Tita Rose, Tito Butch and Tita Agnes, Lola Nette and Lola Nena, Marga, Gogs…… but we enjoyed anyway.

German Club

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June 26, 2007
Paolo and Katrina Lobregat treated Lolo Benny for lunch at the German Club. Tito Rico and of course the little buddha, Xevi, was there and we were so honored to be invited as well. The German Club is a members only club and has been in existence for 101 years already. Thanks to Pao and Kat for a wonderful meal and for the great company. We should do this again…and again…and again.


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Mike introduced the de Jesus family to a new restaurant in Salcedo Village, Sinbad’s. He knows the owner, Cheryl, who prepared our meal for the evening. It is a nice and quaint place. If you like kebabs, you will like Sinbad’s. We all enjoyed the food………and of course the company. We look forward to new discoveries all the time, so we enjoy trying new places.


Keena’s Special Day

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June 9, 2007
Count on John to whip up a grandiose, extravagant and special event……especially for his better half, Keena. We missed the other members of the de Jesus family who are out of town. But enjoyed the company of Keena’s family and close friends.
It was an exquisite celebration! Happy Birthday Keena!!
Premium Wines Exchange:


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695769773503_0_bg.jpgAbout a year ago, we bought our first panini maker.  It is such a great machine because it is so easy to just pop in any sandwich inside and make it into a panini. 

We even prepared a panini buffet lunch in one of our Sunday family lunches that we hosted. It is easy to prepare plus everyone gets to make their own panini. 

Our panini station had:

Vegetables:  lettuce, mushroom, salad tomato, grilled red and green peppers

Spreads:  reduced fat mayonnaise, regular mayonnaise, pesto, garlic anchovy butter, garlic parmesan butter, butter, olive oil, Nutella

Deli:  bacon, pastrami, turkey breast ham, chicken ham, country ham, prosciutto, Jamon de Cagayan, Swiss bacon ham

Cheeses:  Gruyere, Fontina, Provolone, Mozzarella, cheddar and quesong puti

Bread choices:  whole wheat slice bread, plain slice bread,  foccacia, pandesal, ciabatta 

Other fillings:  tuna flakes, corned beef, adobo flakes

potato chips or french fries for sidings

I was not able to take photos of my buffet but my sister in law, Tina, also had her own version of the panini buffet and these are her photos.

205974773503_0_bg.jpg 439564773503_0_bg.jpg


Skies the limit what you would like to offer in your panini buffet.

I scouted around also for Ciabatta bread and these are my finds: Le Couer – P 25.00 each, Deli France -P 125.00 for a pack of 5, S & R has it for around P 70.00 for a pack of 5 and in Salcedo market, a bread vendor sells it for around P 70.00 also for a pack of 5.    I recently discovered in French Baker mini ciabattas ( P 54.00 for 16 pcs. )  which is perfect for me because I like my sandwiches small.  They even have it in whole wheat ( P 60.00 for 16 pcs. ) .  Their regular ciabatas are square in shape and not rectangular like the others.

I also pirated a panini recipe from my cousin, Ria.  She made for us this Pesto Panini which had pesto, pecan nuts and gruyere cheese.  So simple to make and so yummy. My pesto version – chopped fresh basil then add olive oil, parmesan cheese and salt. Spread a lot of it on the bread, add the pecan nuts ( a few pieces scattered ) and then add the gruyere cheese.  I particularly prefer gruyere as suggested by Ria.  TRY IT!


Healthier Italian Cooking

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Michele introduced Vincenzo Paini, an Italian Chef, to her friends and family by sampling around 12 healthy Italian dishes at her beautiful home. Everything was delicious!! There will be a series of cooking and wine tasting classes conducted by Vincenzo with the help of Michele. Thanks to Michele for making Vincenzo feel at home in our country and for helping him kickstart his cooking classes.

Mother’s Day

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We treated Mom to breakfast for Mother’s day as breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. We were not complete since some members of the family could not make it- Quito, M. Jun Jun & family and Javier….but it was all in all a nice celebration. We served Mom her favorite breakfast dish…. eggs benedict.
With permission of M. Noey & Krie, I am also sharing photos of their super nice apartment in Rockwell where we had the celebration. I love it because it is colorful, bright and so alive. It’s so “artsy” and I love the paintings and all the little details, from the bag hooks to the hand towels. It is the little details that bring out the personalities of the owners. They have many unique rooms- kitchen, bathrooms and staff room. Thanks for sharing your home!

Creme Brulee

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Whenever I order Creme Brulee ( French for “burnt cream ), I always know what to expect but what i look forward to is the presentation and the chef’s creativity in adding something to it to make it more interesting.

So far the best in both taste and presentation is the Classic Creme brulee at the Eiffel Tower restaurant at the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas. It had this edible pastry fan on top of white chocolate surrounded by mixed fresh berries ( which I love! ) and generously sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. It was absolutely heavenly!  Visit the restaurants website to discover other more delicious desserts.  

The Trio Creme brulee at the Compass Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel Phoenix, Arizona had a nice presentation for a trio.  Usually in a duo or trio, they just come in separate mini bowls.  

Patrick’s Birthday

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We were invited to celebrate with Patrick at his beautiful home. Unfortunately I did not bring my better camera and so I used my small one which ran out of battery so i was only able to take a few photos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!