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New Menu at East Cafe

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Prepared to be enamored by the scrumptious dishes of East Creative Asia prepared by Chef Him Uy de Baron.  He has unveiled a wealth of  South East Asian Culinary Creations including a whole new afternoon tea line featuring Caffe Molinari. The menu has much more food finds that will surely have everyone enjoying the culinary tour to Asia! 

Discover the Orient at East Creative Cuisine and Caffe Molinari

2nd level, Rustan’s Makati  – Contact (632) 812.0233


Persia Grill

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From now on, Mike will be one of my top sources for restaurants to go to…..We are always on the lookout for good Persian restaurants and so far there is our number one favorite, Hossein’s Persian Kebab and a recently discovered one, Sinbad’s (, which was through Mike also.   And now there is Persia Grill to add to the list. 

Raphael (Raph), son of Gloria Diaz, works there and we got to meet him two weeks ago.  Thanks to my eating mate, Brenda, for always accompanying me.  Raph introduced his good friend to me, Kian, who owns the restaurant. I read somewhere that Kian was one of the housemates in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. His father owns Kazemi carpets outside San Lorenzo Village. 
The restaurant was full during lunchtime with office people in big groups. Dinner time would probably be less crowded.

Mike specified to order GBX (ground beef express) and sure enough, it was really good. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER GBX.  We ordered several business meals ( you can’t see what is under the rice )  since it came with rice  already and came with butter on top which melts right when it reaches your table.  The lamb chop was really good too.  The fruit shakes looked really good but we did not get to try them instead we took photos of the shakes of our next door table :-)  You can have it with yogurt or without. For dessert, Raph recommended the leche flan which he says is homemade and really the BEST……IT IS TRUE!!!

The food is really very reasonable and yummy.  TRY IT!!!
Valero Car Park 2, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, in Makati City
telephone #:  818-9090
Open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day

My next Persian stop will be Arya Persian in Promenade which my friend Lilli Ann is recommending.

Lartizan Bakery and Mickey’s Deli

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Another good recommendation by my brother Mike.  We had lunch today at Mickey’s and the place was full.  We met the owner of both Mickey’s and Lartizan.  It is always nice to meet the owners, even if I just have to tell them what a great job they are doing.    Johnlu Koa of Lartizan (French Baker) was even baking himself!  They had this NO CRUST whole wheat bread which is perfect for me because I always remove that part.  This is the first time I saw it being sold that way.  All the breads of the deli are supplied by the bakery.  They also bake the pizza in the bakery with the toppings coming from Mickey’s.The lady owner of Mickey’s did not want me to take her photo because she wanted her partner, Mickey to be in it too plus I forgot to ask her name.  She was busy helping out…….. And it was good to know that she is a loyal shopper of Rustan’s :-)  Most of their deli items are homemade as Mickey, is a German master butcher. I had the Mickey’s Italian Burger and munched on each and everyone’s order.  Everything was excellent!  Mike was right when he said that the pizza crust was really good.  It is made from fresh ciabatta bread by Lartizan.  They had only one dessert and boy they really made sure that was all you should have….yummy!! What a great combination to have a bakery and deli. 

144 Jupiter st. corner Orbit st., Bel-Air 2 Village Tel #:  899-6923


Peter Luger of the Philippines

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October 1, 2007 Monday
After numerous attempts to get a seat in Mamou, we finally got to try what everyone is raving about. Thanks to our dear friends, Gary and Alexie for inviting and arranging the dinner. It was nice to meet the owner, Malou. We really enjoyed our dinner. Everything was delicious! And if you are craving for Peter Luger steak, this is the closest you will get in the Philippines. We will be back to try the other dishes on the menu.

Mezzaluna Turns 1!

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A special degustation night marked the first year anniversary of Mezzaluna, one of Serendra’s signature restaurants. A degustation menu consists of several courses, with each course highlighting the specialties of the house. It was SUPERB!!!
Congratulations to Tito Baby, Tita Bing Bing and Inez on a successful venture. More power to you!! Happy Anniversary Mezza Luna!

Gloria Maris Hot Pot

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Thanks to Tito Bert and Tita Fely for hosting a delicious hotpot dinner at Gloria Maris for the Reyes family and for some of us friends.
Aside from having a delicious yet healthy meal, Rina said Tita Fely enjoyed the evening and was happy to be surrounded by people who love her….and that is what is important.

Maurizio Ristorante

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We had dinner in Maurizio Ristorante since we just found out that this is owned by our friends, Mykie Ozaeta and Emerson Yao of Lucerne. The eggplant dip which came with the pane di casa was very good. The pastas and risottos were very good as well and the black cherry gelato.