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Patrick’s Birthday

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We were invited to celebrate with Patrick at his beautiful home. Unfortunately I did not bring my better camera and so I used my small one which ran out of battery so i was only able to take a few photos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!


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My batchmate in Assumption highschool, Chef Jill Ignacio-Busuego, started catering in 1991 soon after graduating from the University of the Philippines (UP). Chef Jill also took her culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York after graduating from UP.
A rare blend of class, healthy food, quality service, and affordability, Delicioso Philippines was established to fullfill a dream to be actively involved in creating healthy alternatives to “fast food” or everyday food. Since its establishment in June of 2005, it has kept its promise of providing reasonably priced meals whilst giving quality service and ingredients, and providing restaurant quality food at the comforts of your home and office.

I asked Jill what her popular dishes are:
1. Ravioli- whole wheat with low fat cheese & spinach, regular ravioli – made fresh in the kitchen, sold frozen or ready to eat
2. HIckory Spareribs
3. Chicken Parmigiana
4. Lemongrass Chicken Skewers
5. Pastas
6. Salads- Mango Poppy Seed
7. South Beach Special of the Day- Clients who have been on the program & want to control their Lunch order so they are not tempted to eat “fast food”
8. Caviar Pie – popular because it is made in different shapes & sizes
8” X 4“ Regular Round Pie P1680
8” X 4” Low Fat Round Pie P1792
In Single Serve 4” Diameter Regular P550.00
In Single Serve 4” Diameter Low Fat P675.00
9. Smoked Salmon Cheese Balls- A blend of different chesses
Comes in two varieties: Smoked Salmon & Cheese Cheeseball, and Three Cheese Cheeseball.
-Regular small (300g) P420
-Big (400g) P610
-Low fat small (300g) P460.00
-Big (400g) P650.00

According to Jill  “Delicioso does catering- full service or just food orders. We give quality food- restaurant standard at very reasonable prices. The South Beach Diet Packaged Meals is very popular with us because clients get results- they lose 8-14 lbs in 14 days and yet they enjoy the meals. I am very hands on with clients that often they actually call me for advice on what to eat in a specific restaurant. Once I had to choose from the buffet list what the client would eat during her meeting- the hotel in Singapore emailed me the menu choices so they could prepare her meals. Most clients- I would say 75% of them have repeated at least once until they got to their desired weight. Clients who have been on the diet often ask just for lunch orders be delivered to them. So we are also flexible with the contracts. We update the menu at least once a month. We offer both Phase 1 & 2 Meals.”


They are proud to have been certified by Qualibet Testing Laboratory that the meals they serve are of the best quality. Qualibet reassures that the theoretical assumptions are validated Scientifically. They check for protein, fat, carb content as well as sanitiation. They constantly send food items for testing to ensure that the clients get only the best. This is especially true for the South Beach Packaged Diet Meals.Visit her website for more information:


La Cocina de Tia Moning

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FINALLY!!! I have been wanting to experience Suzette Legarda Montinola’s place. We are 7 years late in coming to La Cocina de Tia Moning since it opened in 2000. It was a very nice and intimate experience. The food was very good and we were all stuffed since we had the tasting menu. Suzette recommended it as it had their most popular dishes. I started taking photos of the food and then totally forgot to take the other dishes ( the famous lengua in white wine ) since I was too busy eating :-) I was most especially happy to see my friend ( who I never see ) from Ateneo college who is by the way still SINGLE!!! :-) For more information and to see more photos, visit their website:

Sango and Coop

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wrote on May 26, ’07

For the past 2 Saturdays we have been going back to Sango because we discovered the Master burger. It is so good. I like the chili sauce like/spaghetti sauce that they put and the chopped onions. They have it also as a Master Cheeseburger then I added bacon! Deadly but yummy! I also liked the ice cream which is a sorbet like ice cream- not as heavy as the creamy ice cream but light and refreshing. Next time I will try the version that comes with cornflakes and blueberry sauce. And COOP is now EVERYTHING P 68.00 and not P 75.00 anymore.


March 1, 2007


Do you get that feeling when you arrive from a trip and you have that craving to look for similar items that you just had in that country? Well, we just arrived from Japan and I had that craving so I went to check out these 2 places which i heard about from friends and family.  We were frustrated that Mos Burger in Japan had only 2 kinds of rice burgers and we did not like any of the choices.  Here in Manila, there is Mc Donald’s and there is Sango.  And  of course who do I bump into, my brother in law Mike, who told us about the place.  It’s one of his favorites. 



Sango also had only 2 kinds of rice burgers but I asked them if i could make my own and they said yes for an additional P 40.00.  So I guess you can order any burger that they have and change it to a rice burger or make your own concoction.  So i ordered a chicken rice burger and french fries. Delicious.  Right beside it is a small grocery store called Coop where they have all kinds of Japanese products.  Everything in the store is P 75.00.  Amazing selection.  They even have frozen products like ice cream flown in 2 times a week from Japan. They have an amazing selection of this boxed curry item which is around P 140+ in supermarkets and it costs only P 75.00 in this store. They only accept cash though.