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Dinner for Michael Wu

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 What an honor to meet Rockstar businessman Michael Wu, Chairman and CEO of the Maxim’s Group HK! He joined the company in 1992 and now he is only in his late 40’s and he was CEO 10 years ago and now Chairman and CEO. Maxim’s was started by his grandparents in 1956 and when Michael came in he made the company grow even more. He started m.a.x. Concepts in 1998 with restaurant concepts such as Cafe Landmark, Thai Basil and more. He brought in Starbucks in 2000 and now has 160 branches in HK, and also has stores in China, Vietnam and Cambodia. They have Ippudo, Cheesecake Factory, Genki Sushi and more aside from the popular Peking Garden. The group has around 800 outlets of restaurants and Bakeshops and is the biggest F&B and restaurant chain company in Hong Kong. Amazing!!!! #H2HPeopledinner-for-michael-wu-1dinner-for-michael-wu-2 dinner-for-michael-wu-3 dinner-for-michael-wu-4dinner-for-michael-wu-13dinner-for-michael-wu-5 dinner-for-michael-wu-6 dinner-for-michael-wu-7 dinner-for-michael-wu-8 dinner-for-michael-wu-9 dinner-for-michael-wu-10 dinner-for-michael-wu-11 dinner-for-michael-wu-12dinner-for-michael-wu-14dinner-for-michael-wu-15

August is Breastfeeding Month

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August is breastfeeding month!  Last May I shared a very nice story on breastfeeding Previous entry:  Breastfeeding Journey of Pam May 11, 2014 

I am happy to share another story from another Mom with a similar gift of being able to produce plenty breast milk and be able to share it with other Moms.  Thank you to this anonymous mom :-)  for sharing your story,  for sharing how you store your milk properly, for sharing some breastfeeding tips and for sharing your blessings with other Moms and babies  


Sharing some photos of the the lucky beneficiaries of breastmilk :-)  

Mommy Andrea Mago and daughter Lily


Christine Go and son Ryu


Marcus Vergel de Dios, son of a breast cancer survivor


A healthy and cute beneficiary :-)



Dell’s 4 years after

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I am so happy to see my batch mate, Karla Siopongco-Campos and dine at her place called Dell’s!  


The last time was 4 1/2 years ago.  

Previous entry: Dell’s Foodhall December 6, 2014

 And I remember I featured her in my website and she had 11 locations.  Four and a half years after, she now has 22!  Doubled just like that!  I am so happy for her.  Dell is the Mom of Karla and when she was in high school her Mom was running 20 cafeterias and she would even pull out Karla from school when she needed an extra hand in the business.  So at an early age, Karla was already exposed to the cafeteria industry.  It was only when her Mom was not physically well that she was sent back from the States to come to the Philippines and her mission was to close the business.  So from twenty locations, she was left with one.  And from that one, she bought the business from her Mom and then now grew it to 22!  WOW!  Congrats and more power to Dell’s and to my friend!! 

We went to the Bonifacio Global City branch and she renovated it from the last time we were here which was four years ago :-)

Love this photo leading up to the second floor.  It’s Dell’s pastry chef –


all pastries are made fresh from their kitchen 

Love fresh buko juice :-)  Love the name 

I love cafeteria food :-)  and even more when shared with my friends


All dishes are P 100.00 and comes with a bowl of soup  

Yummy!! lechon kawali




Chicken teriyaki


 Fish Tausi


lechon kawali again :-)  

Bowl of soup – it was sinigang that day :-)

We started at 1030am so we would beat the crowd and true enough at 12 noon the line was already long and we left to make room for the customers

Here we are getting out to make way for many customers lining up :-)  


We moved next door because the birthday girl, Karla, wanted Starbucks.  Apparently the book of Howard Schultz of Starbucks inspired her!  Pour Your Heart Into It – A Must read for every entrepreneur according to Karla!  No wonder you are successful my friend :-)



Partnerships for Disaster and Climate Resilience by the Carlos P. Romulo

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 Did someone just answer my prayers and wishes ? :-)  Last November I was so passionate about the Yolanda typhoon I put out my thoughts by trying to put into words my own simple interpretation on how I wish we could organise our relief efforts

Previous entry:  Project Relief Operations November 16, 2013

Thank you to my friend, Maritina Romulo, she shared the project of her Dad, Ambassador Roberto Romulo,  which answered my prayers and much more!!!  This is good timing before all the storms start coming in.

[wp_youtube]XQZJN6IuxvQ#t=420 [/wp_youtube]

Heart2Heart will do her part in spreading and communicating whatever results come out of this initiative, so stay tuned as well here for developments  


Thank you to the Carlos P. Romulo foundation for doing this for our country!!!!


You can go here and see the recent conferences and keep updated through their Youtube account




Click below to stay tuned for videos on the conferences in YouTube


 They also have a Facebook account for updates.  I will definitely be awaiting for the outcome of all of the conferences that go into action and implementation :-)  



Youth With a Future Graduation Dinner

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I was fortunate to have witnessed such a heartwarming event and milestone for Enderun, Ducasse Education and Ducasse Institute Philippines.  It was an important occassion for the lives of 10 street kids who now have a future!  Thank you to all the people who have made this possible and there are many!  

Previous entry: Youth With a Future 2014 February 4, 2014

Alain Ducasse Visits Tuloy Foundation February 4, 2014 


Congratulations to the first batch of graduates for the Youth With a Future initiative of Enderun and Alain Ducaise Institute.


Chef Kyla Rosales who is an Enderun Alumna and is now a Culinary Instructor

Founder of Enderun, Javi Infante with Chef See

Chef See Cheong San who is their mentor and has given so much of his time to educate and train the kids and I can imagine how proud he is to have been a part of the success of the graduates

My favorite, Chef Thomas Wenger and his wife and my good friend, Rachelle Castañeda Wenger.  Chef Thomas is the big boss in Restaurant 101 as Manaing Director for all food and beverage operations and he is also Senior Lecturer at Enderun.   He also taught some classes at Ducasse Institute 

My beautiful and hardworking batchmate, Tricia Castañeda Tensuan, employee # 1 of Enderun :-), and is the dynamic VP for Admissions and External Relations together with Farah Padlan, Marketing Officer of Tuloy Foundation

Our friends, Noye and Nicole Fandiño.  Nicole has been a friend of Father Rocky and Tuloy Foundation since she was single and until now they are constant friends and kind donors of the foundation.  Some of the students train and intern with Noye in his company, Village Gourmet.  Thank you to this lovely couple for their support for Ducasse Institute Philippines and Tuloy Foundation.  The world needs more people like you! :-)  

The students were made to prepare dinner and they would be graded as part of their graduation :-)  So we all were given grading sheets to fill out

We had a delicious dinner!  


Bread donated by Noye and Nicole Fandino of Village Gourmet 

  Chef Jean Pierre ( JP ) Migne who started the Culinary Center in Tuloy Foundation.  He had 84 graduates in a span of two and a half years.  He recently got into an accident and is unable to work for now

It was so touching to see how all of the graduates went to Chef JP and hugged and cried when they saw him there to witness this very important milestone in their life.  


True act of love and gratitude from the graduates

Thank you to Raffles and Fairmont Hotel Makati, represented by David Batchelor, Managing Director, for offering jobs and internships for some of the graduates at their hotel.  Others will be going to Vask, Chateau 1771,  Soprano and Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai 

President Ed Rodriguez



Congratulations once again!!

Click below to go to their website



Iloilo Esplanade

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a short note about the Pasig River and the Guadalupe Bridge.  I don’t normally write about negative things, but I just wanted to express in the hope that something will be done about it 

Previous entry:  Pasig River February 8, 2014 

My best friend was so excited to take us here.  She is so proud :-) When she took me here, I could not believe it!! This suddenly gave me hope that IT CAN BE DONE!  This is my first time in Iloilo and my first time to hear about the Esplanade and I was just so happy to know that this is in our country!! 


The 1.2 kilometre esplanade celebrates Iloilo citizens’ love for their river.  It provides a functional, as well as beautiful venue that accommodates varied leisure activities open for all to use and appreciate.  It also brings everyone closer to the water’s edge, reconnect people back to nature and increases awareness of the environmental balance necessary for the city to sustain those who live within its borders

Inaugurated, June 2012 by His Excellency Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III

Hon. Senator Franklin Drilon

It’s beautiful!!  We walked here after our merienda!  Eds told me that Tito Frank Drilon visited each and every house and family that used to live alongside the river to convince them to relocate and it worked!!  There were around a thousand families here and they were relocated.  There was a slaughter house also here that used to throw their waste in the river.  It has also been relocated and now the esplanade is smell free and is a beautiful place!  It is now prime property and a place we can be proud of. 







Entertainment for kids



And now they are working on the bridge!!!

Iloilo makes me believe that there is hope for our country!    


Aries Caces at the Polk Arts Center

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I am so blessed to be part of this private concert at the Polk Art Center :-) and have the priveledge to listen once more to the great and very talented pianist, Aries Caces.  Aries is a pianist, conductor and professor in Vienna, Austria and is back for awhile in the Philippines.  He will be back next year for a solo concert with the Manila Symphony Orchestra  

Previous entry:  Aries Caces and Minette Padilla March 10, 2012   


This piece is a beautiful and very unique performance that I have never seen in my whole life.  It’s a left hand alone piece composed by a Filipino, who was the teacher of Aries.  Listen to Aries explain and then see how he plays this piece.  I am so happy to have captured this


More power to you Aries!! You make us Filipinos proud!

Thank you to my bestfriend, Eds, for organizing this and inviting us over

Cocktails by the beautiful pool of Eds.  Eds is a very good customer of Gourmet Garage catering :-)  

And a Happy Birthday Eds!! We love you!