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Paella at the Kneedler House

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We love also visiting the Kneedler House when in Baguio :-)

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Visiting the Young’s :-)

Angels from Tita Emily Campos of Touch of Craft :-)

Thanks to my cousin Edward for this old photo from 2005

 We love taking photos by this wishing well


The beautiful wishing well that eventually became the inspiration for Tito Stephen and his new magazine publication, Taste and Travel  

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It’s so nice to eat at home in Baguio because the weather is so nice and so conducive to cooking outdoors and just hanging out in the house.  Tito Stephen and Tita Reggie have such a beautiful home!  A country home :-) 

This is the usual appetizer table and we look forward to it :-)

Bangus chicharon

Playing in the background was Tito Rj’s CD which is now available in Starbucks!!  I love this CD!!!  Tito RJ is Tita Reggie’s brother in law :-)

Best Foodie friends :-)  Mom and Tita Reg

yum yum homemade paella :-)

Grilling :-)

Special macaroni dish for Mischka :-)

This is the salad table :-)

Seasonings and spices

Dessert table

Inside the Master bedroom dressing room is this Mosler vault.  It is behind a mirrored sliding door so it looks like it’s just a closet.  For 20 years  they have been trying to open this safe wondering what could be inside the vault.  Finally a friend knew someone from Mosler and it took them 24 hours to open it.  


There was nothing inside only another Mosler cabinet that was also a safe.  There was nothing inside the cabinet too :-)  So nice to use this old vault door as a door! :-)   


Taste Travel and Trends

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Congratulations to Tito Stephen on the launch of his new magazine!! How nice that it is connected with a foundation for education and philanthropic pursuits :-)  

taste-travel-and-trends2.jpg taste-travel-and-trends6.jpg

I love that Wishing well in their Baguio home

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Tito Stephen and Tita Reggie enjoy eating and travelling and so this magazine is a venue to share their adventures.  We need all the taste and travel tips we can get as many people are traveling and looking for restaurants to go to.  So the timing of this magazine is perfect!

They are the sweetest ” Sweeties”  that we know and we love them!  Good luck and more power!!


 As seen on Cassandra by Tita Gracie Go


I received the maiden issue and nice to see many articles with familiar faces including my Mom and sister :-)  



Best Desserts by Vangie Baga Reyes

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I was so happy to see Vangie Baga Reyes from the Philippine Daily Inquirer ( PDI ).   I have not seen her in more than ten years and she’s blooming :-)   


She is the famous writer of the Best Desserts article that comes out in the PDI every year!!  I believe this started in 2011


then 2012 


And because of it’s popularity, they published a book!!!  Not only maybe because it is so popular, I am sure she has a hard time limiting the list to only 20 that she had to make a book!! :-)  We have so many talented bakers in our country!

They launched it last February.  Congratulations Vangie!! More power!!  



Don’t Forget the Soap

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Congratulations Marie Claire Moore!  Thank you Tina Vitas for inviting me to the book launch!  A book for Filipinas living abroad and for any woman who wants to learn some tips on how to juggle motherhood with career and yet be successful :-)  I am sure many of us can benefit from reading this book  

marieclairelimmooredontforgetthesoapbooklaunch.jpgdont-forget-the-soap-1.jpegmarie-claire-lim-moore.jpg554704_677957285561385_478466846_n.jpgdont-forget-the-soap-2.jpeg1455164_672110749479372_696181177_n.jpgdont-forget-the-soap-4.jpegdont-forget-the-soap-3.jpegdont-forget-the-soap-8.jpeg994985_680306915326422_1556866452_n.jpgdont-forget-the-soap-5.jpeg1476609_687585357931911_655556193_n.jpgdont-forget-the-soap-6.jpeg1459202_678597162164064_976860316_n.jpg dont-forget-the-soap-7.jpeg1472728_10152045561946830_362304662_n.jpg1452460_687142074642906_1565461519_n.jpg



Fun Time with Dad

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It is indeed a blessing to be able to spend time and do things with your parents or grandparents.  My Lolo is 92 and he still travels and is such a character!  We enjoy being with him.  Sharing here a nice article by my Tita Tess