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Pierre Marcolini

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 We were at Marlybone High Street and could not help stop by this tempting place! pierre-marcolini-2 pierre-marcolini-3pierre-marcolini-8pierre-marcolini-11pierre-marcolini-12 pierre-marcolini-4 pierre-marcolini-5pierre-marcolini-7pierre-marcolini-9 pierre-marcolini-6 LOVE!pierre-marcolini-1  Palets Fins
Twenty five chocolate and caramel squares

 #PierreMarcoliniLondon #PierreMarcolini #H2HLondon #H2HChocolatepierre-marcolini-10

Outlaw’s at the Capital

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Outlaws is a Michelin Star restaurant by Chef .  He has another branch at the Capital Hotel.  It’s a few steps away from Harrod’s so if you are looking for a good seafood place and you are in the area – this is a nice place.  It is peaceful and the food is good.outlaws-at-the-capitol-2outlaws-at-the-capitol-17 outlaws-at-the-capitol-3 outlaws-at-the-capitol-4 outlaws-at-the-capitol-5outlaws-at-the-capitol-9outlaws-at-the-capitol-8 outlaws-at-the-capitol-10 outlaws-at-the-capitol-11  Very reasonable set lunch :-)outlaws-at-the-capitol-6 Hake – YUM!outlaws-at-the-capitol-12 We didn’t even have to get full courses- we just ordered oysters and then main dish – they just adjusted the price accordinglyoutlaws-at-the-capitol-7

 Codoutlaws-at-the-capitol-13  Brilloutlaws-at-the-capitol-14outlaws-at-the-capitol-22 outlaws-at-the-capitol-15 outlaws-at-the-capitol-16Love the toilet!  They have Mineral water :-)outlaws-at-the-capitol-18 outlaws-at-the-capitol-19 outlaws-at-the-capitol-20 outlaws-at-the-capitol-21 outlaws-at-the-capitol-1

Dover Street Market in Haymarket

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 Dover Street Market moved to a new location in Haymarket street where apparently was the building where Burberry started in 1910! Burberry moved out 8 years ago and moved to Regent street. The property is now owned by Lord Sugar who was their previous landlord in Dover Street. It’s 3 times the space so it’s a bigger store and it’s so beautiful!!! I’m so out of place in this store ( haha! ) but I love looking around at the display, observing how the people are dressed, I LOVE the store! #DoverStreetMarketLondon #H2HLondondover-street-market-in-haymarket-1  As we entered Dover Street Market we met Joey Asunción who is part Filipino though he was born and grew up in New Orleans. He lived in SF for 12 years, moved to NYC for 13 years and 5 months ago moved to London  and now works here. Look for him when you go here  #DoverStreetMarketLondon #H2HLondon #H2HPeople


 Oops Spotted another Pinoy!
dover-street-market-londondover-street-market-in-haymarket-5 dover-street-market-in-haymarket-4 dover-street-market-in-haymarket-2 dover-street-market-in-haymarket-7  As you enter the new Dover street Market store @doverstreetmarketlondon you are greeted by these stuffed animals. Of course Dad is drawn to them as he lovess animals and has a few of these himself! These are all sold already and ready to be delivered to their owners ranging from £1k to £4K Apparently these are from the antique collection of Emma Hawkins, a 24 yr old taxidermist who grew up around these as her Father is an antique dealer. She only sells antique animals as she doesn’t believe in killing animals but in preservation for historical purposes. Well my dad doesn’t believe in killing animals too. He just stuffs his pets that die. My dad has beautiful animals as pets #DoverStreetMarketLondon #EmmaHawkins #taxidermy #H2HAnimals #H2HLondondover-street-market-in-haymarket-9  Eyebrows comb!! 20 pounds!dover-street-market-in-haymarket-6dover-street-market-in-haymarket-3  Pink tiles at @doverstreetmarketlondon for soaps, candles, lotions  #DoverStreetMarketLondon #H2HLondon #H2HPinkdover-street-market-in-haymarket-8

Supermarket Finds in London

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 Daim Chocolate cake!  They had a frozen cake in @officialwaitrose_ for 3£ #H2HLondon #H2HDesserts #H2HChocolatessupermarket-finds-in-london-1  Limited Edition anything  #H2HLondon #H2HSnackFinds #H2HSnackssupermarket-finds-in-london-2 supermarket-finds-in-london-3 supermarket-finds-in-london-4 supermarket-finds-in-london-5  YUM! for below 3£supermarket-finds-in-london-6  I wish someone would sell these here in the Philippinessupermarket-finds-in-london-7  They even have cake size!!! All you need to do is add whipping cream and fresh fruits :-)  supermarket-finds-in-london-8 supermarket-finds-in-london-9

Mercato Metropolitano

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 A 3-month old Mercato in South of Borough (Sobo) – Mercato Metropolitan @mercatometropolitano – an Italian Food market !  Super LOVE it here – yellow tables, red crates.  Its by an old 3 storey paper factory which now has an Italian Supermarket, a boxing gym and the top floor still to be developed. It’s a 10- minute walk from Borough Market #mercatometropolitanolondon #H2HLondonmercato-metropolitano-3 mercato-metropolitano-4 mercato-metropolitano-5 mercato-metropolitano-6 mercato-metropolitano-7 mercato-metropolitano-8 mercato-metropolitano-9 mercato-metropolitano-10 mercato-metropolitano-77mercato-metropolitano-1 mercato-metropolitano-11 mercato-metropolitano-12 mercato-metropolitano-13 mercato-metropolitano-14 mercato-metropolitano-15mercato-metropolitano-67mercato-metropolitano-68 mercato-metropolitano-16 mercato-metropolitano-17 mercato-metropolitano-18 mercato-metropolitano-19mercato-metropolitano-73 mercato-metropolitano-20 mercato-metropolitano-21 mercato-metropolitano-22 mercato-metropolitano-23 mercato-metropolitano-24 mercato-metropolitano-25 mercato-metropolitano-26 mercato-metropolitano-27 mercato-metropolitano-28 mercato-metropolitano-29mercato-metropolitano-2 mercato-metropolitano-30 mercato-metropolitano-31 mercato-metropolitano-32mercato-metropolitano-62 mercato-metropolitano-33 mercato-metropolitano-34mercato-metropolitano-59 Not everything is Italian! :-)mercato-metropolitano-35mercato-metropolitano-60 mercato-metropolitano-36 mercato-metropolitano-37 mercato-metropolitano-38mercato-metropolitano-72mercato-metropolitano-39 mercato-metropolitano-40 mercato-metropolitano-41 mercato-metropolitano-42 mercato-metropolitano-43 A Cozy enoteca!!mercato-metropolitano-63mercato-metropolitano-64mercato-metropolitano-70mercato-metropolitano-71 mercato-metropolitano-44 mercato-metropolitano-45 mercato-metropolitano-46 mercato-metropolitano-47 mercato-metropolitano-48 mercato-metropolitano-49 mercato-metropolitano-50 mercato-metropolitano-51 mercato-metropolitano-52mercato-metropolitano-66 mercato-metropolitano-53 mercato-metropolitano-54 mercato-metropolitano-55 mercato-metropolitano-56 Risotto – pumpkin, sage, toasted hazelnuts and smoked cheese.  I wanted to try something different so I chose this over the mushroom, pecorino and bacon #mercatometropolitanolondon #H2HLondon #H2HRisottomercato-metropolitano-69 I made a mistake! :-)  I like this better!! Risotto of the day – carbonara! Yummy!!mercato-metropolitano-74 mercato-metropolitano-57 mercato-metropolitano-58mercato-metropolitano-65mercato-metropolitano-61
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Romulo Cafe London

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 Yay!!! Romulo Cafe @romulocafelondon is in our “hood”

Congratulations Gumamela Maritina Romulo @maritinaromulo and Enzo and Sandie Squillantini.   So glad we have a place to go to for Filipino food. Love the Christmas decors in the window #RomuloCafeLondon #H2HLondonromulo-cafe-london-2 romulo-cafe-london-3 romulo-cafe-london-4 romulo-cafe-london-5  Risa chocolates  @risachocolates @itspaml5 is available in @romulocafelondon  Yay!!! #RomuloCafeLondon #H2HLondon #H2HChocolateromulo-cafe-london-7 romulo-cafe-london-6 romulo-cafe-london-8 romulo-cafe-london-114713723_1646826498943607_9219664948838593090_nromulo-cafe-london-holiday-hours

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Heart2Heart loves this street in Belgravia!!  Elizabeth street!  There are a few quaint shops and restaurants.  I wish I could live in this area!! oliveto-10

 Pet shopoliveto-4  Bespoke perfumesoliveto-5 oliveto-6  Cafeoliveto-7  The only Jo Loves store is here!  Create your own bespoke candles!!oliveto-8  I love this frontage :-)oliveto-9Lunch at Oliveto!oliveto-11 oliveto-12 So happy to see another cousin, Ria with her husband Emilio.   3 years ago we attended their wedding here in London and now everyone is pressuring them looking for their baby haha!! #H2HLondonoliveto-15 oliveto-13 oliveto-14Carpaccio di Manzo
oliveto-16 Pizza Sardaoliveto-17Linguini al Grancho – with crab meatoliveto-2 Pizza ai funghioliveto-18  Pasta of the day –oliveto-19 Batuta d’Agnellooliveto-20
 It’s very rare to see Botarga pasta on the menu. Super yum !  This is what we came for! Mom’s favorite #Oliveto #Belgravia #H2HLondon #H2HPasta #botargaoliveto-21  Truffle season means Truffle pasta :-) oliveto-1


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Peggy Porschken cakes

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 Super love this pink patisserie in Elizabeth St Belgravia – Peggy Porschen cakes  @peggyporschenofficial Many people take photos inside and outside the patisserie #PeggyPorschenCakes #H2HLondon #H2HPink #Belgraviapeggy-porschken-cakes-17peggy-porschken-cakes-18 peggy-porschken-cakes-19 peggy-porschken-cakes-20 peggy-porschken-cakes-21 peggy-porschken-cakes-22 peggy-porschken-cakes-2peggy-porschken-cakes-16peggy-porschken-cakes-6peggy-porschken-cakes-14peggy-porschken-cakes-15peggy-porschken-cakes-8peggy-porschken-cakes-10peggy-porschken-cakes-9 peggy-porschken-cakes-3 peggy-porschken-cakes-4 peggy-porschken-cakes-5  Pretty confectionery Christmas tree – A crispy meringue cone bejeweled with pastel and gold colored meriengue kisses, white chocolate macaroons and cinnamon stars #PeggyPorschen #H2HLondonpeggy-porschken-cakes-1peggy-porschken-cakes-7

peggy-porschken-cakes-11 peggy-porschken-cakes-12  Gingerbread Winter Village £650.00  @peggyporschenofficial With a heavenly scent of sugar and spice, this edible winter wonderland hides 3 indulgent tiers of rich dark fruit cake covered Ruth marzipan and royal icing plus a 2 tier gingerbread church #PeggyPorschen #H2HLondonpeggy-porschken-cakes-13