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AcuDetox Party

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 I’m a wellness addict :-)  and enjoy discovering ways to stay healthy or finding alternative means to cure in the most natural way. Today I discovered a new technique/way of healing. I attended a Detox party

What a nice idea to get together with friends and at the same time be healthy. It’s a collab by Swizzle Bar @swizzlemobilebar by Karla Reyes @kakakarlotta and Healing Minds PH @healingmindsph by Gisa Paredes @gisaparedes  Contact Gisa at +63 917 505 4472 #HealingMindsPH#swizzlemobilebar #DetoxParty#H2HHealth

Acudetox Party (1) Acudetox Party (2) Acudetox Party (3) Acudetox Party (4) Acudetox Party (5) Acudetox Party (6) Acudetox Party (7) Acudetox Party (8) Acudetox Party (9) Acudetox Party (10)

Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_001Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_002Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_003Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_004Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_005Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_006Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_007Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_008Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_009Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_010Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_011Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_012Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_013Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_014Final Deck - Detox Party Presentation (Healing Minds PH)_015

Medical Mission of Dr. JP Prado

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Last month, I visited my friend Osteopath Doctor, Dr. JP @jphprado at his medical mission in Bangkal Barangay Hall. In this medical mission they give free health check up, dental and circumcision. After which they give free medicines. Aside from that there is free food and drinks, ice cream and lots of free LOVE from all the doctors and volunteers who gave their time to help 400 people in this area #springboardfoundation #springboardfoundationph #medicalmissionMedical Misison Dr. JP Prado (18) My super mabait and funny friend, Dr. JP Prado.

Twice a year, Springboard foundation @springboard_foundation has a Medical mission helping 400 people. This is organized by the Medical Head of the foundation, Dr. JP Prado @jphprado . A very kind hearted and generous Doctor. The money he gets from his practice he uses to buy medicines to give out in the missions. He gathers 20 doctors
15 dentists and 40 nurses to all help in this mission. God bless Dr. JP and all who give their time and resources to help othersMedical Misison Dr. JP Prado (12) How organised!!  Layout in the basket ball courtMedical Misison Dr. JP Prado (17) Holding area where they show movies while the patients are waitingMedical Misison Dr. JP Prado (16) Free ice cream!!!Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (15) Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (14) The first desk is the information booth who will direct and guide the patientsMedical Misison Dr. JP Prado (3) General Check up/Medical stationMedical Misison Dr. JP Prado (5) Yikes!  Poor guys! haha.  I did not even want to take a peek here! haha!!Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (1) Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (8) DentalMedical Misison Dr. JP Prado (7) Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (6) Activities for the kids that are waitingMedical Misison Dr. JP Prado (4) Free medicines!!!Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (2) Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (11) Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (10) Food!! Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (20) Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (9) Giveaways :-)Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (13) Cute!!  Photo booth :-) Thank you to all those who gave their time, their services, their donations and for helping 400 people!!Medical Misison Dr. JP Prado (19)

Complementary Medicine Services

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 Yesterday I finally saw “God :-)   That’s how my friend refers to him since this guy really does miracles :-) Mig del Prado also known as the Doctor of the Stars :-)

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 I’ve been having pain in my legs and right shoulder and in just one session I’m healed!!! All he does is twist and turn your body parts with a little pain :-) but after that everything is okay in less than 30 minutes! Myotherapy is how he calls his practice. Do see him for sports injuries or just anything – he even gave me something for my acid reflux and it’s all natural

Miguel del Prado Myotherapy Polo Club

He is at the Manila Polo club 028170961 loc 107. Wednesday from 9am to 3pm

I went a second time and this time in his clinic in St. Lukes, in the Complementary Medicine Service section of the hospital.  He is here  027899551 Monday Tuesday Thursday And Friday 9am to 5pm

Complimentary Medicine (7)Complimentary Medicine (1)I love it! It’s so relaxing and soothing – I want to have a massage here haha!!

Complimentary Medicine (2)

There are other rooms here – they have all sorts of healing methods that are all natural – This is YogaComplimentary Medicine (3)

Foot ReflexologyComplimentary Medicine (4)

AcupunctureComplimentary Medicine (5)

And here’s Mig! :-)Complimentary Medicine (6)

The Sandy Project and A Tribute to Sandy

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Sandy continues to be in our hearts and in our lives as she spreads the word about dengue and how to protect ourselves from becoming a victim.  Sandy’s family are keeping her spirit alive through their recently launched project – The Sandy Project.  Sharing it hear in Heart2Heart and I am asking you to spread this to all your friends and family and especially to children so they can be aware of dengue


 Yesterday, Sandy’s school gave a very beautiful tribute for her!  I am so glad I took videos!  I worked on this quickly so please bear with me.  I hope it will still capture the essence of the event.  Thank you Peaches for making me a part and making me cry with everyone else!  Thank you for allowing me to document this wonderful tribute.  You are truly blessed


Here are some photos which I will post as well from the video.  It was my first time to visit MGIS Mahatma Gandhi International School.  A very nice school with only around 150 students so approximately 10 per level.  So almost everyone knows each other here :-)  It’s an IB school

 When I arrived in the school, I saw this poster!!  The kids of Peaches are all champions in archery including Sandy!  

 Everyone gathered in the auditorium

 For a tribute

 Spearheaded by Headmistress Rebecca Warren

 They prepared song numbers, slideshows and planted a beautiful tree in commemoration of Sandy


 All the students hung messages for Sandy on the tree


 Sandy’s best friend


 Other Moms, grand moms and sisters joining the celebration


Photodermatology in the Tropics by VSRC

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I went to this last November 3 :-) I have so many moles so I wanted to take advantage of the mole mapping and skin cancer screening being offered by the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc and VSRC 


photodermatology-in-the-tropics-by-vsrc-3.jpeg photodermatology-in-the-tropics-by-vsrc-5.jpeg

They set up cubicles in the Turf room :-)  I am happy to report that all my moles are okay for now.  No harm in checking and making sure photodermatology-in-the-tropics-by-vsrc-6.jpeg

After my session, I asked to see Dra. Verallo since I wanted to meet her and take her photo :-)  I hear so much about her but I have never met her so I made sure I greeted her and thanked her for the session I had.  According to Laura, her daughter, Dra. Verallo is a super woman doing so many things!  Heart2Heart loves super women who loves working and women who loves doing things for others!  So, I am glad to be featuring this woman who has contributed and still contributes to the dermatological industry! Click here cv-vmvr-2007.doc to view Dra Verallo’s CV


Here is some literature which they gave out about moles and skin cancer


They even had giveaways for those who went for the screening photodermatology-in-the-tropics-by-vsrc-4.jpeg

Thank you Dra. Verallo and the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. photodermatology-in-the-tropics-by-vsrc-7.jpegskin-cancer-foundation-dra-verallio-rowell.jpg

Click below to go to the website of VSRC



Visiting Dra. Henson

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I have been so busy!!! Busy visiting doctors! :-)  I don’t really enjoy it, but I do it because I have to!  It’s a good thing there are fun doctors!! I went to visit Dra Tere Henson in Makati Medical Center and I love her clinic!!  I am not only featuring homes now, even doctors clinics haha!!  

First a wall clock that was flashed on the wall by a small projector from the opposite side of the wall :-)


As you enter, there is a coffee machine where you can help yourself!! I love it!!  

There is a nice painting on the wall and you can see the DVD player as well

And here she is! I love her clinic!!!

Close up on her because she is wearing a blouse with a heart! I love it! But she got mad at me for being a delinquent patient.  I told her that I am so good- there are others who don’t even go to the doctor even if they feel something is wrong! :-)


I am closing up on the collection of miniature chairs which her husband ( who is also a doctor ) has!  They share the same office :-)  

I dread this room, but that day I loved it :-)  

A pop art work on the wall and a sculpture made out of recycled brass by Ral Arrogante!  I remember him from Art in the Park

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