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Paul’s Rabat

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 Part of the group stayed overnight in Casablanca and part stayed in Rabat!  We were in the Rabat group.  Rabat is beautiful – its the city where the Palace of the King resides and where all the diplomats live because they live around him.

 We had breakfast in Paul’s.   Paul’s is very popular in Morocco, they are in several cities.  Paul's Rabat (2)  We were 3 couples in Rabat but one couple did not wake up for breakfast haha!!
Paul Rabat
Paul's Rabat (3) Paul's Rabat (4) Paul's Rabat (1)

Habous in Casablanca

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 When in Casablanca – a must visit – Quartier des Habous. The King’s palace is located here. ( He has a palace in every city) There are quaint bookstores here and a mosque. This is a newer Medina and where the locals shop which should mean quality local handicrafts and products, and should be much cheaper than the touristic Fes and Marrakech. It’s almost 100 years old built by the French #Habous #Casablanca #Morokrew #Morocco #casablancaHabous in Casablanca (2) Habous in Casablanca (5)  My Tita who lived in Morocco says it is cheap to go souk shopping here but as always make sure to haggle to your teeth haha!! :-) Habous in Casablanca (6)Habous in Casablanca (8) Habous in Casablanca (4)Make sure to stop by Patiserrie Bennis Habous #Habous #Morokrew #PatisserieBennisHabous #MoroccoHabous in Casablanca (7) Habous in Casablanca (3)  For freshly baked Moroccan Petit Fours #PatisserieBennisHabous #Habous #Morokrew #H2HSweets #MoroccoHabous in Casablanca (9) Habous in Casablanca (10) Habous in Casablanca (1)

Rick’s Cafe Casablanca

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 We wanted to see Rick’s Cafe so we went for drinks which became dinner because it was already late and they seem to push for you to order something per person.  They are also quite strict with photos being taken inside so I am glad I was able to take some

#RicksCafe #Casablanca #Morokrew #Morocco #h2hinteriorsRick's Cafe Casablanca (1)Rick's Cafe Casablanca (10) Rick's Cafe Casablanca (11) Rick's Cafe Casablanca (2) Rick's Cafe Casablanca (3)They put us in a private room which has a bar Rick's Cafe Casablanca (7)Rick's Cafe Casablanca (12) Rick's Cafe Casablanca (13) Rick's Cafe Casablanca (4)  I ordered lamb chops which was actually very good!! :-)Rick's Cafe Casablanca (5) Rick's Cafe Casablanca (6) Rick's Cafe Casablanca (8) Rick's Cafe Casablanca (9) Click below to go to their websiteRick's Cafe Casablanca website

Hassan II Mosque Casablanca

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 Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is the largest mosque in Morocco and in Africa. It was built in 1993 from donations. It can fit up to 125,000 people inside and outside the mosque. It’s beautiful and located facing the Atlantic Ocean #HassanIIMosque #Morokrew #MoroccoHassan II Mosque Casablanca (2) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (3) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (4) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (5) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (6) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (7) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (8) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (9) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (10) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (11) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (12) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (13) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (14) From Hassan II Mosque we walked on the  Boulevard De La Corniche which is the shoreline by the Atlantic Ocean. It used to be a very popular resort area. It is lined with hotels and restaurants. I wish they developed and improved it some more so it will even be more beautiful. A view of the city of Casablanca from one of the points of La Corniche #Morokrew #BoulevardLaCorniche #AtlanticOcean #Morocco #Casablanca
Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (15) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (16) Hassan II Mosque Casablanca (1)


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Nisekrew became Morokrew this year :-)

 Previous entry:  Nisekrew  Feb 15, 2016

 There were some Nisekrew who could not make it to Morocco so we were not complete.  I guess it is really hard to always be complete but we will always try :-)

 We arrived in Morocco in 3 different groupsMorokrew (5)  This group came together from Manila :-)  with an additional member – he is at the back! :-) Manny :-)Morokrew (4)

Like Nisekrew, I am introducing the characters of the adventure so you know everyone in the group :-)  Everytime we travel together I learn a little something more about each one and love them even more 😉  It’s not easy to live and breathe each other for 12 days ( haha ) but we managed.  And we are looking forward to more adventures together.

Whenever #morokrew Manny @mannydr talks ( beep ) haha!!  or sends a whatsapp message it’s always hilarious – straight to the point or sarcastic or just funny!  ( He says all three!! haha )  So glad he came along.

Morokrew Manny He is the brother of Don Durian Raffy :-)Morokrew members

Anna – the partner of Manny because they were the 2 singles in the group.  Our couple clowns in Morokrew :-)  We love them both! So much fun to be with Anna!  We are so blessed to have her in the group!   ( Photos from here are from our official photographer Steve Sy )Morokrew AnaRaffy and Carmina- Our Daddy and Mommy who are the organizers of the trips.  They have to be so patient with all our quirks and take all our questions because we do not read the emails! haha!!  These two will never scrimp on food and will always make sure we eat in the best places.  Carmina the Crazy Cook is a foodie and has a radar for good food.  So we relied on her to choose the restaurants and we just followed :-)  Be ready to spend when you are her tablemate haha!!!
Morokrew del RosariosJose and Tin –  The ever passionate couple that loves planning for their new home, looking for furniture, carpets and accessories from all over the world.  Finds from Morocco were carpets and handprinted ceramics :-)  A very practical couple and also super sweet :-) Morokrew Morenos Jose  Raj and Kai – the super sweet couple and the Mommy that FaceTime’s with her kids 5 times a day! 😉  Kai is the person to stick with during a trip because for sure she will always have wifi haha!!!  Raj is our DJ providing beautiful music over the long journey to the desert and Kai provided us with junk food yay!!  Definitely need to stick to these two :-)Morokrew Morenos Raj Steve and Cherina – Steve our official photographer and Cherina our treasurer and assistant to Carmina. Cherina really researches on accommodations so I just trust her and follow what she does.  She is the expert on plane seating, hotel accommodations and computing bills! haha!!

I found out this trip that Cherina is a shopper!!  I enjoy being with her because I just watch her enjoying her shopping – most of it though are all pasalubongs :-)  So thoughtful and generous obviously :-) Morokrew Sys

Marco and Jackie – they almost did not join us but we are glad they did because they are the stylists in the group haha!! We would be lost without them for a group photo.  They are super stylish themselves, super jet setters and the “ballers” of the group in tandem with Steve and Lindy ( who did not go ) …… won’t ever be the same without them!  Morokrew AntoniosAnd us :-)Morokrew de Jesuses

So happy to see my handsome :-) cousin, Chris Tantoco @christantoken who lives in Morocco. As soon as he graduated from Boston University, my lolo sent him immediately to head the duty free operations as EVP- GM. He has been there for 6 years already #H2HPeople
Morokrew (2)  There is a coffeeshop named after my Tita Tokie :-)  It used to be hers but she sold it already.  I am so glad the name is still the same :-)

Morokrew (1)

And so our adventure begins :-)

Youssef Our Tour Guide in Morocco

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 People are asking me for tips about Morocco.  Tip number 1 and the most important is to get a tour guide.  Whether you are 1 or 2 or 15.  This is one country where you should not scrimp on hiring a tour guide.  Trust me!

You can contact your tour guide in the beginning of the trip so that he can help you plan your trip properly and even make suggestions.  As soon as we arrived, we met our tour guide – YoussefYoussef (3)  He is so fashionable I took his photo everyday! haha!!! I love him :-)  He is the tour guide of many VIPs coming to Morocco – so he knows how to handle groups.  I highly recommend him.  He is married to a Japanese :-)  Youssef (2) Youssef (4)  Youssef is also a bodyguard! :-)  He will take care of disciplining people around you.  Because of him I can take photos of almost everything and everywhere we went.Youssef (5)  Youssef and the girls :-)Youssef (6) Youssef (7) Youssef (8)  One of the group members needed crutches – he was able to get crutches for us and we did not need to buy! haha!!Youssef (1)Youssef Morocco tour guide

Etihad Luxe Kits

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 We took Etihad @etihadairways to and from Casablanca. We were able to collect all 6 Luxe bags from the flight – Rome, New York, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Melbourne and Sao Paolo ? #Etihad #LuxeguidesEithad (1) Eithad (2) Eithad (3)