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Le Tao Pop Up

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 One of the best cheesecakes in the world!!! Fromage Double ( cheesecake ) from Le Tao @letao_ph has arrived in the Philippines !  Now opened in Uptown BGC and Greenbelt 5!!! LOVE  Le Tao because this is the official cheesecake of the #Nisekrew gang. Le Tao is based in Hokkaido and we went to Hokkaido last February. It brings back memories and at the same time it’s really yummy!! Thank you Bryan Tiu @tiubryan for bringing this in.  For reservations or info call 0916 568 3362 #H2HCheese #h2hdessertfinds #H2HDesserts #LeTaoPh

Le Tao Pop Up (11)

Thank you to these 2 handsome :-)  gentlemen – Bryan Tiu @tiubryan and Dominic Hernandez @chadominic for bringing in LeTAO @letao_ph and Tokyo Milkcheese Factory @tokyomilkcheesefactoryph ( sister companies )  to the Philippines.   There’s another one coming soon according to Bryan and Heart2Heart is also excited #LeTaoPh #H2HPeople #tokyomilkcheesefactoryph

Le Tao Pop Up (9)We had a nice afternoon tea at Chef Jessie in Rockwell Club Le Tao Event Rockwell High teaLe Tao Pop Up (3)Le Tao Pop Up (2)Le Tao Pop Up (8) Le Tao Pop Up (4)Le Tao Pop Up (1)  LeTAO @letao_ph cheesecake is the official cheesecake of the #Nisekrew Last year we went to Hokkaido and we all love LeTAO. We were also able to go to Otaru where it originated. Japanese cheesecake is different from American cheesecake so it’s lighter, cheesy in a different way ( not too salty, a bit sweet) and it doesn’t give a guilty or heavy feeling. So to us this is the best cheesecake. It’s Double Fromage with 2 layers – the top layer is a no bake cheesecake made of mascarpone cheese from Italy and the lower layer is a baked cheesecake. Around the cheesecake is grated cheesecake ( like the lower layer) which is like snow.  Like the snow in Hokkaido, like the cheesecake that melts in your mouth !   I’m so happy it’s now in the Philippines only as a pop up in Uptown BGC mall and in Greenbelt 5 until March. The real store will open in October! So make sure to get your cheesecakes now  #LeTaoPh #H2HCheese #h2hdessertfinds #H2HCakes #nisekrewdiscoveriesLe Tao Double Fromage philippinesLe Tao Pop Up (6)Now I know why Le Tao is in the Philippines!!!  Berna told Bryan to bring it in!!! YAY!!!!!  
Le Tao Pop Up (10)Le Tao Pop Up (5)My 2 companions today who I love and who I connect with LeTAO . Cherina @cheriris shared with me her valuable stash of LeTAO cheesecake and sent it to my hotel room in Sapporo with fresh Japanese strawberries pa.  I tasted it and that’s how I fell in love with it. So I will never forget that. Berna on the other hand also tried it during her visit to Hokkaido last year and also loved it. So we are the LeTAO girls haha!! Happy to eat it together today #LeTaoPh #H2HCakes #h2hdessertfinds #H2HCheese #nisekrewdiscoveries
Le Tao Pop Up (7) Le Tao Pop Up (12)

Travelling Together

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  It’s no joke to travel in a big group not only because of the logistics but because there are many personalities involved and you need to know how to make “pakisama.” With this group it was not a problem! Though we all had our own quirks- everyone was so patient and understanding of each other. No drama! haha!!

The first discovery!  When we arrived in our hotel, we realised we were all using Rimowa luggages!!!  One of the few things we have in common! haha!!
Nisekrew Rimowa AdoramMNL Adora

As my husband always says, when you travel together, it is a different type of bonding :-) You have no choice but to hangout together! haha!! But seriously – travelling is like living together …for a limited time ( thank god haha ) ….enough time to enjoy and at the same time you get to know each other better – more than the usual friendship you already have!  So it is nice!!Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (6)

 Though we knew already how Steve and Lindy have their own requirements in travelling, we accepted that already before travelling so we knew that we would not be with them in everything but it was alright.  No complains or tampuhan – we actually just laugh about it and enjoy them/love them for who they are.  How boring life would be without them! haha!!

Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (5)  I loved this sweet and pretty lady ever since but i discovered one thing more this trip – Cherina @cheriris gets “hangry” if she does not eat on time!Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (4)And how sweet her husband Steve @stvsy888 is and brings her food right on time :-)  For that you deserve a photo ( even walang connection ) haha!!

Steve nisekrew Everyone was so accommodating and giving.  These Sy brothers are so quiet!!  But this Andre was always caught being so helpful:-) he even  tried to help me when my snowmobile got stuck ( because I was blocking his way haha )  and apparently he is a good cook!!!  Hoping he can cook for all of us one of these days!  HINT HINT! :-)  Andre nisekrew

Even Jancis was quiet!  Hoping to get to know these two more :-)
pat jancis nisekrewAnd apparently these two Sy brothers are Ramen partners with Elbert Cuenca!steve pat andre nisekrew

It’s nice to see cousins close but even nicer to see brothers that are close! Like how these two brothers are so so close!! They lived all together ( married already :-) ), they travel together and will soon be moving to their new home and still together! haha!!  They are inseparable!  How nice!

moreno brothers nisekrew And even their wives and kids are close to each other!  James is good friends with the two brothers and I am happy to be in good company with their wives!!

We are so lucky to be friends with them and we are looking forward to more adventures and spending more time with them!! :-)  Jose and Tin nisekrew 2

We were so lucky to have with us Kapibarasan Tina Tinio @tinatimeofficial who is a native in Japan! She loves the character Kapibarasan and has a collection of over a hundred things from stuffed toys to home goods!  Thanks to her she is the guide for the skiers ? in the slopes and can translate for us! She helped us talk to the owner at Bang Bang and helped us in ordering. Tina studied with full scholarship in Keio University ( the Harvard of Japan ) through the help of the Laurel Foundation ( grandfather of Rajo @rajolaurel )
She needed 2 years of immersion to get into Keio. The 1st yr she had to learn Japanese in the Philippines in PIJLC. After 5 years in university she went back to Manila and worked as the overall producer of Oh Tokyo, then became PR and events manager of Joey 92.3 radio and was a Freelance PR on the side. She then worked for
L’Oreal from 2002-2007 and launched Shu Uemura and Khiels. In 2007 she became Regional operations for Shu Uemura and Khiels in Singapore for the ASEAN region. After which she worked for LVMH ( based in Tokyo ) handling Parfums Givenchy from 2008-2015 and now she is presently the President of Dita Eyewear. And by the way, she is also the niece of Chef Vicky Tinio of Mammas Table in Baguio Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (2) And after having said all that – we get this good news after a few weeks!! Congrats Tina!!!

tina nisekrew promotion travelling together

We also discovered during this trip that Anna is a popular target for guys in bars!  Twice in one night when we went together in two places two guys tried!!  What  woman! :-)  Here is proof! haha!!  Anna nisekrew

We also realized why Chut fell in love so easily with Kim because she is just so easy to get along with and we loved her right away!  It’s so hard to catch this couple because they are so sweet it seems they are honeymooning already! haha!!  Since he has been to Niseko already he tried other places instead of repeating with us in some.

Chut Kim nisekrew

 Chut is a great resource for food discoveries or anything in general!! So we always follow him!  Heart2Heart has many resources and he is one of them! He is way ahead of all of us!  So what’s “next” Chut? :-) Chutster nisekrew

My eating partner and partner in general during the trip!  Preggy pretty mommy Kai @kaisterprimo who is carrying her third daughter! How blessed!! She can’t ski so we hang out together.  I was so lucky because I was the only one who could not ski ( due to spine recovery) – and even if this lady can ski she could not this trip.  She is actually a very adventurous mommy – when I am trying to watch out for her – she just keeps walking and moving around making me nervous she might slip or fall! I miss being with her!  Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (1)

Though I knew Kai liked to eat, I did not know how grave and serious the problem was ( haha!! )  til this trip!  I saw how she ate and now wondering where all the food goes because she manages to stay so trim even when she’s pregnant!

Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (1)She researches and knows all the food places and what to look for.  When we see a restaurant directory, she really looks and studies it! :-)  Super enjoy eating with her.  Problem is I like to order one order and share – she wants to order one each! haha!!  Never mind that way we get to try more things! :-)
Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (2) Another “takaw” in the group is Lindy!  My gosh! Who would think that this sexy pretty lady eats so much! SHE DOES!!  WHERE DOES IT ALL GO??  NOT FAIR!  But we love it because she always shares them with us :-)  Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (8) We try not to stick too much with these two because they are always so fashionable we look shabby beside them!! ( That is us photobombing their photo! haha )  But I don’t care ever since I discovered that Jackie is a snack hoarder!!  I will stick with her wherever she goes haha!!

jax marco nisekrew

You can’t imagine what this group would do for food!!! Even if at times we are not together eating, we share with the group in WhatsApp where we are going to eat, what we are eating, what we are dreaming of eating and where our next meal will be ?? Super enjoy eating with this group!!!

Suginome (8)

One year ago, we planned this trip to Niseko. And finally it came true. We were 21 in the group and spent 9 days together.  Our friendship will never be the same again! Because we now have a special bond not only with the individual friendships that we already had but the friendship we have as one group. Niseko and Sapporo was beautiful and it was meaningful because we were together! It would not have been as fun without the group! The best time ever!!!nisekrew bang bang group photo

I love whoever invented WhatsApp – we are in touch as a group even on a trip and even when we are not :-)

Nisekrew whatsapp

Looking forward to more adventures and memories…. and overweight! :-)  Mommy Carmina where is our next adventure?  We have to vote and start planning already! :-)  We will have to change the name of the group again :-)

Travelling Together Means Getting to Know Each Other Better (7)

New Chitose Airport

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Our group loved the New Chitose Airport because we love to shop for food and eat.  If you are like us, then I suggest you allocate 5 to 6 hours so you can relax and enjoy the place without having to rush!!  If you plan to shop a lot – make sure to keep one luggage ( or 2 depends on you haha ) to put all your shopping so you can put it inside and check it in.  Shopping is before checking in
New Chitose Airport (8)So many food stores that are all so nice!!!  I was hoping to go to all and check it out but did not have time.  So these are some of what I was able to capture.  This caramel place and Calbee were the first two upon entering the shopping areaChitose (2)Chitose (1)For those who want to bring home fresh seafood – there is lots!!! And they are all ready to pack them for you so you can take them with you!  It’s a domestic airport and we took a domestic flight so make sure if you are doing an international trip they pack it enough for it to make it to your destination. Uni, crab, ikura and everything else you can imagine.  Fresh, canned, dried, in all sorts of ways!Royce World in Chitose Airport_ (1)Royce World in Chitose Airport_ (2)Royce World in Chitose Airport_ (3)Royce World in Chitose Airport_ (4)Royce World in Chitose Airport_ (5)
Beside Royce World there is Steiff Nature world.  I know Stiff because my sister in law Keena collects these bears :-)  Chitose_ (1)Chitose_ (2)Chitose_ (3)There is also a Hello Kitty and a Pokemon shopNew Chitose Airport (29)

Here are more photos of food!!!  I tried everything I saw in sight that I wanted to buy but didn’t!  haha Though I got full just sampling! Everyone is offering samples!New Chitose Airport (28) New Chitose Airport (31) New Chitose Airport (2) New Chitose Airport (3) New Chitose Airport (4) New Chitose Airport (5) New Chitose Airport (6) New Chitose Airport (7) New Chitose Airport (8) New Chitose Airport (9) New Chitose Airport (30) YUM!!  It’s called a Snaffle but I am guessing it is a Japanese cheesecake.  YUM!New Chitose Airport (10) A MUST FOR US!!!!  Someone please bring this to MANILA!

Previous entry:  Le Tao March 4, 2016New Chitose Airport (18)New Chitose Airport (1) Cheese cookie! YUM!!!!New Chitose Airport (16) New Chitose Airport (15) The famous Langue de Chat Blanc Chocolat  New Chitose Airport (14) New Chitose Airport (13) New Chitose Airport (11) New Chitose Airport (12) New Chitose Airport (19) New Chitose Airport (17) DAIRY!!!!!!!  OMG! LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS REEFERNew Chitose Airport (21) New Chitose Airport (20) New Chitose Airport New Chitose Airport (32) New Chitose Airport (33) New Chitose Airport (34) New Chitose Airport (35) New Chitose Airport (27)

I am putting here the map of the airport so you can see what is in this airport!New Chitose_Airport(3)New Chitose Airport (9)New Chitose Airport (10)New Chitose Airport (11)New Chitose Airport (12)New Chitose Airport (13)New Chitose Airport (14)New Chitose Airport (18)New Chitose Airport (19)New Chitose Airport (20)New Chitose Airport (21)New Chitose Airport (22)New Chitose Airport (23)New Chitose Airport (1)New Chitose Airport (2)New Chitose Airport (3)New Chitose Airport (4)New Chitose Airport (5)New Chitose Airport (6)New Chitose Airport (7)New Chitose_AirportNew Chitose_Airport (1)New Chitose_Airport(4)


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 I was able to capture some head gears!  Make sure you protect your head from looking like you have dandruff haha!!  When it’s cold, you really need all these accessories to protect yourself.  Boots, gloves and hats :-)Hats (6) Hats (5) Hats (4)JAckie beanie Hats (3) Hats (2) Hats (1) Hats (10) Hats (9) Hats (8) Hats (7)

Snack Hoarders

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I am a snack monster! I love snacks!  I always have snacks with me wherever I go.  So on the way to Niseko, I brought some snacks from Manila plus we bought some from the airport.  The Lapids chicharon is pasalubong brought by Carmina for the hotel staff :-)
Snack Hoarders (9)

 Thanks to the refrigerator and freezer in Shiki, you can put plenty things inside!  This is all Carmina’s! :-) Snack Hoarders (3) The small freezer below was filled  with ours! :-)Snack Hoarders (4) The first thing my hubby got for me! How sweet :-) But he ended up eating it since he is the one who likes chocolate! hahaSnack Hoarders (11)

 I thought I was the ultimate snacker!  But I found out that all the girls in the NISEKREW #nisekrew group love snacks too!!!  SNACK HOARDERS!!! :-)  Carmina made sure she brought all the snacks on the bus!Snack Hoarders (12) And in the bus, others had their own snacks which they were sharing!Snack Hoarders (13)I noticed that Carmina buys a lot of food!!!  I am so glad she is my roommate ! :-) Snack Hoarders (17) But Jackie apparently buys a lot too!!!!  She she bought this in Otaru and shared it with us! The famous Chocolat Blanc! A MUST in Hokkaido!!!  Thank you again Jackie @jaxcantonio for sharing. I should stick with you so I don’t have to buy na.  I tried this in Manila last month but the white chocolate was melted. It’s better to eat it in Hokkaido when it’s cold and with matching -5 degrees weather and snow falling :-)Snack Hoarders (18) Yummy smoked cheese in Nikka Distillery from Marco and Jackie too!! It’s small sausage shaped smoked cheese and so YUM!Snack Hoarders (14)  Serious shoppers at the Nikka Distillery – Jancis @jancislao Cherina @cheriris Snack Hoarders (2) and Raj @7tri7 who brought his Rimowa @adoramnl handcarry to put all his loot Snack Hoarders (16) Shopping at the back of the taxi! :-)Snack Hoarders (15) Lindy’s stash!!!!Snack Hoarders (7) Snack Hoarders (8) Jackie’s stash!Snack Hoarders (5) Jackie’s stash of Winter clothes!!Not only snacks but winter clothes! She’s a hoarder of anything!! haha!!Snack Hoarders (6) Some interesting snacks I saw this trip!  There are many but I was not able to take photos!  Too many in Japan! Snack Hoarders (10) Snack Hoarders (19) Snack Hoarders (20)

Transportation to and from Niseko

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The best way to travel!  Our trip would not have been as fun and memorable without the whole gang!!  Almost everyone went on the same flight so even if it was quite long to get from Manila to Niseko, it was not bad because we had great companyTransportation to and from Niseko We all wait for each other :-) when someone is in the bathroom, eating or shopping!Rimowa chitose nisekrew Transporation to and from Niseko Our bus ride from Haneda to Niseko!  We hired a private bus :-)Bus from CHitose to Niskeo Nisekrew Everyone was worried we might be hungry or there might be no stores to buy food!!  So we were all prepared!!!  even with drinks! hahaNisekrew drink in the bus Transportaion to and from Niseko  OMG!!! Private bus of Steve and Lindy.  While everyone was squeezing in the bus, they were in this!  A stewardessTransportation to and from Niseko (1)  4 captain seatsTransportation to and from Niseko (4)  Sake and soft serve!! Lucky ducks Marco, Jackie and Anna who joined them! :-)Transportation to and from Niseko (3) This was us! Off to our next destination from Niseko!!Transportation to and from Niseko (2)

The Niseko Supply Company

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As if Aprés ski at Steve and Lindy wasn’t enough!!  We just wanted to try this place before we leave! You won’t miss it because it is in the corner of the intersection of the two main streets in Niseko Hirafu VillageThe Niseko Supply Company (8) The Niseko Supply Company (13) The Niseko Supply Company (16) Bakery as you enterThe Niseko Supply Company (14) Go inside for seatingThe Niseko Supply Company (15) Very cozy seating – this is itThe Niseko Supply Company (17) The gang that wanted to have cheese fondue and raclette!The Niseko Supply Company (10)Read the sign carefully on FREE WIFI :-)
The Niseko Supply Company (7) They only had fondue at night for dinner so we really had to squeeze this in since all dinners were booked already!  It’s unlimited for 4,000 yen per person.  If you are 2 or more, best to get both so you can have both and shareThe Niseko Supply Company (9) It comes with lots of salad!The Niseko Supply Company (1) Cheese fondue and raclette!  The server was shocked every time we would ask – tip she realised later and gave us a plate with much more cheese than she was giving initially! :-)The Niseko Supply Company (2) Dessert comes with the dinner!   The Niseko Supply Company (3) The Niseko Supply Company (5)Pay a little more if you want more toppings

Stewed apples cooked with brown sugar, rum and butter. Served with cream or ice cream
Simply Delicious
A plain Crêpe with the original Alba ( famous for white truffles & nutella) recipe
The Niseko Supply Company (12) Jackie and Marco visiting us from the window! :-)The Niseko Supply Company (11)

Click below to go to their website

The Niseko Supply Company structure has been painstakenly restored in 2012 after decades of Niseko blizzard & snowfall damage.

The Niseko Supply Company structure has been painstakenly restored in 2012 after decades of Niseko blizzard & snowfall damage.

Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy’s

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Love chilling and thawing in the condo of Steve and Lindy in Vale Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (8)  Thank you Steve and Lindy @lindycas for hosting the best Aprés Ski in Niseko! We love you!!! So sad it was our last night in NisekoApres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (7) We had sake, sashimi, sushi and sukiyaki!  Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (6) The sushi chef made it right there and then in the kitchen of the condoApres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (5) Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (4) Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (2) Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (3)Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (1) Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (10)  We were so happy to meet Justin Owers @justinowers and his girlfriend Chloe. His students – Carmina @thecrazycook_ph Jackie @jaxcantonio Anna @aangara and Tin @tincmoreno were telling us about how good Justin was as their ski instructor so we were all happy to meet the face behind the name

 If you are in Niseko and need a patient and kind instructor look for Justin. Book him thru Niseko Black +81 (0) 136-55-5852 (office #)  You can book Justin (and other instructors!) by emailing too! Just send a message to Apres Ski at Steve and Lindy's (9)

Onsen in Niseko

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When you are in a big group, going to an onsen is the only thing you won’t want to do together!!!! haha!!!!  Cherina would announce to the group where and what time she is going to reserve her slot to make sure no one will go there during her time slot! haha!! But onsen is the best thing to do after skiing to relax all the muscles you used!!  It can relieve any aches and pains in the body!

I did not ski but I went to an onsen twice in 6 days just to relax and maybe heal my spine problems and it instantly did!  Maybe not long term but short term it did! I went to the onsen in Vale ( for guests only while some guests have their own private in their rooms ) which is a small and cozy one with indoor and outdoor.  There were not many people so it was good for me! I wish I had exerted more effort to research and go out of my way and really make time for it!  Too little time always :-O  I am sorry I don’t have a comprehensive feature on this but ONSEN IS A MUST in Niseko!  Make sure to find one and go to one! Onsens range from Included in your hotel room to 500 yen to up to 30,000 yen!  So it depends on your needs and wants and budget! :-O

Vale Niseko (5)

 Here are photos of onsens in Niseko which we did not go to!! :-O  
onsen niseko 2There are unisex onsens – I don’t recommend this!! haha!!onsen niseko unisex Private is always the best so you can do it at any time at your convenience and secretly :-)  I wonder which hotel has the best private onsenOnsen niseko from powder life

Hilton Niseko Village Onsen – WOW!!

onsen niseko12767712_10153510305131872_1530993687_n

Jose told me that Shiatsu massage in Niseko is good!!  But we were not able to go!!  When we had a bit of time to do so, we walked in to this place beside Vale and they were fully booked!!Onsen

Click below to go to a directory of Onsens -I am sure there is more than this but it could be a start for getting info

Relax, feel the smooth water, and lose yourself in the quiet sound of the water pouring in from deep in the ground.

Relax, feel the smooth water, and lose yourself in the quiet sound of the water pouring in from deep in the ground.