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Lunch at Victorino’s

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Back at Victorino’s.  The last time I was here was for the launch of Disteleria Limtuaco

 Previous entry:  Maysa A Rabii Ngapekpek Ti Ragsak Dec. 22, 2015

 Love all the products from IlocosLunch at Victorino's (8) Lunch at Victorino's (7) Lunch at Victorino's (6) Lunch at Victorino's (3) Lunch at Victorino's (5) Lunch at Victorino's (4) Lunch at Victorino's (9) Lunch at Victorino's (24) Lunch at Victorino's (22) Bagnet chipsLunch at Victorino's (27)Lunch at Victorino's (25)Lunch at Victorino's (23) Inasar Nga ManokLunch at Victorino's (29)  My favorite :-)  Ginisar nga pusit – baby squid sautéed in garlic olive oil in Victorino’s @victorinos_restaurant ? #victorinosrestaurant #Ilocos Lunch at Victorino's (2)  Ilocos ExpressLunch at Victorino's (28) Fiesta riceLunch at Victorino's (26)  Buko pandan ice candy 😉Lunch at Victorino's (20) Lunch at Victorino's (31) Lunch at Victorino's (33)Chocolate Mango torte – bestselling cake at @heny_sison in @victorinos_restaurant#victorinosrestaurant #HenySison#H2HCakes #H2HDesserts
Lunch at Victorino's (21)Lunch at Victorino's (32)  SylvanasLunch at Victorino's (30) Lunch at Victorino's (17)Lunch at Victorino's (1) Lunch at Victorino's (15)  Love the shop with so many good things to buy!!! Lunch at Victorino's (11) Lunch at Victorino's (10) Lunch at Victorino's (18) Lunch at Victorino's (16) Lunch at Victorino's (12) Lunch at Victorino's (19) Lunch at Victorino's (14) Lunch at Victorino's (13)

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Victorino's restaurant facebook

DA’s Participation in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017

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DA's Participation in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (3)DA's Participation in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (1)
DA's Participation in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (2) DA's Participation in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (3) DA's Participation in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (4)
DA's Participation in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (2) DA's Participation in Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 (1)

Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM) is the first and only Asian edition of Madrid Fusion, the most important international gastronomy congress in the world, celebrated annually in Madrid since 2003. MFM brings together the most acclaimed avant-garde chefs from across the globe. On its first year, the theme of the congress was The Philippines and Spain: A 300-year Gastronomic Journey.

Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM) is the first and only Asian edition of Madrid Fusion, the most important international gastronomy congress in the world, celebrated annually in Madrid since 2003. MFM brings together the most acclaimed avant-garde chefs from across the globe. On its first year, the theme of the congress was The Philippines and Spain: A 300-year Gastronomic Journey.

Romulo Cafe London

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 Yay!!! Romulo Cafe @romulocafelondon is in our “hood”

Congratulations Gumamela Maritina Romulo @maritinaromulo and Enzo and Sandie Squillantini.   So glad we have a place to go to for Filipino food. Love the Christmas decors in the window #RomuloCafeLondon #H2HLondonromulo-cafe-london-2 romulo-cafe-london-3 romulo-cafe-london-4 romulo-cafe-london-5  Risa chocolates  @risachocolates @itspaml5 is available in @romulocafelondon  Yay!!! #RomuloCafeLondon #H2HLondon #H2HChocolateromulo-cafe-london-7 romulo-cafe-london-6 romulo-cafe-london-8 romulo-cafe-london-114713723_1646826498943607_9219664948838593090_nromulo-cafe-london-holiday-hours

Click below to go to their facebook page romulo-cafe-london-facenook

Pista sa ISM

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  I hardly attend school events because my sons don’t like me to go :-O  So I just went and found out how much I’ve been missing

 This is ISMs version of Filipino week. Pista sa ISM 2016. This year’s theme is Pahiyas. Super fun with all the moms there volunteering to man the booths and raise funds for charity. It only takes 1 or 2 to man a booth but here there are so many – for moral support haha!! As @kayetinga says “Tindera” for the day :-)

#H2HISM #H2HProudToBePinoy
pista-sa-ism-1 pista-sa-ism-2 pista-sa-ism-3 pista-sa-ism-4 pista-sa-ism-5 pista-sa-ism-6 pista-sa-ism-7 pista-sa-ism-8 pista-sa-ism-9 pista-sa-ism-10 pista-sa-ism-11 pista-sa-ism-12 pista-sa-ism-13 pista-sa-ism-14 pista-sa-ism-15 pista-sa-ism-16 pista-sa-ism-17Congratulations Mandy Qua, President of the Philippine Cultural Club.  So talented and so amazing just like her mom, Katy
pista-sa-ism-19 Chit Booth
Love the chits/money :-)  According to Georg the P 100.00 bill is the photo of their Filipino teacher who they all LOVE!pista-sa-ism-22 pista-sa-ism-20 pista-sa-ism-21
pista-sa-ism-23 pista-sa-ism-24 pista-sa-ism-25 pista-sa-ism-26 pista-sa-ism-27 pista-sa-ism-28 pista-sa-ism-29 pista-sa-ism-30pista-sa-ism-18 pista-sa-ism-31 pista-sa-ism-32 pista-sa-ism-33 pista-sa-ism-34 pista-sa-ism-35 pista-sa-ism-36 pista-sa-ism-37 pista-sa-ism-38 pista-sa-ism-39 pista-sa-ism-40 pista-sa-ism-41 pista-sa-ism-42 pista-sa-ism-43 pista-sa-ism-44 pista-sa-ism-45 pista-sa-ism-46 pista-sa-ism-47 Grade 11 booth!  Thank you to Bonnie and Lorna our PCA heads!pista-sa-ism-48 PANCIT booth for Grade 11pista-sa-ism-49 pista-sa-ism-50 pista-sa-ism-51 pista-sa-ism-52 Photo booth :-)pista-sa-ism-53 pista-sa-ism-54 pista-sa-ism-56 pista-sa-ism-57 pista-sa-ism-58

Negros Trade Fair 2016

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Encounter Negros Island at the 31st Negros Trade Fair

            Experience what Negros is all about at the 31st Negros Trade Fair this coming September 14-18, 2016 at the Glorietta Activity Center. With the theme “Biodiversity In Tourism”, this 31st edition promises an even more extensive view of this glorious province and what it is to be Negrense.

Negros Trade Fair 2016 (1)Encounter the ingenuity and creativity of the Negrenses with the vast array of products ranging from household products, fashion items and accessories, furniture and furnishing, gifts, and décor, all tastefully created and meticulously crafted. 

Negros Trade Fair 2016 (4)Negros Trade Fair 2016 (1)Every year the members of the Association of Negros Producers ALWAYS outdo themselves, exceeding the already astronomical standard of quality and style that they achieved the previous year. Whether your 9 or 90, you’ll find that little (or LARGE, actually) piece that you just gotta have…whether for yourself or as a gift, you’ll surely find what’s just perfect.

 And, of course, who hasn’t heard of the raves about the wonderful assortment of tastes from Negros that would make anyone salivate? From the famed inasal to those little sweet “kakanins”, biscuits, and what have you….just a gastronomic delight!!! Plus, with the Slow Food Convivium of Negros Island, you’ll savor tastes that are so unlike the oily, greasy, UNHEALTHY fast food that floods the malls.

Negros Trade Fair 2016 (3)Negros Trade Fair 2016 (2)This is one of the few venues where you will find that there is food that can be both described as “delicious” as well as “healthy”.

            All this has always graced the Negros Trade Fairs of past and visiting has always been a wonderful experience for all the guests.

            But this year’s edition promises even more. Aligned with its theme, guests will see the bounty and diversity with which nature has blessed this island paradise. With the help of thePhilippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation Inc. (PRRCFI) and Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (PBCFI), guests may discover the wealth of Negros’ natural resources with different exhibits and activities both for the youngest of the young and the oldest of the old.

            So the 31st Negros Trade Fair is, simply put, a must for everyone, bar none.

negros-trade-fair-2016-41 negros-trade-fair-2016-27 negros-trade-fair-2016-28 negros-trade-fair-2016-29 negros-trade-fair-2016-32 negros-trade-fair-2016-33 negros-trade-fair-2016-34 negros-trade-fair-2016-35 negros-trade-fair-2016-36 negros-trade-fair-2016-37 negros-trade-fair-2016-38 negros-trade-fair-2016-39 negros-trade-fair-2016-40 negros-trade-fair-2016-42 negros-trade-fair-2016-4 negros-trade-fair-2016-44 negros-trade-fair-2016-43 negros-trade-fair-2016-45 negros-trade-fair-2016-46 negros-trade-fair-2016-47 negros-trade-fair-2016-31 negros-trade-fair-2016-48 negros-trade-fair-2016-49 negros-trade-fair-2016-5 negros-trade-fair-2016-6 negros-trade-fair-2016-7 negros-trade-fair-2016-30 negros-trade-fair-2016-8 negros-trade-fair-2016-9 negros-trade-fair-2016-10 negros-trade-fair-2016-11 negros-trade-fair-2016-12 negros-trade-fair-2016-13 negros-trade-fair-2016-14 negros-trade-fair-2016-15 negros-trade-fair-2016-16 negros-trade-fair-2016-17 negros-trade-fair-2016-18 negros-trade-fair-2016-19 negros-trade-fair-2016-20 negros-trade-fair-2016-21 negros-trade-fair-2016-22 negros-trade-fair-2016-23 negros-trade-fair-2016-24 negros-trade-fair-2016-25 negros-trade-fair-2016-26 negros-trade-fair-2016-50 negros-trade-fair-2016-51 negros-trade-fair-2016-52 negros-trade-fair-2016-53 negros-trade-fair-2016-1 negros-trade-fair-2016-2 negros-trade-fair-2016-3

Arima 2016

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 Celebrating the opening of the Negros Fair last September.  I look forward to this because we get to taste really interesting and special dishes prepared by the different chefsarima-2016-1 arima-2016-3 arima-2016-6 arima-2016-8 arima-2016-14 arima-2016-5 arima-2016-7 arima-2016-9 arima-2016-10 arima-2016-12 arima-2016-26 arima-2016-25 arima-2016-27 arima-2016-24Special guest,  Undersecretary Berna Romulo Puyat @bernsrp Filipinos are so talented and our agriculture is so rich.  Thank you for bringing them out and being the source of inspiration  to make this all happen #itsmorefuninthephilippines #H2HProudtobePinoy #proudtobepinoy #NTF2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NegrosTradeFair2016arima-2016-35Angelo Comsti @fooddudeph ( curator of the Arima cocktails ) Congratulations on a successful eventarima-2016-31 arima-2016-32 arima-2016-11 arima-2016-29  Instant Dry Batchoy by Chef Miguel Zabirre at Arima @negrostradefair Yum #NegrosTradeFair2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NTF2016 #batchoyarima-2016-4 arima-2016-28 arima-2016-38  KBL Puto Pao – Pulled roasted organic black heritage pork with kadyos mais ensalada and puto manapla ( kadyos, batuan) by this super “malambing” Ilonggo Chef – Chef Fernando Aracama @fernandoaracama – it even comes with a kiss :-) and so much love :-)  Yum yum  #NegrosTradeFair2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NTF2016 #batuan #kadyosarima-2016-15 arima-2016-2 arima-2016-34  Inasal 2.0 with charcoal cassava and sinamak gel by Chef Josh Boutwood @joshboutwood at Arima @negrostradefair YUM #NTF2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NegrosTradeFair2016 #inasalarima-2016-17 arima-2016-19 arima-2016-20 arima-2016-33Chicken poached in binakol broth with grated coconut and peanuts ( and chicken skin) black rice and muscovado by Chef JP Anglo @chefjayps at Arima ( opening cocktail and preview) of the @negrostradefair It was like a Pinoy  Hainanese chicken and so super yum!!!! You must add this to your menu Chef  #NegrosTradeFair #NegrosTradeFair2016 #NTF2016arima-2016-22 arima-2016-23 arima-2016-37  Ubi ATBP by Chef Miko Aspiras @chefmikoaspiras  YUM! and it comes with Argellana from Virgie’s and that yummy adlai cracker #NTF2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NegrosTradeFair2016 #ubearima-2016-16 arima-2016-21 arima-2016-18  Ginat-an nga kasag Labong kag mais by Chef Gaita Fores @margaritafores at Arima @negrostradefair  Yum #NegrosTradeFair2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NTF2016arima-2016-30 arima-2016-36 arima-2016-13

20 Reasons Why Travelling to the Philippines is a Total Waste of Time

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I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of great things about the Philippines – stunning beaches, delicious food, fun fiestas, hospitable people and the list goes on. If there are many reasons why you must visit the Philippines, here are 20 reasons to convince you to drop your plans of travelling to my country. Forget coming to the Philippines – it’s a total waste of time.

1. It’s really hot in here20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-172. It’s just made up of 7,107 plain islands20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-183. With beaches that will bore you to death20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-16Also read: 15 Secret Beaches in the Philippines You Probably Didn’t Know About

4. Nothing very spectacular about its marine life20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-95. And its underwater creatures20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-196. Even the mountains are not majestic enough20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-157. What’s so special about these hills?20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-128. It’s just home to one of the world’s smallest primates, no big deal20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-209. An island within a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, on an island. Now that’s confusing20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-2110. How could this be a New Wonder of Nature?20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-1011. The streets are out-of-date20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-112. And the transportation too20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-213. There is nothing modern in the Philippines20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-1114. Pollution is everywhere20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-1315. I told you, it’s polluted20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-316. The Spaniards, Americans and Japanese ruled the land. It apparently has no original culture20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-417. Fiestas are such an eyesore20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-518. And the food? Full of sugar20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-619. And bad cholesterol20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-7Also read: 25 Popular Street Food & Snacks to Try in The Philippines

You would never want to visit the Philippines because…

20. … you might not want to leave!20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-8 Source:  Forwarded email – there was no source

The Sixth Likhang Habi Fair 2016

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The sixth HABI Market Fair showcasing traditional Philippine weaves will reveal the amazing development of locally woven products and their growing ability to survive and thrive in the market.


HABI’s goal is the preservation, development and marketing via entrepreneurship of the Philippines’ unique and varied indigenous fabrics.  Think inabel from Northern Luzon, silk from Negros, the Cordillera fabrics of Sagada, Banawe, Kalinga, piña from Aklan and Palawan, plus the colorful weaves from all over Mindanao.likhang-habi-2016-3habi-2016-1 In the annual Market Fair in Makati at the Glorietta Activity Center, buyers are introduced to a wide range of woven products while weavers and vendors exchange ideas on the marketing, creative design and modern use of the fabrics with traders, designers and other interested parties.    habi-2016-3habi-2016-2 habi-2016-4Entrepreneurship comes to the fore as weavers from all over the country are exposed to current trends and tastes; and are encouraged to upgrade, update and refine their products.

HABI also links weavers with institutions that can provide technical support.  For example, the Philippine Textile Research Institute has helped a number of weavers and textile industry partners create special threads combining pineapple with silk, and cotton with pineapple.  Other projects in the works experiment with the use of natural blends, mixing cotton with materials such as bagasse, a fibrous by-product of the sugar industry.  These efforts open niches for local weavers in global fashion trends.

A pet project of HABI is to support a return to pure cotton in weaving.  In today’s trending slow fashion, hand-woven 100% cotton is a highly valued item.habi-2016-5In past centuries, cotton cloth was a major feature of the Philippine economy, being traded for porcelain jars from Chinese merchants and exported to the old world in the Spanish galleons.  The cotton plant itself is endemic and its seeds are an essential element of native rituals and lore.  Philippine cotton is equivalent in quality to the best Egyptian cotton, but its cultivation and use has almost died out in the country.  HABI encourages the planting of cotton, to provide weavers the material to create masterpieces in this and many other natural fibers to help bring Philippine textiles into global view.

likhang-habi-cotton-2016 likhang-habi-2016-cotton

The 2016 Habi Market Fair will be held on October 14 to 16, at the Glorietta Activity Center, Glorietta 2, Makati City