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20 Reasons Why Travelling to the Philippines is a Total Waste of Time

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I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of great things about the Philippines – stunning beaches, delicious food, fun fiestas, hospitable people and the list goes on. If there are many reasons why you must visit the Philippines, here are 20 reasons to convince you to drop your plans of travelling to my country. Forget coming to the Philippines – it’s a total waste of time.

1. It’s really hot in here20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-172. It’s just made up of 7,107 plain islands20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-183. With beaches that will bore you to death20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-16Also read: 15 Secret Beaches in the Philippines You Probably Didn’t Know About

4. Nothing very spectacular about its marine life20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-95. And its underwater creatures20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-196. Even the mountains are not majestic enough20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-157. What’s so special about these hills?20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-128. It’s just home to one of the world’s smallest primates, no big deal20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-209. An island within a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, on an island. Now that’s confusing20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-2110. How could this be a New Wonder of Nature?20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-1011. The streets are out-of-date20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-112. And the transportation too20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-213. There is nothing modern in the Philippines20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-1114. Pollution is everywhere20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-1315. I told you, it’s polluted20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-316. The Spaniards, Americans and Japanese ruled the land. It apparently has no original culture20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-417. Fiestas are such an eyesore20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-518. And the food? Full of sugar20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-619. And bad cholesterol20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-7Also read: 25 Popular Street Food & Snacks to Try in The Philippines

You would never want to visit the Philippines because…

20. … you might not want to leave!20-reasons-why-travelling-to-the-philippines-is-a-total-waste-of-time-8 Source:  Forwarded email – there was no source

The Sixth Likhang Habi Fair 2016

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The sixth HABI Market Fair showcasing traditional Philippine weaves will reveal the amazing development of locally woven products and their growing ability to survive and thrive in the market.


HABI’s goal is the preservation, development and marketing via entrepreneurship of the Philippines’ unique and varied indigenous fabrics.  Think inabel from Northern Luzon, silk from Negros, the Cordillera fabrics of Sagada, Banawe, Kalinga, piña from Aklan and Palawan, plus the colorful weaves from all over Mindanao.likhang-habi-2016-3habi-2016-1 In the annual Market Fair in Makati at the Glorietta Activity Center, buyers are introduced to a wide range of woven products while weavers and vendors exchange ideas on the marketing, creative design and modern use of the fabrics with traders, designers and other interested parties.    habi-2016-3habi-2016-2 habi-2016-4Entrepreneurship comes to the fore as weavers from all over the country are exposed to current trends and tastes; and are encouraged to upgrade, update and refine their products.

HABI also links weavers with institutions that can provide technical support.  For example, the Philippine Textile Research Institute has helped a number of weavers and textile industry partners create special threads combining pineapple with silk, and cotton with pineapple.  Other projects in the works experiment with the use of natural blends, mixing cotton with materials such as bagasse, a fibrous by-product of the sugar industry.  These efforts open niches for local weavers in global fashion trends.

A pet project of HABI is to support a return to pure cotton in weaving.  In today’s trending slow fashion, hand-woven 100% cotton is a highly valued item.habi-2016-5In past centuries, cotton cloth was a major feature of the Philippine economy, being traded for porcelain jars from Chinese merchants and exported to the old world in the Spanish galleons.  The cotton plant itself is endemic and its seeds are an essential element of native rituals and lore.  Philippine cotton is equivalent in quality to the best Egyptian cotton, but its cultivation and use has almost died out in the country.  HABI encourages the planting of cotton, to provide weavers the material to create masterpieces in this and many other natural fibers to help bring Philippine textiles into global view.

likhang-habi-cotton-2016 likhang-habi-2016-cotton

The 2016 Habi Market Fair will be held on October 14 to 16, at the Glorietta Activity Center, Glorietta 2, Makati City

Ginger’s Crispy Garlic Tuyo

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 The best tuyo I have tasted in my life :-)  And its crispy with garlic !  I even put the sauce on my rice :-)

 Made by Ginger @buttercakelady Only P250.00 for this bottle #tuyo #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #H2HProudToBePinoy #tuyoGinger's Crispy Garlic Tuyo

She also has Crispy dulong- perfect for the “crispy family” that is us :-)gingers-crispy-tuyo-and-dulong

For orders call 0917-811-8100

2nd Philippine Harvest at Central Square

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 Congratulations Tita Nedy Tantoco, Anton @antonhuang111 and Nina Huang @photographsninaherrerahuang @ssilifeph @centralsquareph and Undersecretary Berna Romulo @bernsrp & the Dept. Of Agriculture.  I am so glad I made it this time since I missed the first one.

ssi-anton-huang-nedy-tantoco-berna-romulo-puyat-philippine-harvest-central-squarePhilippine Harvest at Central Square (40) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (1)  A repeat of the highly successful PHILIPPINE HARVEST AT CENTRAL SQUARE held last May

 Once again, the Department of Agriculture (DA) in partnership with SSI Group, Inc. celebrated and promoted the richness of Philippine agriculture through a wide range of exhibitors who presented and sold their products at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street. This time, the food range has been expanded to include and highlight Philippine Spirits.
Philippine Harvest will boast not only of a diverse array of Organic, Artisanal, Natural and Indigenous Agricultural Food products, but also a wide variety of wines and liqueurs made from tropical fruits, honey and rice. “This event will be an opportunity for us to meet some of our farmers, processors, and retailers of premium organic, natural, and indigenous products and spirits that reflect our culinary culture which is at par with international standards,” said DA Undersecretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Undersecretary for Administration and Finance, and Chair of the National Organic Agricultural Board (NOAB). The three-day agri food fair was an avenue where the public could buy, bring home and appreciate organic, artisanal, natural and indigenous products that are native to our country. The fair was at the lower and upper ground floors of Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central and will be open to the public during mall hours. CENTRAL SQUARE INFORMATION
Address:?5th Avenue cor. 30th St., Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC Taguig
Mall Hours:?11am-10pm, Sunday – Thursday
?11am-11pm, Friday – Saturday
Trunkline:?9585660 #PhilippineHarvest #H2HProudToBePinoy #SSILife #SSIGroupInc #DepartmentofAgriculture #centralsquare

Philippine Harvest at Central Square (2) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (3) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (4) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (39) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (5) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (6) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (7) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (8) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (9) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (10) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (31) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (11) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (12) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (13) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (14) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (15) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (16) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (18) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (17) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (32) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (19) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (20) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (33) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (34) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (35) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (21) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (22) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (36) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (23) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (24) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (37) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (38) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (25) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (26) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (27) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (28) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (29) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (30)

The Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016

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Taste the Flavors of the Philippines at The Manila Hotel’s Filipino Food Festival

The Filipino food has indeed captured the essence of Southeast Asia’s exceptional gastronomic experience. The archipelago lived with a vibrant history and diverse traditions across more than 7,000 islands over the centuries that created a unique cuisine—one that reflects its own history.

This year’s Filipino Food Festival will feature many of the country’s favorites. Culinary sensation Dedet “Lechon Diva” Dela Fuente Santos, the person behind Manila-based restaurant Pepita’s Kitchen will take us into a one-of-a-kind gustatory journey as she innovates all-time favorite Pinoy dishes and introduces new dishes that we will surely love.

 “The Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival will run from August 25 to September 16, 2016 at the Café Ilang-ilang.

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 1Manila Hotel Cafe Ilang Ilang

We invite you to celebrate with us as we partake the best of Filipino cuisines prepared by our “Lechon Diva” Dedet Dela Fuente Santos”, says Nian Liwanag-Rigor, Assistant Vice-President for Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 dedet dela fuente cafe ilang ilang

To officially kick-off the Festival, a Media Launch transpired last August 02, 2016 where guests came to sample the culinary concoctions. Indeed, the afternoon was full of flavors and colors with everybody’s love for food. The Manila Hotel’s Resident Manager Gerhard Doll welcomed the guests in the afternoon’s affair. Mr. Doll signaled the official start of the Festival with a Philippine-inspired tradition—the breaking of the clay pot.

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 dedet dela fuente pepitas kitchen

The melodic accompaniment of the San Sebastian Manila Rondalla and the cultural dance performances from the Children of Mother Earth also took part in the revelry.

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 san sebastian manila rondallaIt was a sight to see Café Ilang-Ilang adorned with native decorations resembling a true Filipino fiesta that is sure to make an extraordinary dining experience.

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 decorManila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas kitchen floral pig

Guests were delighted to savor the skillfully prepared dishes

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 philippin eflag bagoongManila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 plates

such as the best seller truffle rice stuffed lechon de leche (entire pig roasted until crisp and golden-brown stuffed with truffle),

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 lechonsManila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas kitchen truffle lechon

Pepita’s Filipino paella (a rice dish with ancient roots that originated from Spain but with a modern twist), Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 filipino buffet dedet dela fuente Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 filipino paella dedet dela fuente pepitas Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas pinoy paella Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pinoy paella pepitas

hiplog (shrimp dish with salted egg sauce),

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas hiplog

and balut salpicao (made of developing duck embryo). Not to be missed are the assortment of Filipino-inspired pizzas—Adobo, Palabok and Lechon pizzas.

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pancit palabok pizza italian section

These are just some of the mouth-watering dishes that are featured at the Café Ilang-Ilang. The selection is overflowing!

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 buffet Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 filipino pepitas kitchen Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 laing and bihod pate Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas alavar crabs Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas kitchen dedet dela fuente Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas kitchen Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas sisig Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 salads pepitas kitchenManila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 dedet dela fuente dessertsManila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 pepitas dedet dela fuente

Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 appetizers Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 buffet carvings Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 buffet indian Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 candies Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 chocolate desserts Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 dedet dela fuente Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 dessert minis Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 dessert station cafe ilang ilang Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 desserts 2 Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 Desserts Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 gelato Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 halo halo Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 italian Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 japanese buffet Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 roast section Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 salads Manila Hotel Filipino Food Festival 2016 seafoodTo know more about the Filipino Food Festival, please contact The Manila Hotel’s Food and Beverage Team via 527 0011 local 1260 or 1261.

Positioned as the true heart of the Philippines, The Manila Hotel is the country’s premier five-star and flagship hotel. It is located at One Rizal Park, Manila. For more information, call 527 0011 or visit; follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @ManilaHotel and Instagram @manila_hotel.

MaArte 2016

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 Save the date August 26-28 at 8 Rockwell Penthouse

MaArte Fair 2016 poster

 Beautiful Mel Francisco @marimelfrancisco with the official @maartefair fan by no other than the Fan Man Monchet Olives @monchetthefanman #MaArteFair #WeAreMaArte #MaArteFair2016

MAARTE 2016 (26)

Tita Cedie Lopez Vargas @cedielv modeling a bag by Zarah Juan @zarahjuan which for sure everyone will at the @maartefair

MAARTE 2016 (1)

Zarah is part of the Great Women @greatwomenbrand and she also has her own designs. She will also be collaborating with Rhett Eala @rhetteala and the Ayala Museum @ayalamuseum this year. Sleepless nights that’s all worth it she says   #ZarahJuan #H2HDesigners #H2HPeople

MAARTE 2016 (36)MAARTE 2016 (31)MAARTE 2016 (32)MAARTE 2016 (34)

Pretty and charming Kathy Sarabia Babst of @kathyandkathybespoke at the upcoming @maartefair

She has the most beautiful lockets and now featuring men’s accessories too. More power Kathy and Kathy ?? Save the date August 26-28 at 8 Rockwell Penthouse #WeAreMaArte #MaArteFair2016 #MaArteFair #H2HDesigners #H2HPeople

MAARTE 2016 (41)

Beautiful  Jackie Caballero of Art of Gold @artofgoldincMAARTE 2016 (39)MAARTE 2016 (28)

So happy to meet this lovely young lady Gabbie Sarenas @gabbiesarenasph

MAARTE 2016 (37)

I saw her blouses made of piña and loved them instantly. She also does bespoke designs. The bonus is, She told me that one of her most treasured mentors is my cousin in law, Hindy @hindyweber  #GabbieSarenas #H2HDesigners #H2HPeople #MaArteFair2016

MAARTE 2016 (30)

Pretty Jenny will be there with her artisanal pizza @pizzamorena

She started her first booth at the Balik Bukid fair by @hindyweber 3 years ago. She will also be launching her frozen gourmet pizzas at @maartefair #H2HPizza #gourmetpizza #artisanalpizza

MAARTE 2016 (40)

Eric Paras @ericparas of A-11 @artelano11

MAARTE 2016 (35)

First time MaArte exhibitor – Ken Samudio @kensamudio Truly beautiful products that are also works of art

MAARTE 2016 (42)

Handprinted linens By Tara


MaArte Evolves!

MaArte, returns to Rockwell for the 8th season on August 26-28, this time at the 8 Rockwell Penthouse to showcase the best of the Filipino craft andartisanship. The annual fundraiser organized by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, has become the most prominent craft fair in the country after theCITEM international market organized by the Department of Trade and Industry. The goal of the Foundation is to raise funding to support the NationalMuseum, as well as making “export” quality products accessible to the retail market. Over 70 selected retailers  join  the  collective,  as  it  gears  to  bring unique  offerings  that  sometimes  are only available to the overseas buyer, or simply, have no venue to present their work.

The evolution of MaArte from its humble beginnings at the National Museum was funded by a grant for The Heritage Month Program headed by MitaRufino. The fair has grown into a bustling visual tapestry of the Filipino heritage. Each craftsman featured has a story to tell, and each item sold takes ontechniques that were passed on by generations from different parts of the country. What makes this program unique is that it is an ideal venue for the artisanto show their products to a discerning market.  The evolution of the product to meet today’s peripatetic lifestyle, and changes in taste keep it relevant. Everyparticipant has a passion for their work, and each piece captures the soul of the maker. Indeed, MaArte is more relevant now, more than ever, because itcaptures the soul of the Filipino artisan.

“We have been doing this for 8 years, and we have grown so much. Our challenge is to ‘Evolve the  Filipino  Craftsman.’  Over  the  past  years  that Rockwell  has  been  our  home,  we  have attracted a wider market of individuals who appreciate the indigenous work of the Filipino, for the modern lifestyle. Fabrics, baskets, jewelry, clothing, and a myriad of new accessories will be available to our buyers” emphatically notes Maritess Pineda, Museum FoundationPresident.

Starting the preholiday season shopping, guests come to the fair to see a new interpretation of classic Filipino craftsmanship. The steering committee,composed of Maritess Pineda, Armita Rufino, Cedie Vargas, Mel Francisco and Susie Quiros, is diligently choosing retailers to provide the ultimate program tokick off the buying season

MaArte steering committee

Product development is key to this evolution. Working with internationally trained PJ Aranador, participants will have a feel of the international buyers marketand create products unique to MaArte.

“What sets this fair apart is that the sellers are flexible, and are willing to try new items. The buyers come because this isn’t just one of those bazaars; also,one shouldn’t miss out on the MaArte Finds, a special setting that shows up and coming designer and craftsmen looking to showcase their products. “We callthem our MaArte babies”, notes Pineda.

The iconic landmark at the Rockwell Center is the new home for MaArte. The penthouse and lobby of 8 Rockwell will house the event, with a special settingat the lobby that will feature thematic  product  displays  as  MaArte  Couture,  Eternal  Summer  and  Home.  These  special displays will highlight theflexibity of the artisans to work with designers to create a look that will be metropolitan, and usable, yet very Filipino. The committee has engaged EricParas, Carlo Tanseco and Rhett Eala, all MaArte supporters to create these displays.

Rockwell has also evolved as a stalwart of Filipino ingenuity and entrepreneurship, capturing Filipino  elements  in  their  developments.  The boutique community  concept,  either  in  their enclaves in Manila, and now in Cebu, are a testament to their commitment to serving the Filipino lifestyle, as wellas capturing its essence.

MAARTE 2016 (43) MAARTE 2016 (33)MAARTE 2016 (27)MAARTE 2016 (29)

The Penthouse of 8 Rockwell, the pinnacle of the Rockwell Center, will provide the experience for unique interpretations of the Filipino soul. Indeed, it will be avery MaArte experience.


Happy Star Child is a mother and son team, where now, 12-yr-old son creates the works of art, while             mom             curates             and             hand             paints             each             piece. Hinged on everyday experiences with Mother Earth, stories and books, art, music and poetry, icons and muses, connecting with people, and the sheer joy of embracing life to the fullest, sans gadgets.

Happy Star Child started in 2009, borne out of the desire to raise healthy, creative and loving children.

Happy Star Child (The Handmade Company) is an artistic collaboration between now, 12-year-old-young-artist Caxantino and hisTV-director-mom, Connie. Together they create handpainted funct+Art for the home and stylish Art+wear made by their hands,imagination and everyday experiences.

Contact Details: Connie Macatuno,

MaArte 2016 Happy Star Child-Photo10


AKABA is a lifestyle brand that promotes the use of indigenous, handwoven textiles from the Philippines. By connecting community-based artisans and thegrowing global market demand for handwoven, artisan products, AKABA seeks to empower underprivileged rural communities through sustainable livelihoodand equitable trade. Beyond stable income, healthcare and basic financial assistance for education are provided to our weaving partners all over the Philippines. Quality is at the core of our brand. Our products are cut, sewn and assembled meticulously, with a one attention to finishing touches such aszinc-alloy accessories and high quality fasteners.


Manufacturing, Handwoven textiles, Social enterprise, Social entrepreneurship, Community development, Fashion accessories, Bags, knapsacks & backpacks

AKABA is a Filipino design and lifestyle brand that produces knapsacks and travel bags highlighting the beauty of different nativehand woven textiles from all over the Philippines.

Contact Details: EJ Mariano, ejmariano@akaba.comMaArte 2016 AkabaSilnag

Silnag, an Ilokano word meaning “rays of the sun”, signifies the hope and aspirations of grassroots artisans in the countryside.

Established in 2006, Silnag has been making and exporting ladies fashion jewelry made of natural materials such as horn, bone, shells, and scrap wood.From things almost thrown away, Silnag artisans recycle and skillfully turn them into bold, statement pieces which are refined and have an ethnic touch.

Silnag’s design inspiration is derived from the rich cultural heritage and unsullied wilderness of the Cordillera.

Silnag jewelry is exported to the US, UK, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong.  It is also available

at Rustan’s Makati, EDSA-Shangrila, Alabang Town Center, and Cebu.

The materials used are by-products of food and farm trade, so, no animals are harmed for the purpose of obtaining the said raw materials.  None of thematerials used are included in the prohibitive list of CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species).

Silnag neckpieces are unique, statement jewelry made of organic/natural raw materials such as Philippine Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) horn, Cow (Bos indicus) bone, shells, scrap, so, no  animals  are  harmed for the purpose of obtaining the said materials.

Contact Details:  John Danao, john@silnag.comMaArte 2016 SilnagCornerstone Pottery Farm / Glazed Platter

For this year, EJ Espiritu will launch crystalline glazes for his wares. Crystalline glazes are magical. The process of creating crystal matrix on pottery are an “old school” technique which EJ hopes to revive and make handcrafted pottery a greater fashion statement for the home.

Eduardo G Espiritu, Jr.

Graduated from Adamson University with a BS degree in Ceramic Engineering.

He has worked for various companies in the Philippines (sanitary wares, refractory materials producer, and exporter) as a Sales Representative,Laboratory Technician, and Plant Manager.

In 1996, upon returning from the U.S., he and his wife started their business. As subcontractors. That company is Cornerstone Ceramic Manufacturing.

In 2001 be longer a subcontractor, EJ designed their own product line (stoneware pottery) and launched it at the National Trade Fair. It is his technicalbackground that helped the company sustain past the Asian crisis; at a time  when companies were closing operations. In 2005, cornerstone ceramicmoved to Silang, Cavite and became cornerstone pottery farm.

In 2008, EJ started teaching pottery classes. His creations are inspired by the natural surroundings at their farm. He enjoys developing his own glazeformulations and combines it with organic shapes and textures.

For 20 years, he has been producing and creating handcrafted pottery which showcase how science and art come together beautifully in stoneware pottery.

Contact Details: EJ and Eva Espiritu, evaespiritu@gmail.comMaArte 2016 CornerstoneMilvidas / Macrame Plant Hanger

Milvidas is a very small livelihood project that started 5 years ago. Maria Antonia CuUnjieng arrived from US and decided to do something different. Severalyears back, her family had established the Gawad Kalinga village in Multinational Village, Paranaque. Crochet was something that was easy to learn so theystarted a small group doing simple coasters and glass buggers with 6 people. That was in 2011.

In the past five years, their product line has expanded and now they have 16 ladies whom they meet weekly to provide materials, assign newwork and pick up their submissions for the week. It is an ideal set up because they do not need to leave their homes. They crochet in betweentheir chores and can continue to lend their families without any disruption.

Milvidas (meaning a thousand lives) is a brand that is sold through the family corporation, Menaggio Trading Inc. mostly in informal pop-ups and somechosen bazaars. They have opted to remain small and low key in order to keep a close watch on quality and consistency.

They make crocheted tableware with the bulk of sales coming from coasters, glass huggers, napkins and placemats and some table cloth. Last year, theyadded trays and tray liners and began to work with raffia for placemats. They also have some bags, a baby line of blankets, bibs and burp pads, as well asgorgeous poufs and pillows.

This Macramé Plant Hanger and bowl is from Patio line of Milvidas to be launched in MaArte. They come in fabulous colors, madeof imported all-cotton threads.

Contact Details: Maitoni Cuunjieng, maitoni@yahoo.comMaArte 2016 Milvidas

Micki Olaguer / Mine

“Mine” is an ode to the the Filipino gold miner, and evokes the processes and tools of small-scale gold mining in various regions inthe Philippines – focusing on the mine shaft, and the gold pan. Using custom hand-cut mother-of- pearl components, the collection challenges the use of  traditional natural materials in modern jewelry.


Micki began her love affair with jewellery when as a child, she would hunt for fallen seed pearls from the corners of her mother’s bedroom floor and swallowthem, thinking they were candy. Being the daughter of a fine jeweler constantly exposed her to well-crafted jewelry from a young age.

She took up Industrial Design at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, where she graduated cum laude and garnered an award for BestThesis.

In pursuit of her dream of becoming a jewelry designer, she apprenticed under renowned Filipino   jeweler   Janina   Dizon.   She   later received   an  international   scholarship   from the Gemological Institute of America, where she specialized in colored stones. She is currently certified as a GIAAccredited Jewelry Professional.

Her curiosity for combining whimsical forms with mother-of-pearl led to her being awarded the top prize at the Red Box DesignCompetition under the Fashion Accessories category at Manila FAME 2015.

In 2016, along with three other designers, she represents the Philippines as an exhibitor at  London  Fashion  Week’s International  Fashion Showcase,  which  celebrates  up -and- coming designers from around the world.

Contact Details: Micki Olaguer, micki.olaguer@gmail.comMaArte 2016 MOlaguerGifts and Graces / T’boli Clutch

These  handwoven  clutches  are  made  from  premium  excess cotton fabrics by the mothers of Binan, Laguna and Sakadafarmers from Negros Occidental. These clutches are made even more special by the brass accent die-cast by the T’bolis of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato


Gifts and Graces, or G&G, is a fair trade certified non-stock, nonprofit organization that works with  craftsmen,  artisans,  and  micro-entrepreneurs  from marginalized groups  to  help  them improve their livelihood programs. G&G works in the areas of product development, market access, technical support onenterprise management, and advocacy of fair trade practices. Each purchase of a Gifts and Graces product supports our partner livelihood groups andartisans and helps them break free from the cycle of poverty.

Non-Government Organizations or NGOs and other organizations in direct service to marginalized groups set up livelihood programs to help give theirpartners a source of income that will help them provide for their basic and secondary needs. The challenges these groups face, however, are enormous asthey struggle with limited financial, technical, and human resources. This is where Gifts and Graces come in.

At Gifts and Graces, we believe in supporting non-profit organizations and livelihood communities   in   their   quest   to   pursue   entrepreneurship   as   a  means   to   overcome marginalization due to their economic status, background, or lack of education. We are committed to helping the poor earn additionalincome to meet their basic and secondary needs to achieve a dignified standard of living and become contributing, self-reliant members of society.ABOUTOUR PRODUCTS

The Gifts and Graces product collection is an eclectic collection of handcrafted products with a bohemian flair and a touch of luxe because each communityrepresents different skills. Our product categories are mainly in fashion and home accessories. We also work with clients on special, customized orders forwholesale, special events, and corporate gifts and giveaways.Aside from being great items, each Gifts and Graces product represents the desire andcommitment of the groups we work with to seek dignified alternative sources of income. When you buy from Gifts and Graces, you support marginalizedfamilies and individuals with their livelihood. The pride, self-esteem, and sense of purpose that comes with work empower them and help them become self-sufficient and contributing, productive members of society. A gift from Gifts and Graces is a gift that lifts the spirit.

Contact Details: Jennifer Ragalado,

MaArte 2016 Gifts and GracesGreen Babes / Guyabano Concentrate

Green Babes has an array of indulgent treats such as chocolate mallows, chocolate pretzels, ?avored marshmallows, chocolatechip cookies, and other snacks which kids and kids-­­at-­­heart totally love.


To make top quality gourmet food items available to everyone. That’s our Mission.

We  want  to  provide  people access to  affordable  organic and gourmet local  food  items  to promote the local food industry as well as health andwellness, even in our small way. Established in 2011, Green Babes is owned by longtime friends Bopeep Arroyo and Zerla Mayuga.

MAARTE 2016 (38)

We believe that living a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the flavors of good food are aIainable as long as there’s a conscientious effort in putting the balancebetween the healthy and the indulgent.

Green Babes’s primary commodity is our organic eggs–fresh chicken eggs, salted duck eggs, and balut. We have a farm in Laguna where we get oureggs fresh everyday.

 Contact Details:

MaArte 2016 Guyabano ConcentratePasty Armoire / Mocha Chocolate Chip Sticky Bun

Sweet buttery roll filled with chocolate butter, coated with coffee chocolate sticky sauce and topped with chocolate chips.


A retailer and supplier of high quality pastries with an outlet in Paranaque and a commissary in Quezon City. Opened in BF Homes Branch last August 2015with the aim of being the preferred one stop gourmet dessert shop within the communityAside from its wide selection of pastries, Pastry Armoire is a distributor of Deep Dips by Chef Arnold and of Up in The Clouds Ice Cream.

Contact Details: Raymond Quisumbing,

MaArte 2016 Pastry Armoire

MaArte Fair 2016 Venue location mapmaarte-2016-1maarte-2016-2maarte-2016-3maarte-2016-4maarte-2016-5maarte-2016-6maarte-2016-7maarte-2016-8maarte-2016-9maarte-2016-10maarte-2016-11maarte-2016-12maarte-2016-13maarte-2016-14maarte-2016-15

Philippine International Furniture Show 2106

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Filipino designers have proven to be innovative, intuitive, and connected to both the world and their origins, with creations and collections spicing up showrooms and living spaces around the world. The Philippines is a rich pool of talent, and the annual furniture and furnishing industry’s Philippine International Furniture Show (PIFS), to be held in the SMX Convention Centre, is the place to find them.

Here, revel at beautiful pieces for the home that marry inspiration, form and function. Our talented roster of designers and manufacturers will present well-curated collections, with signature pieces that embody their unique style and Show.

“PIFS may not be the largest furniture exhibition on the circuit, but, it certainly is the most exciting, offering a variety of products,” shares Eduardo Zuluaga, overall event chairman of PIFS. “This is not a show where you will find rows of the same thing produced by different companies. Our exhibitors, naturally, have their own style.  This is a show where individuality and creativity reigns.”

PIFS 2016 (6) PIFS 2016 (7) PIFS 2016 (8) PIFS 2016 (9) PIFS 2016 (10) PIFS 2016 (1)Gathering of artists, gathering of minds

In addition to highlighting local talents through the exhibition, the PIFS also serves a more noteworthy purpose. The country’s most important furniture manufacturing associations—the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation Inc. (CFIF), the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP), and the Pampanga Furniture Industries Foundation (PFIF)have organized an ongoing educational program for their members, which brings international experts to the Philippines who will share their knowledge of the current global industry

PIFS 2016 (2) PIFS 2016 (3) PIFS 2016 (4) PIFS 2016 (5)It is a program developed by industry members in support of its partners, to further existing projects, nourish creativity and entrepreneurship. Most importantly, it aims to encourage the sustainability of design in the Philippines.

This program will see world renowned speakers and global experts share their insights and business experiences. In the past, the speakers included: leading product designers and innovators Karim Rashid and Paola Navonne; interior designers, Nathan Turner and Mary McDonald (of Million Dollar Decorator fame); as well as marketing and trend professional Michelle Lamb (founder and director of TrendCurve).

This year, Daniel Levine of Avant Guide Institute, a leading trend specialist based in New York, will address the industry on the subject of global preferences.  Through his participative presentations, the members will be able to identify how their product could be further developed to meet upcoming market requirements.

“We are very excited for this year’s event. We see PIFS as the Filipino Collection. It is where we show the world, and our colleagues at home, how we interpret the latest industry trends, and in many cases, take the lead in design innovation,” adds Zuluaga.

IDM 2016

For the first time this year, PIFS will also be held alongside Interior & Design Manila (IDM) 2016. IDM 2016 has many exciting activities up its sleeve. It will bring together the top brands in fixtures, fittings and furnishings at Interior Design Plus; will showcase the newest concepts and ideas by 10 select professional Interior Designers in the Interior Design Excellence Award Pavilion; and will host a two-day Continuing Professional Development Conference for PIID members.  In addition, for today’s interior designer, IDM will also host a workshop on Materials Application on March 13.

PIFS will be held March 11-13, 2016 the SMX Convention Center, Manila. For more information, visit or email                                                                                                                                                     

Richmond’s Degustation by Pepita’s Kitchen

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  Every year Dedet introduces a new degustationRichmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (26)  Dedet’s degustation is always Filipino!  Thank you Dedet for promoting our very own!  I have tried so many unique Filipino dishes by Dedet and she is so creative – from the ingredients, to the presentation and even the names of the dishes :-)Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (5) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (27) Styling by Dedet :-)  She told me that she is now learning how to do things herself including the table setting and tablescapes.  Bravo Dedet!Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (28) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (1) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (3) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (4)
I love that her degustation has a story and a meaning!  This year it’s called Richman’s degustation which she named after Adam Richman ( Man vs Food) @adamrichman He came to the Philippines and wanted to meet Dedet and so she prepared this degustation in his honor. Adam loved her Truffle Lechon and the Hiplog, the Super Suman and Mango trifleRichmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (11) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (10) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (8) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (12) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (13) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (14) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (15) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (16) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (17) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (18) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (19)  Lechon plates means there’s a lechon coming :-)Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (22)  The ultimate tribute of Dedet @pepitaskitchenph to Adam Richman @adamrichman Richman’s Lechon de Leche – gold leaf with truffle rice and foie gras. It contains 1 lobe of foie and 5 sheets of gold leaf (optional)Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (20) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (21) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (23) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (24) Aside from the degustation, she also has new party platters/food to go

Pinoy Paella – New on the @pepitaskitchenph Food to go Menu. Thank you Dedet for making this for me Heart2Heart :-)   According to Dedet this is the “boodle fight pang sosysal” haha!! She has a list of of 15-20 toppings that you can choose from so it’s actually a bespoke Paella. In the  photo – pancit, crispy kansi, tapa, tocino, Longganisa, squid balls, quail egg, crispy shrimp. The rice is lemongrass rice. Love the braided string beans but love the lady who invented it even more – Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (6) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (7) Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (9)Richmond's Degustation by Pepita's Kitchen (25)