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Maya Kitchen

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A budget-friendly and healthy way of eating every day at work or in school is to bring your own packed meal. Sometimes though, we tend to fall back on the same dishes which takes the enjoyment out of eating what we prepare daily.Maya KitchenTo put the fun back into packed lunches, the Maya Kitchen has come up with great meal ideas that are practical and full of flavor and variety. You can find a ton of delicious dishes that you can try at, and we’ve picked three to help you get started.

A fantastic choice is this take on a Korean favorite – the Veggie Bibimbap in Sesame Soy Chili. Filling and flavorful, this dish with rice, mushrooms, toasted sesame seeds, and stir-fry vegetables can also be assembled and layered in one container that’s convenient to tote around.

Looking for a light and easy lunch? Try the Whole-Wheat Crabsticks Salad Wrap. A yummy combination of green and red lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and crab sticks in a wrap using MAYA Whole Wheat “Think Heart” Pancake Mix.

If you love sushi, you’ll love this homemade twist on the Japanese menu staple. The Easy Cucumber Spam Musubi layers Spam slices, Japanese rice, and eggs into scrumptious bite size pieces. Seasoned with authentic ingredients readily available at the supermarket, it’s a great dish to savor and share.

You can find even more recipes on the website, but if you’re seriously considering levelling up on your cooking skills, why not join the Maya Kitchen’s basic culinary workshops to learn from the best in the country.

For more information on this and on other course offerings, log on to, email, or visit The Maya Kitchen Culinary Center every Tuesday to Saturday at 8F Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), Makati City. You may also call us 8921185 or 892-5011 local 108 or +63929 679 6102.

Like and follow Maya Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram @TheMayaKitchen1 and follow us on Twitter @TheMayaKitchen.

Delimondo finds

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 Recent finds from @delimondo The Anchovy, garlic cream sauce which can be used for bread just spread and toast, pasta sauce, sauce for anything for P230.00 a bottle. Iberian chicken ( recipe of Chef Ed Quimson ) which is so easy to make just follow the instructions for P170.00. I tried it with sea bass from Annette @annettegozon :-)  And when you buy from the store you get 5% discount pa :-)  #delimondo#DelimondoPhDelimondo FindsDelimondo pricelist 2017 1DElimondo pricelist 2017 part 2


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Abuela’s @abuelasmanila the yummy party platters

Previous entry:  Abuela’s Kitchen July 28, 2015

now has a restaurant at Somerset.  They opened end September.
abuelas-2abuelas-1 abuelas-3abuelas-3 abuelas-4 abuelas-5 abuelas-6 abuelas-7 abuelas-8
The abuela in Abuela’s is the abuela of Mai Lacson Legasto, the wife of Chef Marco who executes all the heirloom recipes of Abuela Eduarda Cuyugan Lacson with a modern twist. How nice that recipes are passed on from generation to generation to keep the spirit alive  abuelas-11abuelas-7

 Mai Lacson Legarda with good friend and partner Vicky Tensuanabuelas-20abuelas-6abuelas-5 abuelas-4 abuelas-1 abuelas-12
abuelas-18 abuelas-19It feels just like home at @abuelasmanila ? #Abuelas #AbuelasManila #H2HChefabuelas-21 abuelas-22 abuelas-23  Heart2Heart supports “Slow Food” I’m so glad Chef Marco Legasto of @abuelasmanila believes in this. Be assured that your meal at Abuela’s is made from scratch and is a labor of love. Delicious  Pochero #AbuelasManila #Abuelas #H2HSlowFood #SlowFoodabuelas-24 abuelas-25 abuelas-26  and calls!  I don’t eat calls but this one I will eat! YUM!!!!abuelas-27 USDA Prime Rib Eye Steakabuelas-28 Kare Kare risottoabuelas-29abuela  Yum! Jojo’s ( Mom of Vicky Tensuan @vickytensuan – one of the owners ) Filipino Curry Prawns with Crab fat sauce at @abuelasmanila Each owner shared an heirloom recipe of their mom ( who are abuelas ) and so this is one of them. Love dishes with a story and made with love #Abuelas #AbuelasManilaabuelas-30abuelas-13  Lovely lunch with these lovely ladies – Daphne, Jacqui and Peewee with Vicky abuelas-31 So happy to meet Chef Yoshimi Igarashi. He is the chef that started Benkay in all the Nikko hotels ( JAL hotels) all over the world.
He is also the Chef of Sushi Kapo Kobikicho. And next year in January he will be opening a Japanese restaurant in Somerset owned by the same owners of @abuelasmanila He will be serving Traditional Japanese food and Kaiseki meals. Meantime you can have his food at @abuelasmanila while they are still constructing. So excited to try this!! Await more updates #AbuelasManila #Abuelas #H2HChefs #Benkayabuelas-8abuelas-2abuelas-14abuelas-15abuelas-16abuelas-17abuelas-9abuelas-10

25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang

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 I hardly see this batchmate of mine so I came all the way to Alabang to visit her new baby!

Rica Tamesis Trota @rttrota with her husband Robert and daughter Patricia. Rica is one of the owners/partners in the newly opened 25 Mushrooms Kitchen + Cafe @mushrooms_kitchen Sari told me that she is very involved and so hands on in the business!  Congratulations Rica and More power #25MushroomsKitchen #25MushroomsKitchenCafe #molitoalabang25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (9)Congratulations Sari Jorge and now in partnership with 5 other ladies – Rica Trota @rttrota Janelle Squires @janellebsquires , Monica Consing, ( not in photo) Nicole Whisenhunt @nicolewhisenhunt and Camille Ongpauco @camongpauco Margie Duavit @mduavit #25MushroomsKitchenCafe #molitoalabang #25MushroomsKitchen25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (2) 25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (16)  25 Mushrooms Kitchen @mushrooms_kitchen is now open in Alabang!  They were even first than Makati! It’s not only a cooking school for household staff but everyone else wants to join – Mommy & Me, Kids and teens. It’s also for private cooking classes, cooking parties, birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, Corporate team building and Kitchen rental25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (17)25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (5)  25 Mushrooms Kitchen + Cafe will be a cafe after cooking school hours. So from 9 to 1pm it’s classes then 3pm to 10pm is Cafe hours serving cafe elevated comfort food – appetizers, sandwiches, soups and more.
25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (12)Truffled Prawn bisque
25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (14)Country style fried chicken
Sriracha shrimp25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (13)25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (4)Pulled pork bbq sandwich
25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (3)  Porcini mushroom truffle pasta
25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (6)Crispy Tinapa & Salted egg spring rolls
25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (10)  Harvest Surprise, the signature dessert at 25 Mushrooms Kitchen + Cafe @mushrooms_kitchen by pretty owner Janelle Barretto Squires @janellebsquires who loves to bake #25mushroomskitchen #25MushroomsKitchenCafe #HarvestSurprise #Trifle #H2HDesserts #molitoalabang25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (7)  Pretty display for the signature dessert of 25 Mushrooms Kitchen + Cafe @mushrooms_kitchen in Molito by Janelle Barreto Squires @janellebsquires  #HarvestSurprise #25MushroomsKitchenCafe #25MushroomsKitchen #molitoalabang25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (11) 25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (15) 25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (8) 25 Mushrooms Kitchen Now at Molito Alabang (1)mushroom kitchen molito alabang contactClick below to go to their website25 Mushrooms Kitchen –

Molito alabang 25 mushrooms kitchen

Pièce de Résistance Demo and Pastry Buffet with Chef Franck Geuffroy on 20 January

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Enderun Colleges offers international-caliber bachelor’s degree programs in Entrepreneurship with special focus on Family Enterprise; in Business Administration, major in Financial Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Technology Management or Sustainability; in International Hospitality Management with specialization in Hotel Administration or Culinary Arts; and Economics with specialization in Saemaul Undong and International Development Cooperation.

Learn more about Enderun’s global partnerships with Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland and Spain, with Alain Ducasse Education in France, Thunderbird Online in the USA, and Yeungnam University in South Korea.

Pièce de Résistance Demo and Pastry Buffet with Chef Franck Geuffroy on 20 January (1)Enderun Colleges welcomes back superstar patissier, Chef Franck Geuffroy, who will be in Manila for two weeks starting January 11. The visit of Chef Geuffroy, Pastry Director of Alain Ducasse Education in France, is much awaited by not only Enderun’s chefs and students, but also many in the industry, as he will be showcasing a live pastry demo and buffet. Pièce de Résistance with Chef Franck Geuffroy will be an introduction to Enderun’s redeveloped Certificate in Pastry Arts program, which will include new advanced pastry modules. Enrollment is ongoing for the March 2016 intake.


Pièce de Résistance Demo and Pastry Buffet with Chef Franck Geuffroy on 20 January (3)Learn from a master and join us at Enderun Colleges to welcome superstar patissier and Pastry Director of Alain Ducasse Education in France, Chef Franck Geuffroy as he showcases the art of creating classic French desserts. Demo Class Recipe: Enderun Cake (composed of Breton Shortbread, Pecan-Peanut Praline Crunch, Lemon-Calamondin Orange Cream, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Orange-Lemon Marmalade, Dark Chocolate Glaze, Chocolate Mousse and Cake Decorations)

Pièce de Résistance Demo and Pastry Buffet with Chef Franck Geuffroy on 20 JanuaryPièce de Résistance Demo and Pastry Buffet with Chef Franck Geuffroy on 20 January (1)Feast on a Pastry Buffet created by Chef Franck Geuffroy, featuring a wide selection of classic French desserts that will satisfy the sweet tooth of all pastry aficionados.

Pièce de Résistance Demo and Pastry Buffet with Chef Franck Geuffroy on 20 January (4)About Chef Franck Geuffroy

Pièce de Résistance Demo and Pastry Buffet with Chef Franck Geuffroy on 20 January (2)Having learned for a number of years alongside Christophe Felder at the “Crillon”, Chef Geuffroy developed his restaurant pastry arts background before joining “Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee” restaurant as a pastry chef. His accolades include vice-Champion of France for plated desserts and winner of the 1st prize for tasting in 1998. He joined Alain Ducasse Education in 2010 and became Alain Ducasse Education Pastry Director in September 2015.

Cookie Baking Weekend

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I visited Tina at home as she was baking with her sisters- Yammy and Dada.  I’m attracted by the pink christmas balls in the front door :-)Cookie Baking Weekend (2) Every year the Banzhaf sisters have a German tradition ( they are German ) during the Bonifacio day weekend. They call it the Cookie Baking Weekend. It’s a tradition handed down from their Grandmother where they get together to bake for 3 days.Cookie Baking Weekend (18) They bake German cookies using the secret recipes from their Grandma and aunt. The first day is preparation of the dough, the next day they form the cookies and bake some Cookie Baking Weekend (16)then more baking on the 3rd day. While they bake they watch movies.  They give the cookies to family and select close friends. They even made a cookbook containing all the recipes!Cookie Baking Weekend (13)They made it so they can pass it down to the next generation!! What a nice tradition!!!!! Cookie Baking Weekend (14)Ingredients needed :-)  ( A page from the cookbook )
Cookie Baking Weekend (11)Cookie Baking Weekend (19)Cookie Baking Weekend (21)The story behind the traditionCookie Baking Weekend (10) More notes from the cookbook.  The recipes are secret so i cannot put them here but showing a few pages to show how nice the cookbook isCookie Baking Weekend (12)Cookie Baking Weekend (15) Step by Step photos :-)Cookie Baking Weekend (22) There is a TV in front so they can watch movies while they bake :-)  According to them, the movie has to be something they watched already so they do not lose focus on the baking haha! :-)Cookie Baking Weekend (20)Cookie Baking Weekend (17)German cookies!!!
Cookie Baking Weekend (3)Cookie Baking Weekend (4)Cookie Baking Weekend (5)Cookie Baking Weekend (6)Cookie Baking Weekend (7)Cookie Baking Weekend (8) This was what they had so far for Day 2Cookie Baking Weekend (1) These are the cookie tin cans they fill up.  Some of them are tins that are returned by the receivers which means they want it filled up again the next year :-)Cookie Baking Weekend (9)

Fondue Cooking Lessons

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Fondue for the 100th time!  We had fondue so many times this year!!  Fondue Cooking Lessons fondue lills house (1)Last Halloween we had fondue again but before eating, we had Lilli Ann demonstrate how to make the sauces so we had a cooking lesson for the cooks and for those who wanted to learn

COOKING WITH LILLS :-)  I set up an area in the kitchen like a cooking school :-)  She’s perfect because she’s so patient and so motherly

Fondue Cooking Lessons (2)Yvonne brought her cook who is already the daughter of her household staff!  Fondue Cooking Lessons (3)Fondue Cooking Lessons (12)Lilli Ann patiently teaching us how to make the saucesFondue Cooking Lessons (6)Fondue Cooking Lessons (5)She is so organised she brought everythingFondue Cooking Lessons (4)Fondue Cooking Lessons (7)She even made Lobster bisque soup!Fondue Cooking Lessons (8) It’s a good thing my best friend Eds is always craving for fondue!!! it’s a good reason for us to get together! They always volunteer my house so this time I let them eat in my kitchen haha!! We’ve dined in the main dining, in the backyard and now in the kitchen ! I moved the Halloween spooky decor and set up in the kitchen table. More fun more casual

Fondue :-)  We are lazy to cook so we just have everything cooked already hahaFondue Cooking Lessons (10)Fondue Cooking Lessons (9)Yummy desserts!  Crepes Samurai from Roshan!! YUMMY!!!  Coffee Crumble cake from Yulo – YUM!!!Fondue Cooking Lessons (11)Fondue Cooking Lessons (1)

Homestyle Corn Chowder by Babot Joseph

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Sharing herewith another recipe from Tita Babot Joseph!  During our dinner in her Boston home she served corn chowder which was so so yummy!!! So I asked her to share it with us!!! Thank you Tita!!
Dinner by the Joseph Family in Massachussets (24)homestyle corn chowder

3 cans creamed corm
1 can whole kernel corn
2 cups water depending on how thick you want your soup to be
2 large yellow onions, diced
1 cup diced carrots
2 stalks celery stalks, diced
1/2 cup cooking cream (optional)*
2 eggs, beaten
salt and pepper
dash of sesame oil (optional)*

In a pot, put the canned corn, water, onions, diced carrots and bring to a boil. Add more water if too thick. Lower heat and simmer gently until onions and carrots are soft.
Add celery, salt and pepper to taste, cream, and lastly 2 beaten eggs. Stir gently.

*chowder will be as delicious with or without the cream.
sesame oil will change the overall taste…for those who like sesame oil add a few drops at the very end.