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Summer bag by MVC Designs

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 Super love my personalized Summer Rafia tote from Mia Villanueva @miav8483 of #MCVDesigns. She gave me a beach tote ( back) a few years ago and I use it until now 2-3 times a week when I go swimming. Contact 09175289016 for orders. Check out her instagram @miav8483 for designs. She is regularly at the #AmericanWomensBazaar monthly. #H2HPersonalizeSummer bag by MVC Designs (1) Summer bag by MVC Designs (2)

National Club Summer

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 So fun and colorful at the National Club Summer. Congratulations to my @ladyscottjones sisters Maricar @mltiangco Pam @pamelarosario and to batchmate TC @twochicbytc and Ana @twochicbyana and Luis Espiritu @finoleatherware on a beautiful collection.
Summer National Club (3) A presentation of ethnic prints and color, interpreted in fashion and furniture. A celebration of summer straight from our made up world at the National Club.

Launching Summer on March 23, THURS 11am and will run through March 24 and March 25 11am-6pm. The Metropolitan Club Makati
See you all bright and shiny! #ladyscottjonesxtwochic #ladyscottjonesSummer National Club (24)Lady Scott JonesSummer National Club (19)Summer National Club (20)Summer National Club (21)Summer National Club (22)Summer National Club (25)Summer National Club (26)Summer National Club (27)Summer National Club (28)Summer National Club (17)Summer National Club (18)Two Chic Manila
Summer National Club (11)Summer National Club (29) Summer National Club (30) Summer National Club (31) Summer National Club (32) Summer National Club (33) Summer National Club (34) Summer National Club (1) Summer National Club (6) Summer National Club (7) Summer National Club (8) Summer National Club (9) Summer National Club (10) Summer National Club (2)  Fino Leather by Luis EspirituSummer National Club (12) Summer National Club (13) Summer National Club (14) Summer National Club (15) Summer National Club (16)Summer National Club (4)Summer National Club (23)

50 Years International Bazaar Anniversary

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The most awaited bazaar of the year, SHOP GLOBAL, HELP LOCAL is here!

This year, on Sunday, November 27, will be extra special as the bazaar, jointly sponsored by the International Bazaar Foundation (IBF) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Spouses of Heads of Mission (SHOM) will mark the 50th anniversary of the bazaar.

For the past 49 years, the IBF has raised funds to promote livelihood projects, scholarships, medical and financial assistance to the elderly, orphanages and other welfare institutions. We continue to expand our outreach and achieve our goal of changing the lives of the communities we serve.

This year, our GOLDEN YEAR, will indeed be a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for everyone to satisfy your cravings for authentic international dishes, admire the creativity, artistry and talent of our multi-talented local entrepreneurs, satisfy your sweet tooth with Swiss chocolates, turrones, jamon and chorizos from Spain, feast your eyes on tulips fresh from Holland and many many more! You may even win a car that will be raffled off!

Don’t’ miss the golden celebration of SHOP GLOBAL, HELP LOCAL on November 27, 2016 at Harbor Garden Tent, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City. From 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Entrance tickets are available at Php 100.00 and Donor Cards at Php 200.00 in Tesoro’s outlets at Arnaiz Ave., Makati City and Mabini St., Ermita Manila and at 6th Flr., Special Projects Unit, DFA Bldg., 2330 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City.

For inquiries please call IBF Secretariat at Tel. No. 833-1320, 834-3036, 834-5713. Email: Fax: 834-3907.

INTERNATIONAL BAZAAR FOUNDATION, INC.  BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Seated from left: Fe Cabactulan, Board Member; Alice T. Guerrero, Treasurer; Penny J. Farolan, President; Mme. Cecile Joaquin Yasay, Over-all Chairperson; Bambina Buenaventura, Vice-President; Consul General Fortune A. Ledesma, Board Member; and Pia Morato, Co-chair Committee on Publicity & External Communications. Standing from left: Nora C. Salazar, Executive Director; Veda Bañez Alonzo, Board Member; Marilen T. Lagniton, Member Committee on Publicity & External Communications; Charo J. Villegas, Member Committee on Creative Ideas/Physical Arrangements; Alexandra Lamb Moran, Board Member; and Jane Mariano, Special Projects Assistant and Protocol Officer (DFA) . 50-years-international-bazaar-anniversary-1 Members and Officers of  Spouses of Heads of Mission (SHOM): Seated from left: Mme. Maria Jose Calvo (Spain), Treasurer; Mme. Yuko Ishikawa (Japan), SHOM President; Mme. Cecile Joaquin Yasay, Over-all Chairperson, IBF; Mme. Sylvia Tay Remoortele (Belgium), Membership Coordinator; and Mme. Sille Svenkerud Førner (Norway), Secretary. Standing from left: Mme. Lee Jongmin (Korea), Member; Mme. Michaela Vovkova (Czech Republic), Member; Mme. Monthip Upatising (Thailand), Member;  and Mme. Agnes Roscigno (Italy), Member and past SHOM president (2014-2015).  50-years-international-bazaar-anniversary-6The participating embassies/consulates of the 50th International Bazaar to be held on November 27, 20156(Sunday) at the Harbor Garden Tent, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd. Pasay City.50-years-international-bazaar-anniversary-5Unique products from different embassies/consulates50-years-international-bazaar-anniversary-2 50-years-international-bazaar-anniversary-3 50-years-international-bazaar-anniversary-4

Negros Trade Fair 2016

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Encounter Negros Island at the 31st Negros Trade Fair

            Experience what Negros is all about at the 31st Negros Trade Fair this coming September 14-18, 2016 at the Glorietta Activity Center. With the theme “Biodiversity In Tourism”, this 31st edition promises an even more extensive view of this glorious province and what it is to be Negrense.

Negros Trade Fair 2016 (1)Encounter the ingenuity and creativity of the Negrenses with the vast array of products ranging from household products, fashion items and accessories, furniture and furnishing, gifts, and décor, all tastefully created and meticulously crafted. 

Negros Trade Fair 2016 (4)Negros Trade Fair 2016 (1)Every year the members of the Association of Negros Producers ALWAYS outdo themselves, exceeding the already astronomical standard of quality and style that they achieved the previous year. Whether your 9 or 90, you’ll find that little (or LARGE, actually) piece that you just gotta have…whether for yourself or as a gift, you’ll surely find what’s just perfect.

 And, of course, who hasn’t heard of the raves about the wonderful assortment of tastes from Negros that would make anyone salivate? From the famed inasal to those little sweet “kakanins”, biscuits, and what have you….just a gastronomic delight!!! Plus, with the Slow Food Convivium of Negros Island, you’ll savor tastes that are so unlike the oily, greasy, UNHEALTHY fast food that floods the malls.

Negros Trade Fair 2016 (3)Negros Trade Fair 2016 (2)This is one of the few venues where you will find that there is food that can be both described as “delicious” as well as “healthy”.

            All this has always graced the Negros Trade Fairs of past and visiting has always been a wonderful experience for all the guests.

            But this year’s edition promises even more. Aligned with its theme, guests will see the bounty and diversity with which nature has blessed this island paradise. With the help of thePhilippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation Inc. (PRRCFI) and Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (PBCFI), guests may discover the wealth of Negros’ natural resources with different exhibits and activities both for the youngest of the young and the oldest of the old.

            So the 31st Negros Trade Fair is, simply put, a must for everyone, bar none.

negros-trade-fair-2016-41 negros-trade-fair-2016-27 negros-trade-fair-2016-28 negros-trade-fair-2016-29 negros-trade-fair-2016-32 negros-trade-fair-2016-33 negros-trade-fair-2016-34 negros-trade-fair-2016-35 negros-trade-fair-2016-36 negros-trade-fair-2016-37 negros-trade-fair-2016-38 negros-trade-fair-2016-39 negros-trade-fair-2016-40 negros-trade-fair-2016-42 negros-trade-fair-2016-4 negros-trade-fair-2016-44 negros-trade-fair-2016-43 negros-trade-fair-2016-45 negros-trade-fair-2016-46 negros-trade-fair-2016-47 negros-trade-fair-2016-31 negros-trade-fair-2016-48 negros-trade-fair-2016-49 negros-trade-fair-2016-5 negros-trade-fair-2016-6 negros-trade-fair-2016-7 negros-trade-fair-2016-30 negros-trade-fair-2016-8 negros-trade-fair-2016-9 negros-trade-fair-2016-10 negros-trade-fair-2016-11 negros-trade-fair-2016-12 negros-trade-fair-2016-13 negros-trade-fair-2016-14 negros-trade-fair-2016-15 negros-trade-fair-2016-16 negros-trade-fair-2016-17 negros-trade-fair-2016-18 negros-trade-fair-2016-19 negros-trade-fair-2016-20 negros-trade-fair-2016-21 negros-trade-fair-2016-22 negros-trade-fair-2016-23 negros-trade-fair-2016-24 negros-trade-fair-2016-25 negros-trade-fair-2016-26 negros-trade-fair-2016-50 negros-trade-fair-2016-51 negros-trade-fair-2016-52 negros-trade-fair-2016-53 negros-trade-fair-2016-1 negros-trade-fair-2016-2 negros-trade-fair-2016-3

F&C’s Diamonds and Denims Collection

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Denim and diamonds may seem to be from opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, but through the vision of F&C, these contrasts are married into a beautiful balance.

Helping to elevate the everyday outfit, F&C’s Fall/Winter collection, titled Diamonds and Denims, adds that subtle touch of glimmer and glam, transforming your blah outfits into chic style statements.

Renowned actress and budding style icon Coleen Garcia shares why F&C Jewelry is the perfect complement to her wardrobe.fcs-diamonds-and-denims-collection-5“When it’s raining, we always turn to more muted outfits. She adds that layering necklaces is a lovely way to spruce up an otherwise plain outfit. fcs-diamonds-and-denims-collection-2When it comes to earrings, whether you prefer subtle or bold, F&C assures to have a piece that perfectly matches your style. Coleen shares a style tip: “Even if you’re sporting denim, you can keep it casual by wearing studs and smaller earrings, or you can play it up a bit by wearing a pair of big dangling ones.”fcs-diamonds-and-denims-collection-1Gold, diamonds and silver are equally appropriate for the work place. Choose one key accessory to complement your office ensemble. “Rings with shimmering stones are a good option to bring a touch of glimmer,” she adds. “These can be worn individually, or stacked on your fingers for more fashion impact.”fcs-diamonds-and-denims-collection-4Marissa Florete Gorriceta, F&C’s head of marketing and merchandising, shares, “The beauty of jewellery is that it’s timeless. It can be worn any time, for any occasion, and with anything.” Contrary to belief, diamonds, gold and even denim can be worn together. It’s all a matter of achieving that polished look. “With F&C’s wide array of designs, we give you the fun and the freedom to put together interesting pieces and looks. Through our collection, we hope to beautifully bridge the gap between elegance and effortlessness,” she ends.

To discover the beauty and grace from F&C Jewelry, visit its store branches located at all SM Department Stores and at the new Glorietta Mall. For more information about their updates and promotions, visit

ZONTA Club’s Advocacy Fair for Philippine regional Crafts Producers & Artisans

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Welcome the holiday season with bagsful of fantastic finds as Zonta Club of Makati and Environs proudly brings Filipinaz Fair 2016 to yuletide shopaholics everywhere!

zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-2This bazaar has for years been known as one of the most well-curated shopping festivals in the country. Spearheaded by Zonta Club of Makati and Environs, the event will showcase products such as furniture, home/Christmas decor, haute couture wear and accessories. zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-3 zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-1Among  the 90 exhibitors of this event are fashion accessory outfits such as  Kit Silver by Mila Imson,  All That Glitters, Calima Jewelry (founded by Bogotan designer Claudia Hernandez), Eccentrics by Juliana Santos -Garrett (one of a kind fashion accessories using unconventional material such as carabao bone), Threads and Trends (creators of whimsical soft bags) and  Kabayan Weavers (crafters of indigenous shawls, ponchos and tunics). Unique and indigenous clutches and totes will be showcased by John Carlo,  Yvettes, AADR Decena, Threads and Trends, Davao-based DOBWA and Unic Tunic.zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-2 zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-1FilipinaZ  2016 Fair is the only bazaar that is created by women specifically for women’s advocacies. All proceeds from the fair will be used to further the many women-empowering projects of the club. Among ZCME’s programs are: Psychological Center in Marillac Hills that offers individual and group psychological care for over 200 sexually abused children; Empowering Women Scholarship Program- prevention of violence against women through education; NO to Early Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy Advocacy- a series of workshops targeted towards teenagers that seeks to give proper information on the realities of relationships, pregnancy and marriage. The club’s HNH (Health, Nutrition and Hygiene) Program is a 6-month initiative that creates supplemental feeding programs for malnourished children. HNH provides warehouse facilities that make it possible for food and hygiene product donations to be stored and distributed to target beneficiaries. ZCME’s Kababaihan is a holistic program for women that aims to transform individual through values formation and spirituality such as regular First Friday masses, cenacle, bible reading, spiritual guidance of a priest.

The club also offers health services and livelihood programs for the marginalised communities in Makati and Taguig Cities. Zonta Club of Makati and Environs’  (ZCME) seeks to uplift the lives of woman and girls through advocacy and projects such as health services, skills training, livelihood generation and values formation.

Among the highlights of the fair will be the Christmas Village in a Festive Filipino setting with group of Christmas Decor Exhibitors who will create a Christmassy shopping atmosphere together with the exhibitors for regional foods, sweets and drinks. This unique atmosphere with the glittering Christmas Lights will bring fair visitors with their family into a perfect Christmas Mood.

FilipinaZ 2016 Fair will be held on Nov, 4-6 from 10AM-9PM at the SM Convention Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For more information, call Imelda B. Datul of Dekostyle Product Design Services @  M: 09159231032 or ZONTA Secretariat Rowena Alvarado @ telephone no. 632-869-4280    or   M: 09278626596.

Welcome to your Happy Place

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Boys and girls and kids at heart—step right up!


Tickles, the iconic homegrown novelty shop, opens its new flagship store at SM Megamall this September!

Welcome to your Happy Place (2) Since the early 80s, Tickles has been the go-to source for quirky gifts and fun knick-knacks, so it’s fitting that they’ve chosen a retro European circus theme for its new look. At 80sqm, the SM Megamall store is their biggest yet, about three times the size of their regular shops, and thrice the fun! With bright lights, carnival elements, and even a toy train chugging along overhead, stepping into the flagship store makes one feel like a kid all over again—whether you’re a longtime customer or a millennial discovering Tickles for the first time.Welcome to your Happy Place (3) In fact, the idea for the rebranding came up when the team realized they piqued the interest of a new market: millenials. “We wanted to re-image the store to cater to the current generation, without losing the nostalgia factor for our core market,” says Carlo Tanseco, Tickles’ Creative Director.

“There are three generations now that shop here: but you don’t usually want to shop where your mom shops, right?” shares Chun-chi Soler, Chief Operating Officer of Tickles. “So Carlo’s challenge when designing the store was that it would appeal to all generations.” Thus, all the new Tickles branches now carry the circus theme (Power Plant Mall, TriNoma, UP Town Center, with the full effect seen at the SM Megamall flagship store), while the rest of the stores will soon be updated. Inside the stores, the merchandise is more focused and curated, and every corner of the store is highly-detailed and “Instagrammable.” Carlo adds, “There are some things the kids won’t get, there are some things the moms or dads won’t get. But some things are universal: laughter, happiness, things that make you smile.” Welcome to your Happy Place (1)Go-To Gift Shop

Happiness has always been the guiding principle of Tickles, ever since it was established in 1979 by Yoya Tanseco, who is still its chairman and chief shopper to this day (“Except now I make detours to shop for clothes,” she winks conspiratorially). Yoya found joy in sourcing for “cutie-cutie” items from Japan and the US, knowing instinctively what people would love to give (and receive!). So when your present comes in that iconic yellow packaging—and now, in the new yellow and crimson vintage-style shopping bag—you know it’s going to be something cute and fun! Welcome to your Happy Place (7)Trending

For a shop that’s been around for generations, you’ll be surprised how current and on-trend their novelty items are. From wacky food-themed plushies and witty pillows, to funny and quirky eye masks, they know exactly what will tickle the fancy of the Pinoy market. “You’ll find affordable gifts which relate to someone’s interests—whether it be a pig or a panda, plushie, pillow, phone case…We have a lot of ‘hugot’ items, too!” tips Chun-chi. “We also have items for the moms and dads, so it’s truly a one-stop gift shop,” adds Yoya.Welcome to your Happy Place (6) And in an effort to offer more exciting, unique, and homegrown merchandise, Tickles now designs and manufactures many of their gift items. “Now, most of the items in the store are proprietary, which means we make it ourselves. Some of the items are still sourced, or made exclusively for us by international suppliers, but our focus is really to design our own items. Our goal is to be 100% Tickles-branded,” Carlo reveals.Welcome to your Happy Place (5) “Our guiding principle is ‘happiness all year round,’ and that’s what we have in mind when we design or purchase items, from food plushies and party gifts, to pranks and tricks—anything to make you smile.” Welcome to your Happy Place (4)Tickles is located at Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 1, Power Plant Mall, SM Megamall A, TriNoma, UP Town Center, Alabang Town Center, Market! Market!, Marquee Mall, Fairview Terraces, and Ayala Center Cebu.


Follow @tickles_PH on Twitter and Instagram, or visit Tickles_ph on Facebook.


Easy Cures

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I received this product from my friend, Tina Vitas.  It’s been working well for muscle aches and varicose veinsRheuma Salve Easy CuresI like it because it uses essential oils which are natural and I don’t need to swallow any medicine for pain reliefRHEUMA SALVE Easy cures 2Apparently, this busy woman who is always on the go has a new baby!!  Easy Cures!!  Heart2Heart supports her on her project because it’s about healthy living and it’s about using natural remedies.  More power Tina!!!  Here is her note to me :-)   Easy Cures (11) Click below to go to the website for more informationEasy Cures (2) Easy Cures (3) Easy Cures (4) Easy Cures (5)Favourites of Tina and her Mom – Rheuma Salve and these two

Axe oil Easy Cures Himalayan Salt Lamp Easy Cures

Easy Cures healthyEasy Cures website

Easy Cures (6) Easy Cures (7) Easy Cures (8) Easy Cures (9) Click below to go shopping for your health and wellnessEasy Cures (10) Easy Cures (12) Easy Cures (12)Easy Cures a