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Fresh Strawberries!!!!

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Visited the Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad.  As strawberries are not yet in season, there were hardly any strawberries to be picked.   There were vendors selling strawberry taho ( P 10.00 ) and strawberry ice cream ( P 10.00 )  by the fields.  The kids enjoyed the taho!

Fresh strawberries are always something to look forward to when going to Baguio whether picking them fresh from the fields or buying they from the market.  Yummy!!! [email_link]


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October 5, Friday 32 Mc Kinley

Congratulations to Liza Ilarde, Editor in Chief of TraveLife Magazine!  Liza was also the Editor in Chief behind one of the top magazines in the country, Mega magazine.    They were one of the pioneers in the industry.  I noticed that when sharing albums with friends, one of the popular subjects is travel photos. People always want to see where you went, what you did and what you ate. Many always ask for travel tips before they leave for a trip.  So this magazine for sure will be very helpful. 

To quote from the Publisher, Christine Cunanan: 
“It’s the only dedicated travel magazine published on a regular basis.  It is written for the Filipino market by passionate Filipino travelers with real experiences and stories to share.  It’s an original Filipino publication that aims to go international.  Apart from Nationwide distribution, we are already available onboard the first and business class cabins and lounges of most major airlines flying out of Manila.  TraveLife is literally going global. ”

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Never Lost

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180420873503_0_alb.jpgWhen we are travelling on the road, I am usually the navigator ( better term for backseat driver ) of James….So i always have to make sure I have directions or a map.  Directions you normally can get by buying a map, calling the place up, going through their website or asking a friend…..until we discovered Hertz NEVER LOST!  No need to bother anyone!  Even the navigator needs a navigator so this gadget is my new best friend in the front seat.   The best part of it is even if you make the wrong turn or get confused, it will recalculate the route and then you are back on track. 


 It is also a directory..when you are driving and suddenly get the urge to eat in Taco Bell,  just go to the yellow pages and look for the nearest Taco Bell.  You need to pay a little more to get this gadget but it is WORTH IT!  NEVER LEAVE WITHOUT IT!


The Best Mc Do ever!

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This has got to be the BEST Mc Do I have EVER been to in the whole world. During our trip to Bacolod, we went to Mc Donalds 3 to 4 times a day in the 3 days that we were there. Tito Butch manages this Mc Donald’s and aside from managing it, he has a collection of Happy Meal toys displayed inside. AMAZING! Around 5,000 pcs. coming from all over the world – USA, Japan, HK, Australia, France, UK and other European nations. This Mc Do is around 800 sq. meters and is complete with the playground and has a Mc Cafe in front. The inside is very different from all the other Mc Donalds i have been to as Tito Butch is very involved in everything that happens here. It is so clean. No miss, whenever we visited the store, there is always someone mopping the floor, cleaning the windows, or just cleaning something. It must run in the family because my dad is very picky with cleanliness when it came to running Rustan’s supermarket and now in Starbucks. For all these reasons, no wonder my Tito and this store has had numerous awards from Mc Donalds headquarters. CONGRATS!!!!!