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 6 years ago #chefjavs wanted a dog and so he chose Romeo from the litter of puppies because he was the friendliest. Romeo was the “runt” of the litter But Javs insisted on getting him so we took him into our family. Romeo was our companion at all times and loved  us all unconditionally. Last week he was surprisingly taken from our family and we are very sad. We will miss him  #H2HTribute #h2hanimals #BostonTerrierRome (1) Romeo (2) Romeo (3) Romeo (4) Romeo (5) Romeo (6) Romeo (7) Romeo (8) Romeo (9)

He loved being tickled and  Papa James would do it :-)Romeo (10) Romeo (11) Romeo (12) Romeo (13) Romeo (14) Romeo (15) Romeo (16) Romeo (17) Romeo (18)  At around 1140am before leaving for the airport (Jan 25)- our other dog Chef came up rushing to the family room. We don’t keep him in the house because he’s magulo. But somehow he escaped and was able to go up. But it was at that same time james got a missed call from the vet about Romeo. It was Romeo saying goodbye  ( Romeo was in the clinic when he died so we didn’t see him ) Last October a friend gave #chefjavs a puppy and maybe that’s God’s doing in preparation for what was going to happen since only He knows.

Romeo and chef Javs Chef Javs labrador

God has always given new life to our family every time He takes someone He gives new life. When Mommy Carmeling was called, 3 months later the twins – Luis and Ariana- were born. A month before Dada Monching passed away, Antonio was born. God always watches over us.   #H2HTribute #H2HAnimalsRomeo (19)

Happy Wake

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 Heart2Heart doesn’t usually post wakes but this is a different kind of wake. It’s a happy wake. As soon as I entered, the vibes of the kapilya was not heavy, it was not sad. Apparently Jojo was like that – he always had good vibes. I even heard that on the last night his friend played some music and friends were dancing and celebrating his journey to heaven. I noticed nowadays it’s becoming more like this and it’s nice because it helps everyone accept the fact that we will all go one day and we have to think of it as a milestone in our life where we can celebrate just like other milestones. And imagine it’s the milestone where we will go back to our creator – a celebration indeed. Yes we will miss them but they will forever be in our hearts. To the family of our #Nisekrew friend Carmina @thecrazycook_ph and Raffy @dondurian our deepest condolences – Jojo’s definitely in a better place  #h2hquotes #H2HG?d #H2HTributeHappy Wake (2) Happy Wake (1)

I Love Tanny

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 Last December 10, Tito Tanny Tanjutco went to heaven. He was the founder of Creative Concepts, one of the first Advertising companies in the Philippines and launched many effective campaigns and promotions for Rustan’s. It was nice to see the family yesterday – Tita Brenda @brendalt , Vincent, Michele my AC batchmate who lives in New York and Yazzy @yazzymoya and Ryan who are not in the photos. We have known this family for many years as business partners and as part of our family. I LOVE Tanny pins were being given out to all those who came to church yesterday ( I made sure to get one) while the family members had “I love Dad” and “I Love Lolo” pins. So nice!!! May you Rest In Peace Tito Tanny  #H2HTributesi-love-tanny-2 i-love-tanny-3 i-love-tanny-1 tanjutcosi-love-tanny-4 i-love-tanny-5 i-love-tanny-6 i-love-tanny-1 i-love-tanny-8 i-love-tanny-7

Dr. Ramon Syjuco de Jesus

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 Dad would have turned 89 last September 4.
Dr. Ramon Syjuco de Jesus ( September 4, 1927) peacefully passed away at home surrounded by all his children at around 1230pm. He is now in heaven with Mommy Carmeling.dr-ramon-de-jesus-thank-you

Dad was very much present in our lives even if he never required us to be in any event or occasion. He never demanded anything from us yet we all willingly and voluntarily do things for him and spend time with him. Dad never wanted to inconvenience anyone because he always thought of others before himself. My other dad, Dad Monching, is the closest person I know who is like the Pope. He has the same effect on me as the Pope, it is because of him that I want to do good and change for the good. And that is my promise to Dad. We will miss Dad tremendously but his memories and the memories from all of you, the people whose lives he has touched, will remain in all our hearts  forever.

Reposting here a bday tribute I made for Dad on his 87th bday in 2014.

Happy 87th Birthday to my other Dad!!! Dad Monching or known to everyone as Dr. de Jesus. A well respected surgeon and the BEST in the country. A self made man and so accomplished.

Dad completed his GS and HS at St. James Academy ( run by the Maryknoll sisters ) in Malabon. In 1947, he went to Vermont on full scholarship at St. Michael’s College and graduated with a BS ( Biology ) degree, summa cum laude, in 1951. He then went to medical school at the University of Vermont and graduated in 1955. Dad then took his internship and residency in surgery at Columbia University in New York City, Afterwhich he stayed on at Columbia as a member of the faculty till 1963, when he went back to Manila for good. After having to review and take the Philippine board exams, Dad started his surgical practice in 1964. He worked at Manila Doctors Medical Center Manila and then Makati Medical Center ( when they opened in 1969). He taught at the UP Medical School in 1966 and was a professor for 26 years. Dad also became a doctor for Philippine Airlines ( PAL ) sometime in 1990 til 2012. Everyone in PAL knew Dr. de Jesus.

Dad is one of the nicest people in the planet. Ever since I met him, I never heard him say or do anything bad to anyone. Whenever I meet someone who knows Dad, they have all good things to say about Dad. Everytime we celebrate our birthday, Dad gives us the best gift, the gift of prayer and his wish for us to always have good health. Today and always we wish that back for him too because we LOVE him!december-24-2015-dr-ramon-de-jesus-family-copy

Just as Mom did when she passed away, we did not have a wake.  We had the funeral mass at the earliest available booking in the church and so it happened the next day after we had cremated Dad
dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-18 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-17 Thank you to Fr. Horacio Rodriguez and Fr. Julian Mazana for saying mass for Dad when he did not want to go out of the house anymore.  We had 6 Sunday masses at home with Dad and so Dad was able to receive communion stilldr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-12 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-20Beautiful singing by the Colegio San Agustin Church Ministry
dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-19 The church was full which showed how many lives Dad has toucheddr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-15 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-13 Eulogies by

Eldest grand daughter, Ria Campos Lopez
funeral-mass-eulogy-ria-campos-for-dr-ramon-de-jesus Dr. Mike Celdrandr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-14 Gerry de Jesusfuneral-mass-eulogy-gerry-de-jesus-for-dr-ramon-de-jesus Aunty Remy Reyes, sister of Dadfuneral-mass-eulogy-remy-reyes-for-dr-ramon-de-jesusEldest son, Mike de Jesus
dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-funeral-capilya-father-julian-mazanadr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-funeral-capilya-tammy-camposThere was a beautiful celebration at Makati Medical Centre where Dad practiced as a General and Cancer Surgeon.

A mass, lunch and tributes were made by the doctors
dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-21 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-1 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-229th Day mass9th-day-novena-mass-colegio-san-agustin-chapel dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-2 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-4 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-7 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-5 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-6 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-3 offertory-dad-de-jesus  Eulogies by

 Tito Albert del Rosariodr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-8 Tito Serge Osmeñadr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-9 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-109th-day-novena-mass-629

ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-1 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-2 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-3 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-4 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-5 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-69th-day-novena-mass-6399th-day-novena-mass-mike-de-jesus9th-day-novena-mass-3869th-day-novena-mass-619ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-4ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-2ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-3ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesusninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-5


Bowling Alleys at the Manila Polo Club

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 Old photo of my hubby ( yellow stripe shirt) at the bowling alley in Manila Polo Club. Their team had just won a tournament in 1980 :-)   When we were kids, the Polo Club was very busy. We would hang out in the club and go all over from badminton to bowling to tennis to swimming to baseball to the library to the cogons. I used to see my hubby and his twin around the club but we didn’t know each other yet at that time.   So many memories. We will miss the bowling alleys  #themanilapoloclub #bowling #H2HTributeBowling Alleys at the Manila Polo Club (1) This is the latest version of the bowling alley before it closed.  Before it was all manual and there were ball boys there at the back setting up the pinsBowling Alleys at the Manila Polo Club (7)  I joined my husband last night as he joined other friends who used to bowl at the Manila Polo Club. Last night ( July 29) was the last night of the bowling alleys  at the Manila Polo Club. Some of the players from when we were kids gathered to bowl one last time here before it closes :-(  I did not join any tournament but I have a lot of memories with friends we grew up with in the club. I guess not many people play bowling anymore.   The place will close down but the memories will last forever  #themanilapoloclub #bowling #H2HTributeBowling Alleys at the Manila Polo Club (6) Bowling Alleys at the Manila Polo Club (5) Bowling Alleys at the Manila Polo Club (4) Bowling Alleys at the Manila Polo Club (3) Bowling Alleys at the Manila Polo Club (2)


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We love our house guest, Iago @iagodelro He loves to eat and eats anything you offer him, he laughs and appreciates everything and he’s so pleasant to be around with.
Lago (1) He’s fashionable too! He is only 9 years old yet so independent and mature. Lago (9) Lago (8) Lago (7) Lago (6)  He asked me which city I like better – New York or San Francisco. I threw the question back at him and he said “It’s all about the company.”
Lago (5) Lago (4) Lago (3)  I’m so happy that he wants to be a blogger. Watch out for this guy ? #H2HSFO #H2HPeopleLago (2)

Thank you Heart2Heart Readers

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This Easter I would like to say thank you to the many viewers of Heart2Heart.  Thank you for the support throughout the years and for never tiring to visit

 How sweet this lady who emailed me :-)  Thelma from the USA

Thelma Grover h2h viewerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She even tags me sometimes in Facebook on heart photos :-)

thelma heart facebook fan heart2heartheart from Thelma Grover

Laurie and Sam from the Highschool office at  Interntional School ( ISM )
Laurie and Sam ISM HS Admin Ofc_Thank you Heart2Heart ReadersStrike from Zara Powerplant Mall Thank you Heart2Heart Readers (2)

Ron and Chris who also have a blog – Two very nice guys!  I love bumping into them at events
ron and Chris

 Real Estate brokers :-)  Sandra Garcia and Kaye Reynosandra garcia and Reyno_Thank you Heart2Heart Readers

Daphne Syjuco, Kate Bella, of course I assume my sister in law Margs ( she better haha!! ), Naisa Santos and I also assume the sister of Margs – Carla Dy Liacco :-)Thank you Heart2Heart Readers (3)

 Imee Masangcay Tanpinco who I bumped into a wake of a mutual friendImee Tanpinco_Thank you Heart2Heart Readers

 Carolina Tanco Young who I bump into all the time in the ladies locker room :-)  I know she reads my blog because she tells me what was the latest! :-)  Carolina Tanco Young_Thank you Heart2Heart Readers

Tonichi Manahan :-)  So grateful for men who also view Heart2Heart and have the heart to tell me :-)

tonichi Manahan_Thank you Heart2Heart Readers

Joy and Nicole from Shangri-La Fort

Joy and Nicole

Thank you Luis and Dedet for this :-)

Luis Acuba Vancouver Dedet Pepitas lechon

Chevalier dans l’Ordre National de la Legion d’honneur

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 Congratulations to my cousin Anton Tantoco Huang @antonhuang111 on receiving the Chevalier dans l’Ordre National de la Légion d’honneur bestowed upon him by the French Embassy in the PhilippinesChevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (2) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (4) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (5) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (7) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (21)Cheavlier Legion of Honor  H.E. Mr. Ambassador of France to the Philippines and Mrs. Thierry Mathou conferring the “Chevalier dans l’Ordre National de la Légion d’honneur “ on Anton.  A great honor and a well deserved one! Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (22) All out support from family, friends and Rustan Group Managers who are family too :-)Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (20) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (24)Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur_ (1)Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur_ (2) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (3) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (12) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (17) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (18) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (19) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (23) Chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Legion d'honneur (25)

Read more about the award

Admission into the Legion of Honor is based on clear principles and well-established procedures. However, it rewards an abstract, highly subjective, multifaceted and still unifying notion: "outstanding merit". 
 Conditions of eligibility

 To enter the Order of the Legion of Honor, two prerequisites must be fulfilled:

Admission into the Legion of Honor is based on clear principles and well-established procedures. However, it rewards an abstract, highly subjective, multifaceted and still unifying notion: “outstanding merit”. Conditions of eligibility To enter the Order of the Legion of Honor, two prerequisites must be fulfilled:

Tine Tine

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2 years ago we had our Velada ( Oct 2012 ) A few months after that I heard about the news of Tine’s gastric cancer. And last Thursday God called Tine to join Him in heaven. I felt that no one could really accept the fact including Tine who fought to live till the last moment. Christine Syjuco Aurelio
Tine Tine (3)

 This is what she wrote about herself in our Silver Linings Book published for our Velada in 2012About Tine Tine Aurelio Assumption veladaTine was the Mother Marie Eugenie awardee of our batchTine tine AURELIO TIPS

A simple, kind, cheerful and holy person. Though she left and lived in NYC for 20 years, she was very present in our batch. She is a highly respected batch mate by everyone. Even if she was not physically present she was a silent worker and lead the batch behind the scenes. I will never forget when one day I received a private email from her kindly advising me about something I had said in our group email and that is when I knew that though she’s very quiet, she was watching over our batch and making sure we were united. That is a true leader and a person with pure intentions and a pure heart. So up to this day I remember Tine always in everything that i do and make sure I will not do anything to put our batch on the line. Tine Tine was a very private person and I knew she avoided me for that reason! :-)   She also did not want me to take her photo alone and she would always pull me beside her!!  Which I am so glad now because as I was looking for photos of her – I was always there!!! haha!!

Velada mass tine tine aurelio assumption AC Velada Tine Tine Aurelio Assumption AC

I am so grateful that God gave me one last lunch to be with Tine Tine when we had our AC ( Assumption) East Coast reunion in New York last May 2015. That was the last time I saw her.
Tine Tine (2) Tine always giggling and always with rosy cheeks. This is how I will forever remember her – a friend full of happiness

Tine Aurelio Serafina New York City Assumption batchmate

I love you Tine!  You will forever be in our hearts! like you have always been even when you were miles away!  Pray for all of us :-)  Tine Tine (1)