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Hold On Tight by Peachy Concepcion

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Peachy, Thank you very much for inviting me to your Book launch…. I definitely found myself in your book and I am sure many mothers can relate to your book too.   What a loving idea to document this very important moment in a mother’s life.  It is a great act of love for a mother to write about this experience and to express ones love for their children.  Heart2Heart is really proud to feature you and your book.  Congratulations !!!







A touching and heartwarming note from the author:



It was nice to see the overwhelming support of family and friends during the launch………




Remembering Lola Glecy

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We remember a great woman- Lola Glecy, GRT, Mommy, Glecy, Gliceria.  She will always be known as the entrepreneur that pioneered the retailing industry in the Philippines. No one will ever compare to her.Though we miss her, she is always in our hearts and is very much alive in our daily lives. 
I felt that she believed in me, she always encouraged me to do my best….. to do what is right. She was always proud of my work and told me many of her trade secrets.  She was my mentor.  I really wish I had more time to spend with her and learn from her. I will always be proud to be her grandaughter………I love you Lola.  Your spirit will live on forever!

Two Worlds by Nicole

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On one occassion, I received a book from my cousins, M. Donnie and Crix. It was a beautiful compilation of poems by my hijada, Nicole. 

When I read her poems, I was very shocked that I had not experienced my hijada who had grown up so fast.  I hardly know anyone who can express herself so well at that age.  Many describe it as “deep” and “dark” but I guess that is what adolescents go through and it just so happens that Nicole can express it through her literary talents.  Atleast she has a way of venting her thoughts and her emotions……. and now she has shared it through her book. I am so proud of her. 



When you know you look good, you feel good…..

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“I love it when someone tells me I look pretty. I think every woman loves hearing this compliment. Beauty and pretty is something anyone can posses. Makeup is not about having perfectly painted, caked makeup to give the illusion of flawless, but to have it on because it is smooth, natural and healthy looking. My goal is to help women appreciate and enhance their own natural beauty. I want women to develop her own sense of style, and learn to love the way they look.” Sabs Hernandez, Professional Makeup Artist

Carla ( Sabs ) is the sister of my sister in law, Margs( bride in photo ).  I am glad to have met the sisters who are both very simple and remind me of the closeness me and my sister, Maricar, have. 



 I am particularly inspired by what Carla has to say about beauty and make up………
“If you aren’t in the habit of regularly wearing makeup…you should. University studies have found that there is a direct correlation between makeup and emotional well being. Additionally, they noted that self confidence, self esteem, social anxiety, and even satisfaction with one’s looks, were all higher in women who regularly used makeup. It’s sort-of like secretly wearing a red thong that women sear make them feel sexier, and more womanly.
Wearing makeup enhances your natural beauty. It accentuates your features by adding an extra bit of refined radiance. Walking out the door knowing that you’re looking extra good will have a major impact on your emotional well being.
You’ll feel an extra bounce of confidence, energy, and a desire to be seen. At its simplest, it comes down to this…when you know you look good…you feel good. Makeup can provide you with a psychological edge each and every time you use it. By becoming a regular user of makeup, you’ll see a beneficial impact in every aspect of your life.”

For every face Sabs does, a donation will be made to the Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.


For more on Sabs and the services she can offer visit:  She has plenty to share in her website including make up techniques.    

Thank you!

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Death is a sad event………..sad because we will miss the person who will be leaving us behind.  But happy because he/she will be starting a new life which is an everlasting life with God. Yes it was unfortunate that two family members passed away on january but God has His plans and I am included in that plan.
God told me that I need to……prepare myself for my next life.  You must live your life now in preparation for your next life.  

Thank you to all of you for your prayers, your words of comfort, your mass cards and joining the funeral and novena masses for Mom.

My Other Mother

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Carmelita Osmeña de Jesus
July 3, 1933 – January 28, 2007

Mom has lived a full and gracious life. She made sure she prepared herself and accepted God’s will for her.
Though we prayed and wished we could still spend more time with her, we also prayed to stop Mom’s pain and not to let her suffer. God has truly blessed Mom.
When I started going out with James in 1986, Mom immediately treated me as part of the family.
Nana took very good care of Jaime and Javier. We all love her very much and we will miss her! But we are happy that she is now in a better place.