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The Dessert Kitchen

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I have been wanting to try this place ever since I heard about it last year!  So happy to finally visit and have dessert at the Dessert Kitchen at Rockwell.  It is a franchise from Hong Kong and it is by the same owners as Tuan Tuan @tuantuanmanila and Lugang Cafe @lugangcafe #thedessertkitchenph #powerplantmallThe Dessert Kitchen Love the Vertical garden :-)The Dessert Kitchen (1) When you think Dessert Kitchen – immediately what came to my mind was dessert heaven filled with rich, super sweet, super fattening sweets.  But apparently that is not what Dessert Kitchen is all about.  It’s desserts that are light and relatively healthier than the usual desserts that we have.  So it’s even better than what I expected.  We should have more places like these!!!The Dessert Kitchen (16)Monitor showing the menu right in the entrance of the place
The Dessert Kitchen (2) The Dessert Kitchen (3) Heart2Heart loves Soft Ice cream :-)   At The Dessert Kitchen its low fat and low sugar.  They serve 2 flavours at a time so the one marked is the one they are serving for the day- Vanilla and Yogurt for us that dayThe Dessert Kitchen (4) They also have hard ice cream The Dessert Kitchen (5) The Dessert Kitchen (6) LOVE the wall!!!!The Dessert Kitchen (7) The Dessert Kitchen (8)  A fun and healthy afternoon at @thedessertkitchenph with these two – Margie @paellaqueen and Alexie. We not only had healthy and yummy desserts but we talked and shared tips on how to be healthy. We all want to be healthy. LOVE, Friends, Desserts and Happiness :-)  that’s all you need  #thedessertkitchenph #H2HQuotesThe Dessert Kitchen (9)  We started with a savory dish. There’s only 2 in the Dessert Kitchen @thedessertkitchenph Japadog ? eggettes ? It’s their version of a waffle dog with caramelized onions, seaweed, teriyaki mayonnaise and with honey mustard dressing. Yum!The Dessert Kitchen (14) the dessert kitchen menu 4Chocolate Lovers EggettesThe Dessert Kitchen (11) The Dessert Kitchen (10) the dessert kitchen menu 2Sesame Rice Ball in Coconut – YUM!The Dessert Kitchen (17)the dessert kitchen menu 5Kanten Grape – You dip the noodles in the grape sauce and then eat with fresh fruits :-)  It’s their version of RAMEN! :-)The Dessert Kitchen (12) One of the signature dishes at @thedessertkitchenph – Taiwan Style Shaved ice. It comes in different flavors – Coconut, Mango and even Durian with Mini Rice Balls, Nata De Coco, and fresh mangoes. Light, refreshing and sweet. The desserts at the Dessert kitchen are very innovative, light ( low fat ) and healthy yet tastes good. It’s not the usual very sweet, very heavy and you feel guilty afterwards. Heart2Heart loves @thedessertkitchenph at @powerplantmall #powerplantmall #thedessertkitchenph #taiwanshavediceThe Dessert Kitchen (18)the dessert kitchen menu 1The Romantic Valentine – Low fat yogurt, corn flakes, peanuts, pistachio crust, and fresh strawberries? Yum!!!The Dessert Kitchen (15)the dessert kitchen menu 3Our favorite today was the Purple in Love  – ( Hong King Grand Cuisine Award 2009 ) dessert at the Dessert Kitchen @thedessertkitchenph A MUST TRY if you haven’t tried this yet. Kyoho grape  – seaweed balls, grape shaved ice, mini rice balls, grapes and taro mochi ice cream The Dessert Kitchen (1) The Dessert Kitchen (13) The Dessert Kitchen (2)

Carmen’s Best X Chef Jessie

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 In 2008, I was a distributor of Holly’s Milk working with Senator Jun Magsaysay. I LOVE Holly’s Milk. It’s the best quality milk available in the country. I’ve been to the farm and visited the cows that are imported from New Zealand.
In 2011 his son, Paco @pacomagsaysay started the ice cream business @carmensbest and now he is the biggest customer of his dad! :-)

This coming April Paco Magsaysay @pacomagsaysay and Chef Jessie @chefjessiesincioco have a collab and it’s so nice that the name Carmen is special to the two of them – Carmen's Best X Chef Jessie (7)Carmen’s Best was named after Paco’s 18 yr old daughter ( that loves Starbucks :-) ) and Carmen is the name of the mom of Chef Jessie Carmen's Best Ice Cream Chef Jessie (5)Carmen's Best X Chef Jessie (8)Carmen's Best Ice Cream Chef Jessie (4)Carmen's Best Ice Cream Chef Jessie (5) They will be offering 5 flavors of Carmen’s Best Carmen's Best X Chef Jessie (9) Carmen's Best X Chef Jessie (10)  Among all, the bestseller is the Salted Caramel and Brazilian Coffee.  I super LOVE The Malted Milk and The Pope Francis ice cream by @carmensbest Brown Butter Almond Brittle – Krokan inspired cream, a famous Scandinavian ( Norwegian) dessert known by browned butter ice cream and salty crunchy almonds. Carmen's Best X Chef Jessie (1)  plus 5 ice cream concoctions by Chef Jessie will be available at Chef Jessie’s at the Rockwell Club. Carmen's Best Ice Cream Chef Jessie (2)VERY SUMMERCarmen's Best X Chef Jessie (2) BE TEMPTEDCarmen's Best X Chef Jessie (3)  Feel the Breeze!  Yes feel the breeze and be cooled with Carmen’s Best Salted Caramel ice cream served in light cotton soft cheesecake and dulce de leche!Carmen's Best X Chef Jessie (4)Pistachio is the favorite flavor of Paco Magsaysay @pacomagsaysay founder of Carmen’s Best Ice cream.

Go Green!  Pistachio ice cream with fresh Pandan and macapuno Carmen's Best X Chef Jessie (5)Get hooked by Carmen’s Best @carmensbest Brazilian coffee ice cream with our Natilla surprise! This will definitely make you come back for more! Carmen's Best X Chef Jessie (6)
Carmen's Best Ice Cream Chef Jessie (3)

Carmen's Best Ice Cream Chef Jessie(7)Carmen's Best Ice Cream Chef Jessie(8)

Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall

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 Fireside by Kettle @fireside_ph is now in Makati!!! At Powerplant Mall @powerplantmall Soon they will be opening another branch in Resorts World

Previous entry:  Fireside by Kettle Jan. 8, 2015Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (1) Chef Chiloy!Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (17)Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (2) Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (3) Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (4) Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (5) Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (6)Ladies lunching at Fireside :-) Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (20) More beautiful ladies – Andrea and Kris.  Congratulations Kris on your upcoming Baby girl Andrea Mago and Kris Sevilla Fireside by Kettle powerplant mallFireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (7)Hot crab and artichoke dip
Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (10) Steak SaladFireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (11)  Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (8)

 50/50 Meatloaf – 50% ground bacon 50% ground angus beef, bbq sauce, garlic mashed potatoesFireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (12) Slab of bacon side dish Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (13) Lamb RibsFireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (14) Grilled HalibutFireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (15)The famous Buttermilk fried chicken fingers – always a must in every tableFireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (16)Fireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (9)Chocolate Honey comb mousse cakeFireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (18) S’moresFireside by Kettle Now Open in Powerplant Mall (19)

Marketplace by Rustan’s

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L-R: RSCI President Donnie Tantoco, Dairy Farm Regional CEO South Asia Alex Tay, Ambassador Bienvenido Tantoco Sr., Dairy Farm International CEO Graham Allan, RSCI Chairman Bienvenido Tantoco Jr. and RSCI Chief Operating Officer Pierre Deplanck

RSCI President Donnie Tantoco and Dairy Farm International CEO Graham Allan


VP for Rustan’s Supermarket Manuel Alberto, RSCI VP for Asset Management Group  Nercy Torilla and VP for Rustan’s Supermarket Frances Yu marketplace-by-rustans-nxpowerlite.JPGmarketplace-rockwell-2-copy.jpgproduce-section-designed-by-international-retail-artist-shozu-nitta-nxpowerlite.JPGwine-spirits-section-nxpowerlite.JPGbrand-shop-nxpowerlite.JPGus-certified-angus-beef-nxpowerlite.JPGmarketplace-rockwell-3.jpg






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I was looking at all my delayed Spain posts and suddenly had a craving for Spanish food!!! It’s a good thing Rambla opened in Rockwell!!!  

Opened by the same owners as Las Flores.  Uri Singla was there :-)  Rambla is Catalan food.  I have never been to that area so I am so happy to have been able to try their cuisine!

Previous entry:  Las Flores April 16, 2013

 Chef Pepe who is their corporate chef 

Pretty servers :-) 

Loved my Naughty Banana Smoothie ( even though I am not naughty! :-)

We ordered almost everything on the menu!  We wanted to try all!! :-)  Good thing we were a lot :-)  Everything was good!!  No need to go all the way to Spain to have good Spanish food when you can have it here!

Super yum croquettes!!  Please have some more croquettes with different fillings!  

Uri personally took care of us!  We got the BEST service :-)

Spherical Olives

Yum!!! My Dad was telling Uri to have a degustation meal!  I hope they will offer this in the future.  Chef Pepe is very talented!

Crispy Catalan Flat bread – Butifara and the next one was Goat cheese!  VERY GOOD!!

Egg dishes were also excellent!  Amazing how a simple egg is now being cooked in many ways!  

rambla-vegetables.JPGAmazing dish!!!


WOW! Burrata!!  A MUST!

We almost tried everything on the meat menu except the cannelloni

Wow! :-) Once in awhile hopefully is not bad!

Uri told us that we need to try this since this is the Chef’s specialty!  It was amazing.  Under those prawns is the chicken and seafood coulant!  AMAZING!  First time for me to try a dish like this


I can’t stop saying yum!  Everything was really good.  PORK PORK PORK! :-)  A very well made crispy suckling pig!  YUM!

Seafood dishes which were all very popular.  We were 9 in the table and we shared all the dishes

We had three out of the four :-)  YUM! 

Churros :-)


Blood Test at Hi Precision Diagnostics

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At 43 years old, I have been spending much time in the hospital doing check ups – just making sure everything is okay.  Any sign of anything unusual I go and have it checked.  I am so happy to know that there is Hi Precision Diagnostics Plus in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell!  It’s inside the mall beside True Value.  It’s so convenient!  And I like going to this type of location so you don’t feel like you are really going to a hospital! and then after you can go shopping or eat! haha!! :-)


I’m so happy that my HMO ( MediCard ) is accredited here!


It’s clean, organized and high tech! :-)


I went to have a blood test and it’s a good thing this guy is a sharp shooter because it’s hard to find my veins :-)

All hospitals and clinics should have this!  Sometimes they do not anymore remind you – they just tell you to hold the cotton ball! :-)  Never assume that everyone knows!  

Hi Precision was the first to have online results!  After a few days I logged on to get my results! Simple and easy  

If you want home service or mobile service to your office/company – they can go to you!


Click below to go to their website for more information





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 Heart2Heart is so happy to be back at Celadon and have a full meal :-)

Previous entry:  Modern Thai Cuisine at Celadon March 8, 2013 


Love the interiors by Ivy and Cynthia Almario


Though Celadon is a sister restaurant of Simply Thai, Chef Cheryl told me that Celadon has almost 30 dishes that are unique to the restaurant

Chili Squido’s ( calamares ) with green chili sauce

Pork Pattaya Noodle Salad

Love love the Thai buffalo wings!!! Sriracha Buffalo wings  

Curry rice dish which was so good!


Banana Fritters with Coconut ice cream – all their ice creams are made by them


Other popular dishes in the menu





TWG Tea Opens Glamorous Island Tea Salon & Boutique in Powerplant Mall

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TWG Tea, the finest tea brand in the world, is delighted to announce the launch of an island Tea Salon & Boutique at Rockwell Power Plant Mall in Makati City, the brand’s third luxurious destination in Manila in addition to locations in Greenbelt 5 and Resorts World Manilatwg-at-powerplant-mall-1.JPG

Nestled within remarkable, specially-crafted, artisanal curved-glass walls, this new and unique TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is a veritable jewel box, a glamorous gem of a destination to idle away precious hours over an exquisite cup of tea and a tea-infused meal. Or tempt your taste buds with over 800 different varieties of tea from 38 countries at the tea counter, with fine harvests and blends from Malawi to Hawaii, from the most celebrated regions of China to the most remote gardens of Laos. And should you be looking for a special gift, tea gift sets, exclusive tea sets, tea-scented candles and gourmet goodies will certainly leave you inspiredtwg-at-powerplant-mall-5.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-62.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-26.jpgtwg-at-powerplant-mall-13.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-60.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-61.JPG

Anthony T. Huang, Executive Vice President of Stores Specialists, Inc. states: “We are very excited to bring this luxury tea brand to the Rockwell community. This unique and astonishing tea salon will definitely bring a one of kind tea drinking experience to all.” Taha Bouqdib, President & Co-Founder of TWG Tea adds: “We are delighted to bring the world of TWG Tea to Rockwell Mall with the creation of another astonishing TWG Tea universe of luxury and refinement with a contemporary and fashionable edge.”

In celebration of the Rockwell opening, TWG Tea welcomes the first tea harvests of Spring with marvellous new seasonal Haute Couture Tea blends packaged in the fresh and cooling hues of celadon and white – White Spring Tea, Sakura! Sakura! Tea and Tea Party Tea – the perfect blends to discover at the loose tea counter with one of our tea specialiststwg-at-powerplant-mall-14.jpgtwg-at-powerplant-mall-6.jpgtwg-at-powerplant-mall-23.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-19.jpgtwg-at-powerplant-mall-7.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-8.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-9.JPG

And for the very first time, TWG Tea is delighted to introduce two new tea-infused macaron flavours to their delectable selection – Matcha and Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya – an exquisite manner to taste the intricate flavours of our teas while enjoying the crisp bite and smooth filling of these little handmade TWG Tea sweets that are celebrated around the worldtwg-at-powerplant-mall-3.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-2.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-4.JPGtwg-at-powerplant-mall-10.jpgtwg-at-powerplant-mall-11.JPG

I was so happy to finally try TWG.  I have heard so much about it.  I have not tried it in Singapore or elsewhere so this will be my first ever TWG experience


After being overwhelmed with all the things inside the store – from teas to candles to accessories – I went to the dining area


Our table


Everything is imported including the tablecloth which had TWG logos on it 


Because there were so many teas to choose from, we did not know what to order :-)  We took some time to decide on our tea


Love the names of the teas.  I imagine the Starbucks baristas memorizing all the blends of coffee, and now trying to imagine how the staff in TWG can know all the 800 teas :-)


Kurt was well versed about the teas


This is where they get the teas


They can bring it to you so you can smell it.  The smell is really so pronounced that you can really feel and taste it by just smelling it


We were choosing between Happy or Sexy Tea.  I told them we are already happy and that we may need the sexy tea! So we finally decided on the SEXY TEA! :-)twg-at-powerplant-mall-42.JPG

My pretty lunch mates who joined me – Mother daughter Ria and Dina – who actually look like sisters.  We shared everything since we wanted to try as many things as we could


Our lunch


Eggs Benedict


I felt the Eggs Benedict needed a little more salt and pepper- even the salt and pepper are TWG :-) 


Curried lamb stew


TWG Tea Lasagna – Bolognaise which comes with bread in a dainty doily to line it


Ordered a side order of Rice Pilaf infused with Taiping Tea to go with the Curried Lamb stew


And for dessert, we wanted to try another tea – this time iced!  We saw them preparing this for another table so we wanted to try it.  Very nice and refreshing to go with our dessert 


You can buy the tea sugar in beautiful bottles


Happy TWG customers


We ordered a couple of desserts to try as well


The waiter recommended the Singapore surprise since it was one of their bestsellers


And we still had the Tea Pastries which I thought was a very good deal especially if you just want to have tea/high tea – this is P 150.00 for all of this – you can choose either Madeleines, Financiers, Muffins, scones or caneles and it comes with TWG Jelly and whipped cream


You can buy the jelly as well in bottles


And that was not yet it, we had sorbets


Sakura Sakura Tea Sorbet


Napoleon Ice Cream which we liked very much


 Cute this tea – LOVE ME TEA :-)


The TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in Rockwell is conveniently accessible to Makati’s residential areas, extending the TWG Tea experience to everyone from families to office workers to ladies who lunch. TWG Tea Rockwell is certain to please!

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

R2, 2nd Floor, Archaeology Gallery, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center Makati City

Mondays to Thursdays 11:00am to 9:00pm,

Fridays and Saturdays 10:00am to 10:00 pm,

Sundays 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

+63 2 478 6136 or +63 2 478 2782


Modern Thai Cuisine at Celadon

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Heart2Heart loves Thai food!!  You don’t really have to go to Thailand to have good Thai food and now you can have it in a good location, Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.  Celadon is owned by several of the same owners of Simply Thai

Previous entry:  Simply Thai June 15, 2011

 And the same Chef!  Cheryl Pineda who is truly amazing!  I love her food!!  They even have Buffalo wings which I have never tried in any other Thai restaurant and it is so good!  We liked everything we had including the sate sauce which we could not resist to have seconds.  The ice cream and other desserts were also so good!!  I can’t wait to go back and eat here again!  Congratulations Tita Maritess Lopez, Chef Cheryl Pineda, Tita Glenda Barreto and all the other owners of Celadon!  


 Experience the exciting flavors of Thai cuisine in the newly opened casual dining Thai restaurant, Celadon.


Located at the ground floor of the Powerplant Mall, Celadon offers the best of contemporary Thai gastronomy in a refined but cozy atmosphere perfect for both family gatherings and business meetings.


Owned by the ever beguiling restaurateur Ching Cruz along with Maritess Lopez,


Ivy and Cynthia Almario, Ditas Lerma, Glenda Barretto, Tanya Chua and Cheryl Pineda.

Celadon is a celebration of the senses roused by modern takes on traditional Thai fares. Cruz is very hands on with the restaurant and makes sure that the food is well-balanced. “This way, guests can really savor the flavors and taste profiles of each dish and spices don’t overpower each other,” Cruz says.

With Executive Chef Cheryl Pineda at the helm, says “Thai cusine is all about the marrying of the four flavors of being spicy, salty, sour & sweet”. 


Celadon boasts of more than a hundred contemporary Thai dishes,  including Dungeness Crab (a specialty only found in the restaurant),


Chicken Curry Mangosteen,


Buffalo Wings Thai Style, and Grilled Squid Pomelo Salad,


Crispy Whole Catfish in Red Curry Sauce to name a few.mieng-kam-celadon.jpgphad-si-iew-sai-moo-celadon.jpg

choo-chee-kung-roti-celadon.jpg lamb-shank-mussaman-curry-celadon.jpgphuket-kung-sarong-celadon.jpgsoft-shell-crab-in-yellow-curry-sauce-celadon.jpgstir-fried-chicken-with-lotus-roots-celadon.jpgthai-chicken-satay-celadon.jpgthai-green-chicken-curry-celadon.jpg

They also make their own ice cream in traditional Thai flavors: coconut, durian and mango. 

Pandan crepes,


red rubies (water chestnuts) and the famed Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango and Tapioca Coco Pearls.


Designed by one of the country’s renowned interior designers Ivy & Cynthia Almario, Celadon comes to life with beautifully decorated interiors of green,  complete with walls decked with fluttering butterflies complemented with statement light fixtures that provide for a classy but warm ambiance.

True to its name, the ceramic utensils used in the restaurant is authentic Thai celadon bought by Chef Cheryl all the way from Lampang, Thailand, a kind of high-fired emerald ceramic famously handcrafted and baked the old style of ceramic-making. In ancient times, having food served in celadon plates signify royalty. In Thailand, celadon ware has long been given as a high value token of friendship among noble people. Chef Cheryl added “as butterflies (which you see predominantly in the dining) signify rebirth, that would be juxtaposed to having celadon to be a distinctive feast of bringing back the olden days of feasts in the palaces.”

In true Thai style and service, servers are dressed in Thai fisherman wrap pants and polo shirts to add a modern touch. All dishes are also served in celadon plates to complete the experience.

Come around to take part in a culinary experience that will bring you closer to Thailand’s enchanting flavors in Celadon.