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Sol Collection by Bernardaud

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 An afternoon with Bernardaud @bernardaud  in @rustansph

Sol Collection by Bernardaud (6) Thibault Pointe, Bernardaud VP Asia and Pacific, Marilen Tantoco, Dustan’s VP for Home, Cecile Hermoso, Division Manager, Home Lifestyle and Alberto Griffith, Director for Sales Asia PacificSol Collection by Bernardaud (13)with host Rachelle Wenger @everyday_flair#Bernardaud #RustansPh #h2hrustans@kerizamora @kristine_dee @manayesg@jeanne_romsSol Collection by Bernardaud (7)Sol Collection by Bernardaud (4) A nice afternoon with these lovely ladies Sol Collection by Bernardaud (10)Sol Collection by Bernardaud (11)Sol Collection by Bernardaud (12)Sol Collection by Bernardaud (1)Sol Collection by Bernardaud (20) Sol Collection by Bernardaud (8) Sol Collection by Bernardaud (5)  Sol CollectionSol Collection by Bernardaud (9) Sol Collection by Bernardaud (18) Sol Collection by Bernardaud (19) Sol Collection by Bernardaud (14)Sol Collection by Bernardaud (17) Sol Collection by Bernardaud (15)Sol Collection by Bernardaud (2) Sol Collection by Bernardaud (3) Sol Collection by Bernardaud (16)

Rustan’s Supermarket brings you Home Essentials for the rainy days

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Rustan’s Supermarket always has the choicest products on its shelves, and the rainy season is time to stock-up on items to keep your home warm and dry.
You can easily find all those rainy-day must-haves at the Feels Like Home: A Health, Home, and Household Fair from August 4 to Sept 3.

Apart from the amazing selection of food, Rustan’s Supermarket gives you a complete shopping experience so you can easily get your hands on your essentials like haircare, skincare, feminine care, soap dishes and loofah sponges for the bathroom; food containers, plastic wraps, and scrub pads for the kitchen as well as cleaning supplies, first aid kit necessities, and so much more.Printing FA H3 North 1A 28x40 wubAs a special treat for its customers, Rustan’s Supermarket is also bringing you a special rainy-day promo. Grab an inverted umbrella for only P199, for every minimum spend of P3000 with at least P300 worth of sponsor products like Ariel, Perwoll, Mr. Muscle, Feathersoft, Vitapet, and Dentismile.

So, make sure to keep your home well-stocked and organized during this rainy season by visiting any Rustan’s Supermarket branch near you for the Feels Like Home: A Health, Home, and Household Fair from August 4 to Sept 3.

For more info, visit, follow and like rustansfresh on Facebook, and @rustansfresh on Instagram and Twitter.

New Collections by Piaget

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Johannes Huebl and Friends Enjoy The Sunny Side of Life In A New Content Series Celebrating The Anniversary Of A Legendary Ultra-Thin Watch

 As part of the Altiplano’s 60th anniversary celebrations, Piaget brings the timeless and effortless elegance of this watch making icon to Miami with a series of four videos starring Johannes Huebl. Joined by his friends, models Jislain Duval, David Miller and Ryan Krause, Piaget (1)the photographer and men’s style icon takes in the energy and fun of this sunny destination accompanied by the new editions of the legendary watch. Released just in time for this milestone anniversary, these marvels of ultra-thin watch Piaget (3)making revisits the purist aesthetics and distinctive design vocabulary of Altiplano with refreshing new colours and impeccable new movements.

 The mood and theme of the short films are inspired by Piaget’s new platform – Sunny Side of Life – an invitation to live life to the fullest under the warmth of the sun and enjoy a lifestyle punctuated by radiant moments. Johannes and his companions embrace this invitation and the Miami lifestyle, whether relaxing poolside under the bright sunshine, sitting on a terrace among friends, strolling beachside or enjoying sunset cocktails on a rooftop overlooking the city. It’s this exhilarating and sophisticated atmosphere infused with bright sunshine that reflects perfectly the Piaget Society’s lifestyle.Piaget (2) From dawn until dusk, the different moments of the day experienced by the young men highlight the versatility of Altiplano, a defining quality of a watch that has become such an enduring statement of elegance since 1957. With its extreme thinness, it feels like a second skin effortlessly adapting to the lifestyle of the individual who wears it. As worn by Huebl, it becomes a sophisticated companion to a blazer and linen shirt for a cocktail party or a smart complement to a long-sleeved tee for a casual poolside moment.

As a friend of Piaget, it is not the first time that Johannes Huebl has collaborated creatively with the maison. Behind the camera, the fashion photographer shot his wife Olivia Palermo for two Possession campaigns.

Throughout 2017, Piaget is celebrating 60 years since its ultra-thin icon made its debut with the release of new limited editions. To discover more, visit

A collection that features High Jewellery, jewellery watches and Art & Excellence is always a journey to the frontiers of influences and desires that nurture a vision of materials, motifs and lights. This exploration often creates the most lingering emotions, even if they were to last only one day… Sunlight Journey is therefore an escapade punctuated by the path of the sun and the moods it creates, alternating between gentle meanderings, joyful effervescenceanddazzling radiance.

Piaget’s newest collection draws inspiration from the scenic beauty of the Amalfi Coast.A land of fire, volcanoes, and azure blue seas; a land bathed in light, a land where the natural elements unitewith strength and passion. Aland rich in culture and artistic expressions; a land of exchanges and sharing, where life itself is regarded as an intense and refined work of art, echoing the ‘art of living’ locations so greatly prized by the Piaget Society.

Each time of day produces its own light and its distinctive vibe, in which jewellery and watchmaking creations bloom in dazzling colours thanks to the use of exceptional gems such as blue sapphires and yellow diamonds. A journey expressed through a unique pathto the heart of many skills cultivated by the Maison Piaget.

Secrets of Dawn

Just after dawn, when sea and sky appear to merge in misty shades of grey, beige and pink, a lucky few stroll along the beach in search of new impressions and are treated to the first bursts of sunlight dappling the surface of water, creating a magical sparkle. The initial stopover of this escape to Mediterranean lands is clothed in pink gold and adorned with white opals and Paraiba tourmalines. Two bathers leave the calm waters and begin to look for treasures buriedin the sand, delighting in the pleasure of losing any notion of time. Secretcuff-watches (G0A42219) play hide and seek, revealing the time only to those who take the time to grasp their mysteries. A creative signature of the Maison Piaget for several decades.

Piaget (2)Then the dawn breaks and gradually reveals the beauty of the world. Fascinating watches,featuring dials adorned with variously shaded white opals form sceneries composed of billowing clouds and foam thatinspire dreams and fantasy (G0A42088-188-288). Certain timepieces have captured these images in memory of a summer stroll, by using original materials such as eggshell mosaic (G0A42199) for their dial decoration.

Piaget (3)Midday Festival 

High in the sky, the sun illuminates a land of contrasts and thrilling visual effects. The rocks appear carved like rough gems, tracing a random path along the cliffs, beyond which extend infinite stretches of sky and sea. The gaze is carried away by a symphony of sapphire and lapis lazuli blues and emerald greens. A convertible car has just stopped by the roadside to enable a couple in love with the South to step out and enjoy the view across the Mediterranean from a stone balcony.

Each of the elements composing this natural setting, lit up by the sun, delivers a series of tableaus featuring a flamboyant aesthetic. This pair of earrings (G38N2800) echoes the geography of distant islands, lost in a sea of black opal. They are an open invitation to plunge into the heart of summer. A sautoir necklace sparkles with blue marquise-cut gems, diamonds and feathers, arranged around an exceptional 45.99-carat* blue star sapphire (G37N2000). A noon swimmer glides gracefully through the water with this marvellous creation encircling her neck.Reclining on a deck chair, a young woman plays with a necklace sparkling with an oval-cut Ceylon sapphire (G37N2300). Mimicking the shimmer of the sun across the surface of the water thanks to its shower of diamonds, it beckons her to the shoreline.

Piaget (4)Beach games continue despite the increasing heat. Bursts of laughter can be heard. Mosaic effects magnify the splendidly varied shades of the sea: gems reproduce the movement of a wave rippling over a watch, a one-of-a-kind creation embracing the wrist with its asymmetrical charm (G0A42250). A necklace of sapphires, black opals and diamonds crowned by a 20.14-carat* emerald-cut blue sapphire shines with unique radiance like waves lapping against the shore (G37N3500). The young woman wearing it revels in its refreshing look and feel on her skinPiaget (1)A brief afternoon interlude to escape from the burning sun. Bodies stretched out in the shade lose track of time. And yet this unique cuff-watch (G0A42218) in white gold and diamonds, featuring a white mother-of-pearl dial as well as an 8.9-carat* black opal, serves as a vivid reminder that the day is not over yet…

Nightfall Celebration

The heat of the afternoon sun gradually subsides. Gardens takeon vibrant colours and exude fragrant scents. Women shine in flowing dresses painted with flowers. Lavish pink bougainvilleaencircles the dial, meticulously crafted of micro-mosaic, taking on an intense and luminous fuchsia pink hue (G0A42194). The sky is clothed in orange, pink and gold and the sun glows in all its majesty one last time before dipping beneath the horizon, like this cuff-watch adorned with a purplish pink spinel. It radiates colourful beams of pink sapphires and red spinels (G36M5600).

Piaget (5)This flaming sky spells the start of a festive evening, where everything will be lived with the greatest intensity. Like an explosion of joy causing rubies and diamonds to sparkle on elegant décolletages, with necklaces featuring Piaget’s beloved sunbeam motifs (G37N4200). Luminously resistant to nightfall, a 6.63-carat* cushion-shape yellow diamond glows with spectacular radiance in the company of red spinels, yellow and white diamonds (G37N1700). And sometimes, away from prying eyes, in the darkness well suited to confidential whispers, a ring will reveal its own secret: skilfully crafted feather marquetry embellished with purple sapphires, red spinels and diamonds (G34HR400), representing yet another treasure amid a world of pure beauty in the midst of summer.Piaget (6)This infinitely sun-kissed day draws to a close, as the impression of having accomplished a long and beautiful journey already nurtures new dreams of treasures to come.

Piaget is exclusively available at The Silver Vault, Rustan’s Makati and City of Dreams Manila

Cover Girl Simply Ageless 3 in 1 Liquid Foundation

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As we age, so does our skin. Every day we encounter aggressors which eventually dampen the natural, healthy glow of our face. Your favorite beauty brand, Covergirl, is now back with another skincare-infused makeup from its Award-Winning Simply Ageless Collection. This all-new liquid make up doubles up as a skincare regimen to instantly eliminate years while hiding the early signs of aging.Cover GirlIntroducing the all-new Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation, a breakthrough liquid foundation that works wonders on your skin with just a few pumps. As skin care, it is enhanced with the tried and tested formula of Olay. This 3-in-1 liquid foundation succeeds by reducing the early onsets of skin aging delivering that much-needed moisture to keep your skin hydrated at all times. It contains Vitamin E and Glycerin which shields your skin against free radicals while preventing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as Green Tea extracts that builds collagen, restoring that luxurious radiance you truly deserve. As make up, The Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundationis a fusion of primer, concealer and foundation. You can go from sheer to full skin coverage with its buildable formula. The built-in SPF also prevents sun damage, improving overall skin tone for an even looking skin.

It’s never too early to fight against aging so put your best face forward and achieve that lit-from-within glow with the all-new Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation. Trust us, your future self will thank you for this.

Covergirl+ Olay 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation is available at leading department stores nationwide for Php925. Covergirl is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation.  For instant updates, follow @Covergirlph on Instagram and Facebook.

PK’s Grocery Cart

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 Heart2Heart has a grocery cart series at @rustansfresh in the blog but now that I’m doing videos I’m enjoying it more :-)   I like seeing what people are buying to get some tips on what to buy. Find out what PK buys and what kind of products he tries  #rustansfresh #h2hrustanssupermarket#H2HFashion #h2hgrocerycarts#H2HPeoplePos Grocery Cart (1) Pos Grocery Cart (2)  Pet needs!! Wow!  :-)  Pos Grocery Cart (3) Pos Grocery Cart (4) Pos Grocery Cart (5)  Good boy! haha!! The best snacks in the world!  You have good taste :-)Pos Grocery Cart (6)  PK buys products as long as it says PREMIUM haha!!!Pos Grocery Cart (7)TAKE NOTE!  PREMIUM QUALITY RICE! haha!!Pos Grocery Cart (8)  And because PK @pkchuatico is so fashionable even when he’s shopping in the supermarket I included his OOTD!  Love him because he’s so cooperative ( others hide from me haha ) and He’s so funny :-)Pos Grocery Cart (9) Pos Grocery Cart (10) Pos Grocery Cart (11) Pos Grocery Cart (12)

Montblanc X Unicef

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Immerse in a luxurious universe and discover the true essence of a century old brand as Rustan’s unveils the new Montblanc store concept at Rustan’s Makati. The newly renovated layout boasts an elevated sense of elegance – embodying all which makes Montblanc truly iconic – with dynamic lines, handsome details and an ambiance of true luxury.

SSI President Anton Huang, Assistant officer of the Economic and Commercial Section at the Embassy of Germany in the Philippines Katharina Bandelow, Program Specialist for the United Nations Children’s Fund, Philippine Country Office Verity Rushton, Montblanc President for SEAMatthiew Dupont, Rustan’s Board of Director Maritess Tantoco Enriquez, Rustan’s Patriarch and Chairman Emeritus Amb. Bienvenido Tantoco Sr., Rustan’s CEO and Chairman Zenaida Tantoco, and Rustan Commercial Corporation President Donnie TantocoMontblanc X Unicef“Rustan’s is constantly planning improvements for our stores, to make them even stronger luxury brand destinations. Montblanc Rustan’s Makati is the first concept boutique of the brand in the entire Southeast Asian region, and we’re proud to be its partners in realizing its new global vision,” shares Michael Huang, Vice President for Store Planning and Expansions.

From the original 78-sqm floor plan, Montblanc has grown its presence to an impressive 110-sqm luxury retail space. The larger store gives space to more choices for Montblanc customers, offering a bigger selection of leather goods, writing instruments, and of course, beautiful timepieces. “In this new, immersive environment, clients can more fully enjoy the Montblanc experience, which honors contemporary design and the traditions of craftsmanship” Michael adds.Montblanc X UnicefFor more than a century, Montblanc has impressed patrons with its pioneering spirit that honors tradition, excellence in craftsmanship and a passion for innovation. And as it pushes forth into a new decade, Montblanc wants its boutiques to embody that unique optimism and vision of the company.

Taking inspiration from the signature elements of Montblanc, the new concept boutique becomes an immersive retail environment that will encourage people to stay in. Designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance communicates that this will be a space that is pure and which boasts an uncluttered aesthetic.

A powerful palette of black, white and wood, and strong, refined lines build a fitting backdrop on which each Montblanc writing instrument, timepiece, jewelry and leather product can be highlighted and appreciated.

“Montblanc, as a leader and style purveyor, has built a name for itself, crafting pens and watches that are the epitome of quality and luxury. Since Montblanc entered the Philippine market years ago, it has garnered a strong following, endearing its clients with its highest standards of perfection. As Montblanc evolves, it is only expected that their retail presence also reflects that their new direction,” shares Anton Huang, President of The SSI Group Inc.


Each Montblanc piece strikes a balance between contemporary design and classic elegance, and reflects a pioneering spirit that continues to excite patrons today. This June 2017, Montblanc introduces its latest collection, Montblanc for Unicef.

Montblanc, in partnership with UNICEF, aims to improve learning conditions for over 5 million children around the world by providing quality learning materials and better teaching. For every piece in the “Montblanc for UNICEF Collection” sold from April 1 2017 to March 31 2018, Montblanc will donate 3% of the proceeds to support UNICEF and its literacy projects, with a minimum amount of $1.5 million being guaranteed by Montblanc.

In addition to this new collection, patrons can still enjoy the luxury collections of Montblanc such as the core classics-Meisterstuck collection, and a roster of special and limited editions, such as the Great Characters Miles Davis collection and the Writer’s Edition William Shakespeare Collection.

“Montblanc is more than just a heritage brand, it embodies a unique vision and aesthetic. It is the symbol of the highest standards of perfection. Over the decades, it has become a trusted and well-loved brand because of its openness to evolve through innovation. And as it grows, adapting to the times and changing markets, Montblanc can be assured to find a partner in Rustan’s in realizing its vision. We are very proud to present the new flagship-sized store. It is truly a wonderful place to experience the essence of the brand and interact with products of impeccable make,” shares Donnie Tantoco, President of the Rustan Commercial Corporation.

With Montblanc’s new concept boutique, rediscover the legacy of luxury and revel in the true Montblanc experience.

Visit the New Montblanc Boutique in Rustan’s Makati, first floor.

Montblanc is exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Cebu, Greenbelt 5, City of Dreams Manila and Newport Mall, Resorts World. 

Piaget at the 70th Cannes Film Festival 2017

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As actors, directors and producers gathered to the French Riviera to celebrate the 70th Cannes Film Festival, incredible talents brought radiance and elegance to the red carpet wearing pieces from the watchmaker-jewellers’ audacious collections.

The epitome of glamour, Jessica Chastain, Piaget’s International Brand Ambassador, Member of Jury this year wore a shining ring in white gold set with 1 cushion-cut emerald from Colombia (approx. 6.08 cts) and diamonds from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.Piaget 2017 (2)During the closing ceremony, Jessica Chastain paired her show-stopping gown with audacious earrings in white gold set with diamonds as well as a ring featuring a stunning white diamond from Piaget’s new High Jewellery collectionSunlight Journey.Piaget 2017 (1)Olga Kurylenko, respected actress and Friend of the Maison trampled the red carpet in Piaget Jewellery wearing a stunning pair of earrings in pink gold set with diamonds and a ring in pink gold set with 1 cushion-cut diamond from the new High Jewellery Collection Sunlight Journey.Piaget 2017 (4)Portuguese actress and friend of the Maison Maria Joao, added a touch of flamboyance to her outfit tonight on Red Carpet, choosing to wear radiant ring and earrings in white gold set with diamonds from the High Jewellery collectionSunlight JourneyPiaget 2017 (3)Piaget is exclusively available at The Silver Vault, Rustan’s Makati and City of Dreams Manila

About Piaget

It was in La Côte-aux-Fées that Georges-Edouard Piaget set up his first workshop in the family farmhouse and devoted himself to producing high-precision movements. This was back in 1874 and marked the start of an ever-growing reputation. In 1943, the company took a decision that would prove crucial to its future by registering its brand name. 

Faithful to its pioneering spirit, Piaget in the late 1950s set about designing and manufacturing the ultra-thin movements that would become one of the Maison’s signatures and leave a lasting impression on watchmaking.

But Piaget was also a style: a marriage of gold and an explosion of color, new shapes, precious gems, and dials made of hard stones. Carried along on the wave of extraordinary creativity driven by Yves G. Piaget, the brand’s jewelry collection grew in an original direction with a resolute emphasis on color.  

Rich of more than 140 years of history, the ever-bold brand, innovated by offering jewels in motion, extravagant Haute Joaillerie collections, and incredible watches to become today one of the world’s most prestigious watchmaker-jewelers.

Stock up on back-to-school pantry essentials at Rustan’s Supermarket

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As summer vacation ends and the kids prepare to go back to full days of learning, it’s time to start thinking about how to help the young ones start off on the right side of the morning, sustain energy well throughout the day, and end on a high note in the evening. Rustan’s Supermarket helps parents stock up for those school days with nutritious and delicious meals and essentials.

Make sure that the kids are ready for their day with a good, hearty breakfast. Oatmeal is a healthy, fiber-rich option that you can mix with their favorite fruits. You can cook up a breakfast classic like pancakes or waffles with many of the easy-to-make mixes available in the supermarket.Stock up on back to schoolWhen you’re grappling with time and need to prepare a quick yet nourishing morning meal, cereal and milk is the answer. There are whole-wheat choices that come in sweet flavors for the kids to enjoy. Fruit juices are also easy to pour and will give them a boost of vitamins.

For their baon, create different yummy sandwiches with the supermarket’s wide selection of breads, cheeses, and deli meats. Why not pack them a bagel with cream cheese spread, or surprise them with a sweet peanut butter and banana sandwich? You can also easily make their favorite filling meals such as mac n’ cheese or spaghetti and meatballs with pastas and ready-made sauces you can stock in your pantry.

It’s also a good idea to include snacks in their lunchbox that they can easily eat. Fruit cups, nuts, and oatmeal bars now come in enticing flavors that the kids will be excited to try. Treat them to some cookies—every kid will be excited to see that when they open their bag. Pick out snacks that are fuss-free and can be eaten even in the bus or car.

At dinnertime, reward the kids with a homemade meal prepared with love. Make pizza-making a fun activity at home that the kids can join in on. Just buy pita bread or ready-made dough and top with tomato sauce and cheeses. The kids can get creative with the toppings.

When you shop at Rustan’s Supermarket, you don’t just get to help your own kids get through their busy school days, but you can contribute to other children’s development just by buying everyday essentials.

From June 9 – July 9, 2017, all shoppers are eligible to buy the UNICEF Reusable Bag for P149.

Stock up on back to school

Those who spend at least P2,000 with P200 worth of sponsor products can get the bag for only P50. Each bag sold gives P20 for UNICEF to provide Early Childhood Care and Development. Their program, which helps address developmental delays in children and raises parents’ consciousness on their important roles in the early learning and development of their child, is for the benefit of children in sparsely populated areas in the country.

As you stock your kitchen for your little ones, grab this valuable chance to help other children with Rustan’s Supermarket.

For more info, visit, follow and like rustansfresh on Facebook, and @rustansfresh on Instagram and Twitter.

Rustan’s Supermarkets are located at Makati Area: Glorietta, Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Magallanes, Alphaland Makati Place, Paseo Center, Century City Mall.  North Area: Shangri-La Plaza, Gateway Mall, Katipunan, Tomas Morato, P. Guevarra, Corinthian Hills, Village Center Antipolo, The Grove by Rockwell, Ayala Malls The 30 th . South Area: Ayala Alabang Village, Evia Lifestyle Center, Uptown Mall BGC. Cebu: Oakridge Business Park, Ayala Center, Arcenas Estate CDO: Ayala Centrio Mall. Also, visit Marketplace by Rustan’s at San Antonio Plaza, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Central Square Bonifacio High Street, and Connecticut San Juan.