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Save Our Seas, Love the Beach with U Swim

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 Website:  Haribon Foundation

U Swim’s Save the Seas Campaign

About the Haribon Foundation: ( Taken from website) 



The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources is a membership organization dedicated to the conservation of Philippine biodiversity. It aims to build a constituency for environmental issues that will call for prioritizing conservation actions on habitats and sites, based on solid scientific and socio-economic research. We are the pioneer environmental organization in the Philippines.

The name “Haribon” was coined from the words “haring ibon,” referring to the Philippine Eagle. The Philippine Eagle is the icon that signifies the importance of protecting biodiversity in the Philippine territory. Its presence is a constant reminder to the Filipinos to be continuously involved in taking care of our environment.

Our niche

Biodiversity is the wealth of life forms found on earth: the millions of different plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genes they contain, and the intricate ecosystems that they form.

Simply put, biodiversity IS life. Haribon’s work in biodiversity conservation seeks to protect that life through four core strategies: Saving Sites, Saving Species, Working with People, and Advocacy.

Our beginnings

Haribon started out as a bird-watching society in 1972 and evolved into a nature and wildlife conservation society. In 1983, the society became a full-fledged conservation foundation. Today, it is recognized, both in the Philippines and abroad, as the pioneer in Philippine environmental conservation. Haribon joins birds and habitat conservation organizations worldwide in a global partnership called BirdLife International. Haribon is the Philippine partner.

Our vision

Haribon takes the lead in caring for nature with the people – for the people.

Our mission

Haribon is a membership organization committed to nature conservation through community empowerment and scientific excellence.

Our signature

The logo nine leaves on one tree symbolize the nine ecosystems found in the Philippines: forest, marginal, agricultural, urban, freshwater, mangrove, sea grass, coral and soft bottom. haribon-tree-71.jpg

The line “Protecting Nature, Preserving Life” establishes the character of the organization. 



Essenses Foundation Celebrates Women’s Month

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March 25, Tuesday – 4:00 pm

Heaven on the Fifth, Rustan’s Makati

Essenses Foundation by Rustan’s celebrates Women’s month through the launch of the book by Isa Lorenzo ( who is also a Board of Trustee for the foundation ) which features Filipinas.  Heart2Heart thinks it is a great feature, a great subject.  Why look elsewhere when we have many Filipinos right in front of us who are great achievers. 

The photo exhibit was launched last January of 2006 and it has gone through several countries throughout the world- The US, Paris and soon to be in Belgium.  My photos do not justify the real photos since it was difficult to take photos of the photos ( probably done on purpose ) – so do stop by Rustan’s to visit the exhibit.

And now, the photos were compiled in a book which was launched mid last year.  Do get a copy of the book which aside from the photo, has a short story on each Filipina featured. Isa says that the book is small because it is meant to be a children’s book for kids with small hands.  She wants the future generation to be able to read the book so they will be inspired by the 30 Filipina women who have made a difference in our society.  

For every P 1,500.00 sales from the book of Filipinas, P 500.00 will be given to Essenses Foundation.  




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Le Gourmet at Rustan’s

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Le Gourmet is the new restaurant concept which recently opened in Rustan’s Supermarket, Makati.  It took the place of the Yum Yum Tree by the entrance of the supermarket.   311731668503_0_bg.jpg  121731668503_0_bg.jpg  101841668503_0_bg.jpg    page-1.jpg page-2.jpg page-3.jpgpage-4.jpg   Right across Le Gourmet is the Vineyard which now has a bar where you can order wine and other drinks and even order food from Le Gourmet. 481721288503_0_bg.jpgpage-6.jpg    At Le Gourmet, there are pastries and freshly baked breads being sold in front…391051288503_0_bg.jpg Aside from being a cafe, the place sells gourmet items from all over the world…. 402051288503_0_bg.jpg 281721288503_0_bg.jpg881051288503_0_bg.jpgWow!! Truffle Cream with Truffle oil!! Yummy!191051288503_0_bg.jpg  My favorite Swiss potatoes can be found here too…791051288503_0_bg.jpg 


Different flavored olive oils…. 591051288503_0_bg.jpg      

Shop and Spa Spree Saturday

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Summer Collection of Culte Femme 

Designed by:  Hindy Weber Tantoco   


Last year, Heart2Heart featured: Shop & Spa with Culte Femme and USwim March 24, 2007 


This year, another summer event to look forward to…And there will even be more as there will also be imported brand of resortwear for ready to wear, shoes and bags.  Heart2Heart will definitely be there to Shop and Spa and have Haagen Dazs!  :-) SEE YOU THERE!!



Nursery Station at Rustan’s

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Last Christmas, I discovered a new room at the Children’s floor ( 3rd floor ) at Rustan’s Makati…a nursery!  A nursery where mothers can rest, breastfeed their babies or just relax while waiting for their gifts to be wrapped.  Another FIRST for Rustan’s.  No one ever beats Rustan’s when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE…..they love to spoil their customers!266449616503_0_bg.jpg620699616503_0_bg.jpg