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Paul and Joe Beaute Holiday Collection 2007

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Sept. 27, Thursday Shangri-la Hotel, Makati Paranaque room
Paul and Joe introduces its Holiday collection.
Paul and Joe was named after the sons of its founder, Sophie Albou
She wanted to create a cosmetic line that would reflect the same philosophy as her fashion line….
……..for the retro-modern woman, mixing the old with new and creating something unique and different.
Craig Ryan French, International make up Artist and Product Consultant for Paul and Joe introduced RETURN TO RED lipsticks for this holiday season. Red is sexy and red is not about feeling old but about feeling MATURE and MORE SOPHISTICATED.
Craig says that when a woman enters a room, “It is her appearance that catches your attention and it is the personality that captures your soul.” [email_link]


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180684773503_0_alb.jpgI thought citronella was used only for candles to drive mosquitoes away.  There are so many other uses which I discovered.  

There was a time I was having problems with ants in my house since we leave a lot of snacks and chocolates on our tables or just in the kitchen or pantry.    My cousin, Ana taught me a tip to get rid of those ants!  She is such a great resource for household tips.  

After thorough detergent cleaning, wipe all surfaces which are prone to crawling insects (mainly the kitchen and bathroom) with a cotton pad soaked in full strength citronella essential oil. Use a flat cotton pad over the cotton balls since it makes the most efficient use of a fairly expensive essential oil. Another way would be to dilute it in water as a spray, but, Ana recommends to use cotton in full strength.dsc_0115.JPG
After the area is thoroughly cleaned,put a cotton ball dabbed in citronella inside a small plastic container in the area. Do remember to keep the citronella away from any food which is not sealed tightly as your food might taste lemony or like citronella. 

Citronella keeps away the flying insects to a limited degree, but, it really keeps away all sorts of crawling insects ( cockroaches and ants especially )  and the best part about it is that it is all natural and not harmful.

Available at Rustan’s Supermarket Fresh, Rockwell and Makati. 

For more information, visit:

Benefits from Citronella

**This perfect plant for the tropics is a natural insect repellant that can keep household pests like mosquitos, cockroaches, ants and house lizards at bay. Public areas with the likes of public toilets and baths, hospitals, kitchens, stadiums and others are the perfect places to need this essential oil as cleaning agent.

**For household use a few drops of this essential oil in water to clean the floors, toilet bowls and kitchen sinks and bathroom and kitchen walls and ceiling and rooms of the house to keep ants, cockroaches and lizards away and to keep mosquitoes at bay.

 **Its biodegradable and antiseptic property makes it an ecological substitute to chlorine as a swimming pool fungicide.

**Use a few drops in your laundry water to keep the moths from attacking clothes in the cabinets and those to be stored.

**This essential oil can be added to carrier oil in oil lamps to keep mosquitoes away in the outdoors or open places.

**It can also be placed in spray cans to scent the rooms, cars, office space and other spaces to keep it from mosquitoes.

**Most pet lovers dub a drop or two of this essential oil behind the ears of their pets to free them from fleas. Sometimes it is added to pet soaps and shampoos


Time for Caring

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Rustan’s Supermarket has come up with this really nice reusable bag which you buy for only P 99.50 and use to put your groceries instead of using plastic bags which harms the environment.  The nice thing about it is that you not only SAVE the ENVIRONMENT but you get DOUBLE POINTS on your FRESH Shopping Rewards card for everything that fits in the bag. 



“So the more you shop with these bags, the more points you will earn, the more rebates you receive and the longer we preserve Mother Earth! Join us in this valuable mission.”



Also, watch out for these signs while shopping around the supermarket.  By purchasing certain products, a portion of the proceeds will go to the WWF.[email_link] 

Harvest Moon Exclusive Sale

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Sept. 13, Thursday 9 pm till 12 midnight
Wow!!! What a great sale event at Rustan’s Supermarket Rockwell. It was an EXCLUSIVE sale for Rockwell residents. Not only were there many many good buys and discounts, they even gave Free recyclable bags with groceries in it, a and a french baguette. All Meat items were on 50% OFF!!!! How can you beat that?!!!? I LOVE RUSTAN’S!!! [email_link]


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August 29, Wednesday
One of the country’s fastest growing cosmetics brand in the market, Skinfood, finally comes to premier department store Rustans Essenses.
Skinfood’s rising popularity owes to its mid-priced yet high quality products. Its thrust on food cosmetics brings to us healthy and delicious skincare, makeup, bodycare and haircare that are suitable for any skin type. Talk about finding the perfect menu for your skin! [email_link]

Rustan’s celebrates the birthday of Criselda Lontok

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In celebration of Criselda’s birthday, there was a fashion show presenting her Holiday collection. It was beautiful!! All her friends and loyal clients were there to celebrate the occassion. Criselda is blooming more than ever! She is a part of the family and we love her. I worked with her for around 10 years and she is really hard working until today. Happy Birthday Criselda!


Lucky Feather

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PHOTOS! PHOTOS! PHOTOS!!  I discovered these very interesting items at Rustan’s Gift pavilion.   I particularly like charm bracelets so I was going crazy.  All the other items are also very nice items to store your photos in.  Nice gift too. 
The Gift Pavilion is on the 4th floor of Rustan’s Makati across Home Cafe and beside the elevator.  Look for my friend and sales associate, Jackie.  She will gladly help you pick out all kinds of photo storage items. 

img_1509.jpgimg_1507.jpg [email_link] 

Tummy Trim

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752427773503_0_bg.jpgit is definitely Heaven on the Fifth!  

There are two new things from Clarins Institut – Tummy Trim and E3P. 

While I was having my facial, my therapist told me about the new Tummy Trim Treatment, so I immediately asked her to try it on me. 

This invigorating regiment targets problem areas around the midriff from the waist to the abdomen and the hips, incorporating a comprehensive massage sequence with Clarins’ signature body contouring suite of PRO formula products to improve cellular exchange, breaking down stubborn fats and facilitating the elimination of waste and toxins. A silky plant-based mud wrap intensifies the draining process. This is a weekly treatment for around 3 to 4 weeks.  Of course, just like any weight loss program, you still need to keep a balanced diet and exercise.


When I went to the powder room, I saw a very interesting new product called E3P.  First time for me to see such a product. It is an ultra-sheer screen mist containing a combination of plant extracts capable of protecting the skin from the accelerated-ageing effects of all indoor and outdoor air pollution. A brand new protective step in skin care – not just for Clarins but for the industry worldwide – which is suitable for all skin types, for men as well as women.You can spray it over bare skin, over moisturizer and make-up, at any time and as often as you like. I sprayed on some E3P on my face and felt really refreshed and if it really does what it says, then it is a great discovery.

Clarins is my favorite brand for skincare and I treasure every moment when I go for a facial or body treatment…….It is my dream to have my own treatment room at home and have someone apply my Clarins products on me everyday both face and body  629947773503_0_bg.jpg

Heaven on the 5th, Rustan’s Makati Tel#:  817.8414 / 813.3739 loc. 271