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Rustan’s celebrates the birthday of Criselda Lontok

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In celebration of Criselda’s birthday, there was a fashion show presenting her Holiday collection. It was beautiful!! All her friends and loyal clients were there to celebrate the occassion. Criselda is blooming more than ever! She is a part of the family and we love her. I worked with her for around 10 years and she is really hard working until today. Happy Birthday Criselda!


Lucky Feather

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PHOTOS! PHOTOS! PHOTOS!!  I discovered these very interesting items at Rustan’s Gift pavilion.   I particularly like charm bracelets so I was going crazy.  All the other items are also very nice items to store your photos in.  Nice gift too. 
The Gift Pavilion is on the 4th floor of Rustan’s Makati across Home Cafe and beside the elevator.  Look for my friend and sales associate, Jackie.  She will gladly help you pick out all kinds of photo storage items. 

img_1509.jpgimg_1507.jpg [email_link] 

Tummy Trim

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752427773503_0_bg.jpgit is definitely Heaven on the Fifth!  

There are two new things from Clarins Institut – Tummy Trim and E3P. 

While I was having my facial, my therapist told me about the new Tummy Trim Treatment, so I immediately asked her to try it on me. 

This invigorating regiment targets problem areas around the midriff from the waist to the abdomen and the hips, incorporating a comprehensive massage sequence with Clarins’ signature body contouring suite of PRO formula products to improve cellular exchange, breaking down stubborn fats and facilitating the elimination of waste and toxins. A silky plant-based mud wrap intensifies the draining process. This is a weekly treatment for around 3 to 4 weeks.  Of course, just like any weight loss program, you still need to keep a balanced diet and exercise.


When I went to the powder room, I saw a very interesting new product called E3P.  First time for me to see such a product. It is an ultra-sheer screen mist containing a combination of plant extracts capable of protecting the skin from the accelerated-ageing effects of all indoor and outdoor air pollution. A brand new protective step in skin care – not just for Clarins but for the industry worldwide – which is suitable for all skin types, for men as well as women.You can spray it over bare skin, over moisturizer and make-up, at any time and as often as you like. I sprayed on some E3P on my face and felt really refreshed and if it really does what it says, then it is a great discovery.

Clarins is my favorite brand for skincare and I treasure every moment when I go for a facial or body treatment…….It is my dream to have my own treatment room at home and have someone apply my Clarins products on me everyday both face and body  629947773503_0_bg.jpg

Heaven on the 5th, Rustan’s Makati Tel#:  817.8414 / 813.3739 loc. 271 

Secret Recipe

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275528773503_0_bg.jpgI discovered these spices from Tita Babot Joseph as she was grilling burgers for us.  I recently found two out of the four at Rustan’s Supermarket – Meditteranean Sea Salt P 328.75 and the Tellicherry Black Peppercorns at P 363.25 which is sourced from India’s Malabar Coast because they are larger in size and known for their robust flavor. Both grinders are disposable and the bottom half is recyclable. 


Tita Babot also shared with me a healthy burger recipe which uses old fashioned oats as a binder. She puts a lot of chopped garlic, chopped white onions, chopped carrots and celery leaves sliced finely. Saute them in olive oil until soft then add to the lean ground beef.  Add lots of oats. Then put salt and pepper and some A1 steak sauce for flavor.  Shape into burger patties. The “secret spices” come in when you are grilling or cooking the burgers :-).

Other varieties which I bought and like are available as well at Rustan’s:  Lemon and Tellicherry Pepper and Roasted Garlic and Meditteranean Sea Salt.  I yet have to find the other two – the Garlic Salt by Mc Cormick and Grill Masters Montreal Steak.   



One Sensational Sale

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I enjoyed the Rustan’s supermarket sale over the weekend.  I made sure I was the first in the store, so i was there at 8:30 am for the 9 am opening.
I bumped into a friend, Noel dela Merced who normally does his grocery also every Saturday morning. So this is the second time we bumped into each other.   We were both thrilled doing our shopping since it was a SALE!  I asked permission if I could take his photo because I am so amazed at the fact that he does the grocery.  It is so rare that I bump into a guy doing the grocery and it made me smile.
Almost all the grocery items were 5% off and all imported items were up to 20% discount.  So I bought the basics for a whole month supply to take advantage of the discounts.  It is very rare to get discounts on basic grocery items so I thought this was a good deal.  My favorite buy was of course the junk food section.  I could not believe Kettle Chips was on sale normally around P 131.75 to P 133.75 but now on sale at P 107.00.  And I got so excited when I saw 2 new flavors which were CHEESE flavors ( YUMMY! ) : Tuscan Three Cheese ( Asiago, Romano and goat cheeses with sweet roasted red peppers ) and Crinkle cut Chips Buffalo Bleu.



Shop & Spa with Culte Femme and USwim

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As a show of gratitude (and a good excuse to party!), the brand celebrates a Shop & Spa Summer party every year before Holy Week, wherein its VIP clients get to have first dibs at the latest collections while enjoying free spa treatments, cocktails and other treats by partner-sponsors like Essenses, Clarins, Ralphs Wines, Island Spa, Nail Tropics, Brazilian Bare and Haagen-Dazs. It was held in Gippy and Hindy’s residence. I could not help but insert a few photos since I really liked the interiors which Hindy artistically designed herself. I stayed the whole afternoon and shopped, did the whole spa thing and ate coffee flavored Haagen Dazs ice cream, my favorite :-)