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Starbucks Introduces New Signature Pairings

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New pasta dishes and Bistro Bowls to pair with your favorite handcrafted beverage

Many of us live hectic lives, with countless deadlines to meet, requirements to deliver, and tasks to complete, and sometimes having time for a healthy and hearty meal can be quite challenging. Good thing, we have Starbucks which serves the perfect treats for both breakfast and lunch through their new Signature Pairings.

Starbucks Signature Pairings are delectable meals partnered with your favorite coffee or tea. These are available at a discounted price when you purchase it with any Tall handcrafted beverage. Starbucks Signature Breakfast is available from the store’s opening until 10am, while you can avail the Starbucks Signature Lunch from 10am to 2pm.

“We know how many of our customers are constantly in search of great food that they can enjoy with their favorite Starbucks handcrafted beverage, that’s why we’re bringing in new food options that will satisfy their cravings,” Keith Cole, head of marketing for Starbucks Philippines said.

Bistro Bowls Croissant Baguette

For a delectably filling lunch try the two new pasta dishes by Starbucks. Classic Beef Lasagna is made with savory meat, creamy béchamel sauce and lasagna baked with a topping of mozzarella cheese. Penne Pesto with Mushroom is also a great choice for those looking for a quick and delicious meal, it is made with penne that is sautéed with button mushroom and creamy pesto sauce.

For those searching for a light and quick option for their midday meal, Arugula Pasta Salad with Creamy Parmesan is an ideal option. Made with al dente tri-color fusilli pasta, fresh tomatoes, black olives, and red bell pepper, served on a bed of arugula with a creamy parmesan dressing, this is the perfect healthy meal to get you through the day.

Gourmet Pasta Greek Yogurt Parfaits

You can also try the Oriental Vermicelli Chicken Salad, a delicious meal that is comprised of vermicelli noodles tossed in oriental dressing with crunchy vegetables, crispy fried wanton strips and sesame chicken slices.  Arugula Pasta Salad with Creamy Parmesan and Oriental Vermicelli Chicken Salad are the latest additions to Starbucks Bistro Bowls, which makes it a perfect on-the-go meal.

Gourmet Pasta_2 Croissant Baguette_2 Bistro Bowls_2

These dishes are perfectly paired with any Starbucks handcrafted beverage, and by purchasing a Tall beverage you can get these at P 20 off., Breakfast options like the Mango Greek Yogurt Parfait and Blueberry Greek Yogurt Parfait can also be enjoyed at a lower price when purchased with any Tall handcrafted beverage.

Visit your favorite Starbucks store and savor the flavors of these Signature Pairings today!


Starbucks Mooncake 2017

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 Mom got this Starbucks mooncake in Macau!!  It’s so special!!!!! It is individually boxed inside and each box can be made into  a lantern!! Starbucks Mooncake (1)

 It has a light build inside – you just press the button and it lights up.  Starbucks Mooncake (3) Starbucks Mooncake (4) Starbucks Mooncake (2)

From their website in Hong Kong



Starbucks Unveils New Teavana(R) Frozen Teas Exclusively in Asia

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Stirring up a whole new way to experience tea with an icy-smooth texture

 Following the successful [Asia] launch of Starbucks® Teavana® last year, which brought Starbucks modern tea experience brand to Asia for the first time, Starbucks today announced the introduction of new Starbucks® Teavana® Frozen Teas. These refreshing, icy-smooth handcrafted beverages combine the finest Teavana®teas and botanical blends with premium ingredients like Kyoho grapes and pomegranate pearls. Starbucks® Teavana® Frozen Teas will be available for a limited time only starting September 12.

“We want our customers to experience tea like they’ve never imagined. Drawing our inspiration from a love of tea in Asia and from popular new flavors. This year, Starbucks takes innovation in flavors and texture to the next level with a unique Frozen Tea platform to satisfy the growing sophistication of consumer preference.” said Keith Cole, head of marketing for Starbucks Philippines.

Teavana Frozen Teas

Starbucks® Teavana® Frozen Teas have been developed exclusively for customers across Asia, delivering a sophisticated and modern tea experience. Starbucks is committed to investing in Teavana in the region as it remains a strong growth driver for the brand.

Commenting on the growing interest in frozen beverages, Davina Patel, global food and drink analyst at Mintel, the global market intelligence agency which follows food and beverage trends in Asia, said: “Our research shows that consumers in Asia continue to gravitate towards beverages with textural and visual appeal, which has led to a growing interest in frozen products. Moreover, consumers are increasingly exploring the world of tea through flavor and variety, with preference shifting towards botanical teas such as herbs, fruits and spices.”

Icy, refreshing and packed with antioxidants, Starbucks® Teavana® Frozen Iced Teas will be available in the following flavors and will also be available as Iced Shaken:

Starbucks® Teavana® Frozen Teas


Starbucks® Teavana® Frozen Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls

This refreshing beverage combines floral notes of hibiscus flowers and rose petals with the tropical flavors of papaya and mango, enhanced with hints of cinnamon and lemongrass. The beverage is topped with glistening, jewel-like pearls of pomegranate juice that burst on the tongue.

Starbucks® Teavana® Frozen Chamomile Tea with Kyoho Grape and Aloe

Soothing chamomile tea is blended with honeyed white grapes and aloe cubes delivering a cool, lightly sweet taste. The beverage is generously topped with skinned and pitted whole Kyoho grapes – a popular variety from Japan known for its distinctive sweetness and generous size.

 These two new handcrafted beverages will excite your taste buds because these are prepared icy-smooth and with the finest Teavana® teas and premium ingredients like Kyoho grapes and pomegranate pearls, making for a compelling and delectable treat any time of the day.

 Starbucks® Teavana® Frozen Chamomile Tea with Kyoho Grape and Aloe delivers a visual and textural distinction, especially with its honey white grape puree with bits of aloe. Meanwhile, Teavana® Frozen Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls is defined by flavors of hibiscus, tropical papaya and mango, and hints of cinnamon and lemongrass and complemented with lightly sweet and tart pomegranate pearls that are made with real pomegranate juice. Aside from being served frozen, these two handcrafted beverages will also be available in iced shaken format.Images 2

“The ingredients in each beverage were carefully selected to ensure that they deliver on both the Starbucks® Teavana® modernized tea experience, and appeal to culinary cultures in Asia. Each beverage features popular ingredients such as Kyoho grapes and hibiscus tea.” said Keith Cole, Starbucks Philippines head of marketing.


Both drinks will go perfectly with new sandwiches from Starbucks®. You can have it with the Tuna Melt on Croissant Baguette, a savory treat made with cheesy tuna on croissant baguette and made more scrumptious by topping it off with melted cheese, or with Ham and Cheese on Dutch Crepe, a delicious marriage of different flavors brought by the soft, chewy, and sweet Dutch Crepe filled with ham and cheese.  A sweeter alternative is the Mango Float Cake which is made with moist and buttery cake then layered with creamy mango mousse and meringue, then finished with mango buttercream icing. Chocoholics will be delighted with the chewy and seriously chocolaty Triple Chocolate Cookie, which has dark, milk, white, and Belgian chocolate chunks.  


Another great accompaniment for these treats are coffee that you’ll surely love. For those searching for coffee with herbal flavors and a distinctive spice, Starbucks® Anniversary Blend is the one you’re looking for. Inspired by the Starbucks® muse, it is a combination of cedary aged Sumatra and the lush full-bodied coffees of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Another option is theStarbucks® Single Origin Coffee East Timor Tatamailau which captures flavors that are smooth with herbal notes and cocoa finish. This is because of the way it is grown in Timor where it is cultivated on small plots of land built into the forest landscape, under huge canopy trees. This mimics the effect of growing coffee at much higher altitudes resulting in resilience and complexity of flavor.

For the Starbucks® experience wherever, try the Starbucks VIA® Decaf House Blend, which gives any coffee lover a wonderfully balanced Decaf House Blend without compromising flavor.

For more information about these new products log on to


Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta

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 Merienda at Starbucks!!

So happy to see Tito Bert and Rieta, older sister of my best friend Rina. They look so much alike and act alike!  Notice her beautiful @monchetycia fan by @monchetthefanman for @artefinoph  She’s here to visit her dad since she lives in the States. She’s been living there for over 20 years and is a successful doctor of Nephrology and Internal Medicine. She makes sure that Tito Bert continues to do his daily activities and not be dependent on others to take care of himself. Tito Bert is so proud of his 2 daughters who are both so successful in their careers and family.  #H2HPeopleMerienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (1)  Tito Bert is such a simple and humble man!!  Love him!!!Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (2)  Dark Mocha Granola Frappuccino! YUM!!!Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (4)  YUMMY French toast for Tito Bert :-)Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (5)  with the best French butter – President!  Make sure to spread it!!Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (3)WOW curacha and Alavar all the way from Zamboanga from Tito Bert and Rieta ! yum !!  I have always wanted to go to Zamboanga to visit them – one day hopefully!!  #h2hcrabs #curacha #AlavarsMerienda with Tito Bert & Rieta

Starbucks unveils light and indulgent treats

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Summer came and went by quickly, but that doesn’t mean that the fun times are over. Give each day an indulgent and refreshing spin with two new Starbucks Frappuccino® flavors – Açai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino® blended beverage and Granola Dark Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverage.

Handcrafted using premium ingredients, Açai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino® and Granola Dark Mocha Frappuccino® will surely delight you with frothy milk foam over fruity and chocolaty yum. The Açai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino® blended beverage combines Açai berry-infused yogurt with bursting pearls that will delight you with the distinct and refreshing notes of mixed berry, finished with light and creamy milk foam.

Meanwhile, the Granola Dark Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverage is a marriage of Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino® with rich, chocolate flavors and a tasty blend of hearty cereal. It is topped with creamy milk foam and then sprinkled with a generous topping of crunchy granola and chunks of mixed fruits.

Not only are these two handcrafted beverages delectable, but they’re the perfect addition to your selfie! The Açai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino® comes in a delicious shade of pink while the Granola Dark Mocha Frappuccino® has granola and dried mixed fruit toppings that will surely help you achieve your #FeedGoals.

Starbucks unveils light and indulgent treats

“Our customers can look forward to refreshing new tastes and ingredients that haven’t been featured before such as the crunchy granola toppings and Açai berry-infused yogurt. These two new Frappuccino® blended beverages are artfully handcrafted with its fun layers and textures making it the perfect beverages to have this season,” said Keith Cole, head of marketing for Starbucks Philippines.

Starbucks also has new blends that deliver the flavors of the world in each cup. Starbucks Africa Kitamu® gives a wonderful introduction to the bright and juicy flavors that define coffee from Africa. This blend is perfect whether served hot or over ice and is made by combining East African beans that are known for their refreshing citrus and floral flavors. Starbucks Reserve® Guatemala Santa Isabel, on the other hand, is distinguished by fragrant aromas and pronounced sweetness with notes of tamarind, caramel, and chocolate. For those looking for coffee with sweet herbal spice notes, Starbucks Reserve® Eastern D.R. Congo Lake Kivu is the one you’re looking for. Its orange acidity, also makes each cup more compelling

Starbucks unveils light and indulgent treats

To complement your favorite handcrafted beverages, Starbucks also has a new line of delectable and filling meals. With hearty tuna flakes, mozzarella cheese and sliced hard-boiled eggs served on whole wheat bread, Tuna Dill on Whole Wheat Bread, is the perfect option for a quick lunch or snack. For a savory take on crepe, you’ll surely enjoy Bacon and Mushroom on Dutch Crepesoft, chewy, and sweet Dutch crepe filled with honey cured bacon and sliced mushrooms

Starbucks unveils light and indulgent treats

Searching for a great meal to start your day? Don’t worry because Starbucks has new items that will make your mornings much better. Have the Ham and Cheese Frittata, potatoes, eggs, ham, and cheese perfectly cooked together to fill you up and keep you going for the entire day. For those on-the-go, the Cheese Danish is definitely a perfect choice with its buttery and flaky dough filled with sweet and creamy cheese.

Starbucks unveils light and indulgent treats

For those with a sweet tooth, the Belgian Chocolate Chip Cake is the best way to satiate your chocolate craving. This returning favorite is made with layers of vanilla sponge cake with chocolate chips, milk chocolate ganache, and frosted Belgian milk chocolate with mini chocolate chip cookies on the sides.  Starbucks is also serving up a beloved Italian dessert with its own take on Tiramisu, sponge cake soaked in Starbucks Coffee, layered with a light and airy filling made from mascarpone, egg yolks, and cream

Starbucks unveils light and indulgent treats

Radical Organics Toasted Coconut Chips

A great gluten-free snack. Crispy and crunchy in every bite

Starbucks unveils light and indulgent treats

S’Maison Muses

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Congratulations @smaison_conrad  #DiscoverSMaison#SMaisonConrad
S'Maison Muses (1)  My mom is so low key she hardly wants to be in the spotlight so this is rare for the launch of @smaison_conrad My mom has been there since the beginning of Starbucks Philippines @starbucksph and this year Starbucks celebrates 20 years. Mom was only 50 years old when they started it and she believed in the brand on day 1. She is in charge of looking for sites and constructing all the stores. She visits each one of them and goes to all the store blessings. Today there are 308 successful stores all over the ?? ?Starbucks Reserve @starbucksph
#DiscoverSMaison#SMaisonConrad #H2HPeople#StarbucksPh #H2HStarbucksS'Maison Muses (2) S'Maison Muses (13)  The other S’Maison MusesS'Maison Muses (4) S'Maison Muses (3) S'Maison Muses (5) S'Maison Muses (14) S'Maison Muses (7) S'Maison Muses (6) S'Maison Muses (8) S'Maison Muses (15) S'Maison Muses (10) S'Maison Muses (9) S'Maison Muses (11) S'Maison Muses (12)

Thursday Breakfasts with Lolo at Starbucks

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 I love Starbucks Thursdays with Lolo !

Breakfast today at @starbucksph  Fraps for breakfast. New Limited time Fraps Thursday Breakfasts with Lolo at Starbucks (2) Thursday Breakfasts with Lolo at Starbucks (1)  and healthy and yummy Harvest box packs @harvestbox#StarbucksPh #h2hstarbucks

Thursday Breakfasts with Lolo at Starbucks (3)

Take a break from hectic days, tight deadlines, and endless tasks by cooling down and relaxing at your nearest Starbucks stores. With new treats that will satisfy and please the most discerning of palates, Starbucks will help you take a break from the hassles of daily life.

The new Starbucks Frappuccino® flavors will surely make you fall in love with classic favorites that come with a new twist. Starbucks introduces Banana Split Mocha Frappuccino® and Irish Cream Coffee Pudding Frappuccino®, two indulgent flavors t hat are directly inspired by some of our most favorite desserts.  

Frapp banana split mocha coffee starbucks

The Banana Split Mocha Frappuccino® is a rich mixture of Mocha Frappuccino® blended with banana puree which is then layered on top of strawberry whipped cream. This concoction is then finished with regular whipped cream, a drizzle of rich chocolate, and crunchy waffle cone pieces.  Meanwhile, coffee aficionados will surely be pleased with the new Irish Cream Coffee Pudding Frappuccino®, handcrafted with Starbucks signature Coffee Frappuccino® poured on top of creamy coffee pudding and then made even more delectable by espresso whipped cream and Turkish ground coffee sprinkles.

Coffee connoisseurs who are on a constant search for rare one-lot coffee will undoubtedly enjoy Starbucks Reserve® Rwanda Musasa and Starbucks Reserve® Nicaragua Maracaturra.  But for those who are looking for the perfect cold brew experience at home, Starbucks has also released its Cold Brew Pitcher Packs. This is a perfect blend of Latin American and African beans that are roasted to bring out their rich and dense flavor when brewed cold. Its flavor is balanced, smooth, and rich with subtle sweet chocolatey notes. To brew a perfect pitcher, simply steep the pitcher packs in your refrigerator overnight.

CakesIf you’re wondering about what best goes with the two new Frappuccino® flavors or your perfectly brewed cup of coffee, well, Starbucks has that covered too! The new Lime Torte Cake is a symphony of flavors and texture with its sweet and tangy flavor partnered with crunchy and crumbly cake. For those looking for traditional Filipino flavors, the Mango Crunch Cake will surely delight you with smooth and creamy mousse with Philippine mangoes layered with crumbly and buttery graham and crunchy white almond.  Chocolate lovers will surely fall for the Chocolate Marshmallow Cake, a moist chocolate layer cake with smooth and creamy chocolate truffle and then frosted with marshmallow icing.

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Parfait Starbucks also has two new Greek Yogurt Parfaits that will entice anyone looking for a delectable and healthy treat. The Blueberry Greek Yogurt Parfait is made with creamy Greek yogurt layered with a sweet and tart blueberry compote and then topped with crunchy oat granola.  Meanwhile the Mango Greek Yogurt Parfait is made with sweet mango compote and Greek yogurt finished with a sprinkling of crunchy oat granola.

Another perfect complement to your coffee is the Whole Wheat Bagel made with linseeds, rye and soy grits, corn semolina, and oats. A more savory option is also available with the Bagel Bites filled with Cream Cheese, the mini herbed bagels are generously stuffed with cream cheese that will surely satisfy you with every bite.


Starbucks is also introducing three new designs for its Starbucks Cards. The three cards are the Chill Mini Card, Iced Coffee Card, and the Father’s Day Card. The Chill Mini Card and the Father’s Day Card are available for a minimum activation fee of ?500. The Father’s Day Card also comes with a free greeting card making it the perfect gift for your Dad on his special day. Meanwhile the Iced Coffee Card is available for a minimum activation fee of ?1,000.

Visit the nearest Starbucks store to experience these new treats and log on to for more information.