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On Tuesday November 4……

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On Tuesday, November 4 the Red Cups are coming!

Drop by your favourite Starbucks store to enjoy much loved seasonal favourites, Toffee Nut Latte and Praline Mocha or maybe try their newest treat, decadent Dark Cherry Mocha.  Available in hot and iced espresso as well as Frappuccino Blended Beverage variants, this trio of holiday treats also signals the start of Starbucks much anticipated Annual Planner Promotion!  Planner die-hards anticipate each year’s release and this year is no exception with customers asking about the planners as early as October!  Expect Starbucks to come up with new surprises…but you’ll have to wait until November 4 to know more about it.  

hol109-03215bev_standee.jpg [email_link] 

Shared Coffee. Shared Culture. Shared Passion

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Kape Vinta celebrates Filipinos’ shared culture and shared passion for coffee.  Named after mighty and colorful war boats typically found in the Southern part of the Philippines, this coffee, like the vinta, is bold & full-bodied with mellow, earthy flavors.  A blend of coffees from the Asia Pacific region, particularly choice Arabica beans from the Philippines and Indonesia, Kape Vinta is proof of Starbucks dedication to put roots where the company does business.  It earthy flavor notes are best paired with food infused with the flavors of chocolate, nuts and cinnamon. 


The coffee stamp which identifies Kape Vinta among Starbucks whole bean lineup, features the design of renowned National Artist Mauro “Malang” Santos.  At the center is a vibrant & colorful vinta boat set against the backdrop of a blazing Philippine sun.


If you like Starbucks Sumatra and Komodo Dragon Blend, you will find Kape Vinta an excellent alternative with the same rich texture and smooth finish lingering in your mouth.  Kape Vinta is available in all Starbucks Coffee stores in the Philippines. Available year-round in the Philippines market, this exclusive blend comes pre-packed and is a great gift for friends and family.


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Dialogues at Starbucks by Illac Diaz

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The Dialogues At Starbucks on Saturday, Oct 4 will be lead by social entrepreneur Illac Diaz. He’s most known for the seafarer’s lodgings which he set up under his MyShelter Foundation but is recently most active in environmentally sustainable/low-cost UN Millenium schools project.  Mostly the talk will explore his relatively new approach to doing business (social enterprise, etc.) and what ‘beyond the classroom’ experiences inspires him to do it…





Starbucks Coffee Ambassador’s Cup

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Every other year, Starbucks holds the Coffee Ambassador’s Cup where all the coffee masters gather together to see who will be the Coffee Ambassador of the year.


Partners go through coffee master assessment and if they score 90% or above they qualify and become coffee masters.  If you go to the store, you will spot them as they wear black aprons and not the regular green ones.  It is a way of continously educating the partners on their knowledge on coffee so they can better serve their clients. 

The Coffee Ambassador’s Cup is an idea created by the Philippine team and was originally called the Battle of the Beans.  Starbucks decided to do it in all other International markets and so they called it the Coffee Ambassador’s cup.  

This is already the 6th Coffee Ambassador’s Cup! 


I love attending Starbucks events because I always  get so energized!  What a great company!  I don’t work there but I am glad to be part of it in some way!


Special Guest for the event was President for Asia Pacific, John Culver and I am so proud of my Dad and brother who run Starbucks Philippines!


starbxambcup20086.jpg starbxambcup20087.jpgacupbanner2008.jpg


Each district cheers for their own candidates!  What ENERGY and what an amazing feeling to hear them! 


Entertainment from the other coffee masters in between the rounds.  Everyone is so creative and talented! 



Out of the 12 contestants, 3 finalists are left to compete for the title 



Everyone is a winner and gets their prizes  



Congratulations to Rainy, Efraim and Lois!! 



Starbucks now has 6 stores in Cebu!

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SM Cebu, SM Mall, G/F Fiesta Strip, Tel. 032-231-6455 

p1030437.JPGp1030439.JPG Cebu Ayala, Ayala Center Mall, Cebu City Tels. 032-231-8460/032-231-8456


Ayala Center Annex, Ayala Center, Annex Business Park, Tel. 032-4151911p1030454.JPGCrown Regency, G/F Crown Regency, Hotel & Towers, Osmeña Blvd. Tel. 032-238-6851 cebu-089.JPG

SM Cebu Northwing, Upper Ground Floor, SM Cebu City Tel. 032-2363161p1030444.JPG p1030445.JPG

No photo since we were not able to visit this store:

Paseo Arcenas Cebu, G/F Paseo Center, Arcenas Estate, Duterte Street, Banawa, Tel. 032-261-4709 



It’s Not About the Coffee

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We are priveleged to know such a great man and his wife, Lyn.  Up to now they are very very good friends of the family.  

Howard was the one who brought Starbucks to the Philippines 10 years ago. We all know that good leadership determines the success of an organization and Howard was definitely a good leader. 

Congratulations Howard on your book!  


Former Starbucks President’s New Book!



“Howard Behar, the keeper of Starbucks’ soul for many years, has given us a book about how to succeed anywhere-not just in business. His ten principles should be required reading for every government official and college president.”


Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley


As a longtime senior executive at Starbucks, Howard Behar helped establish the company’s culture, and coached hundreds of leaders at every level around the world. 


Now in his upcoming book, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE COFFEE, Behar reveals the ten principles that guided his amazing leadership. And as the title suggests, not one of them is about coffee.  


As he writes, “At Starbucks the coffee has to be excellent, from the sourcing and growing to the roasting and brewing.  Our finances have to be in order.  But without people, we have nothing.  With people we have something even bigger than coffee.”


Behar argues that if an organization puts people before profits, everything else will take care of itself. If you think of your staff as people (not costs) they will achieve results beyond what is thought possible. And if you think of your customers as people (not revenue) you’ll make a deep connection with them, and they’ll come back over and over. 


Published by Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Group USA

For more information, please visit

Available for sale at Starbucks and bookstores