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Rock N’ Ramp Your Jazzed Up Jeans!

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I am so lucky to get to attend these events even if I don’t work in Starbucks!  You cannot imagine how I feel after every event…it’s like I am so energized….because every partner is energized!  Everything that has to do with Starbucks is creative…the event..the people…I open my eyes to something new everytime!  AMAZING!!



 I went crazy just looking at everyone’s jeans that evening!  I did not imagine it to be the way it was…as soon as we got down the car we saw some partners outside and I could not stop clicking my camera!……HOW CREATIVE everyone was!!!!!!


I love all the Starbucks themed ones! There were quite a number of them and all unique and rendered in many ways!


I like this guy! He even had props when he posed for me 



He used coffee beans to draw on his jeans!




Who are these boring people?  They look so plain! Where are the jazzed up jeans? :-)


Always a good word and an inspiring message from the Chief Operating Officer 


There was a contest on the best Jazzed up Jeans!  Finalists came up on stage! 


Heart2Hearts favorite :-) 



Starbucks Red Cups

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I enjoyed doing this christmas promotion for Starbucks!  I stuck this magnetic red cup on top of my car which made it look like I forgot my cup on top of my roof.  So, you can imagine everyone who saw it and were panicking that it would fall off.  There were many reactions – panic looks, some just stare at it, others try to call my attention…and the best reaction is the SMILE after they find out…I wish I could have captured all the moments, but I was driving most of the time so it was quite difficult to take photos.

Heart2Heart loves Starbucks! Because whenever there is Starbucks, there is CHEER!  There is LAUGHTER!  There is a feeling of warmth and comfort!  Whenever there is Starbucks…There is LOVE and JOY! 


 In Manila Polo Club

Mostly all the guards called my attention…after awhile…it was like I was “the boy who cried wolf!”  :-)  But what was nice was that everytime I would pass the guards, they would always SMILE :-) 


Even Dad called my attention :-) 


Mc Kinley, Forbes Park 


Ayala Avenue 


This guy was really really worried!! I am glad I took his photo 


Rockwell – the guard smiling in the corner – like he knew already about the RED CUP 


In Edsa 


White Plains area 




Hmmm…cousins all coming out of the house to see the red cup…Ria must have told them :-) 

dsc_6070.JPG dsc_6066.JPG 





Little Apprentice

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Last November 27 and 28, 2008, the Transition Class of The Young Learners Collaborative ( YLC )  had a Food Fair. The fair was a culminating activity on the topic “Little Apprentice”. YLC is a school owned and operated by my friend, Tricia Eusebio-Hosaka together with Gina Gloria and Anette Del Rosario.  


The idea was to cook and sell snacks to all the students of YLC and the proceeds of the fair will go to a foundation


Previous Entry:   Young Learners Collaborative Summer Program 2008 March 6, 2008



They declared a “NO BAON DAY” so that all the kids, parents and teachers could purchase snacks from the Transition Class.



The students were able to raise the amount of  Php 5722.55 which they wanted to donate to the Starbucks foundation:”Spark Hope”.


no-baon-day7.jpg kids_112708-168.jpg

So, Heart2Heart arranged a meeting for the YLC children and a Starbucks branch near the

school, Tomas Morato branch, last December 17, so the  students could personally donate the money. They requested that a representative from UNICEF be there  to explain to the students where their donation will go to.  What a great idea Tricia!! Thank you for choosing Spark Hope!  Tricia told me that Starbucks matched their donation that day…







Christmas Goodies at Starbucks

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Chocolate Toffee Nut Loaf

An intensely rich chocolate Loaf frosted with smooth, creamy chocolate icing with crunchy toffee on top. A great Christmas treat for chocolate lovers.


 Caramelized Hazel Chocolate Loaf

  A rich hazelnut loaf featuring an indulgent combination of toasty caramelized hazelnuts creamy chocolate chunks.starbucks-421.jpg



 Italian Pocket




On Tuesday November 4……

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On Tuesday, November 4 the Red Cups are coming!

Drop by your favourite Starbucks store to enjoy much loved seasonal favourites, Toffee Nut Latte and Praline Mocha or maybe try their newest treat, decadent Dark Cherry Mocha.  Available in hot and iced espresso as well as Frappuccino Blended Beverage variants, this trio of holiday treats also signals the start of Starbucks much anticipated Annual Planner Promotion!  Planner die-hards anticipate each year’s release and this year is no exception with customers asking about the planners as early as October!  Expect Starbucks to come up with new surprises…but you’ll have to wait until November 4 to know more about it.  

hol109-03215bev_standee.jpg [email_link] 

Shared Coffee. Shared Culture. Shared Passion

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Kape Vinta celebrates Filipinos’ shared culture and shared passion for coffee.  Named after mighty and colorful war boats typically found in the Southern part of the Philippines, this coffee, like the vinta, is bold & full-bodied with mellow, earthy flavors.  A blend of coffees from the Asia Pacific region, particularly choice Arabica beans from the Philippines and Indonesia, Kape Vinta is proof of Starbucks dedication to put roots where the company does business.  It earthy flavor notes are best paired with food infused with the flavors of chocolate, nuts and cinnamon. 


The coffee stamp which identifies Kape Vinta among Starbucks whole bean lineup, features the design of renowned National Artist Mauro “Malang” Santos.  At the center is a vibrant & colorful vinta boat set against the backdrop of a blazing Philippine sun.


If you like Starbucks Sumatra and Komodo Dragon Blend, you will find Kape Vinta an excellent alternative with the same rich texture and smooth finish lingering in your mouth.  Kape Vinta is available in all Starbucks Coffee stores in the Philippines. Available year-round in the Philippines market, this exclusive blend comes pre-packed and is a great gift for friends and family.


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Dialogues at Starbucks by Illac Diaz

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The Dialogues At Starbucks on Saturday, Oct 4 will be lead by social entrepreneur Illac Diaz. He’s most known for the seafarer’s lodgings which he set up under his MyShelter Foundation but is recently most active in environmentally sustainable/low-cost UN Millenium schools project.  Mostly the talk will explore his relatively new approach to doing business (social enterprise, etc.) and what ‘beyond the classroom’ experiences inspires him to do it…