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Starbucks Planner 2008

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The much awaited Starbucks Planner is out already!!!  This planner was first launched in Christmas 2003 and it was the planner that started the planner craze in our country.  Many other stores and companies followed suit.  You cannot imagine what Starbucks customers do just to get this planner. It’s amazing!  And not only has it been copied in our country but Starbucks International has adapted the idea to other countries as well all over the world! Many great ideas come from Starbucks Philippines and implemented all over the world.  That is Filipino talent at work. 


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Starbucks Bearistas

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    What a unique collection- Starbucks Bearista magnets. Whenever i go to Starbucks, i always look forward to seeing the new bears. Starbucks sells plush bears almost every occassion – valentine’s, easter, halloween,christmas and usually with matching magnets. 








The Starbucks Destination Series Bearista® bears donning the classic Starbucks green apron embroidered with the country name was recently launched.This is a collectors item and each of the 38 Starbucks countries worldwide have their own Destination Bearista Bears. Wow, imagine if you could collect all 38!  

Better For You

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Two yummy and healthy loaves were recently introduced at Starbucks- Reduced Fat Blueberry Walnut loaf and Orange Pineapple loaf. 

These loaves are considered to be better for you because their fat content was reduced and the fat that was used in the recipe contains no transfat. Yet, they taste so good!
Starbucks Moves to Ban Trans Fats cutting trans fats from the doughnuts, muffins and other treats, and plans to eventually drop the artery-clogging fats.
Trans fats, listed on food labels as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, are believed to be harmful because they wreak havoc on cholesterol levels.