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Ice Cream Cake at Baskin Robbins

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 I went to @baskinrobbinsph Glorietta 5 across @rustansph to get an ice cream cake for #ChefJavs

Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (3) Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (2)

Ice cream cake is our favorite bday cake nowadays because t’s guaranteed to be eaten by everyone and it’s yummyIce cream cake at Baskin Robbins (7)   Don’t forget to use your #H1?Hcard when you go to Baskin Robbins for a free scoop  #h2hbdaycakes #h2hicecream #BaskinRobbinsPhIce cream cake at Baskin Robbins (1) Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (6)You have many more choices for birthday cakes but you need to order in advance.
Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (5) Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (4)

Dayap Taisan cake by Joconde

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 Thank you Dedet @pepitaskitchenph for sharing this discovery. I checked their instagram and everything looks good! Joconde is owned by siblings Dennis and Yvette Hipolito. Dennis is a good friend of Dedet who was formerly a dentist but pursued his dream and went to CIA NYC and he was entrusted to take over the cooking classes of Maur Lichauco. Yvette also took culinary in CCA. I hope to meet them one day. #jocondecakesandpastries #h2hdessertfindsDayap Taisan cake by Joconde (3) Dayap Taisan cake by Joconde (2)   This is the top of the yummy melt in your mouth Dayap Taisan cake from @jocondecakes

please make other flavorsDayap Taisan cake by Joconde (1) Dayap Taisan cake by Joconde (4)

Cafe Macaron at Farimont Hotel Makati

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Love this pastry shop at the Fairmont hotel!  
 Cafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati Valentine’s cakes :-)  for the heart season

 Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Cafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati valentine hazelnut
Cafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati valentine Chocolates :-)  Cafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati chocolatesCafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati salty caramel chocolateCafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati heart chocolate Of course there are macarons in Cafe MacaronCafe macaron macarons s Fairmont makati So happy I discovered 2 macaron flavors that I really like in Cafe Macaron in @fairmontmakatihotel The red one is queso de bola  and the blue one is milk.  Yum!!!!! I bought peanut butter and salted caramel for the hubby and he liked it too. Cafe macaron macarons Fairmont makati h2hcard Make sure to bring your #H10Hcard to get your free raspberry heart shaped macaron which you get with any purchase at the cafe. Yay!  #CafeMacaronFairmont #FairmontRafflesMakati #Macarons #h2hdesserts #H2HCheeseCafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati danah

Nanay Pacing

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 Literally “Ask and you shall receive” haha!! Thank you Tootsy @tootsyangara and Sonny @sonnyangara for these delicious peanut butter from Aurora province!  The hubby and #ChefJavs like it and they are so picky 😮  I don’t eat peanut butter but I’ll eat this – so yummy – not too sweet just right.  Homemade and no preservatives!  I want to meet Nanay Pacing one of these days.  Contact Mia Salamangca 09091648232
Nanay Pacing 09475796270 I told Lindy @lindycas to feature products from Aurora and bring them to Manila because I’m sure there are many yummy and beautiful products from there. #H2HProudToBePinoy #nanaypacingpeanutbutter #NanayPacing #AuroraProvince #PeanutButterNanay Pacing

Salted Egg Chicharon

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 OMG! Chicharon with salted egg! By Grace Ongpin!  The salted egg craze is amazing. From chips to now chicharon! For orders text 0917-543-5917 #H2HSaltedEgg #SaltedEgg #Chicharon #H2HChicharonsalted-egg-chicharon-2 salted-egg-chicharon-1

Salted Egg Sponge Cake

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  More salted egg products!! It’s a very rich sweet sponge cake with salted egg sauce!! I would request for a saltier salted egg sauce – just tell Popoy if you prefer salty salted egg . Thank you Juan Miguel & Pia @piamora108 for this sinful :-) Salted egg spongecake! I ate a slice already before pouring the whole bottle of sauce.  Made by the same guy – Popoy – of @happycreamery Call 0947 968 0493 He even has salted egg ice cream  #H2HSaltedEgg #Saltedeggspongecake #LarossKitchenCreation #Saltedegg #HappyCreamerysalted-egg-sponge-cake-1 salted-egg-sponge-cake-2

Le Tao Pop Up

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 One of the best cheesecakes in the world!!! Fromage Double ( cheesecake ) from Le Tao @letao_ph has arrived in the Philippines !  Now opened in Uptown BGC and Greenbelt 5!!! LOVE  Le Tao because this is the official cheesecake of the #Nisekrew gang. Le Tao is based in Hokkaido and we went to Hokkaido last February. It brings back memories and at the same time it’s really yummy!! Thank you Bryan Tiu @tiubryan for bringing this in.  For reservations or info call 0916 568 3362 #H2HCheese #h2hdessertfinds #H2HDesserts #LeTaoPh

Le Tao Pop Up (11)

Thank you to these 2 handsome :-)  gentlemen – Bryan Tiu @tiubryan and Dominic Hernandez @chadominic for bringing in LeTAO @letao_ph and Tokyo Milkcheese Factory @tokyomilkcheesefactoryph ( sister companies )  to the Philippines.   There’s another one coming soon according to Bryan and Heart2Heart is also excited #LeTaoPh #H2HPeople #tokyomilkcheesefactoryph

Le Tao Pop Up (9)We had a nice afternoon tea at Chef Jessie in Rockwell Club Le Tao Event Rockwell High teaLe Tao Pop Up (3)Le Tao Pop Up (2)Le Tao Pop Up (8) Le Tao Pop Up (4)Le Tao Pop Up (1)  LeTAO @letao_ph cheesecake is the official cheesecake of the #Nisekrew Last year we went to Hokkaido and we all love LeTAO. We were also able to go to Otaru where it originated. Japanese cheesecake is different from American cheesecake so it’s lighter, cheesy in a different way ( not too salty, a bit sweet) and it doesn’t give a guilty or heavy feeling. So to us this is the best cheesecake. It’s Double Fromage with 2 layers – the top layer is a no bake cheesecake made of mascarpone cheese from Italy and the lower layer is a baked cheesecake. Around the cheesecake is grated cheesecake ( like the lower layer) which is like snow.  Like the snow in Hokkaido, like the cheesecake that melts in your mouth !   I’m so happy it’s now in the Philippines only as a pop up in Uptown BGC mall and in Greenbelt 5 until March. The real store will open in October! So make sure to get your cheesecakes now  #LeTaoPh #H2HCheese #h2hdessertfinds #H2HCakes #nisekrewdiscoveriesLe Tao Double Fromage philippinesLe Tao Pop Up (6)Now I know why Le Tao is in the Philippines!!!  Berna told Bryan to bring it in!!! YAY!!!!!  
Le Tao Pop Up (10)Le Tao Pop Up (5)My 2 companions today who I love and who I connect with LeTAO . Cherina @cheriris shared with me her valuable stash of LeTAO cheesecake and sent it to my hotel room in Sapporo with fresh Japanese strawberries pa.  I tasted it and that’s how I fell in love with it. So I will never forget that. Berna on the other hand also tried it during her visit to Hokkaido last year and also loved it. So we are the LeTAO girls haha!! Happy to eat it together today #LeTaoPh #H2HCakes #h2hdessertfinds #H2HCheese #nisekrewdiscoveries
Le Tao Pop Up (7) Le Tao Pop Up (12)

Rum Cake by Joyce

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 Delicious Rum cake ( that looks like a birthday cake ) by Joyce. Very rich, sweet and it’s homemade! A must try!! She has a chocolate version of this cake too! Wow! Will have to try it next time.  So call and order if you rum cake contact Mai-09217455236 or Noemi-09494557925
#H2HCakes #H2HDessertFinds #rumcakerum-cake-by-joyce-1 There is like a filling in between the cake which is so yummy :-)rum-cake-by-joyce

Koku Sushi Platters

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 Beautiful and yummy Maki platter from Koku @kokuph

They have 2 sizes /kinds but you can also design your own platter for your parties or as gifts  Contact 0917 8786144 or 02 625 5197 #KokuPh #H2HPartyPlatterskoku-maki-platterkoku-party-platters-1