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Geno’s Ice Cream at East Cafe Rustan’s

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OMG!!! The famous Geno’s Gabi Pinipig keso ( Taro rice crispies cheese) ice cream from Bataan is available in East Cafe in @rustansph Makati. No need to order all the way from Bataan. You can even buy by the gallon. Sandy brought this for #h2hfoodcamp dinner before and it was so good. I will try the other flavors next time.  #genosicecream #h2hrustans#rustansph #eastcaferustans #h2hicecream

Geno’s Ice Cream at East Cafe (5)Geno’s Ice Cream at East Cafe (1) Geno’s Ice Cream at East Cafe (3) Geno’s Ice Cream at East Cafe (4) Geno’s Ice Cream at East Cafe (2)

Sweetie’s Bakeshop

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 We received a bundle of sweets from our super sweet  friend who wants to remain anonymous :-) But truly she is the sweetest ! Always busy doing things for others !  I’m hoping she will sell her mocha cake too  Sweetie's Bakeshop (7)  We had it for Sunday lunch and our favorites are the loaves – banana, butter and most especially the apple loaf and they are perfect for xmas gifts
Inipit was also good.
Sweetie's Bakeshop (4)Sweetie's Bakeshop (6) Sweetie's Bakeshop (3) Sweetie's Bakeshop (5) Sweetie's Bakeshop (2)  The ensaymada comes in mini and regular. Mini for me :-)  Sweetie's Bakeshop (9)She told me its called “Sweetie” which is short for home made sweets.Call 0998 252 9745? for the complete price list. They have a Makati pick up point #h2hdesserts #h2hdessertfinds #h2hxmasSweetie's Bakeshop (8)Sweetie's Bakeshop (1)

Bacon Tocino by Jamfoods

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 Loot from Jamfoods arrived!! :-)  Jamfoods (1)Jamfoods (6)Jamfoods (4)Jamfoods (3)I have been wanting to try their bacon ticino.  It was out of stock before and I am happy I was able to get some to try!!

Bacon tocino cooking for breakfast by @jamfoods Jamfoods (2) Yummy !  Perfect with garlic rice and fried egg  #jamfoods #h2hbacoJamfoods (10) Jamfoods (9) Jamfoods (11) Jamfoods (12)Jamfoods (8) Jamfoods (13)

Viber 0917 5331371 / 02 6229740 /  Email for distributorship inquiries


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 Love this boquerones from Ralby @ralbytambunting and Marissa @marissabtambunting As soon as it arrived it was wiped out. The beauty is its a local product and made by a friend’s Mom! Contact Chris Lopez at +63 917 897 9757 Boquerones (3)Boquerones (7)Boquerones (6) Boquerones (4) Boquerones (5)  We had boquerones also for xmas dinner which Tina bought from @rustansfresh They sell it by 100 grams at around P 150.00 and it is from SpainBoquerones (8) Boquerones (9) Boquerones (10) Boquerones (1)  I’m adding here another source from Gina @bravamama which she served to us before from @terrysph #boquerones#h2hrustanssupermarketBoquerones (12) Boquerones (11)


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Heart2Heart loves Mama Empanada.  I featured them already before in one of the Best Food Forward posts.

Previous entry:  Best Food Forward  2016 November 30, 2016

 I met Trina Cancio who is the 3rd generation already of Mama Empanada.

I love the crust which to me is the secret of this yummy empanada :-) More important is the recipe handed down from generation to generation ( 3 generation of Moms ) from 38 years ago



In 1979, when my Mom still had me in her belly, she and her sister baked cakes and sold it in my Lola’s food stall in Timog. I was around 5 years old when I was first exposed to the food business. I remember watching my family work long hours during the holidays. Before there was a commissary, everything was being done in my Lola’s kitchen and I remember her driveway lined up with tables, full of pastries as they tied red ribbons around each and every one well past midnight. I can recall spending countless hours getting my hands dirty with dough for the first time.

Trina Cancio

As I grew older, I became more immersed in cake decorating and icing, making empanadas, and even making boxes. Through my childhood and teenage years, I saw the business grow from a small mom and pop operation into what later became an iconic family-run, multi-chain bakeshop.


Mama Empanada Beef Taco


Mama Empanada Chicken

Reflecting back through the years, I learned some very important life lessons from my Mom and Lola, which I now apply in my own professional life and endeavors. They continue to inspire me with their stories of humble beginnings, and the many challenges they faced along the way.


Mama Empanada Spread

MamaEmpanada_Herbed Tuna


 Click below to go to their Facebook page

Mama Empanada Facebook page