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Dilly Bar

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 Latest addiction ! Dilly bar from @dairyqueenphils

Dilly Bar (1)Dilly Bar (2)and it’s half the price now!! Stock up and keep in your freezer. Dilly bar was my childhood favorite when they were only 1 branch and not yet franchised until they changed the formulation. It’s still good and reminds me of my childhood  #DairyQueenPh#h2hicecream #DillyBarDilly Bar (1) All the other things on the menu use the same base ice cream as what they use for the blizzard Dilly Bar (2)Dilly Bar (3)Dilly Bar (4)

Harvest Circle

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Back to regular programming haha! back to bacon  #h2hbacon #H2HPork But this is healthy bacon  – all natural, organic and its local

We heard about this from our friend Mart @samdyen so the hubby ordered and they delivered. Harvest Circle (3)

  I tried 1 slice :-)  So yummy ! A whole slab for P 890.00 They have many other deli products. We also tried their new Premium Smoked Beef Bacon Cheese sausage. Both passed strict standards of hubby :-)  from @harvestcircle Patiently smoked to perfection,this bacon comes 1 to 1.5 kilograms slabs.ready to slice thick ,thin or in-between,just the way you like it.
Weight:1 to 1.5 kilograms (depending on meat thickness)
Shelf life:6months (frozen)No harmful preservatives (nitrates/nitrites)or MSG Contact +63 917 815 1165 #harvestcircleHarvest Circle (2)Harvest Circle (1)

Bangus Belly by Probinsya Hits

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 In the last Philippine Harvest at Central Square I bought a bottle of Bangus belly in a bottle from this boothBangus Belly by Probinsya Hits (3)  It’s mini bangus bellies :-)  and I fry it in its own oil in the bottle til crispy and yum yum! :-)  I am into these bottled fishes nowadays :-)  Bangus Belly by Probinsya Hits (2) Bangus Belly by Probinsya Hits (1)

Delimondo finds

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 Recent finds from @delimondo The Anchovy, garlic cream sauce which can be used for bread just spread and toast, pasta sauce, sauce for anything for P230.00 a bottle. Iberian chicken ( recipe of Chef Ed Quimson ) which is so easy to make just follow the instructions for P170.00. I tried it with sea bass from Annette @annettegozon :-)  And when you buy from the store you get 5% discount pa :-)  #delimondo#DelimondoPhDelimondo FindsDelimondo pricelist 2017 1DElimondo pricelist 2017 part 2

Herr’s Factory Tour

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 We visited our happy place in Nottingham, Pennsylvania- the Herr’s factory. Everyone is invited to tour and see how they make the most delicious snacks in the planet.   You can taste fresh snacks straight from the factory!!

For 10 years now we have been in business with them – a family business like ours. The company is run by 2nd generation Herr family and most of the employees you will meet are all happy employees who have worked for the family for a long time. Kyle our tour guide told us that his parents work for Herr’s too and it’s because of that that he was able to go to college. “It’s a family atmosphere here” said another employee. We are happy we found a business where we love the products and the people behind it!  They have an Angus farm where all the rejects or overrun snacks are fed to the cows so nothing is wasted #Herrs#H2HHerrs #HerrsPh#H2HPennsylvania2017Herr's Factory Tour (2) Herr's Factory Tour (3) Herr's Factory Tour (4) Herr's Factory Tour (5) Herr's Factory Tour (6) Herr's Factory Tour (7) Herr's Factory Tour (8) Herr's Factory Tour (9) Herr's Factory Tour (10) Herr's Factory Tour (11) Herr's Factory Tour (12) Herr's Factory Tour (13) Herr's Factory Tour (14) Herr's Factory Tour (15) Herr's Factory Tour (16) Herr's Factory Tour (17) Herr's Factory Tour (18) Herr's Factory Tour (19) Herr's Factory Tour (20) Herr's Factory Tour (21) Herr's Factory Tour (1)

Just Coco

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 We are the coconut loving family! We drink fresh coconut juice regularly. I am so happy that now we can have fresh and PURE coconut juice delivered straight to your doorstep ( with a very small minimum) by @justcoco_manila  I saw them at the last Philippine Harvest at @centralsquareph and immediately fell in love with them. The magic words were DELIVER and PURE because you don’t like to drink coconut juice with added sugar or milk or water. It has to be pure! We are blessed to have coconuts in abundance because it’s so healthy and has so many benefits. Just call 0926-7252000 and they will deliver even to your office or events/parties. #JustCocoManila #Coconutjuice #H2HCoconutJust CocoJust Coco (4) Just Coco (1) Just Coco (3) Just Coco (2)

Smoked Bangus

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 We received smoked bangus from a friend for Xmas and Chef Javs and my hubby liked it. They are so hard to please so I was so happy. I asked my friend where it came from and apparently it’s from Bataan and it’s for export. So you can see how big they are ( around half a kilo). So happy to receive my order!  It’s only P200.00 – You can order from Rome at Tel No 8981370 loc 404 (8am-6pm Mon-Fri) or 0927 6006899 #smokedbangus #bangusSmoked Bangus