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Potato Hair with Floss by Rina Andrews

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 I really went to @gourmetcornerph to get the latest creation of Rina Andrews @home_kitchen_by_rina because it runs out so fast!! I reserved to make sure I had one. No it’s not salted egg chips!  It’s potato hair ( more of like Piknik shoestring potato) but freshly made with floss. It comes in spicy flavor too. She and her staff grate the potato with a coconut grater and it’s so tedious but it’s worth it. So yummy. I eat it with a spoon because it can put more potato hair in my mouth compared to using my hands :-)  A must try – it’s addicting!  It can be a topping for salad and congee #gourmetcornerph #h2hsnackfinds #h2hsnacksPotato Hair with Floss (1)

According to Rina “I came up with Potato Hair when I was about to sleep one night. Because of the salted egg craze, I wanted something different. I experimented on salted egg chips but never sold it because the market is saturated with them. I decided to try something new since potatoes are a Pinoy favorite snack and are available year round. I thought why not add protein to it since its all carbs. That’s when the floss came in the picture. The product is all natural and has no preservatives. They can last up to two months packed but I just tell people its 6 weeks because I want to make sure it’s as new as when I packed them. I make them as I get orders to ensure the product is fresh and still has a long shelf life.

I started with a buko scrapper! The first trial I did, I injured my hands and broke the skin off. Then I taught my helpers how to do it. They mastered the buko scrapper better than me. I would say the first 90 packs were made with 2 buko scrappers. Now I use better equipment and its much less time consuming and helpers are way happier now because they haven’t injured themselves.
· I hope to make this the next craze here in Manila as this is healthier and much less oil than salted egg ships. I am looking at the opportunity to bring this to Cebu soon. Its available in Gourmet Corner, Kitayama Meat Shop and In RealFoodPH in Molito Mall Alabang
· I am looking for resellers who want to carry something new and different. The common comment of everyone who has tried this is that its addicting. Individuals who want to sell this to make extra income and stores who want to expand their product line.
· Not only is this a snack but it can also be used as a topping for salads, added to sandwich fillings and some people said its great with rice.
· The newest is Kaffir Lime with Black Sesame seeds. I found a way to make Kaffir leaves edible and enjoyable. It’s a refreshing snack and also as addicting.
· I have friends in the US who have ordered this already and Potato Hair has reached the US shores! They all loved it.”Potato Hair with Floss

 Rina did not go to culinary school but she is a foodie and loves to cook.  She took some culinary classes in Kuala Lumpur ( KL ) and her instructor is a Master Chef. His name is Andy and he has his own tv show in KL.  She also took culinary classes in Lazat for Malaysian cooking.
She cooks International cuisine – from Italian, Portuguese, Spanish to Korean, Malaysian, Japanese, Filipino and of course Chinese. Rina andrews potato hair floss

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Home Kitchen by Rina facebook

Home kitchen by Rina potato hair floss contact

or visit her website – click below

Manila's best savory puff pies. Savory puff pies in 5 variants, freshly baked daily. I use only premium ingredients to make these handmade pies.

Manila’s best savory puff pies. Savory puff pies in 5 variants, freshly baked daily. I use only premium ingredients to make these handmade pies.

Pita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada

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 During IASAS they set up addtl food booths aside from the cafeteria food to have more choices for the players. We asked our son what’s good and we followed him. This booth was the most popular with the Chicken Schnitzel pita sandwich. You can order half for 70 baht or 150 baht for a whole. They put hummus first then the Chicken then you put your own fillings of veggies and sauce. I stand beside the sauce because I add sauce every time I bite !  Yummy!!! #IASAS2017 #H2HChickenPita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (1) Pita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (9) Pita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (8) Pita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (6) Pita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (7)  Yum! Waffle with chocolate chips. It’s crispy. There’s a small electric fan facing the waffle as soon as it comes out of the waffle maker. You eat it one Ball at a time!   so yummy  #IASAS2017 #H2HSweets #H2HChocolatePita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (5) Pita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (4) Pita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (3) Pita Sandwich and Waffle at Nichada (2)

Eat My Spuds

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 Thank you Dedet @pepitaskitchenph for the yummy Truffle chips from Eat MY SPuDs @eatmyspuds named after the owners Yvette, Shen, Dennis and Penk ( capital letters in the brand) For now they have 2 flavors and soon more to come!  Follow them at @eatmyspuds for orders and updates #EatMYSPuDs #H2HSnacks #h2hsnackfinds #H2HTruffleeat-my-spuds-1  I like it because they don’t scrimp on the powder flavoring and the floss #EatMYSPuDs #h2hsnackfinds #H2HSnacks

 Call 0917-7282827 (PATATAS) for orders and inquirieseat-my-spuds-2

Ice Cream Cake at Baskin Robbins

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 I went to @baskinrobbinsph Glorietta 5 across @rustansph to get an ice cream cake for #ChefJavs

Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (3) Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (2)

Ice cream cake is our favorite bday cake nowadays because t’s guaranteed to be eaten by everyone and it’s yummyIce cream cake at Baskin Robbins (7)   Don’t forget to use your #H1?Hcard when you go to Baskin Robbins for a free scoop  #h2hbdaycakes #h2hicecream #BaskinRobbinsPhIce cream cake at Baskin Robbins (1) Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (6)You have many more choices for birthday cakes but you need to order in advance.
Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (5) Ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins (4)

Dayap Taisan cake by Joconde

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 Thank you Dedet @pepitaskitchenph for sharing this discovery. I checked their instagram and everything looks good! Joconde is owned by siblings Dennis and Yvette Hipolito. Dennis is a good friend of Dedet who was formerly a dentist but pursued his dream and went to CIA NYC and he was entrusted to take over the cooking classes of Maur Lichauco. Yvette also took culinary in CCA. I hope to meet them one day. #jocondecakesandpastries #h2hdessertfindsDayap Taisan cake by Joconde (3) Dayap Taisan cake by Joconde (2)   This is the top of the yummy melt in your mouth Dayap Taisan cake from @jocondecakes

please make other flavorsDayap Taisan cake by Joconde (1) Dayap Taisan cake by Joconde (4)

Cafe Macaron at Farimont Hotel Makati

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Love this pastry shop at the Fairmont hotel!  
 Cafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati Valentine’s cakes :-)  for the heart season

 Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Cafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati valentine hazelnut
Cafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati valentine Chocolates :-)  Cafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati chocolatesCafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati salty caramel chocolateCafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati heart chocolate Of course there are macarons in Cafe MacaronCafe macaron macarons s Fairmont makati So happy I discovered 2 macaron flavors that I really like in Cafe Macaron in @fairmontmakatihotel The red one is queso de bola  and the blue one is milk.  Yum!!!!! I bought peanut butter and salted caramel for the hubby and he liked it too. Cafe macaron macarons Fairmont makati h2hcard Make sure to bring your #H10Hcard to get your free raspberry heart shaped macaron which you get with any purchase at the cafe. Yay!  #CafeMacaronFairmont #FairmontRafflesMakati #Macarons #h2hdesserts #H2HCheeseCafe macaron cakes Fairmont makati danah

Nanay Pacing

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 Literally “Ask and you shall receive” haha!! Thank you Tootsy @tootsyangara and Sonny @sonnyangara for these delicious peanut butter from Aurora province!  The hubby and #ChefJavs like it and they are so picky 😮  I don’t eat peanut butter but I’ll eat this – so yummy – not too sweet just right.  Homemade and no preservatives!  I want to meet Nanay Pacing one of these days.  Contact Mia Salamangca 09091648232
Nanay Pacing 09475796270 I told Lindy @lindycas to feature products from Aurora and bring them to Manila because I’m sure there are many yummy and beautiful products from there. #H2HProudToBePinoy #nanaypacingpeanutbutter #NanayPacing #AuroraProvince #PeanutButterNanay Pacing

Salted Egg Chicharon

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 OMG! Chicharon with salted egg! By Grace Ongpin!  The salted egg craze is amazing. From chips to now chicharon! For orders text 0917-543-5917 #H2HSaltedEgg #SaltedEgg #Chicharon #H2HChicharonsalted-egg-chicharon-2 salted-egg-chicharon-1

Salted Egg Sponge Cake

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  More salted egg products!! It’s a very rich sweet sponge cake with salted egg sauce!! I would request for a saltier salted egg sauce – just tell Popoy if you prefer salty salted egg . Thank you Juan Miguel & Pia @piamora108 for this sinful :-) Salted egg spongecake! I ate a slice already before pouring the whole bottle of sauce.  Made by the same guy – Popoy – of @happycreamery Call 0947 968 0493 He even has salted egg ice cream  #H2HSaltedEgg #Saltedeggspongecake #LarossKitchenCreation #Saltedegg #HappyCreamerysalted-egg-sponge-cake-1 salted-egg-sponge-cake-2