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Desserts du Jour by Mara is A Labor of Love

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 One of the newest babies of Mara dela Rama Poblete of @dessertdujourbymara
Caramel butter cake bars which has 5 layers and then covered in chocolate and nut hard glaze !

5 layers
Milk chocolate whipped cream
Caramel mousse
Chocolate almond sponge
Caramel butter
Caramel butter cake
My favorite layer is the caramel butter which she personally and manually hand churns. Truly a labor of LOVE!  Yum !!  #caramelbuttercakebars#dessertdujourbymara #h2hdessertfinds#h2hdesserts #h2hbutter #h2hchocolateDesserts du Jour by Mara is A Labor of Love (1) Desserts du Jour by Mara is A Labor of Love (2) Desserts du Jour by Mara is A Labor of Love (3) Desserts du Jour by Mara is A Labor of Love (4)  Two other newest babies of Mara @dessertdujourbymara  Pineapple up side down cake made with French butter  #dessertdujourbymara #h2hdesserts#pineappleupsidedowncake#millecrepecakeDesserts du Jour by Mara is A Labor of Love (5) Malted milk gateau de crepes  Desserts du Jour by Mara is A Labor of Love (6) Desserts du Jour by Mara is A Labor of Love (7)

Sampaloc by Dell’s

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 omg! I was so mad at #h2heatandrun Karla @karlasiops for 2 reasons! She never told us about her yummy seedless sampaloc from her place Dell’s @dellsfoodhall and 2 because she brought sampaloc for Balikbayans @katrina_jahnny and Tutis and didn’t give us any!  haha!!  She said because we are not call center workers  but we LOVE sampaloc especially if seedless – only P 25.00 for the packed ones wrapped individually like candy and P 100.00 for the one in the tub. The candy form is more special but its just a bit sticky and harder to open  #h2hsweets #sampalocSampaloc by Dell’s (1) Sampaloc by Dell’s (2)

A Red Velvet lover’s Dream Come True Maya launches its new Red Velvet mix in time for the holidays

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A Red Velvet lover’s dream come true
Maya launches its new Red Velvet mix in time for the holidays  

Red Velvet is arguably the most sought-after flavor there is nowadays, taking over almost every recipe from cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, because of the eye-catching red hue, and subtle taste of cocoa in contrast to a generous accompaniment of cream cheese frosting.

To make recipes you try out at home a lot more interesting, Maya is finally adding the MAYA Decadence Red Velvet Premium Mix to its line of high quality mixes. There’s no limit to the kinds of treats you can whip up. After all, you can turn the Maya Decadence Premium Mixes into extraordinary cakes and pastries that would show off your baking skills. Whether it’s the dense and moist texture you can get out of the Yellow Cake Mix, the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake from the Devil’s Food Cake Mix, or the rich taste of cocoa in the Fudge Brownie Mix, the Maya Decadence products are great for grand celebrations and will surely impress your friends and family.

Maya Red Velvet Strawberry Creamwich (2)

Now that the Christmas season is nearing, the new MAYA Decadence Red Velvet Premium Mix is the right kind of ingredient you’ll need to add something extra for the holidays.

You can never go wrong with a moist Red Velvet Cupcake and a batch of Red Velvet Cookies. You can even go a little more sophisticated with Orangey Red Madeleines, an excellent pairing with tea or coffee in the afternoon.

A Red Velvet Strawberry Sandwich is another unique take on a classic cake which you can make many batches of to share in a Noche Buena. The cream cheese filling in between two soft red velvet sponge cakes will surely be a hit. Kids – especially if you have godchildren of your own – will also enjoy Red Scarlet Cake Pops covered in chocolate or topped with red velvet crumbs.

Maya Orangey Red Madeleins

If you want to be a little more adventurous and go a little less traditional, switch up the cream cheese for other flavors. Try out the Red Velvet Cookie Chocolate Bars recipe or the Red Velvet Cookie Chocolate Layered Cake to take decadence to a whole new level of richness. And instead of a frosting, why not take your cream cheese and whip up a Red Velvet Swirl Cheese Cake.

Get your hands on a MAYA Red Velvet Mix now to start creating your own red velvet treats perfect for your upcoming holiday parties or to just simply indulge in at home. For more recipes you can take inspiration from, visit

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The Best Taba ng Talangka

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 I’m in heaven to receive this valuable bottle of Taba ng Talangka by @alethskitchen Aleth hand makes this herself and uses the recipe of her late mom. Truly a labor of love from the heart and it’s so yummy!   It also means it’s already Christmas!  She only makes limited quantities of this so order as many as you can and hoard before it runs out. It lasts 1 year unopened and 1 month if opened and kept in the fridge. Contact tel # 02 8510180
Mobile # 09175291055
Msg: ALETHSKITCHEN@GMAIL.COM #h2hartisan #tabangtalangka#h2hxmasgiftsuggestions #AlethsKitchenThe Best Taba ng Talangka