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Raisin Bread

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Probably everyone who went to Baguio has bought their raisin bread- the ever popular raisin bread from Baguio Country Club.  My friend, Michele, taught me another way to eat raisin bread.  She says that she slices the bread thinly, spreads some butter and sprinkles sugar on top. Then toast it!  YUMMY!!!!!


I also discovered a different kind of raisin bread made by my friend, Lucille. It is different from the Baguio Country Club raisin bread because her version has fruits in it.  The twisted/braided shape is unique as well.  The problem is she does not sell them and you can only get one if she bakes one for you, good thing I am her friend :-)






Parmesan Chips

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Thanks Lola Mameng for the yummy christmas gift you sent!!  Parmesan chips!!! How did you know I love cheese?!! :-)  My dad taught us a similar recipe but using queso de bola…and this one is using parmesan cheese!! Both YUMMY!!!



Small Can:  P 410.00

Big can:  P 590.00 

Tel #:  886-7869  and mobile #:  0917.528.0744


Gourmet Cheese

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YUMMY!!! Thanks Ronnie and Lau for this cheese spread made by your sister.   The tomato sauce underneath the cheese goes so well with the cheese.  You are right, once you start, it is hard to stop!




Apple pie three ways

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Heart2Heart is featuring these three apple pies not only because they are yummy but because they are made in three different unique ways.  There was another apple pie with caramel sauce that was really yummy but we cannot contact the person anymore.  One of the BEST apple pies!  Hope to find her again one of these days.


The two of course are with CHEESE and have to be Heart2Heart’s favorite and the other one has a unique topping that makes it super yummy!!

Tita Rose’s version is without a crust. It is just the apple pie filling and it has a cheesy topping.  Love the cheese topping!!!! 



apple crisp                 P750.00

other  YUMMY desserts available:

Turtle tart P 950.00 

Peanut Butter Pie P 900.00 

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding w/caramel sauce P 850.00 

Maja Pandan  P 600.00

phone: (02) 810-7533, mobile: (0917) 531-4166

Tin Plana’s apple pie also has a yummy crumble topping with cashew nuts! I have never tried anything like it before. 




Susie Quiros is similar to Tita Rose’s apple crisp but with a crust.  So both are yummy and cheesy!!! 




Tillie’s Lenguas de Gato

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We used to receive these very popular  lenguas de gato that come in those round white plastic tupperwares during christmas time and always wondered where and who makes them.  Only to find out that our good friends and neighbor, Joey and Tillie,  sells them!!   We are so lucky they are our neighbors so now we can have them whenever we crave for it………. They are super thin, super yummy and super addicting!!!!  

They are homemade and come in two sizes (half  gallon and 1 gallon) and they  have been selling them every christmas season for about 10 years already, though they are available now year round.  So there is a christmas packaging and an all year round packaging.  It comes in these beautiful boxes:

812507125503_0_alb.jpg        664917125503_0_alb.jpg       284341625503_0_alb.jpg

It would be best to place orders early for Christmas. 

For orders, please call 8877798 (c/o Chuchie or Rona) or 7523134 (Maan) 


Date Bars from The Lorenzos Kitchen

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My friend, Lisa, makes these delicious date bars!! You have got to try it!!! I heard that it is my cousin, Nina’s, favorite too!The recipe has been with their family for more than 40 years and they have since accepted orders. It has always been packaged in a white box …”so I thought of  keeping the tradition and I think it makes it look more “home-made” than commercially designed boxes.” 



I love homemade stuff, for some reason – it tastes much better… could it be because it is made with   2986144983.jpg ? :-) 

Small box – 25 pcs P 400.00   Big box – 50 pcs P 800.00


**except for christmas season (dec.), one has to order as a pair

Christmas packaging – Gold box, satin ribbon and gift tag





For those interested to order for Christmas, I suggest booking them early because supply is limited.

For orders please call Lisa:  0917-5441105 or Baby at 8527798


Fresh Strawberries!!!!

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Visited the Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad.  As strawberries are not yet in season, there were hardly any strawberries to be picked.   There were vendors selling strawberry taho ( P 10.00 ) and strawberry ice cream ( P 10.00 )  by the fields.  The kids enjoyed the taho!

Fresh strawberries are always something to look forward to when going to Baguio whether picking them fresh from the fields or buying they from the market.  Yummy!!! [email_link]

Cheese Puffs!!!!!

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One of my favorite snacks when i was a kid was leslie’s Cheese puffs.  I do not know if you remember that snack, but I know my brothers and sisters do because it was our favorite.  It was only P 5.00 for a big big pack and it was soooo….. yummy. After awhile, it disappeared and I was so depressed, I wrote the company to ask them to bring the product back.  About 20 years after, I met Bobby Wong, the owner of Leslie’s and told him about my request and he remembers receiving my letter.  Since I met him, I have been asking him to bring back our favorite snack…..and many years after…….IT IS BACK!!!

I am making ” yabang” that I was given a sample to try during the product development stage and now got a hold of the product before reaching the supermarket shelves.  I have my inside connections – Bobby and Douglas. 

It is not exactly the same as the original one in terms of shape, color and taste, but it is close in terms of taste.  It comes also in a new flavor Butter and Cheese which is on the sweet side and it tastes good too !!!!!

I enjoin all my Heart2Heart friends to try this new product and share in my JOY and EXCITEMENT! Leslie’s is giving 200 lootbags of Cheesy puffs for you.  All you have to do is go to Rustan’s Supermarket Makati Customer Service counter and present a copy of this blog and get your CHEESY PUFFS LOOTBAG!


1.)  First come first serve – for the first 200 Heart2Heart friends to claim

2.)  Present a print out copy of this blog at Rustan’s Supermarket Fresh Makati, Customer Service counter

3.)  Write your name on the printed copy

4.)  Claiming period will be from October 4, Thursday till October 7, Sunday