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Marybeth and Cupcakes

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197361503503_0_alb.jpg 298459403503_0_alb.jpgMarybeth treated me to “Cupcakes” for merienda….She ordered 4 kinds which we shared. And as always, I ate the icing on top. YUMMY!!

Marybeth is my friend because:

1.)  She treated me to Cupcakes! 

2.)  Her parents and my parents are friends

3.)  Her siblings – Bobby, Caloy and Trish are our friends

4.)  She loves Rustan’s

5.)  She likes to help people and she says she does it in her own little ways

6.)  She is very close to her family and loves them that until now she eats lunch with her Lola everyday and dinner with her family every night

7.)  She is young at heart!

8.)  She makes me laugh and laugh and laugh!

9.)  The more I learn about her, the more I like her!

What a nice surprise when we got there to find out that they are celebrating their 1st year anniversary this month. 843449403503_0_alb.jpg


Happy Birthday CUPCAKES!   

189698403503_0_alb.jpgOn our way out, I got to meet the owner, Sonja. I join Marybeth in admiring Sonja for taking that risk and starting her own business….which is now a success!!  More power to Sonja !!     



By Crix

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I love sharing GREAT IDEAS!!!  I am so glad I have my camera to always capture them.

My cousin, Crix, prepared a wonderful buffet spread which was so pretty…and I am sure yummy too!!!!  It was an after dinner buffet and it had mini sandwiches, mini cakes and pastries.   






Cuptails and Dreams

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Thanks to my cousin, Wendy Jalbuena for sending me a box of these delicious cupcakes…..she calls them “spiked cupcakes”.  And as I always do with cupcakes, I eat only the icing on top.  I got so excited I tried each and every flavor and loved it!  The presentation is so nice…they would make perfect desserts or giveaways in a party.



Have your drink and eat it too!  Cuptails & Dreams offers cocktail-inspired cupcakes that can bring life to any party.  Just like any cocktail, you can take your personal favorite and still enjoy being with your friends.  Flavors like Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Screaming O, BJ, Pina Colada, Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, and Lemon Drop are just some of the kicks that you can enjoy in these colorful and flavorful cupcakes.  But hey, don’t think you can get drunk by eating these mini garnished cakes.  The hint of liquor will give you the taste of your favorite cocktails, and still keep you sober all night long. Kid-friendly cupcakes are also available for those who just want to satisfy their sweet cravings.  Tuxedo (vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting), Pink Lemonade (lemon cupcake with pink lemon buttercream frosting), Napolitana (vanilla cupcake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream frosting), and The Original Sin (chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting) are just some of the tempting flavors you can enjoy. 

So for parties, weddings, and other gatherings with your friends, bring in some life and fun with Cuptails & Dreams. 

I chose to bake cupcakes because they can satisfy every craving each individual or personality would have.  Each adult would have her personal choice of dessert, yet at the same time, enjoy this indulgence with her friends and peers.  Not only are they pretty, but they always bring a smile to someone’s face as soon as a box of cupcakes is opened.”

For orders, suggestions, and comments, please contact Reena Francisco through 0927-5653261 or email: and

Please order 3 days in advance.  Product List


Margarita PhP55.00Lime cupcake with Tequila and Triple Sec, topped with lime buttercream frosting. Cosmopolitan PhP55.00Lemon cupcake with Vodka Citron, topped with cranberry buttercream frosting.Screaming O PhP55.00Chocolate cupcake with Kahlua, topped with Bailey’s buttercream frosting. 

BJ PhP55.00Vanilla cupcake with Vodka, topped with Bailey’s buttercream frosting. Mojito PhP55.00Lime cupcake with Light Rum, topped with Crème the Menthe buttercream frosting. 

Tequila Sunrise PhP55.00 

Orange cupcake with Tequila, topped with pink buttercream frosting

Pina Colada PhP55.00

Pineapple upside-down cupcake with Coconut Rum, topped with pineapple buttercream frosting. 

Lemon Drop PhP55.00Lemon cupcake with Vodka Citron, topped with lemon buttercream frosting. DreamsVanilla Sky PhP40.00Vanilla cupcake topped with light blue vanilla buttercream frosting.

Pink Lemonade PhP45.00Lemon cupcake topped with pink lemon buttercream frosting. Don Capuccino PhP45.00Mocha cupcake topped with mocha buttercream frosting and ground cinammon. 

Tuxedo PhP45.00Vanilla cupcake topped with dark chocolate buttercream frosting. Black Mandarin PhP50.00Orange cupcake topped with dark chocolate buttercream frosting. 

Napolitana PhP50.00Vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate hazelnut buttercream frosting and sliced almonds. The Original Sin PhP55.00Chocolate cupcake topped with dark chocolate buttercream frosting. 

All the Cuptails are garnished similar to the actual cocktail or shooter, while the Dreams are garnished with candy sprinkles and nuts. 

Upcoming Cuptails are Lychee Margarita, Black Russian, The Alexander, and Sex on the Beach.  New pastry lines are the Bars called Brunette (fudge brownie), Blondie (gooey butterscotch bar), Red Head (red butterscotch), and Afro (revel bar).  And for those who just really can’t resist Oreo Cookies, we will also be launching our Oreo d’evours (pronounced as Oreo dervs) soon – it’s your favorite Oreo Cookie with exciting fillings and toppings. photographer & food-stylist:  Mary Rose Pena
photographer:  Rico Ramoso
venue of photo shoot:  Magnet Cafe Bonifacio High Street


Foie Gras

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Foie Gras is my MOST FAVORITE DISH in the whole wide world! Since it is VERY expensive and VERY unhealthy, I have to order it only when I feel that it will be another UNIQUE experience. I look for a unique combination of ingredients to bring out the flavor of the Foie Gras.  So far, these are the three foie gras dishes which are worth ordering:

Seared Foie Gras and Barbecued Eel with Braised Daikon and Leek Miso Mustard

OKADA – Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas


Taglierini, Fegato d’Oca De Lusso – goose liver, cream, rose pepper

Pepato, Greenbelt 2, Manila, Philippines by Gaita Fores

( Introduced to me by my sister, Krie )


Panfried Duck Liver with Lightly Salted, Crisp Fried Knuckle of Pork, Truffle jus served with Sweet and Sour Summer Cabbage

Sjomagasinet by Chef Leif Mannerstrom – Gothenburg, Sweden


I am in constant search for the best and most unique Foie Gras dishes in the world……. 


Wagyu Steak and Cheese Sandwich

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I visited the Salcedo market today and discovered something again……Wagyu Steak and Cheese Sandwich ( P 150.00 ) !!! Two magic words…CHEESE and WAGYU! It is soooooo… YUMMY!  It reminds me of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich but this one uses Wagyu beef.  I asked the vendor if this is something new….apparently it has been there for six months already…I had her split the sandwich into two so i could let James try it too.


I am going to try to make my own version at home.. I can’t wait!



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I was so happy to get together with my college classmate from Ateneo, Rem Zamora. Of course, I insisted that we meet up in his restaurant, Piquant, at RCBC Plaza since I have not eaten there since it opened 2 years ago. I was surprised as to how extensive the menu has gotten from that time.  Rem’s family was the one who started Pancake House around 30 years ago which explains his knack in food ventures.  I admire Rem for being able to put up such a great concept – HEALTHY eating, yet delicious!   

I ordered the Turkey Ham & Egg Sandwich while he ordered the Chile-Ancho Pasta.     225127773503_0_bg.jpg

My sandwich was very good but the truth is, I wanted to eat his pasta!  It is a bit spicy but really really good.  I never met a pasta like that before and I would go back all the way there just to have it.  It is an anchovy-garlic pasta with chopped tomatoes, chiles, basil and white wine.  For dessert we had Orange Sunburst and Mocha Royale.  I had to ask Rem twice if it really was healthy because it was really good.  Both were FAT FREE and SUGAR FREE made by Eli Beltran’s, Sugarnot. 

281147773503_0_bg.jpg   448627773503_0_bg.jpg

Thanks Rem for a wonderful experience, I hope you open more branches so that more people can enjoy HEALTHY EATING! 


rto 12 podium 3, RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave., Mkti     Tel #:  729.3452  mobile #:  0905.241.7059


Secret Recipe

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275528773503_0_bg.jpgI discovered these spices from Tita Babot Joseph as she was grilling burgers for us.  I recently found two out of the four at Rustan’s Supermarket – Meditteranean Sea Salt P 328.75 and the Tellicherry Black Peppercorns at P 363.25 which is sourced from India’s Malabar Coast because they are larger in size and known for their robust flavor. Both grinders are disposable and the bottom half is recyclable. 


Tita Babot also shared with me a healthy burger recipe which uses old fashioned oats as a binder. She puts a lot of chopped garlic, chopped white onions, chopped carrots and celery leaves sliced finely. Saute them in olive oil until soft then add to the lean ground beef.  Add lots of oats. Then put salt and pepper and some A1 steak sauce for flavor.  Shape into burger patties. The “secret spices” come in when you are grilling or cooking the burgers :-).

Other varieties which I bought and like are available as well at Rustan’s:  Lemon and Tellicherry Pepper and Roasted Garlic and Meditteranean Sea Salt.  I yet have to find the other two – the Garlic Salt by Mc Cormick and Grill Masters Montreal Steak.   



Big Brother

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993168773503_0_bg.jpg581958773503_0_bg.jpg 507658773503_0_alb.jpg

If you are in the area, you definitely have to drop by Big Brother to have their thin crust pizza.  It is really good and even tastes much better when you know that you are getting value for your money. 
 It is a personal size pizza which is as big as a regular dining plate and the Margherita pizza we ordered was only P 140.00.   We will definitely be back to try the others! 
Big Brother – Valuepoint Bldg. # 227 Salcedo st. Legaspi Village, Makati City

Chicken ala Kiev

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A few weeks ago, the “Gumamelas” had a reunion and we decided to have it of course at our highschool hang out, Manila Polo Club Sports lounge,  where we used to stay all the time.    It was good to see the gang, though three were missing as Triccie and Gillian live in the States and Bea was still vacationing abroad. 

Part of my reminiscing was ordering Chicken ala Kiev, my favorite dish in Polo.  It changed since our highschool days since the cook had retired already but the new version is close to it so I would still order it.  They warn you though that it takes 30 minutes preparation…’s worth the wait! Once you slice it, the butter oozes out and fills up the plate!  Very unhealthy but since our reunions happens every one or two years, then I figured it was okay. ( justifying pa  ). They used to have this dish called Spicy tapa bites and I used to like that too.  

Thanks to Pat Puyat-Palanca, the General Manager of Polo Club, I was able to get a photo of the Chicken ala Kiev.  I realized that when I wanted to write about it, i ate it all already!!! 

Though I do not eat much at the club, I noticed a lot of changes in the food. There are so many specials and monthly features and this has a lot to do with Pat’s expertise in food and beverage. More power to Pat!!