A Red Velvet lover’s Dream Come True Maya launches its new Red Velvet mix in time for the holidays

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A Red Velvet lover’s dream come true
Maya launches its new Red Velvet mix in time for the holidays  

Red Velvet is arguably the most sought-after flavor there is nowadays, taking over almost every recipe from cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, because of the eye-catching red hue, and subtle taste of cocoa in contrast to a generous accompaniment of cream cheese frosting.

To make recipes you try out at home a lot more interesting, Maya is finally adding the MAYA Decadence Red Velvet Premium Mix to its line of high quality mixes. There’s no limit to the kinds of treats you can whip up. After all, you can turn the Maya Decadence Premium Mixes into extraordinary cakes and pastries that would show off your baking skills. Whether it’s the dense and moist texture you can get out of the Yellow Cake Mix, the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake from the Devil’s Food Cake Mix, or the rich taste of cocoa in the Fudge Brownie Mix, the Maya Decadence products are great for grand celebrations and will surely impress your friends and family.

Maya Red Velvet Strawberry Creamwich (2)

Now that the Christmas season is nearing, the new MAYA Decadence Red Velvet Premium Mix is the right kind of ingredient you’ll need to add something extra for the holidays.

You can never go wrong with a moist Red Velvet Cupcake and a batch of Red Velvet Cookies. You can even go a little more sophisticated with Orangey Red Madeleines, an excellent pairing with tea or coffee in the afternoon.

A Red Velvet Strawberry Sandwich is another unique take on a classic cake which you can make many batches of to share in a Noche Buena. The cream cheese filling in between two soft red velvet sponge cakes will surely be a hit. Kids – especially if you have godchildren of your own – will also enjoy Red Scarlet Cake Pops covered in chocolate or topped with red velvet crumbs.

Maya Orangey Red Madeleins

If you want to be a little more adventurous and go a little less traditional, switch up the cream cheese for other flavors. Try out the Red Velvet Cookie Chocolate Bars recipe or the Red Velvet Cookie Chocolate Layered Cake to take decadence to a whole new level of richness. And instead of a frosting, why not take your cream cheese and whip up a Red Velvet Swirl Cheese Cake.

Get your hands on a MAYA Red Velvet Mix now to start creating your own red velvet treats perfect for your upcoming holiday parties or to just simply indulge in at home. For more recipes you can take inspiration from, visit www.themayakitchen.com.

For more information on this and on other course offerings, log on to www.themayakitchen.com, e-mail contactus@themayakitchen.com, or visit The Maya Kitchen Culinary Center every Tuesday to Saturday at 8F Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), Makati City. You may also call us 8921185 or 892-5011 local 108 or +63929 679 6102.

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Foodcamp Brunch at Marmalade Kitchen

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 My friends are so supportive and cooperative :-)  Brunch with #h2hfoodcamp at @marmaladekitchen  and happy to use our #h10hcard for yummy brunch with 10% discount! Thank you Aileen @aileenanastacio for celebrating with #h10h #marmaladekitchen
Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (12) Fun brunch at @marmaladekitchen with the Foodcampers ( formerly Bootcamp ) Siu Ping organized the event and we found out that she’s not only a great organizer but many other great things!  We love you Siu ping and Nelson. Every get together is so unique and always so much fun @lance_box@carolynqching@leanafcarmona@sandy.uy Missing @jbertotto@lauraatvmv@incybautista@stellamarieque@james_de_jesus@golfnichFoodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (4) Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (5) Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (11) Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (3) Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (8)Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (6)Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (7)  This was our favorite!!!!  YUM!!! Crispy fried chicken and cheddar at @marmaladekitchen ! Buttermilk fried chicken in a bed of coleslaw, cheddar cheese on a toasted burger bun #MarmaladeKitchen#h2hchicken #h2hburgersFoodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (10)Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (9) Garlic longganisa hubad Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (13) Cauliflower fritters – another favorite :-)Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (14) Beef lasagna  Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (15) Adobo flakes Foodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (16)
 @marmaladekitchen has Goodies n’Sweets cakes and party platters by order. Contact Aileen @aileenanastacio for orders 0917 837 0959 #marmaladekitchen#h2hpartyplatters#h2hdessertsFoodcamp brunch at Marmalade Kitchen (2)


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The Oldest Destillery in the Philippines

Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc. was established in 1852 and is the oldest distillery in the Philippines. Through five generations of master blending tradition, Limtuaco has invented, developed and patented numerous formulae and aging processes in the wine and liquor industry. The company has been awarded various distinctions by the Mode Selections, Institut Pour Les Selections De La Qualite in Rome, Italy and London, England for its whisky, rum, brandy, vodka and gin. It had recently also been recognized by the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels, Belgium for its Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur, Napoleon VSOP Brandy, Old Captain Rum and Amadeo Coffee Liqueur.


Now on its 165th year, the company has enjoyed loyal following due to its product quality, taste, Aroma and smoothness as proof of master blending expertise, technical innovation. These steps have allowed Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc. to gain recognition as the quality leader of the Philippine liquor industry. Its expansion to the international market has made it the top Exporter of distilled spirits in the country today. Destileria Limtuaco’s commitment to quality and continual improvement is also manifested by being the country’s first and, to date, only distillery with an ISO9001:2015 certified quality management system.

Master Blenders

Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc. is a 1997 Centennial Awardee of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry where it was confirmed to be not only the oldest distillery in the country but also the oldest manufacturing company in the Philippines.

Bringing Philippine Craft Spirits to the World

DESTILERIA LIMTUACO & CO., INC., is the oldest distillery in the Philippines established in 1852 producing a wide range of distilled spirits and alcoholic beverages such as whisky, rum, gin, brandy, vodka, flavored tequila, ready-­?mixed cocktail drinks, medicinal tonic and various liqueurs. With over 160 years of history and five (5) generations of master blending expertise, it has earned the distinction of being the quality leader in the Philippineliquor industry and is a top exporter of Philippine liquors to many countries around the globe.

 Destileria Limtuaco has been exporting products to different parts of the world like Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Ukraine, South Africa, Saipan, Guam, Switzerland and to the U.S.A.

 The company’s commitments to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are key drivers to the company’s quest for excellence. It has been implementing an ISO 9001quality system since 1999 and currently enjoys an ISO 9001:20015 certification, producing top quality multi-­?awarded products with the highest degree of manufacturing excellence.

 Destileria Limtuaco has the widest range of distilled spirits and alcoholic beverages like specialty craft spirits using natural ingredients and standard spirits such as whisky, rum, gin, brandy, vodka, ready-­?mixed cocktail drinks, medicinal tonic, liqueurs and cordials.

 It has a craft distillery facility that can produce a wide range of distilled spirits from various raw materials or substrates, and with the largest ageing facility and inventory of aged spirits in the country.

Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur

Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur is a trailblazing product from the Philippines; a natural fruit-­? based liqueur made from world-­?renowned Philippine mangoes and premium aged rum. It is known as the Philippines’ National Liquor and it is much appreciated by tourists from around the globe being a natural product with a unique and refreshing tropical flavor. It comes in a 750-­?ml frosted glass bottle, 16% Alcohol by Volume and packed ina beautifully designed metal tin canister. You can drink it chilled or with ice, mix it as a base to create interesting cocktails, or used for cooking and baking.

Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur is a multi-­?awarded product. It has bagged several awards from prestigious organizations, such as: Trendiest Product Award by CITEM; the Good Design Award (ASEAN Design Selection 2004) or the G-­?Mark Award for its best product design, Japan; Seal of Approval from the International Spirits Challenge, London and lately, Superior Taste Award 2006 by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels for its unique and superior taste.


Amadeo Coffee Liqueur

Another interesting craft spirit is Amadeo Coffee Liqueur, named after the coffee capital of the Philippines. It blends four kinds of Philippine coffee – rich Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa and Liberica a.k.a “Barako“ espresso into a smooth and full-­?bodied concoction. Amadeo Coffee liqueur is like an espresso in a bottle. It contains no added flavor nor color-­?-­? truly a coffee lover’s dream liqueur.

The product has also garnered several awards like Superior Taste Award 2013 by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels for its unique and superior taste.

Amadeo Coffee Liqueur

Manille Liqueur de Calamansi

Manille Liqueur De Calamansi is now making waves in the Philippine drinks scene.Manille captures the essence of calamansi (Philippine lemon) using the citrus fruit’s rinds to make a drink that is zesty, fresh and packed with an intense citrus aroma in a vodka base. It is greatas a digestif or as a drink to cleanse the palate between courses. You can take it as a chilled shot or on the rocks for a refreshing long drink. It can also be used to prepare sweet and savory dishes that require any kind of zesty kick. It will surely give cocktails or dishes a unique twist.

This product also won the Monde Selection Gold Award in 2014; and since its launch in January 2014, the product has already received a lot of local media attention in major broadsheets, magazines, blogs, government websites and all over social media.

Manille Liqueur de Calamansi

Very Old Captain Artisan-­?Crafted Dark Rum

The Philippines, being a sugar-­?producing country, produces one of the best blackstrap molasses in the world. This premium dark rum from pure molasses is a blend or a light rum and a pot still rum for heavier aroma and richer flavor. It is thenpatiently aged in oak barrels, helping it develop finer nuances and taste profiles. V.O.C exhibits a deep amber color, while maintaining a smooth yet full-­?bodied flavor-­?-­? a rum designed for connoisseurs.

This 80 proof spirit contains no added flavors for an unadulterated pure rum experience.It is great even when taken neat, oron the rocks but it is also a very versatile rum to mix with.

Very Old Captain Artisan-­?Crafted Dark Rum

Manille Liqueur de Dalandan

The successful domestic launch of Manille Liqueur de Calamansi led to the development of the Manille Liqueur Collection, a line of Philippine citrus liqueurs. Manille Liqueur de Dalandan was launched in September 2015, the second product in the Manille Liqueur Collection.

The dalandan (also known as dalanghita or sintores) is a local citrus characterized by its thin green skin and vibrant orange flesh. The juice isa perfume like orange while the taste is sweet version of sour orange. The liqueur has a beautiful aroma that’s a combination of orange and lime while the taste is a perfect sweet citrus versatile enough to be used in cocktails.

The fruit and the productmade with it were so delicious that Margarita Fores, Asia’s Best Female Chef (as per Asia’s 50 Best), personally volunteered to be the product’s brand ambassador. The product’s support for local farmers aligned perfectly with her advocacy of farm to table cooking.

The product launch was a showcaseof the product’s flexibility when it was used in various cocktails and dishes like the roasted organic pork stuffed with Manille Liqueur de Dalandan bottles. It was very well attended by people from the food and beverage industry and the product found itself into mainstream media soon after.

During the launch, Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc. also introduced “Si”, their line of handcrafted soaps made with the waste material from the liqueur production.

 Manille Liqueur de Dalandan

Imeldifique Cooking Wine

 Imeldifique Cooking Wine was produced in collaboration with the local government of Ilocos Norte. Governor Imee Marcos approached Olivia Limpe-­?Aw during IFEX 2015 where both Destileria Limtuaco (DLCI) & the province of Ilocos Norte were exhibitors. Imee saw the DLCI product, Vigan Basi produced for the Ilocos Sur and asked if Olivia could also come up with a product for Ilocos Norte. Olivia considered it and came up with this cooking wine idea using sorghum spirit as a base. Sorghum is endemic to the region and is also distilled into what is known in China as Baijiu (Kaoliang Jiu in Taiwan). She then infused the spirit with native garlic and onions and salt to get our Philippine “ginisa” or sauté flavor that we love. All ingredients used to make this cooking wine are from Ilocos Norte which Ilocos Sur also has.

 This product was conceptualized with the intention to provide first, convenience in the sourcing of native garlic and onions that are sometimes hard to find and in turn making them more expensive than the imported variety that are less fragrant and flavorful. Second, it makes the cooking process easier by eliminating the need to chop fresh garlic and onions and sauté it in oil. And lastly, it is a value-­?added product and its commercialization and distribution nationally and worldwide will create a bigger market for sorghum, garlic and onion farmers in the IIocos region.

Imeldifique Cooking Wine

This product becomes even more special abroad where one can hardly find any native garlic and onions. So with Imeldifique Cooking Wine, we bring to our kababayans a piece home which they miss dearly.

You can simply marinate meats: like chicken, pork and beef and sauté in oil, bake or fry. You can also add to stews for an instant natural “ginisa” flavor and aroma. It’s also great to marinate seafood to remove traces of “fishy” smell before cooking. You can also just addImeldifique Cooking Wine to any sautéed dish including veggies and viola! You have your Imeldific dishes in a jiffy!

You can now prepare Imeldificdishes with Imeldifique Cooking Wine.

Sunday Family Lunch with Veronica

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 We had a special guest for Sunday family lunch – Dra. Veronica Alcantara who works as a General Surgeon  ( breast surgeon )  in Singapore  – KK W0men’s and Children’s HospitalSunday family lunch with Veronica (7)  Yummy Thai lunch prepared by MikeSunday family lunch with Veronica (8) Sunday family lunch with Veronica (9)Sunday family lunch with Veronica (1)Sunday family lunch with Veronica (11)Sunday family lunch with Veronica (3)Sunday family lunch with Veronica (2)Sunday family lunch with Veronica (4) Delicious mini cakes by Desserts Du Jour by Mara – Queso de bola cheesecake super yum, Gateau de crepes, Flourless truffle and Salted Caramel Chocolate torteSunday family lunch with Veronica (5)Sunday family lunch with Veronica (12)Sunday family lunch with Veronica (13)  A staple in the de Jesus house – See’s chocolates – with nuts! :-) Sunday family lunch with Veronica (6)

Lola Sally’s prayers

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 Last time I featured the contents of Lola Sally’s bag,

 Previous entry:  Lola Sally’s Bag March 18, 2017

Lola Sally's prayers (8) This time she told me about all her religious articles that she has with her at all times.  I like listening to her because I learn so many things

 The miraculous medal
Lola Sally's prayers 8Lola Sally's prayers (1)

 And she carries all of these in her bagLola Sally's prayers (7) A must have and a must pray everyday according to Lola Sally Lola Sally's prayers (6) And the other prayers she also says dailyLola Sally's prayers (5) Lola Sally's prayers (2) Lola Sally's prayers (3) Lola Sally's prayers (4)


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 We requested Yogi Dexter @dxtanga to help us medidate!  It only takes as little as 5 minutes to meditate and be mindful.

Previous entry:  A Talk of Mindfulness July 23, 2017

Diffusing Neal’s Yard @nyr_officialBergamot for relaxation. #nyrph#h2hwellness #h2hessentialoils

 I was in a dress since I had to rush to a function right after !  :-)Meditation (2) Meditation (3)With a little time to have merienda before leaving :-) Mooncake from Arlene :-)
Meditation (1) Meditation (8)Truffle chocolate cake from Mary Grace Meditation (7) Yummy buko sherbetMeditation (9)  And Samosas home cooked Meditation (6)  And healthy Herr’s Popped Chips as giveaways :-) Meditation (5)

The Moment Group Turns 5

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Celebrating The Moment Group’s @themoplex 5th year anniversary today from 130pm to 630pm with a food crawl curated by JJ Yulo @nekkidchef who is so funny & entertaining. So much fun and surprises. 7 Restaurants @8cutsburgers@phatphomanila @ooma_ph@dintaifungph @manamph @mechauma1 bar @bank.bar , 18 dishes, 7 drinks, 4 Bus rides, 1 theater visit and a fat belly ( haha ) Happy 5th year anniversary to a family Heart2Heart loves!  More power @jonsyjuco@abbanapa @eantonino @tarasantos@maitaq  #BGCxTMG #ExploreBGC#TheMomentGroup #TMG5#h2hcelebrations

Since being founded in 2012, The Moment Group (TMG) has produced some of the most prominent restaurant brands in Manila. It began as a team of three hungry dreamers, led by founders Eli Antonino, Abba Napa, and Jon Syjuco. “Operating in the first year revolved around having the mindset of us working on a ‘school project,’” Napa shares. “The role we played revolved very much around being, primarily, a dreamer, and a cheerleader, and an inspiration to the team.”

This trio then grew to nearly a thousand makers of moments. “The reality of having to put in place structure and professionalism without losing touch of entrepreneurialism, and the ability to dream big and turn on a dime, has been the most challenging aspect of growth that we now have to balance on a daily basis,” Napa says of the right work balance.

The Moment Group's co-founders - Abba Napa, Eli Antonino, Jon Syjuco 2

Throughout the challenges TMG has faced, they’ve been greatly rewarded with many milestones. This month, they celebrate one of their biggest achievements yet—five years of creating moments through so many different dining experiences.

The TMG Purpose

The commitment put into TMG’s research and development that can be seen and tasted, in each dish churned out in every single shop under TMG’s 10 brands. Alongside the constant kitchen development, thorough branding and passionate service have attracted a strong following across various generations. Hand in hand, this collaboration has produced restaurant brands that have created demand as seen in crowds and the long lines stretched outside their doors.

When it comes down to it, The Moment Group has put much thought and hard work into creating experiences for every kind of diner, across all brands in their roster. This dedication to achieving the right mix of good food, service, and atmosphere, has earned TMG quite a following—which, in turn, has made way for opening more spaces.

Brands that Make Moments Happen

The Moment Group offers a diversity of cuisines as seen in their various brands:

  • 8Cuts is an authentic burger joint, and was the first of its kind to offer hand crafted burgers with the full service experience.8Cuts Burgers
  • Manam is the definitive experience of Filipino cuisine that is at once current and timeless, offering classic and reinvented local dishes, including the “#1 Best Sisig in Manila.”Manam Exterior 2
  • Ooma is a bold new take on casual Japanese fare, through playful and creative dishes, paired with a range of beers and sakes.Steak Aburi Maki
  • Mecha Uma is the city’s most dynamic chef’s table, in collaboration with young and talented chef Bruce Ricketts, which highlights global cuisine with Japanese inflections, and champions special ingredients.Chef Bruce Ricketts
  • Bank Bar, listed by CNN as one of the “7 Most Intriguing Speakeasies in the World,” is a top-shelf drinking den that serves the most extensive range of liquors, spirits, and cocktails in the city.Bank Bar Interior 2
  • The Mess Hall is a perpetual pop-up of The Moment Group’s establishments and dish concepts, served up in the in-house canteen of the TMG headquarters.The Moplex
  • Phat Pho Manila, a partnership with Cebu’s Abaca Group, is an upbeat and casual noodle bar that dishes out a variety of phos, alongside a delicious array of modernized Vietnamese street food.PHAT Pho Facade
  • Linguini Fini Manila, a partnership with Hong Kong’s Homegrown Foods, is an Italian restaurant rooted in New York culture, where the pasta and pizza are 100% homemade.Linguini Fini Interior 3
  • Din Tai Fung is an award-winning and half-century-old Taiwanese restaurant brand, known all over the world for its quality, consistency, and most importantly, its world-famous xiaolongbao.DTF Kitchen

There are thoughtfully crafted burger stacks and sides at 8Cuts, classic and unconventional Filipino meals at Manam, unlikely Japanese dishes at Ooma, and creatively concocted cocktails at Bank Bar. The Moment Group is constantly driven to creating dining experiences in Manila unlike any other. “To be honest, we’ve never thought as far as five years until now that we’ve approached it,” Napa confesses, “But now that we are here, the dream is to make it to 50 and build Moment to become something that can be constantly creating value and adding value to our industry, our dining scene and even to our society.”

The Moment Group’s vision is to be where you want to eat—be it now, five years from this moment, and perhaps even five decades down the line.

Apart from food, we’ve got  the launch of the Moment Five card!

It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s finally here! The Moment Five card is our way of giving our diners exclusive offers – with benefits that include discounts and freebies when used at participating TMG restaurants. The card is available for purchase at P1,000 and comes with an initial P500 voucher, and a 10% discount on every single-receipt purchase with a minimum of P500.

The Moment Group Turns 5. (9)

Love the 5th Anniversary giveaway :-)

The Moment Group Turns 5 (3)The Moment Group Turns 5. (6)The Moment Group Turns 5. (3) The Moment Group Turns 5. (4)The Moment Group Turns 5. (7)The Moment Group Turns 5. (8)Moment group turns 5 playlistMoment group turns 5 life hacksMoment group turns 5 cookie recipeThe Moment Group Turns 5. (5)The Moment Group Turns 5. (11)The Moment Group Turns 5. (1)Moment group turns 5 giveaway