Miyagawa Unagi in Matsuya

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 Our favourite place for unagi is in Matsuya in the restaurant floor.  There is always a line even if you come early at 11am!  But better than the longer line if you came at 1130 :-O  Unagi in Matsuya (5)  This is my first time to see this sign and realised no wonder the unagi is so good! :-)  You have to wait 30 minutes for it to be cooked so it is a good thing while you are waiting they get your order already.  If you are the first guest at 11am – you then have to wait to get your order at 1130am :-) So make sure when you go here – you take that into account or else you will be hungry haha!!Unagi in Matsuya (4) Unagi in Matsuya (1) Unagi in Matsuya (3) Unagi in Matsuya (2)

Sushi Yoshitake

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 The main restaurant of @sushishikon ( Hong Kong) in Tokyo is Sushi Yoshitake. Both are 3 Michelin.  The price in Tokyo is lower than HK and more dishes – because they ofcourse have to pay to air the ingredients from Japan to HK. 27 courses tonight by Chef Dai.  This was the favourite meal of my boys during this trip  :-)  #sushiyoshitake #sushiyoshitaketokyo #h2htokyosushi yoshitake tokyo chefSushiYoshitake (1)SushiYoshitake (3)SushiYoshitake (2)Sushi Yoshitake (1) Sushi Yoshitake (15)  Note:  the order of the photos is not the same order as the menu – please bear with me as I did not join the dinner, these were taken by Mr. Heart2Heart who was patient to document for me :-) Sushi Yoshitake (14) Sushi Yoshitake (13) Sushi Yoshitake (12) Sushi Yoshitake (16) Sushi Yoshitake (17) Sushi Yoshitake (18) Sushi Yoshitake (20) Sushi Yoshitake (21) Sushi Yoshitake (23) Sushi Yoshitake (24) Sushi Yoshitake (25) Sushi Yoshitake (26)Sushi Yoshitake (27)Sushi Yoshitake (29) Sushi Yoshitake (30) Sushi Yoshitake (31) Sushi Yoshitake (32) Sushi Yoshitake (33) Sushi Yoshitake (34) Sushi Yoshitake (35) Sushi Yoshitake (36) Sushi Yoshitake (37)

Bird Land

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Bird Land – the only Michelin starred yakitori place (1 star ) We liked it but majority of us don’t like innards and they forced us to order a course which includes all the parts of the chicken because we were a big group. Had we ordered what we liked it would have been a better experience. The tsukune was really good. #Birdland #h2htokyo

Birl Land (1) Birl Land (4) Majority of us got this course.  Actually it was very good, many just did not like the innards too much.  In reality yakitori is really just grilled items and Bird Land did have a nicer presentation and a more special yakitori offering.  And the course was a good value for money compared to ordering them individually. So I would probably still say they deserve the 1 star :-)Birl Land (8) Birl Land (5) Birl Land (9) Birl Land (10) Birl Land (11) Birl Land (13) Birl Land (14) Birl Land (15) Birl Land (16)  This was our favourite the tsukuneBirl Land (17) Birl Land (18) Birl Land (22) Birl Land (26) A few of us got this which was everything of the 4,000 plus a little moreBirl Land (6)Birl Land (12)Birl Land (19)Birl Land (3)Birl Land (2) We ordered ala carte – chicken wings and the chicken thigh Birl Land (25)Birl Land (7)

Ideas for Entertaining at Home With Luxurious Table Vignettes

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Last Christmas, Rustan’s showcased gorgeous holiday vignettes in the home section of its department stores, which surely provided home décor inspiration for those who seek it.

Each holiday table featured a unique theme, far from the typical red and green color combination. The festive spaces feature cutleries and décor from the store’s best home brands, each table complete with formal settings that will entice customers to entertain friends and family in the comforts of their own homes.

Rustan’s Offer (9) Rustan’s Offer (3) Rustan’s Offer (1) Rustan’s Offer (2)

Kathy Yap-Huang‘s modern yet warm and festive table set up

 For this luxury campaign, Rustan’s tapped lifestyle figures to curate the tablescapes with a corresponding style of their choice. Kathy Yap-Huang opted for a contemporary look, highlighting unconventional color combination gold and black in her holiday table. “When I saw the Bernardaud plates with a gold rim and almost snowflake pattern, I knew that this is what I wanted to build my table around,” she says. “Black and gold is not always what comes to mind when we think of the holidays, but it can be just as festive as red and green.” Yap-Huang had also used Bernardaud cups and saucers with bird and butterfly patterns to add vibrancy. She couldn’t resist but to take off ornaments from the Christmas tree and add them to the table “for an interesting focal point.” She adds, “Different twigs, pine cones and Christmas balls added some depth and texture.”

Rustan’s Offer (5) Rustan’s Offer (7)

Country Luxe” by Diner Le Service (Gold and Crystal Table Setting)

In a rustic manner, Maricar Lopez Tiangco assembles a Country Luxe vignette using trinkets and décor items from Rustan’s Flower Shop. “A mix of wooden vessels and shimmering details in rose gold, champagne, white, and blue allows this living room to evoke the calmness of the season—festive, yet not overbearing,” she says. She calls it her “little Christmas paradise in the country.”

Rustan’s Offer (8)

Finally, design experts Nonette and Johnny Hubilla of the Hubilla Design Group create an elegant gold and crystal holiday table setting that they’ve dubbed “Diner Le Service.” The classic look was created with Lalique vases, Christofle flatware and tableware. Simple, but with a gilded touch, the tablescape features the use of linens with Christmas accessories.

Rustan’s Offer (6)


Japanese Tea Tsujiri

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Who is the Green tea monster?  He is hard core green tea and likes strong green tea flavor. It has to come in a waffle cone not a cup.

green tea monster Tsujiri ginza six tokyo

He discovered the best one for him at the basement food hall at @ginzasix Japanese Tea Tsujiri from Kyoto. 
japanese tea Tsujiri (1)japanese tea Tsujiri (2) Make sure you get the extra rich if you want it strong #ginzasix#h2htokyo#h2hicecreamjapanese tea Tsujiri (3)  They didn’t have stock of the extra rich so I just got the regular and it was still good – I don’t like it too strong anywayjapanese tea Tsujiri (4)  Mom had this one and she told me she really only wants the mochi balls haha!! So I ate her green tea soft serve japanese tea Tsujiri (5)


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New campaign extends the democratic nature of Furla’s popular brand platform

                                                      Furla, the Italian leather accessories brand founded in 1927, is going to launch its new Spring Summer 2018 Advertising campaign.

 Building upon the Holiday 2017 campaign of ‘The Furla Society,’ the new activity gives further dimension to the new season’s collection by reinterpreting the bags as charismatic and unique characters.

 The campaign, which is fully digitally-led, renews the signature wit and humor of the Holiday activity. Dynamic film is the core focus for the campaign, and will be seeded over social media and selected worldwide media. Content will be shoppable through digital channels and social media, directing to the Furla e-commerce store.


 This season, each bag is reinterpreted as a unique character, with a total of six films and six stills created. A witty, engaging, and chic voiceover describes each character and their mannerisms, before the final reveal of the bag that captures the human personality. Two men’s bags are included in the campaign. The bags, differing in shape and colour, all display distinct characteristics designed to appeal to audience segments and their own unique personalities.

 The campaign was shot in London in October 2017. Andrew Rothschild created the film content, with styling by Beth Fenton. Still images were captured by Stas May, whilst creative direction was provided by Wednesday London.

 Social media, in particular Instagram and WeChat, will be the focus of the channel strategy, but Facebook, the Furla website, and digital media will also be included. Furla will continue to develop a Chinese market localisation strategy to support its large Chinese fan base. All assets and activations will also be supported by visual merchandise in-store, special events, and CRM activity.


 ‘The Furla Society’ highlights the nature of modern women, who are highly individual in their own right, but remain drawn to being surrounded with other like-minded and intentioned peers. The tone is consistently celebratory, aspirational, sophisticated, and empowering.

 “Furla is one of the fastest growing brands on Instagram and this campaign extends Furla’s business strategy goal of affirming its position as the primary Italian accessories brand with a global direction. It also confirms the brand’s desire to more deeply engage, entertain, and dialogue with customers in a fun and unique tonality,” said Alberto Camerlengo, Furla’s CEO.

 In the Philippines, Furla is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central, Greenbelt 5, Newport Mall, Rustan’s Makati, and Shangri-La Plaza. Follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.


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 I have been hearing about this restaurant from many people so I was happy to finally try it. At the Barney’s BuildingImahan (29)Imahan (30)Imahan (1)  The 4th and 5th floor of the Barney’s Building is all restaurantsImahan (2)Imahan (3) This is the menu of Imahan but for lunch they have set courses which are more reasonable – In Japan their set lunches or lunch courses are really more reasonable than their dinner menus so I highly recommend you go for lunch especially in the fine dining restaurants :-)Imahan (6)Imahan (4) Imahan (5) Imahan (7) We had Sukiyaki :-)  Imahan (8)Imahan (9)Imahan (11) Imahan (17) We tried the Assorted Sirloin and the high quality – and yes the high quality was of course much better though the sirloin was not bad as well :-) Imahan (15)Imahan (19) Imahan (14)Imahan (20)Imahan (18) Imahan (21) Imahan (22) Imahan (23)  After the beef, they have egg rice :-)  which we all liked :-) Imahan (24) Imahan (25) My brother ordered the steak and it was also very goodImahan (13) Lunch set includes dessert imahan dessert from set lunch Amenities in the bathroom :-) imahan tokyo bathroom toilet amenitiesImahan (27)