September Mothers Club Part 2 – French Bistro by Monique Santos

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After the talk by Tita Baby Cruz was French Bistro by Monique Santos, who is the sister of my dear dear friends, Dinky, Dondi and Dino!!!  The whole time during the cooking lesson, I was admiring this young girl teaching us how to cook… with a Le Cordon Bleu logo on her Chef outfit….I was thinking to myself….If you have a Le Cordon Bleu education, you must be a good chef! Josie and I kept whispering to each other our amazement as to how cool and calm she was in preparing the food.   She  was so natural and was such an expert at what she was doing…and the food tasted great!  

Thanks Monique for sharing your talent with us.  I hope to have a cooked meal by you again and to feature you once more and many times more at Heart2Heart!  



graciousmoniquemothersclub4.jpg moniquesantosbackgroud.jpgfrench-fusion0001.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub5.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub7.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub18.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub6.jpgfrench-fusion0002.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub14.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub15.jpgfrench-fusion0003.jpgfrench-fusion0004.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub16.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub17.jpgfrench-fusion0005.jpgfrench-fusion0006.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub9.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub8.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub10.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub11.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub12.jpggraciousmoniquemothersclub13.jpg french-fusion0007.jpg

I asked Monique to send me her Food list where we can try more of her creations…..



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Rockwell’s Pre-Christmas Sale

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Power Plant Mall’s Pre-Christmas Treat

Rockwell Power Plant Mall brings holiday cheer to shoppers early this year with a pre-Christmas sale on October 17, 18 & 19!

Take advantage of discounts up tp 70% off on selected items from over 100 participating stores. Enjoy extended mall hours this Friday from 11am-11pm, Saturday 10am-11pm and Sunay 10am-9pm.

Penny-pinching shoppers can find the perfect gift or dress to wear this holiday season. Shop ‘til you drop and in Aldo, CK Jeans, Girbaud, Home & Beyond, Hobbes & Landes, Shoe Salon, Stoked, Traffic, Tyler and more!

Don’t miss this ultimate holiday shopping experience offered to you by Rockwell Power Plant Mall – where fashionable Manila shops. For more information, please call 8981702 or visit






September Mothers Club Part 1- Gracious Living in a New World by Baby Cruz

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It was another nice and fulfilling afternoon at Mothers Club.  Thank you very much to Tita Baby Cruz for sharing with us  great advice on living a gracious life ( Part 1 ) and to Monique Santos for the French Bistro cooking class ( Part 2 ) 


We were so fortunate to have the ever gracious and beautiful, Tita Baby, to give us a talk on Gracious living.  I personally felt it was a valuable talk and all the other mothers agree.  Sometimes we are so busy doing our daily chores, working to earn a living, trying to cope with the world….that we tend to forget what really is important and what matters most.  It was a good wake up call and a reminder especially being a mother/lady raising children and running a home.  Hopefully we can serve as examples to our children and to other women by living graciously and being able to smell the roses amidst the fast changing world 






Knowing Amorsolo

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Thanks to my friend Tricia Hosaka for sending this


From Nina Yuson 

There are still open slots for the “Knowing Amorsolo” an interactive art appreciation workshop at Museo Pambata..the next 5 Saturday afternoons 2-4p.m. For Kids ages 5-12 years old and their parents.  

Please register with Lisa at Museo Pambata 5231797 and 98.

Its a lot of fun, I can assure you.

Sorry the photos are a bit blurred! 







Baby Shower and Fondue!

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The gang got together to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of baby girl Rianna!  

laus-baby-shower1.jpg laus-baby-shower2.jpg

It was again another excuse for us to eat our favorite meal together, fondue!  If there is one thing in common with the group, it is our love for fondue!  Every single one of us love fondue and nothing can be more fun than to have everyone enjoying each other’s company at the same time enjoying the meal…I must admit that as the meal started, I could not listen to Raul as he was telling us stories about his F1 experience in Singapore, I was too engrossed on eating the fondue! and I think the others were too :-)

I specifically bought these black fondue plates for our fondue dinners only to find out that it is a bit too small to fit the rice… you will be shocked at how much sate rice we can eat when we are eating fondue.  But nevertheless, no one wanted to change their plates and instead used them still


My cook prepares all the fondue sauces:  

Top:  Bernaise and Peanut butter – Bernaise being the most popular so I have to make 5 times the amount of this sauce compared to the other sauces

Bottom:  curry, tartare and spicy catsup


They let me prepare the sate rice and fondue sauces and then everyone else brings something so it is pot luck:

 Bulgin and Lils – Beef and dessert -Frozen brazo de Mercedez

Pael and Yvonne – Wine and Ostrich – it was our first time to have ostrich and it was a good and healthy addition

 Raul and Jeanne – Pork

Anto – Chicken – though we missed Anto who could not go last minute 

 Eds- her famous chocolate chip cookies

We do not use fondue pots in my house because it might get too smoky indoors and since we are a big group.  So we have my cook prepare everything already.  It works well for us because we get to eat it right away and not wait for it to be cooked.  The plates have to be refilled 2 or 3 times!   


After dinner, Yvonne had some baby shower games prepared!

Game # 1:  Measuring the wasteline of Mommy Lau :-) 


Game # 2:  Daddies have to put on the diaper of their babies/stuffed toys!  :-)  Of course Raul was the best at it!  


The weird looking ( monkey wrapped in a diaper ) one was made by James who obviously does not know how to put on a diaper :-)


Game # 3:  Question and Answer by Daddy and Mommy  


Traditional opening of presents  


We are all excited for Rianna and our next fondue dinner!! 


Gilak by Hossein

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As promised, we visited the newest restaurant of Mr. Hossein, Gilak.  This is his 5th restaurant already.  Mr. Hossein is the only one who knows all the recipes of his food.  He prepares everything in his commissary and then sends it to his restaurants. You can imagine how hard he works and how hands on he is in his business. Hossein will always be our all time favorite restaurant! 


This room can be made into a private function room.  It has a nice view of Greenbelt 5 


Nelyn, long time waitress in Persian Kebab and now a supervisor already.  She is the one who always takes care of us and she knows already what we want when we arrive.  We have known her as long as we have known Hr. Hossein 


 The restaurant was full and I congratulated Mr. Hossein on his continous success and he told me “It is because I love God!”:-)   

We later on found out that it was Mr. Hossein’s birthday that evening.  What a coincidence for us to have been there….or maybe not.. because for some reason, I kept insisting that we go to Gilak despite the heavy traffic.  We were so happy to have been there on his special day  


He gave us many words of wisdom and advice on life.  God gave him a second chance to live and this has made him realize many things which he shared with us.   

When we were leaving, Mr. Hossein told us that he would like us to come back to Gilak and this time he will choose the dishes we will eat.  I guess for all the years that we have been going to Persian Kebab, we order the same thing all the time. Every single time!  So, finally he probably could not resist but offer and let us try some of his other delicious dishes. So two weeks after, we went back as his guests


It was the BEST meal we had in his restaurant…. mostly because it was an honor to be served  and hosted by Mr. Hossein himself.  It was a delicious meal and one experience we will never forget!  Thank you very much Mr. Hossein!

Roti Channai – WOW!! YUMMY!!! 


Naan bread with Borani spinach, Chicken Dopiaza and Greek Salad 


Then Mr. Hossein started mixing everything and making it into a sandwich!   YUMMY!!


 Shrimp kebab ( Persian style ) !!!! Wow! That sauce that goes with it is my my type!!! I put it in my rice!!!


Lamb Shank 


Chicken Kebab 


We normally order fried rice, but this time Mr. Hossein served us saffron and Biryani rice which went very well with everything 


Then he mixed the two kinds of rice together, put the sauce from the kebab then mixed in some strips of chicken kebab – LOVE IT!!!


Shrimp Tandori kebab – WOW!!!!!!! Also YUMMY!!


Mr. Hossein knows what I like….he got the rice and put it on the sauce of the tandori!! YUMMMMMY!! 


 WOW!!! WHAT A MEAL!!! Everything was YUMMY and perfect!!!

I think that was the most “YUMMY” words in one feature!  We are so spoiled now that we better make sure Mr. Hossein is there whenever we go!

There are 380 dishes in the menu of Hossein/Persian kebab and Gilak.  



Mr. Hossein told me that he reads his recipe books atleast 2 hours a day to learn more recipes, more techniques in cooking, etc etc. Now you know why he is successful at what he is doing.  He never stops learning and discovering new things.  He told us about a Shawarma salad and a new kebab which will be in his menu….WE CAN’T WAIT!!!  And a sandwich bar which he will also open!  WOW!!  Till the next eating adventure with Hossein!

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Uncle Ray and Aunty Remy

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Our extended family – Uncle Ray, Aunty Remy and their only son Rainier married to Barbara.  We enjoy every Sunday lunch with them most especially when the whole family of Rainier comes home to visit during summer 


Uncle Rey’s Wall in their home 


Aunty Remy’s wall with all her paintings done by herself 


Aunty Remy joins the de Jesus Mommys and takes turns with us in hosting Sunday lunch…… Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful home


Aunty Remy is so cute, she showed me this side of her house which she covered and leads to the garage…she even put paintings :-) It is green because of the green roof that covers the area


My favorite part of the house…..the pantry! :-) I always peep inside to see what goodies they brought home from the States :-)


Aunty Remy prepares everything from scratch from her own kitchen…except for the Yellow Cab pizza she orders for the kids :-) 


And we are all amazed at the musical talent of the kids who take after their grandmother.  Aunty Remy teaches all of them how to play the piano….and they all perform for us after lunch….. 



Planet Sports

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Thanks Anton for touring me around your newly renovated flagship store at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.  It is beautiful!  And it is so nice to have a one stop shopping destination for sportswear.   

planetsports1.jpg planetsports2-1.jpg

And congratulations to our friend, Architect Gil Coscolluela, for a job well done on the interiors of the store.  You bestfriends make a GREAT TEAM!!!! More power to the two of you!

planetsports3-1.jpgplaystyleplanetsports.jpgplanetsports4-1.jpgplanetsports26-1.jpg planetsports16-1.jpg planetsports27.jpgdsc_7155.JPGplanetsports6-1.jpgdsc_5593planetsports.JPGplanetsports7-1.jpgdsc_5598planetsports.JPGplanetsports8-1.jpgplanetsports9-1.jpgplanetsports10-1.jpg planetsports12-1.jpgdsc_5609planetsports.JPGplanetsports13-1.jpgplanetsports14-1.jpg  dsc_5610planetsports.JPGplanetsports18-1.jpgdsc_5615planetsports.JPGplanetsports19-1.jpgplanetsports20-1.jpgdsc_5599planetsports.JPGplanetsports21-1.jpgplanetsports22-1.jpgplanetsports23-1.jpgplanetsports24-1.jpg dsc_7156planetsports.JPGsc00138f30.jpg