Getting Organized

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My mission this year is to organize my things. I have been going to stores and looking at what items are available and have bought some already and started putting things in containers. I am obsessed with plastic containers and organizers… that whenever I see them in a store, I get so excited. Make Room is my first stop and if I can’t find them in Make Room,I go to Ace Hardware or Japan Home Center where everything is either P 55 or P 88.I am starting by disposing 80% of all the things that are stored that i do not need to make my task easier. As my cousin would say “keep it simple. if i don’t even remember an item or have not used it in more than two years or more, then, away it goes! we are lucky to live in a country where charities take almost everything, and, i try to spring clean often. one man’s trash is truly one man’s treasure, even a pair of pants or shoes is so treasured in a country such as ours.”
I have been taking my time and getting advice from friends and family to show me how they organize their homes. I actually invited myself over to my cousin’s apartment because I wanted her to show me how she organizes her things and this is what I learned from her. See how she organized her place and her valuable advice.

Getting organized will totally depend on one’s lifestyle so each one will have his/her own style as to which organizer to buy. I am finding out that it is not just a matter of buying the organizer but having a system as well as to how and where you will eventually put everything.

If all fails and I cannot figure out a system to get organized, I might give Kathleen Ong a call, She is a Professional Organizer and makes a living organizing people’s spaces.
Visit her site at
Maybe if I am successful, I will have a part 2 and share how I accomplished my task :-)


Starbucks Bearistas

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    What a unique collection- Starbucks Bearista magnets. Whenever i go to Starbucks, i always look forward to seeing the new bears. Starbucks sells plush bears almost every occassion – valentine’s, easter, halloween,christmas and usually with matching magnets. 








The Starbucks Destination Series Bearista® bears donning the classic Starbucks green apron embroidered with the country name was recently launched.This is a collectors item and each of the 38 Starbucks countries worldwide have their own Destination Bearista Bears. Wow, imagine if you could collect all 38!  

Mother’s Day

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We treated Mom to breakfast for Mother’s day as breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. We were not complete since some members of the family could not make it- Quito, M. Jun Jun & family and Javier….but it was all in all a nice celebration. We served Mom her favorite breakfast dish…. eggs benedict.
With permission of M. Noey & Krie, I am also sharing photos of their super nice apartment in Rockwell where we had the celebration. I love it because it is colorful, bright and so alive. It’s so “artsy” and I love the paintings and all the little details, from the bag hooks to the hand towels. It is the little details that bring out the personalities of the owners. They have many unique rooms- kitchen, bathrooms and staff room. Thanks for sharing your home!

Creme Brulee

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Whenever I order Creme Brulee ( French for “burnt cream ), I always know what to expect but what i look forward to is the presentation and the chef’s creativity in adding something to it to make it more interesting.

So far the best in both taste and presentation is the Classic Creme brulee at the Eiffel Tower restaurant at the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas. It had this edible pastry fan on top of white chocolate surrounded by mixed fresh berries ( which I love! ) and generously sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. It was absolutely heavenly!  Visit the restaurants website to discover other more delicious desserts.  

The Trio Creme brulee at the Compass Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel Phoenix, Arizona had a nice presentation for a trio.  Usually in a duo or trio, they just come in separate mini bowls.  

Patrick’s Birthday

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We were invited to celebrate with Patrick at his beautiful home. Unfortunately I did not bring my better camera and so I used my small one which ran out of battery so i was only able to take a few photos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!

Never Lost

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180420873503_0_alb.jpgWhen we are travelling on the road, I am usually the navigator ( better term for backseat driver ) of James….So i always have to make sure I have directions or a map.  Directions you normally can get by buying a map, calling the place up, going through their website or asking a friend…..until we discovered Hertz NEVER LOST!  No need to bother anyone!  Even the navigator needs a navigator so this gadget is my new best friend in the front seat.   The best part of it is even if you make the wrong turn or get confused, it will recalculate the route and then you are back on track. 


 It is also a directory..when you are driving and suddenly get the urge to eat in Taco Bell,  just go to the yellow pages and look for the nearest Taco Bell.  You need to pay a little more to get this gadget but it is WORTH IT!  NEVER LEAVE WITHOUT IT!


Visiting the Dotson’s

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We were so amazed when we visited Greg and Junie in their beautiful home in San Mateo. We knew it would be “artsy” since both of them are artists, but it was much more than we expected. We felt we were like in a restaurant or store in SOHO. It was UNIQUE, beautiful, full of color and life and so cozy.

Derick’s pad in SF

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I enjoy visiting friends and family and seeing where and how they live. It is always a great honor to always be invited into someone’s home….to me it means, inviting you into their lives. Each one’s home is unique and reflects the personality of the people who live in it. So, you learn a lot about a person when you see how they live and the way they furnish and decorate their house. 

It was so nice to see our friend Derick, who we met in London more than 10 years ago. He is the cousin of our best friend Rina Silang Reyes. We always make it a point to meet up with him when we are in the States or when he is in the Philippines. Derick is a retail consultant and has worked with the biggest brands in the retail world- Polo Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Gap, and many more. We treasure our encounters with Derick as we always have many new things to learn from him – trends in fashion and anything in general, places to go to, developments in the retail industry and many more. We consult with him on almost anything as he is so smart. We always enjoy his company and friendship. He can talk and talk and we would never get bored. James said he instantly got along with Derick because of their common passion – CARS!
We had the chance to finally see his apartment in SF and we really loved it. He is mostly travelling to meet his clients but likes having his own home to go to.