Mezzaluna’s new Menu

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Mezzaluna introduces their new menu.  We promised Tita Bing Bing we would try it out so we went for dinner with the family.  I noticed a lot of foie gras dishes ( Yummy! ) 



Pizza is a mainstay in the menu…a definite must!mezzaluna-bistro2.jpg

Foie Gras and Unagi eel, Smoked Salmon and Salmon Gravlax and Prawn and Lobster Bisquemezzaluna-bistro3.jpg

Mezzaluna Angus Beef Burgermezzaluna-bistro5.jpgmezzaluna-bistro4.jpg

Lobster and Scallopsmezzaluna-bistro6.jpg

Veal and Foie Gras Canneloni 


Whole Pan Roasted Cornish Game Henmezzaluna-bistro9.jpg

Five Peppered Steakmezzaluna-bistro7.jpgfinal-luna-menu4.jpgfinal-luna-menu5.jpg


Mezza Menu 


final-mezza-menu1.jpg final-mezza-menu4.jpgfinal-mezza-menu3.jpgfinal-mezza-menu2.jpg

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Wagyu Shawarma

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I try to avoid going to Salcedo Market because you cannot imagine the temptation of going through all the booths there…I was just supposed to get the Bangus belly for dad last Saturday and true enough, on the way, I saw this! 


I couldn’t say no!  I just had to try it! And as you can see at around 11 am, it was almost gone

dsc_5950.JPG dsc_5954.JPG


You can put lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chili sauce, garlic sauce and cheese.  


From the same makers as the steak and cheese! I have not tried that burger yet!



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Don’t Stop Believing

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Thanks to my friends, Rhia, Arlene and Nani for sending me this video on Facebook.  It’s probably all over the internet……it definitely has to be in Heart2Heart.

You don’t have to be a Journey fan to appreciate this… The video is almost ten minutes long, but do take time out to watch until the end which is the best part of the video.

“Don’t Stop Believing” 





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What a great innovation in undergarments! Now available at Rustan’s Ladies department Makati. 



The commando thong is your everyday prescription against fatal fashion faux pas: from muffin tops to panty lines, we’ve got your cure. Refill often.



The commando tiny thong one-ups the G-string with no string, no G (what does G mean?!?), just lots of comfort for when less is more. Touche.



The commando girl short is a cross between a boy short (who wants to look like a boy?) and a panty. Its flattering design elongates your gams and graces your cheeks.



The commando c.y.a. panty is not just for corporate girls. Its classic bikini style fires panty lines and puts you on the fast track.




Comfort. Coverage. Sleekness. Stretch.  As invisible (or visible!) as you want it to be, the commando™ tank is ideal for your sheerest tops and slinkiest sweaters, letting you layer without lines.  Paired with your favorite pajama bottoms, it’s even luxurious enough to put the beauty in your beauty sleep.




Sleek.  Strappy.  Stretchy.  Simple.  Less a revolution than an evolution, the commando™ cami is the lower-coverage-but-still-wildly-wonderful sister to the commando™ tank you’ve come to know and love.


commando0008.jpg commando0001.jpg  



White Party Revisited

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A few years ago, Quito celebrated his birthday with a WHITE PARTY!  This year, he decided to celebrate it again in the same way! I was not able to attend his party because he told us his party was Saturday night when it was really friday night…. hmmm….I guess he did not want me to attend so he just sent me the photos :-)  Happy Birthday Quits! This is like the 3rd birthday feature for you already! that is how much I love you! :-)whitepartyrevisited1.jpgwhitepartyrevisited2.jpgwhitepartyrevisited5.jpgwhitepartyrevisited6.jpgwhitepartyrevisited7.jpgwhitepartyrevisited9.jpgwhitepartyrevisited8.jpgwhitepartyrevisited10.jpgwhitepartyrevisited11.jpgwhitepartrevisitedgroup.jpg


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Congratulations Jay and Malu on the opening of your latest creation,  Azuthai!  

Thanks to our good friends Gary and Alexie for inviting us.  We immediately accepted the invitation because we were so excited to try it.


Gary Coscolluela is the one responsible for the beautiful interiors of Azuthai.  We are always proud of our good friend who is so talented, yet always so humble and so kind.  The artistic talent definitely runs in the family of architects and interior designers.  



Thanks to Jay and Malu for the desserts you gave us!  We were embarassed when you said you would give us one of each, so we only chose a few but then we realized later on that we finished all the desserts we ordered and could have probably finished everything on the list! :-) Heart2Heart’s favorite is the Mango with sticky rice! 


Thanks to Jay, Malu, Gary and Alexie for a wonderful dinner!  



Milkyway Building, 900 Pasay Road cor Paseo de Roxas, Makati MM 

Telephone #:  817-6252

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Tutoring Club of the Philippines

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We recently enrolled Jaime and Javier at Tutoring Club.  They were the ones who actually kept nagging us about joining the program because all their cousins went through the program as well.  

tutoring-club-book1.jpg tutoraid_guarantee.gif


The centers are conveniently located beside residential areas which makes it more accessible to the children.  We like the place very much as it is conducive to studying.  

It is also important to us that the program is a worldwide program that is tried and tested.  Their materials are of international standards.  

We had a warm reception from Maribeth Santos who heads the Pasong Tamo branch.  We are confident that our children are in good hands.  She works closely with us and makes sure that the children will really benefit from the program.  tutoring-club-book6.jpgtutoring-club0007.jpg

 We started with an assessment for the 3 subjects – Reading, Math and Writing.  From there, they told us at what level our children are and what areas need improvement.  Tutoring Club has a GUARANTEE 


“Guaranteed to improve academic performance in less time and at a lower cost than any other program.” 



James particularly liked the penants on the walls.  He wants our sons to aim and study hard so they can get into the best colleges. Maribeth said that she tried looking for UP and Ateneo penants but there were none or else she would have put them up too.   



We are happy to know that many friends send their children here too…tutoring-club-book5.jpg

As parents, we and I am sure all the other parents out there, only hope to give the BEST education to our kids.  And we will do whatever we can to make sure they prepare themselves for their future.  Which is why, we welcome centers and programs like these which can supplement the schooling of our kids.  

We are so happy that our kids enjoy Tutoring Club, they are even the ones forcing us to let them take the program and had us make it two hour sessions instead of one hour a day.   


Tutoring Club of the Philippines

General Office

Unit 204 Sekai Center 368 Ortigas Avenue San Juan, Metro Manila

(011-632) 721-8867 / 726-8593 / 0918-848-8667


Alabang Town Center

Unit 151-152, Commerce Mall Alabang Town Center Muntinlupa City 1780

0917-508-8867 / (011-632) 807-8282


Tutoring Club Pasong Tamo Extension 

Upper Level, U-6, Allegro Center 2284 Chino Roces Avenue Makati City

(011-632) 856-6099  



Unit 204 Sekai Center 368 Ortigas Avenue San Juan, Metro Manila

(011-63-918) 848-8867



B-5, Unit 2E-12, Bonifacio High Street Global City, Taguig

(011-632) 856-2517 / 0917-848-8867 




Unit 316, R3, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City 

(63-906) 341-6957   


tutoring-club0001.jpg tutoring-club0002.jpgtutoring-club0003.jpg


 To read more about Tutoring Club and its program, visit their website:  Tutoring Club of the Philippines


Goodies from Germany

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Our sister Tina always brings to Sunday family lunch tons and tons of chocolates.  Everyone always looks forward to this.  And many times, there is always a new discovery!    

The de Jesus family are all chocolate lovers!  

Thanks to Gerry and Tina for bringing us back these chocolates from Germany!   As we always say,  next time, BRING US WITH YOU!

Milka of course is a family favorite and I agree with you Tins, the Milka cookies are soooo…. good! But then again, I agree with Dina, your homemade chocolate chip cookies are much better… just try experimenting and using Milka chocolates.  And DAIM with Milka! I will share one bar with Keena because she loves Daim too. The Ovomaltine is still being saved for a special occassion!  :-)  Keep them coming!!  




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