by Luigi Borromeo

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We have not been to Newton and Michelle’s house in a long time – only because they live quite far from us.  But it was so nice to visit again their beautiful home.  It is nine years old but has been maintained very well.655113679503_0_bg.jpg 305233679503_0_bg.jpg  536723679503_0_bg.jpg


Newton’s abode….TV room, bar and party room :-)565113679503_0_bg.jpg
This is the newest part of the house and is now my favorite part of the house.  This used to be garden but they added this living room and put  a pond with koi.  Nice! 146723679503_0_bg.jpg
Garden by John Abul156723679503_0_bg.jpg965113679503_0_bg.jpg


The pool being shared with Newton’s family compound


Friends that came over to celebrate Newton’s birthday…



The balete tree in front of their house…wow!!! 295113679503_0_bg.jpg


Cafe Mediterannean

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One of our favorite restaurants!  We just love kebabs!  The Powerplant location is the best – it is convenient, located beside Rustan’s Supermarket and a cozy ambience.  

Thanks Rins for joining me for lunch.  we always order the same thing, so I made Rina try the kebabs.  These are the Grilled Chicken and Grilled Beef kebabs which you can have with either pita bread, rice or couscous.



Make sure to eat it with the garlic sauce ( white sauce ) which comes in a squeeze bottle on your table.   with french fries?? Yup! If you want to put it inside the shawarma you will be making with the pita bread or just have it on the side.  Do not forget the garlic sauce again to dip the fries into together with the catsup!














Ahon Foundation and Pathways Scholarship Programme

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From my cousin, Ana ahon1.jpgahon2.jpgahon3.jpgahon4.jpgahon5.jpg

allow me to share a spring cleaning idea through which you can also help the less fortunate.  most of us lament the state of the philippine education system. one of the reasons being that there is such poor access to quality books.  my very generous, socially minded cousin martin recently introduced me to the acts of hope for the nation (ahon) foundation. ahon has set a goal of collection one million books for donation to public elementary schools, particularly those in depressed areas. the books need not be new at all. ahon will take almost any type of book, new or old.(they should be intact, of course.) it can even arrange pick-up of your donations. thus, if you are cleaning up around the house, you might want to consider ahon as a beneficiary for your no longer needed reading materials.for those of you who have children, this might be a good pre-summer activity to make the shelves clear for summer reading. maybe the free shelves are needed for the psp or the wii? :) :) :)   


from some other kind-hearted friends abroad, i got the idea that since so many of them shop very energetically whilst here, they arrive in manila with extra suitcases filled with toys, books and clothes to donate when they arrive. they then go back home with the same luggage filled with all their finds. ahon also has an adopt a library and a scholarship programme through “pathways”, a related organization. more details on the scholarship programme below. for those who are in the position to share even more, “pathways” is a most worthy endeavour.

if you would like to contact ahon, its contact details are as follows:   

3rd floor, topy’s place, industria corner economia streets bagumbayan   1100 quezon city, metro manila    phone: (02) 683-0262, local 106 or 109    email:    blog site: donating old books is such an easy way to share. if you are interested in learning about the pathways scholarship programme, these are the contact details:   

contact person: solvie nubla    

phone: (02) 426-6001, locals 4048 and 4049





Xevi’s Barnyard Bash!

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One of Heart2Heart’s favorite spots!  Sta. Elena Fun Farm! It is such a nice place to take kids and let them enjoy time with the animals.  Even the pigs just roam around.  Gips and Hinds, you guys have great ideas and bring many good things to life.  For a time I thought the Fun Farm would disappear, I am so happy it is back again.  Pao and Kat, I am so glad you had your party there and wow, we had a great time!!  What a unique party!

To the cute buddha baby, Xevi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love your rosy cheeks!!!


Kat, are you sure the buddha baby came out of your tummy?  You are the sexiest barnyard Mom!



The AMAZING balloon sculptor!933761069503_0_bg.jpg988651069503_0_bg.jpg478651069503_0_bg.jpg188651069503_0_bg.jpg801771069503_0_bg.jpg811771069503_0_bg.jpg521771069503_0_bg.jpg231771069503_0_bg.jpg503761069503_0_bg.jpg177291069503_0_bg.jpg931771069503_0_bg.jpg788651069503_0_bg.jpg675491069503_0_bg.jpg551381069503_0_bg.jpg641771069503_0_bg.jpg988261069503_0_bg.jpg257381069503_0_bg.jpg467381069503_0_bg.jpg151381069503_0_bg.jpg705942069503_0_bg.jpg198081069503_0_bg.jpg898081069503_0_bg.jpg667291069503_0_bg.jpg 

Wow! The food was really overflowing and really good!!!  Thanks to Paolo’s uncle who catered!927812069503_0_bg.jpg484512069503_0_bg.jpg994822069503_0_bg.jpg594402069503_0_bg.jpg603032069503_0_bg.jpg178012069503_0_bg.jpg778012069503_0_bg.jpg

SMOOCHAS GRACIAS FROM XEVI!698012069503_0_bg.jpg202142069503_0_bg.jpg[email_link]

Elegance in Filipino Dining

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 Tita Nena, Tita Glenda, Bettina, Gil, and Tanya set up their own dining tables by mixing and matching different items from Rustan’s Home.  Each is refelective of their personalities and of course promoting Philippine products.  It is all about BEING TRULY PROUD TO BE FILIPINO!


Tita Nena said that she takes this inspiration from her family dining at Subic.  Since she has many grandkids, it is easier for them to sit on the floor.   



Tita Glenda did not do a table setting but she presented Filipino food in a unique way.  











Tita Conchitina talks about her book and shows some pages.   She said that whenever she would entertain to her foreign guests while in Spain, they would notice the Filipiniana touches.  And she stresses the fact that it is not hard to add the touches as they are all available in our country.  It is a matter of mixing and matching and adding your personal touch.   Even the Philippine Embassy in Spain, she says that it is the most unique looking one as it is very reflective of our country as everything inside is Filipino.  The book shows the photos of the Philippine Embassy in Spain, Dining set ups and Filipino recipes by some Filipinas and even Philippine fashion.  
















And modern Filipiniana dressing


 And the cocktails by Via Mare


Some sections from Rustan’s Home




Monique’s Bridal Shower

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Thanks Ria and Tricia for organizing a shower for Monique


The beautiful bride to be this Saturday….

577746679503_0_bg.jpgWelcome to the family Monique!!! Hoping to get to know you better and wishing you all the best!


The hosts877746679503_0_bg.jpg 

Held at Brava 


My beautiful cousins and Monique’s sister, Rina


Tita Rose, mother of the groom, and Ninay Giging, Ninang also of Carlo and Monique, even joined us….


A little later, my cousin the handsome groom, Carlo, joins the shower too567746679503_0_bg.jpg 

A nice merienda with the girl cousins with some pica pica and sangria….


The rest of the menu… 


dsc_9302.JPGdsc_9299.JPGdsc_9300.JPGSerendra, Bonifacio Global CityTelephone #:  856-3723 [email_link]

Saltine’s Toffee Cookies

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Tito Jun and Tita Nancy would give these cookies to us during christmas and at that time, they were not available for sale, but NOW THEY ARE!!!  They are so good!!  



Other yummy items of Tippi: 


NEW!  special lemon squares made with french butter and organic egg, and it comes in sugar free as well 



Filipino Class at Beacon

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I was so impressed when I saw the production of the Grade 6 class at Beacon.  The children are made to direct, produce, act, and make the props for a stage play at such an early age.  I personally think that this is good training for them.   357979749503_0_bg.jpg377979749503_0_bg.jpgStefano proudly told me he was the Director and then I saw him also in the entrance selling tickets and manning the entrance table :-)777979749503_0_bg.jpgthe theater was unique such that the audience were made to sit on banig mats on the floor… 287979749503_0_bg.jpg 487979749503_0_bg-1.jpg687979749503_0_bg.jpg397979749503_0_bg.jpg797979749503_0_bg.jpg557979749503_0_bg.jpg757979749503_0_bg.jpg957979749503_0_bg.jpg467979749503_0_bg.jpg867979749503_0_bg.jpg