Rodrigo-Lim Wedding

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Another beautiful wedding in Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club.   Lau and Ronnie love playing golf and Sta. Elena is their favorite golf course :-) Right Ron?  It has been two years since their wedding day and now are expecting a baby girl!  Congratulations guys!



Vicky’s Catering

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Vicky is the pretty lady behind Cucina Victoria in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.  She is the one who also makes those yummy pasta sauces that are bottled- that was how she actually started her food business.  Vicky and I used to work together around 10 years ago and she used to design for the in house brands of Rustan’s.  When she left she started by selling the bottled pasta sauces.  She has always been very creative.

And recently I found out from Tita Rose that Vicky caters for weddings.  Wow! I immediately contacted Vicky to tell her that I wanted to feature her because Tita Rose was raving about her.  Last April was the Despedida de Soltera of my cousin and I finally got to see Vicky’s work and taste her food.  Of course I was not disappointed!  

More power to you Vicky!!! and I am looking forward to seeing you at another event so I can partake again of your wonderful creations. 



433760991603_0_alb.jpg  633760991603_0_alb.jpg


I asked Vicky for other photos of her caterings, here are a few:

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Lobregat-Tantoco Wedding

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As June is Bridal month, Heart2Heart would like to feature some weddings in the past.  Heart2Heart was already covering weddings but only a few photos with a small digital camera. I asked a few couples to send me their professional photos so I can mix it with my unprofessional photos :-) but then I changed my mind and decided to just use what I have.  So please bear with them.  

This wedding was a very beautiful wedding held in Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club.  I always love the decor when Tita Nena or Rustan’s flower shop designs it.  Tita Nena and Rustan’s Flower Shop were the pioneers in this business.  She should have made a book on all her events and I wish I had captured all of them through photos.   

Thanks Kat and Pao for letting Heart2Heart share your SPECIAL DAY! 


Superb dinner by Gaita Fores!




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Last year, Lolo Atomic ( Dad’s Uncle ) was telling me how sad he was that his daughter, Sabina, was leaving for New York.   

We were able to meet Sabina during our visit to New York.  It was so nice to meet her.  Of course immediately you can tell she is a model.  I am very sure that Lolo Atomic is very proud of Sabina,  After all, she took after her mother who is also a model.   


Sabina just graduated from highschool and now wants to have fun and do some modelling in New York before going to College in Columbia University in New York.

More power to you Sabina!!  May you continue to represent our country and show them that all Filipinas are as beautiful as you!   :-) You make us proud!  

 sabina-book1.jpg frederick-peralta-bridal-collectiona.jpgsabina-book2.jpgbmichael-fall-2008.jpgbo-b-d-bmichael-fal-2008fashionshow.jpg79629081.jpgsabina-book3.jpgsabina-book5.jpgsabina-book6.jpg


New York Foodie

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When in New York, there are thousands of restaurants to go to.  It is PARADISE for anyone who loves to eat!!!  One of the reasons I LOVE NY! So many restaurants and each is unique and has it’s own character and story to tell.  We look forward to every meal!  

 1.)  WonJo – Korean  in Korea Town is always a must for us – If you have not heard or tried Chadol Baegi- try it.  My cousin Gippy introduced it to us many years back in New York and from that time on, it is a MUST- we have not ever seen it in any korean restaurant in other countries except for the ones in New York



The photo on top is the regular kalbi beef but below is the Chadol Baegi – it comes with a salt sauce.  TRY IT and you might like it too!  


23West 32nd Street New York, NY 10001Tel : (212) 695-5815

2.)  Hatsuhana hatsuhana-book2.jpg


It is really a sushi restaurant, but we liked the 2 unique tempuras they had – Lobster tempura and the Anago ( eel ) tempura



3.)  Serafina– WOW!  This was a yummy Risotto!!


Serafina Broadway  210 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019  Phone: (212) 315-1700 


4.)  Joe Shanghai – We only go here for the Xiao long Bao ( Soup Buns ) – nothing else!  And that is really what they are known for.  James went here three times this trip!  It is his favorite.  He said to make sure you order the CRABMEAT with pork soup buns



From Joe Shanghai’s website: 

Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao)

Xiao Long Bao or “Little Dumplings from Basket” was originated from Nan Xiang, a suburb of Shanghai. Their perfectly symmetrical shape, resembles a pagoda.

These tender pouches, “little dumplings”, are freshly made to order. They arrive at the table in piping hot bamboo steamers. Each plump dumpling contains a little pork meatball surrounded by a delightful meaty broth.

To prevent burning one’s mouth and to savor the dumpling, the preferred method of consumption is to bite off a little piece of the doughy wrapper, suck the broth with a “slurp”, then eat the rest.

There are two variations available at Joe’s Shanghai – crab meat and pork meat. Each basket is freshly made to order, so don’t forget to order your Soup Dumpling upon arrival at your table. Otherwise it might be a long wait.

A cartoonist, Robert Zimmerman, had drawn “Soup Dumplings: A Survival Course” comic strip that was once published in the newspapers. It comedically depicts the hazard of eating a fresh, piping hot dumpling. Although a little extreme, the danger of burning one’s mouth is no different from the dangers of enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

Soup Dumplings : A Survival Course 



5.)  Doughnut Plant- Our brother, John recommended this place.  So we made sure we went to check it out.  It is a small shop downtown with only one branch in the city.   Since they only have one shop, they sell their doughnuts in other locations –  Dean and Delluca, Whole Foods, Zabars  and other known food specialty stores.



This is Tres Leche which is supposedly their bestseller and recommended by John.  We liked it.  It is a different kind of doughnut. More “cakey” – not the Krispy Kreme melt in your mouth type.  



6.)  Buttercup Bake Shop

 Buttercup is the Queen of all cupcakes!  This is where we first fell in love with cupcakes many years ago!  Even the kids always ask to go back to Buttercup so they can have their cupcakes. The icing is the BEST!   finalbannerbutter.jpg

mural.jpg p1030283.JPGp1030284.JPGsc00082139.jpgsc0007eff9.jpgcupcakes.jpgpress_zagat.gifpress_tony.jpgpress_bridal.jpg


7.)  Basta Pasta

Basta Pasta was established in Tokyo Japan 1985, which was designed after the TV program Iron Chef with a totally open kitchen as a Kitchen Theater. In 1990 Basta Pasta opened in New York. We would like our guests to enjoy Italian as The Japanese do    


As you enter the restaurant, you see this gigantic freezer where they store all their ingredientsbasta-pasta-book10.jpg

One of their specialties – Spaghetti with Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma prosciutto,served in half a wheel of Parmesan cheese at table – Pepato in Greenbelt also has something similar to this dish


 37 West 17th Street New York, New York, 10011 (212) 366-0888 


8.)  Ollie’s- Thanks to Tito Stephen and Tita Reggie for our despedida lunchollies-book1.jpg






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Ninja was a fun eating experience!  Only in New York will you find places like these.  


When you enter the front door, you are greeted by a receptionist  It is dark inside.  She then lets you use the elevator which takes you down to the restaurant.  And when the door opens, a Ninja comes out from nowhere and shouts and greets you!  It was so funny!  We were all startled! :-)


Then he makes you choose between two doors…of course we chose the more interesting door…. it is a hallway but you are walking on a bridge like thing- its very dark and the ceiling is low….halfway we are startled again by another ninja and then that takes you to the restaurant finally.  ninja-book3.jpg

There are many rooms of different sizes in the restaurant – so everyone gets a private room to themselves.


This was a sashimi dish being served and Jaime pulled a sword out of it…..


And the sashimi that had smoke…. they had many interesting food presentations


This was an appetizer but i made it my main dish- SPICY CHEESE TEMPURA!  It was actually good and the spicy was not that spicy!



The clam was closed and they lit it like they were lighting a bomb – when it reached the clam, it sort of exploded and opened the clam shell….all throughout we were entertained by the dishes!



Mom always likes to order Shabu Shabu 


Chicken Teriyaki and KIRIKABU – Wagyu beef with  Woodstamped KIRIKABU FILO- it has a filo pastry on top and you remove itninja-book15.jpg

Happy Birthday Quito!!!


We thought that was it – but a guy came and did some magic tricks!  It was Stewart the magician!  He was really good! Of course Jaime and Javier who love doing magic as well were amazed!