Handmade Pesto Genovese by Gaita Fores

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Gaita also gave us a bonus recipe which became very valuable to all of us. As many normally mix their pesto through a blender or even heat their pesto sauce, Gaita taught us otherwise.  



Handmade Pesto Genovese


1 ½ cups tightly packed basil leaves, rinsed, and dried well

1 – 2 cloves garlic

3 1/2 tbsps pine nuts

¼ cup olive oil, or to taste

2 -3 tbsps freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano

Rock Salt, to taste




1.       Although the proportions may be outlined here, making Pesto Genovese is more an exercise in knowing what is right for your taste.


2.       Start by wiping some basil leaves with a damp cloth and drying them. In a stone mortar and pestle, pound the basil till it becomes a rough paste.


3.       Add the garlic cloves and continue pounding till garlic blends with basil.

4.       Add the pine nuts and continue to pound till everything is evenly mixed.



5.       Add the olive oil little by little, till oil gets completely absorbed by the basil mixture in the  mortar & pestle.



6.       Add the  freshly grated Parmigiano reggiano, salt, and pepper to taste.

7.       Continue to blend in the mortar & pestle till it blends evenly, season further to taste, then  transfer to sterilized bottles, and chill.

8.       You may add butter ON TOP  just to thicken and seal  inthe mixture. You may add extra olive oil, just to make sure none of the basil is exposed and left to dry and darken.


9.       Remember not to cook the pesto  over a flame, just top your pasta dishes or grilled seafood or light meats with it.



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Healthy Cooking with Gaita

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Heart2Heart really admires Gaita Fores!  She has so many things to share with us.  She tells us all about her experiences, her food trips in Italy, her secret techniques, her cooking gadgets, her sources and we can just listen the whole day. 

Gaita also announced that she will soon be opening:

Another Cibo in the new Youth Zone that Powerplant Mall in Rockwell is developing.  Kids can now make their own pizzas and it will be a place for the parents and children to hang out in.  

A Champagne bar called Luso in Greenbelt 5.

And a Gastroenoteca di M in Pasong Tamo

all before Christmas!!!!

WOW!!!! She is so busy expanding her business all  because of the demand of her loyal followers! Watch out for all of these! 

Again, Mothers Club was fortunate to have her as guest chef.  It is becoming an annual event and also to celebrate Cibo’s anniversary.  All the recipes are easy to make and the beauty of it all is that they are all HEALTHY so do try them!

gaitahealthy-cooking.jpg 872490404603_0_alb.jpg

One thing with Gaita is she always makes sure that when she does something, she does it the REAL way.  She told us that she actually went with her staff to Italy to learn the Italian way of making pizza.  She made sure she did it correctly before she put Pizza in her menu.  When it comes to Ingredients, she tries as much as possible to patronize our LOCAL products.   


Thanks again of course to our lovely host, Mimie and to our beautiful emcee, Tisha


The Mothers Club team- Mimie, Dina, Vaya and Ola 



hearts_thumb.png Use Healthy broth instead of OIL – you can freeze it  for storage and just bring it out when it is time to cook

Gaita taught us how to make healthy stock – VEGETABLE STOCK – healthier than using chicken which still has some fat 

2 carrots, 2 whole onions and  a few stalks of celery  


hearts_thumb.pngUse onion leeks instead of white onions if you want a sweeter taste in your dish 


 hearts_thumb.pngGaita said that you can use part canned tomatoes in your dishes and mix it with fresh tomatoes.  Only use the Italian ones because she knows for sure that they can their vegetables at its FRESHEST stage  



Gaita said that she patterned this dish from a restaurant under the Spanish Steps in Rome.  I like it very very much.  The smoked tanguinge has a bacon taste so it is a good alternative to bacon which is very unhealthy :-)  


 website:  Ristorante “34”


hearts_thumb.pngDon’t make olive oil smoke or it gets carcinogenic 


hearts_thumb.pngWhen boiling pasta, do not use oil or olive oil- the reason your pasta sticks is because it is overcooked 

hearts_thumb.pngAlways put salt while cooking your pasta to give it taste but not too much



This recipe is fro Trattoria Garga in Florence.  Gaita said that the owner and chef of the restaurant is a very entertaining chef-he shouts orders, bangs sauce pans and he even sings in his restaurant! 


website:  Trattoria Garga 



This recipe I also really like. Very simple, yummy and very healthy! Gaita said that this recipe was made by a mother who wanted to make baby food for her child.


 hearts_thumb.pngIn Italian Cooking, onions are always cooked before the garlic 



hearts_thumb.pngSave your pasta broth- you can use that to reheat your leftover pasta noodles  




hearts_thumb.pngCOOKING TIPS FROM GAITA 

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From the Kitchen of Ludette Moy

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We are always happy to have Tita Ludette cook for the family.  Whether it be in Spain, New York or San Francisco!  She is the happy chef! Always funny and laughing! A very cheerful person and we all love her.  

Tita Ludette was the woman behind the famous Dino’s restaurant.  That is the talk among my parents and their friends.  I probably was not born yet so I would not know.  But it seems like it was a very very popular restaurant back then.  Tita Ludette also owned and operated  Trendy Food Shoppe which served gourmet food to go and catering in San Francisco.   

Thanks Tita for a wonderful meal which you prepared for our family lunch! 

p1040054.JPG tita-ludette1.jpg tita-ludette2.jpg

 un Tapeo:

Veal Meatballs, Tortilla de Patatas/setas, Jamon Serrano, Salpicon de Mariscos –  shellfish Salad in vinagrette

tita-ludette3.jpg tita-ludette4.jpg


Solomillo Asado al Horno, Lomo de Cerdo, Calamares

Arroz a Banda:  ( Seafood flavored rice with onions and potatoes ) 







Starbucks Coffee Ambassador’s Cup

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Every other year, Starbucks holds the Coffee Ambassador’s Cup where all the coffee masters gather together to see who will be the Coffee Ambassador of the year.


Partners go through coffee master assessment and if they score 90% or above they qualify and become coffee masters.  If you go to the store, you will spot them as they wear black aprons and not the regular green ones.  It is a way of continously educating the partners on their knowledge on coffee so they can better serve their clients. 

The Coffee Ambassador’s Cup is an idea created by the Philippine team and was originally called the Battle of the Beans.  Starbucks decided to do it in all other International markets and so they called it the Coffee Ambassador’s cup.  

This is already the 6th Coffee Ambassador’s Cup! 


I love attending Starbucks events because I always  get so energized!  What a great company!  I don’t work there but I am glad to be part of it in some way!


Special Guest for the event was President for Asia Pacific, John Culver and I am so proud of my Dad and brother who run Starbucks Philippines!


starbxambcup20086.jpg starbxambcup20087.jpgacupbanner2008.jpg


Each district cheers for their own candidates!  What ENERGY and what an amazing feeling to hear them! 


Entertainment from the other coffee masters in between the rounds.  Everyone is so creative and talented! 



Out of the 12 contestants, 3 finalists are left to compete for the title 



Everyone is a winner and gets their prizes  



Congratulations to Rainy, Efraim and Lois!! 




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My friend Bubu is so enterprising!  She is the CANDY QUEEN of the Philippines!  

I really admire her for being able to start her own business and making it grow to what it is today.  She is the one who created Candy Corner which she later on franchised.  Candy corner now has 77 outlets, 49 of which are still owned by her.  Bubu is also the one behind Nuts about Candy, Good To Go,  Snak Shack and Buzzy Bees Cafe in the Children’s floor of Rustan’s.  Her latest store is Cacao in Serendra.  

Cacao imports chocolates from the US.  Their most popular chocolates are the sugar free and dark chocolates.  Bubu told me that before Christmas, she will have chocolates from Switzerland as well!  Wow!!


After choosing the chocolates that you want, you can put them in a nice gift box with a beautiful ribbon.  Ready to be given as a gift. 


Bubu also distributes Tootsie Roll Industries with brands such as:




Cacao sells Body Frosting!  Hmmm…  Bubu asked me what flavor I wanted as she was going to give me a bottle as a gift, I told her, it depends on who will be eating it! :-) :-)   


And Bubu also gave me this!!! YUMMY!


Thanks Bubu for a wonderful chocolate experience!!  I know the de Jesus family will go crazy in your store!  

More power to you!! 



Light House Foundation

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For the last few years my friend Robert Velhagen has been supporting the Light House Foundations children’s feeding project in Payatas. 


The Lighthouse Foundation is run by retired Judge Lore Veneration. Everyday he feeds hundreds of needy children in Payatas. He offers free pre-school education at the dumpsite. The children come in to eat and get educated for FREE. Not only is he saving the lives of these children, he is also helping provide them with a bright future.


A P1,500 donation provides the foundation with a 5lb. bag of a special super food that was specifically formulated to target the effects of malnutrition. The super food has made all the difference in the health of these children.


If you have been looking for a way to help, then this may be the avenue for you. You may not have the time to feed the children, but let’s help those that do. 

If you wish to donate you can call Robert at 0918-8811181. Any amount will help