Elbert’s Lunch at Steak Room

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Heart2Heart is happy to announce that Elbert’s Steak Room is now open for lunch!!!!  They just started their dry run yesterday.  For now he has 4 main courses to choose from, but Elbert told me there will be a Tapsilog dish and a Steak Diane dish. You can still order the dinner menu but you need to give advance notice so they can prepare.  I highly recommened making reservations.  We were able to try the set lunch and we will definitely be in Elbert’s for lunch again and again and again!    579019269503_0_bg.jpg979019269503_0_bg.jpg489019269503_0_bg.jpg 

Elbert and his brother Adrian are a team in running Steak Room.  Adrian is the Chef who concocted all the recipes for the new lunch menu.   Elbert is the owner and is a great guy.  As I get to know him better, I  like him as much as i like his steaks which is  A LOT!  :-)








 Elbert’s Steak Room is located at:

3/F Sagittarius Building III

111 H. V. de la Costa Street

Salcedo Village

Makati City 1227



  1.  located right across Somerset Salcedo, diagonally across a Ministop, two floors above the Indian restaurant

    Sagittarius Building III,  the one to the left if you’re facing the building

    there’s a 7-11 in the next building (Sagittarius Bldg II)

  2. Sagittarius is perpendicular to Leviste Street

     3rd floor and there is no escalator nor elevator, sorry



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Website:  http://www.steakroom.com/Home.html 


Bistro Ikea

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Make sure to pass by Bistro Ikea even to just get a snack!  Only because you just have to have your cheapest meal in Hong Kong!  Maybe not even in Manila you can have snacks as cheap as this……and it is YUMMY!! Definitely VALUE FOR MONEY!









A snack for HK$ 7.00 – hotdog and soft serve!  and it was YUMMY!! 






San San Trois

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Thanks to our friend Mykie who introduced us to this restaurant many years ago.  From that time on, we have been going here, most especially Dad and Mom.  It is Japanese French fusion. Anything Japanese, my parents love…  Dad of course is excited to introduce us to another friend of his in Hong Kong, the Chef of San San Trois.  We only go on special occasions….and that is when we are in Hong Kong and only because dad and mom are treating :-)






Dad just reserves with his friend, Ono, the Chef and owner, and Chef Ono prepares a set meal.   

 128576539503_0_alb.jpg 544196539503_0_alb.jpg

 We just sit and eat, exact names of dishes we do not know 

Wagyu Sashimi 


Assorted Sushi and Sashimi


Onion soup



Burger with Foie Gras inside!!!!!


 Truffle pasta!!


With Chef Ono and Thomas who is also partners with Chef Ono and owns and manages the restaurant as managing director.   



It is in the same building as Victoria’s Seafood.   


Victoria City Seafood Restaurant

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One of the family’s favorites in Hong Kong.  They are known for fresh seafoods.  And we love their Xiao long bao.  We just arrived in HK and Dad and Mom took us here.  Dad introduced us to one of his HK friends, Eddie, the waiter, whom I forgot to take a photo of.  Dad kept reminding me to take his photo, I guess i was too busy eating!!  :-) 


Crispy small fish appetizer which Javier liked so much, Eddie gave him one doggie bag to bring home filled with this 


Xiao Long Bao, they sometimes have Shanghai crab as the filling when it is in season and it is really special.  This is one of the best we have tried after Joe Shanghai’s in New York!   



Fresh “pitik pitik” ( we do not know the name in English )  still alive- being shown to us in a pail 


then cooked…. really very FRESH and very sweet!


Eddie teaching us how to open and cut it… Cut the sides on both ends…


then split it open…. 


And Wow!! This was really good!!! It was swimming in this sauce which i think has the aligui from the crab….crabvictorias.JPG

Noodles made with the yellow sauce from the crab dish 











Rockwell’s Summer Series

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Under the Rockwell sun

Here comes the sun… and with Power Plant Mall’s Summer Series, things will be more than all right!

Spending in the sun

Start the season with a summer sale! From April 4-6, 2008, your favorite stores in Power Plant Mall will lower their prices as the temperature rises! Things are really going to heat up as we offer discounts up to 70% off!

Stop, souk and listen!

On Sunday, April 6, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.Plaza Drive transforms into the Rockwell Sunday Souk, an outdoor market that offers the finest in food, plants and handicrafts. Rockwell residents share family recipes and personal designs as they join other market favorites for a shopping experience unlike any other.  



Sun dancing

Escola Brasileira de Capoeira (EBC) Philippines will hold capoeira classes at the North Court from April 8 to May 22 (every Tuesday and Thursday), 5 p.m.-6 p.m. This Brazilian art that combines dance, acrobatics, music and fighting techniques is the perfect way to get toned for the beach! For inquiries, call EBC Philippines at 0917-8138931.

Hot bods

On April 12-13Plaza Drive becomes your summer sanctuary as Manila’s top studios offer free yoga and Pilates classes in “A Weekend of Fitness.” To sign up, call Aura Athletica at 756-5104. You may even win a chance at a shopping spree! Limited slots only.



Bring on the bazaar!

Rockwell proudly presents the “Summerlicious” Discoveries Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent from April 18-20. The country’s best retailers gather under one roof to present their latest offerings. Scorching hot deals await!

Summertime and the living is definitely easy—Rockwell will make sure of that! Sunup or sundown, we make sure the heat is on!




Save Our Seas, Love the Beach with U Swim

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 Website:  Haribon Foundation

U Swim’s Save the Seas Campaign

About the Haribon Foundation: ( Taken from website) 



The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources is a membership organization dedicated to the conservation of Philippine biodiversity. It aims to build a constituency for environmental issues that will call for prioritizing conservation actions on habitats and sites, based on solid scientific and socio-economic research. We are the pioneer environmental organization in the Philippines.

The name “Haribon” was coined from the words “haring ibon,” referring to the Philippine Eagle. The Philippine Eagle is the icon that signifies the importance of protecting biodiversity in the Philippine territory. Its presence is a constant reminder to the Filipinos to be continuously involved in taking care of our environment.

Our niche

Biodiversity is the wealth of life forms found on earth: the millions of different plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genes they contain, and the intricate ecosystems that they form.

Simply put, biodiversity IS life. Haribon’s work in biodiversity conservation seeks to protect that life through four core strategies: Saving Sites, Saving Species, Working with People, and Advocacy.

Our beginnings

Haribon started out as a bird-watching society in 1972 and evolved into a nature and wildlife conservation society. In 1983, the society became a full-fledged conservation foundation. Today, it is recognized, both in the Philippines and abroad, as the pioneer in Philippine environmental conservation. Haribon joins birds and habitat conservation organizations worldwide in a global partnership called BirdLife International. Haribon is the Philippine partner.

Our vision

Haribon takes the lead in caring for nature with the people – for the people.

Our mission

Haribon is a membership organization committed to nature conservation through community empowerment and scientific excellence.

Our signature

The logo nine leaves on one tree symbolize the nine ecosystems found in the Philippines: forest, marginal, agricultural, urban, freshwater, mangrove, sea grass, coral and soft bottom. haribon-tree-71.jpg

The line “Protecting Nature, Preserving Life” establishes the character of the organization.