Never Lost

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180420873503_0_alb.jpgWhen we are travelling on the road, I am usually the navigator ( better term for backseat driver ) of James….So i always have to make sure I have directions or a map.  Directions you normally can get by buying a map, calling the place up, going through their website or asking a friend…..until we discovered Hertz NEVER LOST!  No need to bother anyone!  Even the navigator needs a navigator so this gadget is my new best friend in the front seat.   The best part of it is even if you make the wrong turn or get confused, it will recalculate the route and then you are back on track. 


 It is also a directory..when you are driving and suddenly get the urge to eat in Taco Bell,  just go to the yellow pages and look for the nearest Taco Bell.  You need to pay a little more to get this gadget but it is WORTH IT!  NEVER LEAVE WITHOUT IT!


Visiting the Dotson’s

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We were so amazed when we visited Greg and Junie in their beautiful home in San Mateo. We knew it would be “artsy” since both of them are artists, but it was much more than we expected. We felt we were like in a restaurant or store in SOHO. It was UNIQUE, beautiful, full of color and life and so cozy.

Derick’s pad in SF

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I enjoy visiting friends and family and seeing where and how they live. It is always a great honor to always be invited into someone’s home….to me it means, inviting you into their lives. Each one’s home is unique and reflects the personality of the people who live in it. So, you learn a lot about a person when you see how they live and the way they furnish and decorate their house. 

It was so nice to see our friend Derick, who we met in London more than 10 years ago. He is the cousin of our best friend Rina Silang Reyes. We always make it a point to meet up with him when we are in the States or when he is in the Philippines. Derick is a retail consultant and has worked with the biggest brands in the retail world- Polo Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Gap, and many more. We treasure our encounters with Derick as we always have many new things to learn from him – trends in fashion and anything in general, places to go to, developments in the retail industry and many more. We consult with him on almost anything as he is so smart. We always enjoy his company and friendship. He can talk and talk and we would never get bored. James said he instantly got along with Derick because of their common passion – CARS!
We had the chance to finally see his apartment in SF and we really loved it. He is mostly travelling to meet his clients but likes having his own home to go to.

My Birthday Cakes

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I received two delicious cakes on my birthday.  I am wondering if my friends are trying to fatten me up as I grow older. 

Tita Ludette Mossesgeld Moy gave me and my brother Lady M’s signature cake, Mille Crepes, which is 20 layers of hand made thin crepes, layered with a light custard cream.  THE BEST!!!! 


 I have tasted only one that comes close to this and it was by Gaita Fores in one of her deserts which I truly truly enjoyed, Crepe Dulce de Leche sapin sapin, carabao milk gelato, rum poached mangoes and strawberries, batangas cacao lava. What a creative desert….and truly DIVINE!!!  Gaita is one of my favorite chefs…I like her type of food….. and we have the same name.

Another cake I received was from my friend Derick Tee King.  It was a cake from Miette and it came in this beautiful wrapping.  Derick said that it is called the Princess Cake and he got it for me because he said I was a “princess.” Derick is definitely my friend!  “The cake shop darling and European birthday classic ~ always pale green with a pink rose. It consists of genoise sponge cake moistened with Chambord, a layer of homemade raspberry jam, pastry cream and lightly sweetened Straus Family Creamery whipped cream. Rather than the traditional marzipan covering, we drape our cake in a white chocolate fondant.”
754174773503_0_bg.jpgWhite chocolate!!! my favorite! 


Lady M:



Wood Grilled Pizzetas

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I have never tasted a pizza like this…..very, very thin crust and the toppings were really unique to me…Chef Kalt’s famous wood grilled pizzettas – the best in town- at the Corsa Cucina at the Wynn Hotel. Wild Mushrooms….Mushroom Puree, Robiola Cheese with White Truffle Oil and
Traditional Lardo…..Cured pork belly, Parmigiano Reggiano and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Tempt yourself in Chocolat, the signature chocolate shop of world-renowned Chef Frédéric Robert, Executive Pastry Chef of the Wynn Las Vegas, on the Wynn Esplanade. Javier’s favorite….. and mine. Javier removes the chocolate first, eats the gigantic strawberry then eats the chocolate. Funny…… and he keeps asking for more! 192846283503_0_alb.jpg


Two Worlds by Nicole

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On one occassion, I received a book from my cousins, M. Donnie and Crix. It was a beautiful compilation of poems by my hijada, Nicole. 

When I read her poems, I was very shocked that I had not experienced my hijada who had grown up so fast.  I hardly know anyone who can express herself so well at that age.  Many describe it as “deep” and “dark” but I guess that is what adolescents go through and it just so happens that Nicole can express it through her literary talents.  Atleast she has a way of venting her thoughts and her emotions……. and now she has shared it through her book. I am so proud of her.